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What about those social democrates- HUH?

The social democrates in Sweden want to make the question of free movement of patients and medicare a question in the coming EU election.

They are against it.

The social democrate Åsa Westlund motivates it like this.
"Not everybody has 100 000 or 200 000 to spare. I want all people to be able to seek the medicare they need and then you can't have a system where those who has the means can go first in line."

The problem is that to day- to day- only those who has money can buy medicare in medical facilities abroad!

The right alliance want everybody to have this opportunity- everybody!

This is what the social democrates calls to give health care only for the rich, which is a tounge biter, not to say even direct dishonest.

What it really is about is that the social democrates are worried about is that if there were free movement of patient care, that might point out the fact of that the Swedish health care are unnessecary bureoucratic and expensive.

So the social democrates would rather see children with cancer die than let them get their care in another country.

The cancer sick patient- Fredrik Berg- was denied an operation in Sweden. He was told that he had somewhere between 2-12 months left. He paid up 200 000 for surgery in Germany in stead. He is feeling fine to day. He says: "What could I otherwise have done? It's the best descision I have ever made."
He now hopes to get some insurance money back from the departement of health [I would not break up the Champagne]. This is socialism in a nutshell. If everyone can't be equally prosperous then everybody shall be equally miserable...

Hat tip and transpiration- HAX


Donk- is the sound I make when I slap my forehead

The Europeian parliment's environment agency has proposed that the mobile base stations effects should be turned down, out of concernes of the "radiation" effects on people.


If they turn down the effect on the base stations it will only mean that the mobiles itself will turn their effect up!
Yes that is the thingy you hold closest to your brain!

And of course it will result in more expence for the consumers as this will result in more antennas and masts being built to cover connection, with no less radiation being made but just spread over a larger area.

This is of course under the consideration that the radiation itself have any effect on the human biologism what so ever. And there are no scientifical proof at all that it does.



Medics upset over 'gender-based' abortion

A doctor in Sweden has asked health authorities for clarification after a woman twice had abortions carried out upon learning her fetuses were girls.

The woman in question was already mother to at least two girls when she once again became pregnant and visited a health clinic in central Sweden.

Initially, the woman requested an amniocentesis in order to allay concerns about possible chromosome abnormalities. At the same time, she also asked to know the fetus’s gender.

While there was no medical reason to go through with the amniocentesis, the procedure was nevertheless carried out.

The test revealed normal chromosome development and that the woman was carrying a girl.

Six days later, the woman requested an abortion which was subsequently carried out.

Pregnant again at a later date, the woman returned to the clinic and once again requested an amniocentesis.

This time, however, her request was denied.

One month later, the expectant mother scheduled an ultrasound screening. During the procedure she asked to be told the gender of the fetus.

The midwife carrying out the examination told the woman the fetus was a girl.

The same day, the woman scheduled an abortion, which was performed four days later.

“The above matter has given rise to strong feelings among those involved who, perhaps justifiably, believe that the patient has gone through two abortions because of [the fetus’s] gender,” writes the head of the clinic, Kaj Wedenberg, in a letter to Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

Wedenberg explains that his staff has asked him to draw up guidelines on how to handle similar requests in the future in which they “feel pressured to examine the fetus’s gender” without having a medically compelling reason to do so.

“In part, I wonder if a caregiver within the public health system has the right to make reference to their own views and the dominant view in our country about gender’s equal value, in preventing a patient, with perhaps a different valuation, from learning the gender of the fetus,” he writes.

Wedenberg adds that he wants the agency to provide additional direction on what his rights are as head doctor at the clinic to overrule other medical professionals which may have different appraisals of what sort of procedures ought to be performed for “medical, social, or psychological” reasons.

The Local ( 656 6518)


From "The Local"

Swedes who demonstrate over Israeli attacks are not anti-Semites. Calling them names is an attempt to silence criticism of Israeli policies, argues Stockholm-based Palestinian Alaa Kullab.

[No it would be far fetched to call Hamas and Hezbollah hang- ons anti semites considering that they almost exclusevily are semites themselves! Not hard to denie any anti- semitism then! What they are is anti jewish and anti israelian. That's racism and nothing else]

In an article published on The Local this week, Israeli journalist David Stavrou argued that much Swedish criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza had turned anti-Semitic. Politicians and demonstrators who gathered in Stockholm’s Sergels Torg did not understand the reality of the Middle East, he claims.

