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So now I've been called to the court as a vitness for an attempted murder/manslaughter.
That's another day (or possibly several days) going down the drain, as if I don't have enough on my mind right now. The case is about a man (middle eastern name), who suspecdectly in anger hit (with his car) a car with a guy in, who was chatting with (middle eastern name's) daughter.

There suppoisidly are some kind of background story between them- they all knew eachother and threats had been made. The young man who was the victim claimes that the father had threatened him and the father claims that he had made several complaints to the police. It's a mess- as it allways is when dealing with ME:s.




SD (Sveriedemokraterna, Swedish Democrates) are a populistic socialist party that has a chance of getting in to the parliment next election. Yes, I'm calling them socialistic because besides their critisim of the immigration to this country (and they are not racists)- they in all other matters have a socialistic politic agenda, which is why allmost all their new voters comes from the Social Democratic Party.

They are protectionistic, anti-globalists, authorative and has a lot of skeletons in their closet-just like every other socialist party.

The establishment though are jumping through hoops trying to smear their immigration policy.
For example, the Social Democrates has given out a memo where they states among other things:

"That SD has people in the party that has a criminal record."
That's true. Almost 10% of the candidatures for communal, landstings or the riksdag have a criminal record (of some sorts). -BUT, 19% of the candidates in the established partys also have a rap sheet.

"Immigration is positive for Swedens echonomy", says the memo.
But the governmental investigator, professor Jan Ekberg, discovered 15 years ago that the immigration as a whole have left red numbers in the book since we here in Sweden abandoned the policy of work force immigration. Ekberg caculated the cost of immigration then to up to 2% of GDP (and we did not have a 100 000 people coming here anually in 1991!). [ESO 1995:68]
The Norwegian professor of echonomy, Kjetil Storsletten, has argued 5 years ago that the average immigrant here in Sweden costs around 170 000 SEK ($26150) during his or hers lifetime (Scandinavian Journal of Echonomics 3/2003).

Then we have the overrepresentation in crimes, especially violent and drug related crimes. It is hard to get statistics over that because it is state secrets, but one have only have to visit any high security prison or read between the lines in the newspapers or go to unconventional news feeds to get a picture of what is happening.

I like immigrants! Come here! We need you!
The problem is that we let in too many, that does not chip in, and all for the wrong reasons.

I was wrong. There are a report about immigrant overrepresentation in crimes (Brå, 1996), which states that "Socio echonomic factors are not involved regarding immigrants over representation for criminal behaviour."


Well, aren't they the cutest things?

SSU- the social "democratic" youth organisation- has promised a boquet of flowers to whom ever poisoned the food at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's dinner at a hired restaurant during a convention.

145 people were poisoned with the potentially deadly Shigella bacteria, many of them had to be treated at hospitals.

A no named leftist group has taken on responsability for the attack.

Well, well. The leading socialist partys youth organisation are applauding and rewarding bio- warfare.
This just gives me very, very bad 70:s vibes.
Can anyone spell "Baader-Meinhof or RAF"?


Behrang Kianzad

Here is another hit on the bar. Behrang Kianzad, a free lance journalist- obviously not an indigenous Swede; writes that:
"Nations does not really exist and therefore the Swedish nation is just a construction. Further more, there are no rights for people to be judged according to sharia law.

Furthermore what is obvious is that the immigration minister [who has been opposed to sharia] has the responsibility for migrants in this elonged cold country that noone really want's to come to if they really did not have to. [Hmm! That must be why 100 000 people- mostly muslim comes here every year?]

Who want's to move to a bigoted and backwards moving country in the northern Europe when the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Germany and England gives you much greater opportunities to get a job and be integrated and at the same time are being given the right to uphold their culture, values and normes?"

Well Behrang! Here comes a little piece of advice. If you think that Sweden are so bad, then go back to from where you came! It might be so that you would like it more in Canada or England where they allready have sharia courts- so then go there! I don't want YOU in MY country!

Immigrants are not to be integrated- they are to be assimilated, and if you don't want that- then sod off!

A little history lesson

Just so you don't think that all Swedes allways has been "chickens".

The battle of Narva.

The Battle of Narva was an early battle in the Great Northern War fought in November of 1700. The Swedish army under Charles XII of Sweden crushed a Russian force four times its size, commanded by Peter the Great. Narva marked the peak of Swedish power on the continent, with Russia eventually finding decisive victories to end the conflict. The fight at Narva was a massive defeat for Russia.

During the 17th century, Russia was less advanced than the rest of Europe. This extended to their armed forces, making raids and attacks from their neighbors commonplace[3]. Peter the Great was keen to give his newly inherited nation security, and so organised an expedition against his Swedish rivals in the West.

The new Tsar would drastically modernize Russia in the coming years, but the army with which he traveled in 1700 was still poorly drilled. Peter had employed foreign generals to improve his armed forces, but they were still far from seasoned. Sweden, on the other hand, was at the height of its powers. Charles XII of Sweden had the most complete military force in northern Europe, even if it wasn't the biggest, and Peter envied its capabilities.

During November, Russian troops surrounded the Swedish-held city of Narva, attempting to secure its surrender via siege. King Charles moved to relieve the city and push Peter's forces back into Russia.

On November 30, 1700 (November 20 in the Swedish transitional calendar), Charles XII positioned his 8,140 men opposite the besieging Russian army of about 37,000 troops.

