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Me and my machines- Part one

A while ago, when I just had moved in to a new apartement, I descided to get me a dishwasher. I was just utterly tired of standing with my hands in soap water- them looking like big mutaded pink raisins.

In good socialistic order, you could not install a dishwasher of your own. You had to "buy" it through the public apartement rental company. The cost would be set on your rent. It was not much to talk about, less than $20 a month, but that would be the cost for you for the rest of the time you lived there. And what is more is that the extra cost would follow over to the new inhabitants for eternity if I moved out of the apartement.

I just loaded the dish washer. It's a state of the art dishwasher- apparently. It's a Husqvarna-Electroluxe machine with a supposidely state of the art electronics. It "feels" how dirty the dishes are and then descide what program that is the most appropriate.

My first dishwasher had a nob on it that I could turn so to descide what program I wanted to use. Please forgive me for my hubrise, but I still think that I can outsmart a dish washing machine!

When you turn it on it just like... Stands there for a minute and then starts the rinsing programme. After that it "descides" what program it should use. And whaddayaknow, it allways- allways uses the heaviest and hottest program, even if I just have loaded it with a few wine glasses. Every other minute it stops... To think ,I think. Then it goes on again.
It takes 139 minutes! -to go through it's cycle (there is a clock thingy display on it), 139 minutes! When I worked in a restaurant, we had a dishwashing machine that did the same job in just under two minutes... It kind of remindes me of our government. A lot of time used to give me nothing but more expences.


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