[And right he are. People actually believe that the only democracy in the area are to be blamed for the so called "palestinians" hardships when it in reality their own "governments" are to be blamed.]

Slinging accusations of anti-Semitism is easy. But why do people in any part of the world need to be professors of political science to go out and demonstrate against the killing of civilians, when they see it happening and broadcast live on their TVs?

[And it does not take a professor of political science to understand that most of those "civilians" are not civilians at all. Just because you does not weare an uniform does not make you a "civilian", and let's not forget all those human shields that are so popular in use within hamas. There are irrefutable evidence for this!]

Let’s be clear – hatred and agitation should not be tolerated, but people should also beware of how they describe events in the Middle East. The following statement from Stavrou’s article could also be seen as a subtle form of agitation: “Swedes, as lovers of peace and freedom, would be wise to encourage those who fight these forces of evil thousands of miles away or they might find them in their back yard. If they're not there already.”

[Oh they are here in our back yard all ready!]

Accusations of anti-Semitism are a tool used to silence anyone who criticizes Israeli policies. But would any one criticizing the policy of Iran be labeled as anti-Muslim or anti-Persian? Are critics of the Chinese Government routinely described as anti-Chinese? Is condemning the Saudi Arabian government anti-Arab? Surely aggression, military occupation and violations of human and political rights should not be put beyond criticism?

[Are people that critizises arab and islamic politics anti arab or anti islamic? I bet that in your eyes they are. "Surely agression, military occupation and violation of human and political rights should not be put beyond critisism?". Ah, here you put the hammer on the nails head. You just described just about every islamic state on earth and a few more that are not states at all (like the gaza strip and the west bank), we can even chuck in some none islamic states like Zimbabwe and Venezuela and the likes. The common factor is that they are all theological or socialist states- or both. The fact is that Israel STILL is the only state in the area that can be described as a democracy.

Stavrou’s article also claimed: “there is no Israeli occupation in Gaza”. This is technically true - there were no Israeli forces inside Gaza – but it ignores the wider reality. Israel controls the air space, sea coast and land borders; the people of Gaza are prisoners, - within their prison they may have internal self-rule, but they are not free

[There is no Israeli occupation in Gaza. - That is not only "technically" true, it's true period. For a state to be occupied, there has to be a state to begin with! Why does not the people of Gaza concentrate on building or buying airplanes boats instead of spending billion of dollars on rockets and mortars that they fire in to Israel? Let's not forget that the people in the Gaza strip allmost exclusively consists of Egyptian arabs. Egypt who has built their own wall bordering Gaza. THEY does not want to have anything to do with their own kin. Why would Israel? And still, the Gazans reliy allmost exclusively on Israel to get in goods, power and water in to the strip. And they repay it by sending suicide bombers in to Israel (when they can) and on a daily basis shoot rockets and mortars on to Israelian soil. Shees!]

Since June 2006, the Palestinians have been paying an unimaginable social cost as they are collectively punished for electing Hamas as their government. This despite the fact that Western monitors agreed that the election was free and fair.

[Ahh, but the nazi regime was elected "free and fair", that does not mean that the nazis brought about anything good! Another thing- under twenty days of barrage and land operations "only" 1500 people died (4-500 according to independent sources). If Israel had wanted to, Gaza would have been a parking strip right now. That -in my eyes- shows how exquisitely the IDF did do, not to harm any civilians. Mailbombing to let people know which places to avoid, even sending out SMS:s and calling up people to warn them. If you are a true civilian and still lingers around hamas facilities after that- then you deserve what's coming.]

Since Hamas has been in power, Gaza has been sealed and no one is allowed to enter or to exit for any reason. The people of Gaza have been put on what Dov Weisglass, an adviser to Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, mockingly describes as ‘a diet’. Palestinians, he was quoted by The Observer as saying, will be kept thin, but not be made to die of hunger.

[Yes and rightly so! After the walls sealed Gaza off the suicide bombings have gone down almost to nil. I also remember a TV report showing a family in Gaza sitting on the kitchen floor saying they were starving, but when the camera panned through the kitchen it zoomed in on a big pile of food stuff and botteled water on the floor of the kitchen. Needless to say that it was all of Israelian brands. Before "Molten Lead" there were some 1300 trucks passing over the Israelian border in to Gaza with supplies and goods every week and to my knowledge that is the case now too, save for UN trucks that has stopped going in to Gaza because they are being robbed by hamas men repidetly. Also, 92% of all the power in Gaza are distributed and delivered from Israel; power that the hamas "government" repidetily has not payed for!]