The Swedish army was commanded personally by Charles XII, assisted by General Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld. The Russian forces were commanded by Tsar Peter and Charles Eugène de Croy. Due to domestic events in Russia, Peter had left Narva in fear just days before and wasn't present during the fighting.

For much of the day, a blizzard engulfed both armies, making attacks impossible. However, at midday, the winds changed and the snowstorm blew directly into the eyes of the Russians. Charles XII saw his opportunity and advanced on Peter's troops under the cover of the weather. The Swedes quickly broke through the Russian lines, scattering their opponents, who could offer little resistance. In the chaos, many of the Russian soldiers killed their foreign generals, whom they hated.

The Russian forces were decimated and the Swedes retained Narva.

The losses?

Swedish: 667 killed, 1200 wounded

Russia: 16 000 killed, 16-22000 captured (including support troops).

Now that's a movie I would like to be seen done!


Help Sweden

Here's an amusing video Help Sweden (43 sec).
Behind it is a web site that claims that African countrys give more to Europe than they get in return.

It is in a way true, but not because we don't give away enough money, but because we give away to much!
How does this work then?
Well, by giving away aid and then having a protectionistic echonomic politic, where there are big protectional taxes for goods from African countries and then give away money in aid, we are actually increasing poverty in Africa!

Like- there are no way that an African farmer can make any profit if the goods are being given away for free. And no one in Europe want to buy their goods because of the protectional tolls.

It all sums up in more poverty in Africa and more expensier goods here in Europe for the consumers.

And this is what the anti- globalist movement want's!


Boring, boring, boring

I had to take a cab to the hospital today. When I woke up this morning my right calf was twice as large as the left one. I took some aspirines and thought (as idiots allways do), that it "would just go over".

later on that evening, the pain got so bad that I had to go to the emergency clinic at the university hospital.

After spending some eight hours or so at the emergency clinic, I was told that I either had a blood clot or a cyst. They could not tell which, because there were not personal there at the time that could do a simple ultra sound. So I have to go back there next day (Tuesday).

They gave me Heparine (anti blood clotting) and took enough blood too feed five vampires and a hundred thousand mosquitos and ticks.

So now I will miss another day of work- which I don't get payed for.

Besides the cab fare, it cost me 250Kr ($42). Another 250Kr will have to be spent tomorrow and then probably another 1000 Kr ($170) for any medication that they give me. That's just on top of the 30 000 Kr ($5000) I pay in taxes anually for the medicare.

Michael Moore- come out and play!

It showed out to be a Baker's cyst that had ruptured. Not harmful but annoying and painful. My right calf are looking like I have elephantisis (ok, not really). They say that I will be called back to the orthopedic clinic in 2-3 weeks time! I have been grounded by the doctor. They made the diagnose after "only" eight hours. Well, atleast it was not a bloodclot...

Update 2
The synovial fluid not only makes the calf swollen, it also gives you (me) a mother of an inflammation. I move around like an 80- year old. Tonight I woke up at 3 am with seviere pain and have not got any sleep since then. So now I have to find a way to get myself to the farmacist and buy me that prescription Diklofenak. What annoys me, is those 2-3 weeks I have to wait to get to the orthopedic clinic (it's most likely an injury to the meniscus or such that is the underlaying problem- or lyme desceace- now that would be a bummer, but which would explain a lot of other things...).

Update 3
They just called me in "pronto" to the clinic. Let's see what the mighty have in their purse. I don't think it's a serious problem, but when you get called in three weeks before your sceduled appointement, there are some room for concern. What ever- just hack it off! Just kidding. In the mean time... You just behave!


Talk about being confused

The Swedish "green party- miljöpartiet" are so schitzofrenic that words just can't describe it.
The members and the party as a whole are higly critic to EU as the other leftard partys are.
Funny, considered that the whole project is a Gaullic-socialistic project.

My old high school teatcher- Peter Eriksson- who is one of the "talking heads" of the party has on the other hand made a 180 degree turn and want the party to scrap the demand of going out of the union.

The funny thing is that the party as a whole are very positive to expand the union with amongst others Turkey!

So The two talking heads (språkrören- they have no party leaders) want's to stay in the union. The party members as a whole does not, but they want other countries to get in!

And they are representing the Swedish people in the parliment!

This is also the party that together with the communists and the socialist parties have made energy prices 3 times as high in just a decades time...

Japanese game shows

I just don't know what they are supposed to do. But failing to do it is painful, very painful.
In a very wierd kind of way it's higly entertaining even if you don't understand a word that they say.

See this video (3:15)

Another one on the anti-globalisation rally

One of the participants is this idiot:

Enter Maria hagberg

Anti-globalization activists have warned of a downward turn for women's rights across Europe, citing growing religious extremism and neo-liberalism as contributory factors.

The trend has been observed across the continent and even in Sweden, a country normally seen as a pioneer in gender equality issues, Maria Hagberg, a Swedish member of the European Feminist Initiative (EFI) network, told AFP.

"We have seen a backlash in recent years in Europe and also in Sweden, which is known as the most egalitarian country in the world, but that is only on the surface," Hagberg said late Thursday on the sidelines of the European Social Forum being held in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

The decline of women's rights is a phenomenon taking place across Europe, said Soad Bekkouche, a representative of the French group Laicite (Secularity).

"We see it clearly in everyday life," Bekkouche commented.

