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Rosengård riots

Photo: Som jag ser det 68
This is how it looked in infamous Rosengård, Malmö during Thursday night.
Rocks were thrown, arsons, rockets were fired at firefighters and the police, barricades were put up and set on fire.
One resident of Rosengård told the newspaper Expressen:
"It's chaos. It's worse than Beirut which I left 30 years ago!"
Planning on a trip to the middle east? No need. Please feel welcome and wisit the new culturally enriched Sweden.


Take command of your brain

The other day I picked up my son at preeschool. It's just a five hundred meters away from my flat so I took the bicykle. My son had got a new bike just a couple of weeks ago.

On the way home he managed to take a wrong turn twice and finally cykled out in front of an oncoming car in a crossection despite me yelling at him "Brake, BRAKE!".

That was it, I took him by the sleve of his jacket and said to him that"You have to listen to what I tell you!", he got scared (not anyway near as scared as I had been) and started sniffling. I thought that was enough, and we continued on.

When we came home he was allright and I thought we would have a little chat about what happened.

I asked him: "Why did you take the wrong turns? Don't you know where we live?"
He said: "Yes dad I know the way."
"Well then, why did you make them and why did you go in to the crossection even though I yelled at you to stop?"
"But dad. It's not so easy when you're brain does not do what you tell it to do!"

Ahh. He got an icecream.

Somehow this reminds me of islamists. I don't know why...


The lethal Kung-Fu skills of a seven year old

A couple of days ago, when I was reading in bed, my son came in and started a wrestling match in the bed. It was all fun and game until he descided to give me a drop knee in the ribcage.

It sounded "SNAP" and the old man was ten and out! It did'nt hurt as much to begin with, but I have broken more ribs in my days than I care to count, so I knew what was to expect. Other times you get this dull pain from the callus being formed- but this time- OwOwOw! I believe he puctured my liver.

So I'll try to take up the posting in a few days.


Hey. I'm still here.

My blog updates are a little bit far and between right now. In between hospital visits I mainly writes and debates in Swedish for now. But you be sure, that if something comes up, that no one else allready has covered (Robert Spencer! Don't you ever sleep? I mean, let some of us others have a little fun!)- I will be on it.

The latest debate I've been involved in; is against a guy that "with ceartainty" believes that a wind turbine park projected in Norrland would yield twice as much electricity as the nuclear power station Ringhals.
I thouroghly explained that it would be an impossibility, as that would mean that atleast 2/3:s of the Swedish land area would be covered with turbines.

I put up the numbers, did some calculating, presented it for him...

...And he still did'nt get it!

He called me a troll.

I have been called many things in my days, but as of right now I'm thin as a stick and lack ceartain other trollish features (rocky skin, diamonds for teeths, a club in my hand and being generally in a bad mood, all the time); I just don't know what he's talking about.
He, on the other hand, has not refuted or disproved any thing I have written.


Signing off now. Have to fetch pela JR from school.



Google translation

"My mother was born in Finland - it makes me to an imigrant in the statistics.
Would I, who was born in Sweden be expelled if I were living in Sweden and Iwas caught running a red light? "

No. Hans. To statistically count as an immigrant, both your parents must be born abroad. It makes you a Svenne and me in to a damn immigrant so pull off the victim cardigan emediatly! Pffft! And no again Hans, not even I who are counted as an imigrant would be deported for running a red light! Hardly anyone does get deported. You have to be a serious criminal without PUT or citizenship to risk being deported and as there are far to many PUT:s and citizenships being handed out, you have to be seriously desperate or deranged to be tossed out of the country. Not that it helps though. With fake papers or no papers at all you can be back in Sweden within 24 hours. It's actually harder for me as a Swedish citizen, born and raised here, to get in to the country again if I lost my passport on an out of Europe journey because I don't look foreign and I cant speak the "right" languages (arabic, somali, pashtuun and whatever languages they speak in the countries we import "rocket scientists" from).

"What do you mean? First ask you if I think Sweden has unlimited resources - then you write that Sweden has unlimited resources."

Sarcasm, like the use of capital letters at the beginning of a sentence does not seem to be your greatest strength, huh?

" Does not immigrants pay taxes?"

In many-far too many cases-No, they don't pay taxes at all. If they 're not on wellfare or being given unemployment compensation or other social security compensation, the immigrants in the overwhelmingly majority tends to work in the public sector. Hence no net tax income for the state at all . In addition, a recently received immigrant has not paid a dime in Swedish taxes on the day he set foot on Swedish soil, but is eligible for our entire social security system. Google on ÄFS. A small hint only.

"Have you considered just how- the deminishing population - without immigration - could provide for the growing retiering population?"

Well, how does it work in countries that have little or negligible immigration? A mystery-mark, my word. It's not a pyramid scam- game, we're talking about here!