The only way people have been able to survive this far has been due to the tunnels that smuggle food and goods from Egypt. The illegal blockade was enforced to keep Gaza under siege - starving, humiliated, diseased, and exposed to selective assassination. The place was effectively turned into an open air prison. Only barely enough food and fuel was allowed to enter to hinder mass disease and death.

[So one and a half million people can't subside themselves! There are almost no farms, no live stock farms and no other industry to speak about. Their only export are figs, but the Israelians yields ten times the amount of figs from a comparable area. 90% of the tunnels to Egypt was used for smuggeling weapons and explosives- something that there seems to be no shortage of in Gaza. Hamas let their people starve while spending Europeian and American tax money on quassam rockets!]

Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Reporter for human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, said the blockade subjected "an entire human community to life-endangering conditions of utmost cruelty." Falk called it "a holocaust-in-the-making" and appealed to world governments and international public opinion "to act urgently to prevent these current genocidal tendencies from culminating in a collective tragedy". One can agree or disagree with this statement, but can not label it as anti-Semitism; at least he, Richard Falk himself, is Jewish.

[Once again. There are no blockade against food water and medicine! There are however a blockade against free movement of people, something that is sad but a reality that have almost to a hundred per cent stopped suicide bombings inside Israel! And once again. Why does the writer not condemn the Egyptian wall and the Egyptian policy of shooting every Gazan that tries to enter Egypt?

That Falk is Jewish does not proove or mean a thing. There are ceartinly miljons of muslims in the world that are deascent peacful people- that does not mean that they all are- or that the core problem does not lie in islamistic violent teatching, something that is extencivelly being taught in the schools in Gaza.]

Let us forget about Gaza for a while, and assume - since it is ruled by Hamas -, the people there “deserve” what happened to them.

Let us instead talk about the West Bank ruled - theoretically - by Mahmoud Abbas, “the man of Peace.” The crucial fact to remember here is that the whole West Bank has been under military occupation for almost forty two years, forty percent of its territory is occupied by illegal settlements which have been built since the 1970s (before Hamas even existed) and almost six hundred road blocks separate cities and villages from each other.

[Oh come on! The west bank is indeed occupied.- By arabs! The West Bank was Israelian territory thousands of years before anyone ever had heard of arabs, or "palestinians" a constructed people of 6/4 1967. Get it! On the West Bank allmost all (besides the Jews) are Jordanian arabs! THEY are the occupiers.]

Blaargh I could go on and on debuncing this article but there is just so much space in this forum. Please read the rest here.

Please also read Michael J. Totten's report over here. (February 8 2009- A dispatch from the border with Gaza) and This.


Culture workers and taxes

In Sweden, you can get your hands on tax payers money:
A) If you work to preserve old art or other old atrefacts of interrest. And.
B) If you work within the schools of arts.

That's right. You don't even have to sell anything or make anything that people actually want. You still get your hands in the cookie jar, supporting yourself on the behalf of the taxpayers.

A) is OK! I'm totally for people and projects that preserves artefacts of interest.
B) on the other hand, is just crazy! Most of the money goes straight in to the pockets of thousands of Self righteous, Left leaning dumbvits that can't support themselves on what they are doing! Because if you take a random culture worker, in 99 cases out of 100, you can be pretty much sure that they votes for the socialists. And why would they not, their livelyhood depends on the socialists giving them hand outs! So option B is nothing more than hand outs to the socialistic parties.

Why not give the people tax cuts instead, so they can go and spend it on whatever culture they want. May that be Disney on ice or to watch art collections in museums.

The gratest painters in history never got a penny for things they did not sell. Neither did any of the greatest composers or other artists of any other kind.

You should get what you deserve and deserve of what you get. Nothing less, nothing more. I'm tired to pay people of whom I have never heard of even, with my tax money!


The TV- Licence

The TV- Licence is something you have to pay here in Sweden if you own a TV- set that can acess Public Service Television (PST).
It does not matter if you actually watch the stations, or want them, it's enough if you can acess them.
And if you have a TV plugged in you have them no matter what!

For the first time in five years I actually watched a program yesterday at PST. It was a hockey game. The Swedes beat the Russians 4-3. I enjoyed it. My son also watches the kids shows on PST. So I pay up. A lot of people does not, even if they have a TV.