Hagberg said that in Sweden earlier strides were now being threatened due to politics and legislation, and pointed to a rise in violence against women.

Well here is a newsflash for you Maria: Women have every rights that men has here in Sweden- and then some! There are atleast a doussin laws that only benifits women or disbenifits only men, nothing the other way around. Besides that, it's only women- the mother- who get's childcare support and some 90 % of single care parents are women.

I could go on and on. I'll just give you one more example.

Men are supposed by law to do military service. OK- it's not much of a problem these days- after all we almost does not have an army. But when I was 18, it was mandatory, either that or spend jail time. The law still exists

It's principles moron!

But it's right that violence against women has risen. The thing is that violence against men has risen even more. And that is from a baseline where men allready was overrepresented by a factor of 4!

Well, you think; But it is after all men who are being violent against other men. That's true when it comes to "street violence", but that's no comfort for the victim, is it?

Then there are hundreds of studies that has shown that domestic violence is a fifty/fifty story.

But the harm is surely worse when a man batterer a woman? You ask.

Well, I say, These studies also showed that women uses weapons three times more than men, and also that women in a majority of the cases are the first one to start using violence.

I'm an anti-feminist! That is because feminists are a single group of interrest formation! I'm a humanist- that means that I fight for the rights and freedoms for ALL people. It's a no brainer...

What a surprise!

What do you get if you cross an anti globalist with an anti capitalist and a feminist mixed with an environmentalist?

A serious, serious fascist socialist that roames around in Malmö right now!

Enter Vandana Shiva

At the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002, Shiva was awarded by the Liberty Institute of New Delhi, India, the Bullshit Award for Sustaining Poverty for, they claim, her "important contribution to sustaining poverty around the world, in her role as a mouthpiece of western eco-imperialism". Their press release on the award states, "Millions of people rely on backbreaking labor and low-intensity subsistence farming, not out of choice but out of necessity, yet Ms. Shiva claims that modern agricultural technologies are too dangerous for the poor... Farmers are choosing modern agricultural technologies out of their own free will - and for good reasons. And by so doing they are benefiting the environment. Low intensity farming not only hurts farmers, but also endangers environmental quality. Poverty and environmental degradation go hand in hand - and modern technologies alleviate poverty and enable environmental protection." Other award nominees included Greenpeace International, BioWatch, SAFeAGE, and the Third World Network

And I belive she is one of the more benigne elements there at the rally right now...

John Woo

John Woo must be the most overrated director since Ed Wood actually got to make a movie.

Look at his record with movies like Face Off, the lousiest action movie ever made. Or Mission impossible 2, or, or a gem like Broken Arrow. Where does he get his financing from? I mean- if you polish a turd- it's still a turd...

I gave him another chance tonight with his new movie "Red Rock"- or "Chi bi".
First the good things:
The fotography was beautiful allthough the CGI sucked at times.
The acting was ok- most of the time.
The action in the fighting scenes was ok even if totally unrealistic.

But then!

The story is unbelivable boring. My underweare fell to sleep after one and a half hours of this three hour pecorale. I just could not go on. I had to leave the theatre half way through the film or I would have fallen to sleep too! I actually had to go and take a beer at a pub- that's how painful it was...

The story are so confucing that half the time you don't know who the good guys are, and call me a generalist, but I just could not descern who was who half the time.
The movie has got a 7.1/10 rating at IMDB- I just can't belive it!

If you want to spend three hours of your life in misery, see it.

The scary thing is that Woo has threatened to do a sequel. Well in space nobody can hear you scream...

But I would.


todays "What did I tell you?"

Clashes at Malmo forum

Masked protesters attack police during an anti-globalization demonstration in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.

The clashes came on the sidelines of the European Social Forum, a regular event that draws thousands of social justice activists from across Europe and beyond. The four-day forum began on Wednesday and is to wind up with a huge anti-globalization rally.

Link with video.

Also check out this link to The Local.

And also my earlier post of the event.

The "anti globalization movement" consists of fascist groups like "reclaim the streets" and "AFA" are serious leftards. The people in them are mostly youngsters- the kind that are learning to shave and to wipe their asses.
The hilarious thing is that they call themselves "anti-facists" while having a fascist agenda and ideology! They are MORONES!
Besides being "anti-globalizers", they also want to stop international violence, especially USA's warefare in Iraq and Afghanistan and don't even let me get in to the subject about how they feel about Israel.

They do this by using violence, rioting, plundering, sabotage, assaults at police, firemen civilians and politicians (Ok- the last one is sometimes...NO!) Isn't this ironic?
Does this feel familliar?

Well, if you look at who the people in these organisations are; you will find out that an improportial part of them goes by the name of muhammed, hassan and the likes. The rest are hangons, people with serious issue problems.

You can find them at cafés in every major city in Sweden. They are easily identified by the black hoodies and the jingle all the metal face ware does when they shake their head in discust over things like freedom of speach.

During the riots, the police just stood there looking at the carnage. For example a bank office was broken in to, it's windows being smashed. There were no money to get there but the idiots smashed the office to pieces.

It was not the policemens fault. They were under orders not to get in to action, only to observe! Orders by who? And why?

One police officer who did not want to tell his name for fear of loosing his job said:
"We are supposed to uphold law and order, but now we were forced to stand asaide and look at several serious crimes being comitted. It's FUBAR!


