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Talk about being confused

The Swedish "green party- miljöpartiet" are so schitzofrenic that words just can't describe it.
The members and the party as a whole are higly critic to EU as the other leftard partys are.
Funny, considered that the whole project is a Gaullic-socialistic project.

My old high school teatcher- Peter Eriksson- who is one of the "talking heads" of the party has on the other hand made a 180 degree turn and want the party to scrap the demand of going out of the union.

The funny thing is that the party as a whole are very positive to expand the union with amongst others Turkey!

So The two talking heads (språkrören- they have no party leaders) want's to stay in the union. The party members as a whole does not, but they want other countries to get in!

And they are representing the Swedish people in the parliment!

This is also the party that together with the communists and the socialist parties have made energy prices 3 times as high in just a decades time...


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