But this "licence" is nothing more than a disguised tax! And they want all people to pay it. So what did the braniacs at SVT come up with?

I get to that in a minute.

I have a friend, an old university buddy of mine. He does not own a TV set. Not out of spite but out of uninterrest. So he does not pay the licence.


Here's the genious part of SVT:s evil plan:

My friend owns a I- Phone, and a computer with internet acess. They both can get to material on the internet; and now SVT has descided to put out all their programs on the net, which means that he will still have to pay for the "TV- License" in the near future. It does not matter if he actually watches anything, it's enough that he got the means to do it.

So for not having to pay this tax, he has to chuck out his cellphone and close down his internet connection (theoretically- I smell some civil resistance around thte corner).
SVT believes that they will gross in another biljon SEK on this grand scam.


Kalle Strokirk

Kalle Strokirk on the fact that in a recent report, people in Rosengård (heavily immigrant and muslim area in the city of Malmö) reports that "Newly immigrated families that are secular and not particulary religious feels that they lived freer in their home countries than in Rosengård".
The text in the cartoon reads:
(Civil cervant): "So, you are seeking asylum. From which place have you fled?"


On a side note...

500 schools were arsoned under 2008. 500!

Wellcome to the beatiful and peaceful country of Sweden...


What Arab Civilization?

Here is someone contributing to the multicultural society!

Dear Madame Fiorina:

It is with great interest that I read your speech delivered on September 26, 2001, titled "Technology, Business and Our way of Life: What's Next" [sic]. I was particularly interested in the story you told at the end of your speech, about the Arab/Muslim civilization. As an Assyrian, a non-Arab, Christian native of the Middle East, whose ancestors reach back to 5000 B.C., I wish to clarify some points you made in this little story, and to alert you to the dangers of unwittingly being drawn into the Arabist/Islamist ideology, which seeks to assimilate all cultures and religions into the Arab/Islamic fold.

I know you are a very busy woman, but please find ten minutes to read what follows, as it is a perspective that you will not likely get from anywhere else. I will answer some of the specific points you made in your speech, then conclude with a brief perspective on this Arabist/Islamist ideology.

Arabs and Muslims appeared on the world scene in 630 A.D., when the armies of Muhammad began their conquest of the Middle East. We should be very clear that this was a military conquest, not a missionary enterprise, and through the use of force, authorized by a declaration of a Jihad against infidels, Arabs/Muslims were able to forcibly convert and assimilate non-Arabs and non-Mulsims into their fold. Very few indigenous communities of the Middle East survived this -- primarily Assyrians, Jews, Armenians and Coptics (of Egypt).

Having conquered the Middle East, Arabs placed these communities under a Dhimmi (see the book Dhimmi, by Bat Ye'Or) system of governance, where the communities were allowed to rule themselves as religious minorities (Christians, Jews and Zoroastrian). These communities had to pay a tax (called a Jizzya in Arabic) that was, in effect, a penalty for being non-Muslim, and that was typically 80% in times of tolerance and up to 150% in times of oppression. This tax forced many of these communities to convert to Islam, as it was designed to do.

You state, "its architects designed buildings that defied gravity." I am not sure what you are referring to, but if you are referring to domes and arches, the fundamental architectural breakthrough of using a parabolic shape instead of a spherical shape for these structures was made by the Assyrians more than 1300 years earlier, as evidenced by their archaeological record.

You state, "its mathematicians created the algebra and algorithms that would enable the building of computers, and the creation of encryption." The fundamental basis of modern mathematics had been laid down not hundreds but thousands of years before by Assyrians and Babylonians, who already knew of the concept of zero, of the Pythagorean Theorem, and of many, many other developments expropriated by Arabs/Muslims (see History of Babylonian Mathematics, Neugebauer).

read it all!

You may have encountered this text/letter before, but it's worth reading again!

Now, I have nothing against arabs or muslims for that matter, but whenever discussing historical matters with muslims or their apologists some of these matters are drawn in to the conversation. They just can't get in to their mind what an failed ideology they have their beliefs in!

Think of it. If we take the oil- rich countries out of the equation, the whole of the muslim umma have a GDP comparable with Italy! In 2006 the whole arab umma were granted 370 some patents while - take South Korea for example were granted 57000- take or give a few.

What are arab civilization- Indeed!