Russian flying

Apropose the post downwards.

This was taking place just about, or tightly after the fall of the Berlin wall.

We were about to make a MALO jump out of the chopper.

The Load master was responsible for getting us in on the right position. He was standing in the door in the front of the aircraft, giving instructions (or tried to give instructions) to one of the Russian crew members standing in the aisle leading to the cockpit. You know, "Go right 5 degrees!" Or, " Go left 5 degrees, straight ahead" and so forth.

The problem was that we were supposed to land at a relatively small island.

The imperial problem though was that the Russians did not know any English!

The load master shouted to the russian "Go RIGHT!"

The russian took a puff of his cigarette, smiled, gave a thumb up and said "Right, right".

So we got the green light.

I was one of two who was sitting at the end of the ramp. I took off the seat belt and sideled to the edge of the ramp.

When I looked down, I could not see anything but open seas. I turned around and made a slicing motion over my throat over to the load master. "I'm not going to jump out of here", I thought.

Phew! It all sorted out, but, but, but...

They were all nice enough guys after all- the crew. Some cheap perfume, chewing gum and vodka, and they would treat you as a king. In return you got badges and pins. I don't know what it is with russians and pins/badges...

Would you fly arabic?

The brand spanking new Airbus 340-600, the largest passenger airplane ever built, sat in its hangar in Toulouse, France without a single hour of airtime. Enter the Arab flight crew of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) to conduct pre-delivery tests on the ground, such as engine runups, prior to delivery to Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi. The date was November 15, 2007.

The ADAT crew taxied the A340-600 to the run-up area. Then they took all four engines to takeoff power with a virtually empty aircraft. Not having read the run-up manuals, they had no clue just how light an empty A340-600 really is.

The takeoff warning horn was blaring away in the cockpit because they had all 4 engines at full power. The aircraft computers thought they were trying to takeoff but it had not been configured properly (flaps/slats, etc.) Then one of the ADAT crew decided to pull the circuit breaker on the Ground Proximity Sensor to silence the alarm.

This fools the aircraft into thinking it is in the air.

The computers automatically released all the brakes and set the aircraft rocketing forward. The ADAT crew had no idea that this is a safety feature so that pilots can't land with the brakes on.

Not one member of the seven-man Arab crew was smart enough to throttle back the engines from their max power setting, so the $80 million brand-new aircraft crashed into a blast barrier, totaling it.

The extent of injuries to the crew is unknown, for there has been a news blackout in the major media in France and elsewhere. Coverage of the story was deemed insulting to Moslem Arabs. Finally, the photos are starting to leak out.



I would never ever, even under gun threath fly with an arabic company!

And I'm saying this as a man that has flewn several hours on different occations with drunk or hung over Russian MI-8 pilotes, the helicopters so worne out that the paint was missing on the rotor blades and that there were bullet holes makeshift mended with some sort of gum- you could actually put your finger through them...

Hat tip to To the point of news


I just got a flyer through my door mailbox (even though I have a sign on the door saying that I absolutely NOT want to have any unadressed mail or other material- it's against the law here to still do it).

It was from NSF

The message of the flyer was amongst others:

-Multiculturalism will mean the death of the Swedish people. Ok, hmm, but check.
- Swedish armed forces are allmost extint, we now have no way to defend our borders. Check.
- There are massive segregation going on here in Sweden. Check.
- We have had a massive raise of violent crime over the past thirty years (Assaults and murders +286%, rapes + 518%, gun crimes +704%). Check.

It also says that multiculturalism is not food culturalism. Check.

These messages are just about what I have been preaching about for a couple of years.

But who are the NSF then?

Well, the acronyme stands for "Nationalsocialistisk front- National socialistic front", SOCIALISTIC is the word. In other words they are nazi crackpots!

And as thus being not only anti- globalists, protectionists, supremacists and totalitarists, but also idiots!

The problems we are experience in Sweden and Europe, whether it's echonomy, multiculturalism, peoples liberty and individual freedom can not- can not! Be solved by SOCIALISM! Just look how well it has worked in every place it has been tried out.

But as much as I will fight for their right of free speach. Keep that shit out of my mailbox!

The funny thing is that I don't have a Scandinavian sounding surname. HEH!

Oh those brave multiculturalists in black

In Södertälje, a town a couple of miles south of Stockholm- a town that is the home of a majority of immigrants- most of them muslims; a Swedish girl walked in the center of the town with a friend and her boyfriend.

A pack of black dressed immigrants shouted "Swedish whore" after her. She retorted "Shut the fuck up!"

The brave young men in black- about 20-25 idiots- then started an assault on her. Amongst other things they did to her was that one of them lifted up her head (when she was on the ground) and another one then kicked her in the head. Then they stomped on her chest while the others in the gang looked on laughing. All because she had asked the immigrants to "shut up" after being called a Sweish whore.

The friend and the boyfriend was thrown over a wall, so not to be able to protect her!

Six young guys (I don't remember if they were hockey players or rugby players- athletes in any way) came to her rescue. They were assaulted aswell with among other things, brass knuckles and afterwards had to be transported for emergency care, one of them with a broken malar bone and a cracked eardrum. A couple of the guys had to get stiched up.

This is the everyday reality here in Sweden.
No go zones.
Gang rapes.
Drug trafficing.
Trafficing of young boys and girls.
Money extortion.
The list goes on and on and on...

