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I just got a flyer through my door mailbox (even though I have a sign on the door saying that I absolutely NOT want to have any unadressed mail or other material- it's against the law here to still do it).

It was from NSF

The message of the flyer was amongst others:

-Multiculturalism will mean the death of the Swedish people. Ok, hmm, but check.
- Swedish armed forces are allmost extint, we now have no way to defend our borders. Check.
- There are massive segregation going on here in Sweden. Check.
- We have had a massive raise of violent crime over the past thirty years (Assaults and murders +286%, rapes + 518%, gun crimes +704%). Check.

It also says that multiculturalism is not food culturalism. Check.

These messages are just about what I have been preaching about for a couple of years.

But who are the NSF then?

Well, the acronyme stands for "Nationalsocialistisk front- National socialistic front", SOCIALISTIC is the word. In other words they are nazi crackpots!

And as thus being not only anti- globalists, protectionists, supremacists and totalitarists, but also idiots!

The problems we are experience in Sweden and Europe, whether it's echonomy, multiculturalism, peoples liberty and individual freedom can not- can not! Be solved by SOCIALISM! Just look how well it has worked in every place it has been tried out.

But as much as I will fight for their right of free speach. Keep that shit out of my mailbox!

The funny thing is that I don't have a Scandinavian sounding surname. HEH!


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