Where did my Sweden go?


Twenty million bucks

SIDA- THE Sedish NGO (who are tax- funded) has given an OK for giving away 20 million to Zimbawe.


Give ME 20 millions and some JAS jetfighters aswell as some artillery with the Excalibur grenades, and the poor people in Zimbawe would be free in a couple of weeks time!
What's happening here instead is that the people of Zimbawe just are being given prolonged misery. GNNNGH!


The government here are pushing for free dental care for "refugees". The county of Skåne (Yes that's where Malmö is- the city prognosed to be Europes first majority muslim city), want's to give away free acute dental care to "refugees" (which means just about everybody that puts their foot on Swedish soil). That's another couple of...100 millions. Gnargh! But I can't afford to fix my teaths! Neither can a lot of other Swedes. Instead they go over to the Baltic countrys to do it. Often by dentists that are edjucated and trained- for free- in Sweden universities... SIGH!

What islam is not

See this!

Have no time to make a deeper anlyzis. Got to do some coding.


It's not only Palins mailbox that has been hacked.
Obamas has been to!
Here you can see it.




My PC finally crashed on me. I have spent hours of formatting and reinstalling. I don't know if it (THE THING- i call it) will hang on much longer. Will go and buy myself another "thing" on Saturday.

Untill then- I don't know how much I can post.

Have to go and do some real life work now; I'll se if I can get the system in shape later this evening. But I'm begining to suspect that the whole bucket are posessed- or I'm. The laptop I have- or had- started burning in my... Lap, and this one keeps restarting itself from time to time- spooky!

The key board also is a seriously health hazard! I think I have more gummy bears wedged in between the keys than any candy store can offer.

The PC speakers are also kind of wierd. Every now and then they give up... A weasing sound, or maybe best described as a growling sound- even when they are not turned on!- Especially when I'm trying to take a nap... The last time they did that I got so starteled that I ran in to a wall.

I think I need a catholic priest.

And the riots and car burnings will begin...

... in 5... 4... 3... 2... BANG!

Sweden plays host to anti-globalization activists

More than 20,000 anti-globalization activists are due in Malmö this week to take part in the European Social Forum, hoping to breathe new life into a movement many say is rapidly loosing speed. [Wonder why? People maybe has finally come to their senses. Or stopped smoking crack. Or, or... Just grown up!]

The anti-globalization movement entered the political scene in 1999 with loud protests on the sidelines of the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle -- promoting democracy, economic justice and environmental protection -- but activists admit its influence has waned in recent years and the movement is now struggling to regain its former dynamism and strength.

Known today as the alter-globalization movement, it aims to promote concrete alternatives to what many feel is the capitalist nature of globalization, pushing instead for global cooperation on social issues.

I'll bet a grand that there will be a majority of people in black hoodies and "freedom scarves- aka, palestine scarves" attending this meeting. The really funny thing is that the meeting will take place in Malmö- so no one will take notice anyway. Another day in the park...

Anti globalism indeed! That must be because protectionism has worked so well in the past aswell as in the present. Just look at the Soviet union or Venezuela or North Korea. Take your pick...



Repost alert!

But this is too good to be overlooked.

Freddie Wadling and Frida Snell in a video with a song and that they had to compose and record in just a couple of hours for a Swedish game TV show.

Give it a chance!

Flow my ashes


The visit to Sweden

In 1981, Owe Thörnqwist, a Swedish singer songwriter and the father of Swedish rock n´roll wrote a piece "The visit to Sweden". He was on a tour (or something) in south America at the time. I will try to translate it. The rhymes are not there but you all get the message.

Remember- this is 1981!

The visit to Sweden

I got a phonecall from my brother
That my mother was in trouble
And he thought I should
hurry home

I took tha plane from Rio back home
the same morning at ten o´clock
And was home at the next day at quarter past five
in the old land
When I saw my old mother, I cried tears and I stuttered,
she tried to smile and hold my hand

The Doctor said it had happened at a busstop
when she had picked up her folk-pension
then she was struck down by two brave men.
They got a few days in the can
It won't heal the skull fracture and they are loose once again

Is it true that the narco trafficing
has posioned the politics
and that comissioners and the police has their fingers in the cookie jar? [can't be translated in a better way- the original is "har tvätt i dess byk"]

And the the thing is growing more
Mr X and Mr Y are not the only ones that should get scoured

Our immigration minister
Has had a tip from antichrist, and let in those gangsters, that other countries throwed out?
The fascism is growing in our parks
when the terror, crime and narcotics grows mark's
it's a sure sign that security for us is in the dark
No one takes responsibility for the bars
No one wants to take responibility for the blue collar man, so the plow rusts to dust
This was not the way Sweden was before

Dear Swedes, where did you go all?
There are good Jugoslaves aswell as Greeks and Turks here in our shopping mall
But in the hand out carouselle[n]
stands the giant lady Ellen, Mother Svea
and looks around stupid like a robbed commode
What lay's your hand in the potty
is all the world- bettering sappy
while your own kids are caught in the mafias net.
And they shit in our nest, using drugs and steal
Our old ones they kick to death
What the hell, mother Svea have you done? Nill!
The politicians that betrayed you
and the media- cynics that seeded chaos
makes you look wholy imbecille

Rum stupid dum e dum dill. Rum stupid dum e dum sill. They can fool you around as much as they will.


Translated by me. Everything wrong is my fault! Some of the lyrics had to be altered for me to be able to translate it and to atleast catch some rhymes.
The song is an original from Owe Thörnqwist

He is born in 1929. Here is another of his originals "Varm korv boogie- Hot dog boogie" Give it a chance.

Climate Fun

Christopher Bookeer over at The Daily Telegraph (not on line), tells us that an Englishman were attempting to paddle his way to the arctics to show and document how much ice that had dissapeared due to global warming.

He did not make it over 80,5 degrees north, 600 miles from the north pole, the reason was an enormous ice barrier.

In 1893, Fritjof Nansen reached the 82:nd latitude in his Kayak, some 200 miles further north.


Here in Sweden we have had the coldest August for six decades. Global temperatures over the last 12 months has fallen by 0,5 centigrades- that's all the warming up we have got since the turn of the 19:th century!

El Gore! Where are you now? -Oh yeah, you are on your way here! Great! That will save me the trip over the Atlantic ocean. I just need to go to Nacka and take you by your ear and explain some "unconvieniant truths's" for you. Among them the very fact that buying emmission trades will NOT leave a lesser environmental footprint. (Crap, now I will have the secret service after me). Don't bother, Gore is to scary. He would probably rip my head off my shoulders and feed it to rabbits. Wonder what his superman name would be? El lardo? Hotairman? Mysuiteallmostfitsmeman? ScrewyouItakeyoremoneyman? Nah I think he should stick to El Gore!

Now, I'll just go out and put my car on idle for a couple of hours.

Of course, some green head mental job will sooner or later blame this on the global warming!

I suppose most of you have seen pictures of "the poor polar bears" that are swimming in open seas? Well thats because thats where they find their food! You cant get many seals or fish standing on kilometer thick ice! And further more; The polar bears seems to have come through allright when the climate was much, much warmer than it is today. Maybe they are swimming to get to a beach to get a tan?
Ooops, my fault. I forgot. The temperatures has fallen during the last year.
I think that they just are looking for a place where they actually can live...

Oh! I allmost forgot this too. The Gulf Stream; you know that one that keeps us here in Scandinavia from freezing to death? Well, it is powered by differences in temperature between the ekvatorial zones and the arctics. This means that when we have a colder climate- with more Arctic ice- it will get warmer! And the ice sheets will shrink! And the climate changes back and forwarth!

By burning energy (in so many ways) by sitting in front of my PC and writing this, I have probably saved the lifes of atleast five polarbears and one very irritated Europeian Polecat.

OH! And an Orangutan...


Next US terror attack 'could be by white Americans or Europeans'

As Barack Obama and John McCain head to New York's Ground Zero seven years after 19 Middle-Eastern hijackers brought devastation to the US mainland, counter-terrorism experts believe that any future attack will be made by terrorists with an "American face".

They point to reports of white faces in terrorism training camps in Pakistan - the so-called "white men of Waziristan", a reference to the remote tribal area where both al-Qaeda and the Taliban have bases.

Experts believe that dozens of westerners have undergone such training as their leaders try to recruit non-Middle Eastern Asians, particularly ethnic Caucasians, who are less likely to attract the attention of security and law enforcement agencies.

Al-Qaeda's recent decision to put out videos in English and a similar change on extremist "jihadi" websites have also been cited of evidence of a new strategy to find recruits who are less likely to attract the attention of security and law enforcement agencies.

Such concerns were sharpened last week after the arrest of three Germans over an alleged plot to destroy a club used by US servicemen.

Two of the three were white, ethnic Germans and all had allegedly been trained in camps in Waziristan.

"There is no bigger worry for the US counter-terrorism community than young Caucasian men who have turned to al-Qaeda," Roger Cressey, a former National Security Council official in the Clinton and Bush administrations, told the US news network MSNBC.

Read it all.

The most dangerous ones will allways be the fifth collonners.



115 shootings has been made in Gothenburg over the last 6 months. Every hour, every day all year around a rape are being comitted in Sweden (only those that actually are being reported).

I wonder what can has caused this dramatic change over the last 15 years?

What could it possibly be?

It must be climate changes! El Gore where are you?


This is so funny


The difference being that democrates never ever laughs at themselves.


What about those energy prices?

In Sweden the price for electricity has gone up 180% the last five months. The energy companies- like Vattenfall- are blaming it on "low water capacity" in the reservoairs. That's ...True. Exept from the fact that the reseorvairs are filled from the extensive raining this summer!

Sweden has a capacity of producing 29 000 MW of energy. But we only take out 16 000 MW of this capacity! Thus we only uses 55% of our capacity to produce energy. What other company could do that without going bankrupt?

Instead we import energy from the continent. That is mostly energy from cole or oil generated power mills. Yeah! That's environmental friendly...

Why has the electricity prices risen by 180% then?

It is because the price of the electricity are not being set by order of supply and demand. No the price is set on a spot market by what form of electricity that is the most expensive to produce. In this case it is oil and coal produced energy. In Sweden 80% of the energy we spend are from cheap water turbines and nuclear energy, but we still pay oil and coal prices for the whole shebang.



Now I'm going to generalise

Women are idiots!
Not all, not by far, but most of the womens are crackpots.

About 60% of the womans here in Sweden votes socialistic. Womans under thirty, well then it's about 80%. The numbers for men are just about the opposite.

Why? Is it a genetic thing, or is it what we parents teach them? (which would make the parents the idiots).

Why socialism? The ideological system that have worked SOOO well everywhere it has been tested? The Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, China- you name it!

I don't have an answer- do you?

In the states Sarah Palin, has become a superstar. Not because of her conservative values, but because she is a woman- who calls herself a feminist none the less. Wonder if I could get any votes calling myself a male chauvinist?
And I like her!
I just don't get it! Why does an otherwise, obviously smart woman call herself a feminist? That is like me calling myself a white supremacist, or an islamist, or a nazist etc, etc. Feminism are and allways will be a single issue group of interrest.

Humanism, Sarah. Humanism is the word you are looking for- HUMANISM!



The Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton have got a hit in Israel with the song Counterstrike, which is about the six- day war.

Give it a chance, here.


Alternative energy resources?

Just a reminder, that's all.

El Gore

We have had a lousy summer here in Sweden. They say it's because of a weather fenomen called "El Nina" that blows in from the west over the Atlantic.

In October, another gust of hot air will hit Sweden coming over the Atlantic, namely El Gore...

He is going to speak at a convention in Nacka. The price of the tickets will be 3750Kr ($620)!

I have said it before but I will nag about it until everybody understands it: Money=energy and energy=an environmental imprint including CO2 emissions.

3750Kr- Jeeez!

But we will drag this bag of bovine manure here anyway. In a Jumbo Jet none the less, pay him a manure load of money (which of course equals energy spent), so HE can tell US how to live our lifes. Wonder if they will fly him away from here in the Swedish governmental jet, like the last time he was here?
I don't know if to laugh or to cry- I think I'll go to bed and sniffle a bit...

He defends his way of living by buying emission trades. Here is the hilarious part; he buys them from his own company! It's a zero sum game! You can't lessen your environmental footprint by buying emission trades with money that allready has polluted the environment!

And don't drag up anything about "renewable energy sources" please. Show me for example a solar panel that during it's lifetime could generate enough energy to build itself and also generate surplus energy enough even to recharge my cell phone or... Run a porta potty. I would invest in that company...


Sarah Palin

I don't know much about her. In fact, the first time I've ever heard of her was when she was nominated for VP candidate. Even though I'm not particullaily found of her religiousness, I must say- she is a total hotty!

She say's that she is pro-life, which makes me suspicious, but on the other hand, USA have the most liberal abortion laws in the western world, which I think is... Bad!

She is a "Hockey Mom and a pitbull- with lipstick"- Oh yeah.

She knows how to handle a gun, and even if I myself never have seen the point of going out hunting, there is something with a good looking woman with a rifle in her hand that is irresistable.

She is also a classic liberal/conservative. You guys in the states could do much, much worse.
And she looks good, did I mention that?

But here in Sweden the media are allmost unisonely negative against her (surprise, surprise). SVT Rapport (Swedish TV news) just had a report where the message was that; why doesn't Sarah Palin protect her children by saying no to the VP canditature?

Why haven't SVT pondered over that exact question regarding Obama? He also have small childrens.

The difference is that he is a far leftist and thereby can't do anything wrong according to Swedish journalists.

The feminists on the other hand are tying knots of themselves. They don't know what to say or do. A woman of five children with a strong conservative mindset! For VP! I can hear the nails clawing on the table in the gender "scientific" institution at the university all the way to my apartement.

We live in interresting times- Indeed- And funny...


Monkey rock

Babian [Baboon]- Jag exploderar om du säger nej.[I'm gonna explode if you say no] at a Swedish kids TV show! (All good artists in Sweden performes at kids TV shows- HEH!) The lyrics are defenetily PG. That's what's so cool. And the music also are good- Nevermind the Swedish lyrics... Link

"Mommy loves daddy and daddy loves mommy but no one loves me; hey, hey, hey, hey."
"I'm gonna shoot myself in the head if I don't get a kiss soon.
I'm gonna explode if you say no."


"Come on monkey kids, get up here and shake your asses!"

Me and my machines- Part one

A while ago, when I just had moved in to a new apartement, I descided to get me a dishwasher. I was just utterly tired of standing with my hands in soap water- them looking like big mutaded pink raisins.

In good socialistic order, you could not install a dishwasher of your own. You had to "buy" it through the public apartement rental company. The cost would be set on your rent. It was not much to talk about, less than $20 a month, but that would be the cost for you for the rest of the time you lived there. And what is more is that the extra cost would follow over to the new inhabitants for eternity if I moved out of the apartement.

I just loaded the dish washer. It's a state of the art dishwasher- apparently. It's a Husqvarna-Electroluxe machine with a supposidely state of the art electronics. It "feels" how dirty the dishes are and then descide what program that is the most appropriate.

My first dishwasher had a nob on it that I could turn so to descide what program I wanted to use. Please forgive me for my hubrise, but I still think that I can outsmart a dish washing machine!

When you turn it on it just like... Stands there for a minute and then starts the rinsing programme. After that it "descides" what program it should use. And whaddayaknow, it allways- allways uses the heaviest and hottest program, even if I just have loaded it with a few wine glasses. Every other minute it stops... To think ,I think. Then it goes on again.
It takes 139 minutes! -to go through it's cycle (there is a clock thingy display on it), 139 minutes! When I worked in a restaurant, we had a dishwashing machine that did the same job in just under two minutes... It kind of remindes me of our government. A lot of time used to give me nothing but more expences.


The blogs and bloggers within EU are going to be regulated! The EU commisionare Marianne Mikko has pushed through for a legislation that demands that bloggers within the EU has to be registered (no more anonymous blogging), you have to let people answer to your writings (no more closed off commentary section) and there will also be a taxation of bloggers!

The bloggers are of course a pain in the ass for the EU. Certain information are to unconveniant to get out it seems...

The hell I will pay anything to the state to blog! It seems that I will have to register my own domain outside of the EU, pronto.

Now I'm going to beat the shit out of myself for actually voting for an EU membership...

Read the whole shebang- if you can stand the boredom- here

Update September 5:

The Europeian parlimants biggest party group EPP-ED (right conservative), have now voted no to this legislation. The battle is won- for now, but the war isn't over until the leftists also says no to it...


Kurt Lundgren- again

I have tried to translate one of his essays earlier. The man has such a dry humor that the tears of my laugh emideitly dries off into stalactites on my cheeks.

I will now give my translating skills another chanse of another of his blogposts. Here is the original. (SWE).


The lawn mower starts- big attention, the whole family gathers to see the commotion.

I have now reached the mature age in my life where I can look back and summarise it. Therefore I can constate that the hardest and most bitter fights allways have been with lawn mowers of different fabricates and models. A latin proverb- Ars long, vita brevis- means that "Art is long, life is short".
I would like to travestite it and say:
The grass is long
Life is short


My first battle with a lawn mower was held when I was a boy.
- I'll go out and play with Lars-Gunnar, I told my father.
- Mowe the lawn first, boy, said my gentle father and pointed at our lawn mower which had iron wheels and wooden handles. It was so heavy to move that you cut about a meter of grass and then had to back down two meters, take aim and run for another meter.
- If you cut four runs a day, you might be done in a week, said my father.
I did that, and I have to admit that when I saw what I had accomplished, a short cut and nice, all smooth and dark green lawn, I felt a sensation of joy. And I had done it all by my self.
Then we got a new lawn mower. It had rubber wheels, it was about the same time as we got a TV, and life was like a playground on the lawn, you could just dance away cutting the grass.


My next contact with a lawn mower was when we bought a cottage in Tävelsrum, with the buy there came a motorised lawnmover that had the brand name- Klippo [Cutto]. It was a fantastic mower, strong as a bear, it could mowe down not only grass but also Juniper bushes and Hawthorn. It had only one fault, but it was on the other side and imperial one: If the engine had been running, but for some reason had stopped, you had to wait for 28 hours before it could be restarted when the engine was guaranteed to be cold.
No matter how much you pulled at the starting string it would start.
No craftsman on the whole island of Öland could explain what was wrong or could do something about it.

The Klippo- klipparen [Cutto-cutter] was hangin along to Lenstad when we bought a house there with a hang-on lawn, but when the mower finally had to cool off for 48 hours before it could be restarted, I bought second hand mowers in Påryd, one for every summer, everyone with their knicks and knacks; after a while the whole storage was filled with lawn mower junk and I had to move. I can't feel anything but symphaty for the poor American who after a futile hour of trying to start his mower, went in to the house for his shotgun and in anger shot the thing to pieces. It could have been me!


By inheritance we accuired some real property with an enourmous lawn, 10000 square meters of lawn with a house in the middle. With the inheritance followed a Husqvarna ride-on mower, Easy Rider or Lonesome Rider was it's model name. One of it's pecurialnesses was that it collected the cut grass in it's cutting machinery and every other 100 meters it dropped a ball of grass out on the lawn, so when the lawn was freshly mowed there were 100:s of grass balls laying all over the lawn, it really did not look freshly mowed, just scrappy.
You had to walk around with a rake and collect all the grass balls so it would look remotely good. This mower died a natural death, something like a human- sort of, it got all weaker and weaker and finally it took it's last breath with a sigh and a puff, it just could not go on anymore, it was just seriously tired of all the grass, as in my case should be granted for EU- hand outs regarding the principle that if you don't culture your property, you should be handsomely rewarded.


For a few years now I'm owning a Jonsered ride-on mower, it drinks about 10 liters of gasoline every hour and it sounds like a Jumbo jet; it cuts crookedly in some way so that half the strip that is cut consists of upturned dirt and the other one of 5 mm long grass; it looks a bit strange when it is freshly mowed, but it grows on so after 14 days or so it looks allright again, but then of course it is time to mowe the lawn.
This Jonsered as all lawn mowes has it's pecurialities, to start it up I have to bang on the starter motor with a hammer, and then jiggle around with the starting key a while, but then, then it fires up with a roar.

The "Jonsie" have the tailpipe... In the front. Not in the rear end were it should be as it is most commonly found in motorised vehicles, which means that you are constantly breathing in the engines exhaust fumes- after an hour or so you have breathed in so much CO2 that you are almost uncontious when you step off it.
But I soothe myselfe with the fact my body then has worked as a CO2 trap, thus I have physically, with my own body, hindered the global warming and therefore saved the lifes of atleast 13 polar bears and an uncounted numbers of lemmings.

This translation have been done by pela. Everything wrong is my fault. I have not spell checked- and I will not do it either. Some of the nuances have ceartainly got lost in the translation. I have also edited some passages that just could not be translated otherwise. I hope you enjoyed it.