"How much more often, are immigrants committing crimes than Swedes?
And who is Swedish? Are you Swedish or an immigrant if you were born in Sweden but has a foreign born mother?

facts should not be brushed aside - but it should be examined. Do it. "

Approximately 2.5 times more often than indogen Swedes. If we only count migrants from MENA countries and also address only to serious crime; Well, who knows? Such information are considered state secrets as here in Sweden. But I'm willing to bet big money on that the over representation is, in any event not lesser. About facts. You don't seem to have a clue, do you? Don't make up facts- they are to easy to refute.

Who is Swedish? Those who consider themselves Swedish! Again, if you consider yourself to be Swedish (and holds citizenship, not PUT) - then you are Swedish. For the last time: You are not statistically speaking an immigrant- stop whining about that. So if you still are the holder of Swedish nationality, and more importantly, consider yourself primarily as Swedish. Then you also are Swedish. Basta!

"Did you mean that people should not be allowed to be born in other countries?"

Turn over question:
Have you, Hans, stopped beating your mother yet? Every potential humanbeing is allowed to be born in what ever country they are born in! What kind of a question is that? The question should be: Have everyone the right to put their hand in some others cookie jar? Do they have the "right" to come to Sweden. NO! They should have the possibility, but that is a whole another matter.

"Or how on earth will you prevent you births in outland countries?"

Turn over question: How on earth will you prevent inland births?

"If it's as racists says that more forigners are more criminally propensited then of course the only way to prevent that they do not do crime - is to ensure that they do not exist ..."

Hmm, now it's not what people generally consider as "racists" who proposes such evidence. In this particular case, it is BRÅ. Other statistics may unfortunately have to be looked look for in our neighboring countries, where such crimes as rape assault in Oslo during the last three years all was comitted committed by non- Europeian perpetrators. A horse is a horse even if it was born in pig sty. (The parable of the obvious!). Who has said that other people does not have the right to exist? They can exist all they want in their countries of origin. Legit refugees (about 5% or less)- on the other hand- and immigrants that can provide for themselves should be able to exist as much as they want inside Swedish borders.

"But if you believe that the reasons for crime has social, unemployment, personal reasons, etc to do with it will certainly not stop crime from abroad to exist - but reduction of unemployment, having better schools, etc will.."

With it, you mean that these poor immigrants are more disadvantaged here in terrible Sweden than in their countries of origin? Well then it's no wonder that these poor fellows fall into the path of crime.
Now, you give it a rest!

"Said the Swedish apples never rot? Miscreants there ..."

Read Kalle008:s answer. More educational than it is, will be difficult to do without drawing any pictures for you. My seven-year old son picked directly what was meant.

'And even higher is the the risc for those with poor schooling and poverty .. so why do not racists hate the departement of schooling, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance? "

Where did you get that information from? Source please! The surveys (in fact) made of eg BRÅ indeed shows that socioeconomic factors play little role in the occurrence of particularly serious crime. Now do not whine about sources yourself. The source is BRÅ. Searching the facts you have to do yourself.

Firstly, I am not a racist. I unlike you I'm an immigrant here in Sweden. That does not mean that I can not be racist as many of the Muslim immigrants who come here are, I would not at all think of people as belonging to different races. It is both inhumane and fatalistic. But you drag yourself not to divide people into different groups, I see. Calling someone a racist is basically an extremely racist argument (since the very words meaning become thoroughly devalued by those who throw around the racist epithete as soon as someone does not think like them).
Second: I hate the departement of schooling, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance with all my heart!
Clarification: I dislike them in Sweden, but for quite different reasons than those you are insinuating, but I really HATE those departements and ministries in the countries from which (most) immigrants come, especially those in the MENA countries.

"Kalleo8: Now you have turned on the autopilot. Poor school gang and poverty is more a cause of crime than being born in a country."

SIGH! Source?
Crazy said Bill. Yzarc said Bull.

"Retarded (no good translation), you can be yourself :-)
you assume that immigration raises serious crimes - but there is a prejudice you have and not something you prove. "

Hans! Why do you not you go and "prove" that immigration does not raise (an over-representation of) serious crime? Not as easy and obvious now, huh? If someone presents an argument as it is for opponents to refute this. Now it is a fact that Kalle has a fairly reasoned argument based on statistics from countries including the BRÅ and what some scientists refuted. What do you have? A feeling? A faith? Be Mormon in that case (they're from Mars but're apparently quite timid).

"It sounds retarded ... to build a decision on prejudice."

That is correct, and that is exactly what you base your whole argument on -prejudices.
Do not take a dump in your own nest, don't throw darts in the incubator e t c.

"Sorry .. but your prejudices has no ground for changing policies. There are other cures for your private fear."

No. Hans. It is you who has "forward of" (actually "prejudices" in Swedish, but terribly wrongly spelled)! The sooner you come to realize this, the sooner you can get lost of them. Health center is not a good idea. Believe me. I have both worked and is fixed as a patient at the moment. Have now been in healthcare que for nine months, finally got a MRI today, but I still have not received any treatment for my neurological damage, or my true osteopodic ailments (bones broken). So you could say that I am not completely satisfied with our socialized health care system, but I suppose I am just "foromsfull" (prejudistic). In your case, Hans, I would recommend something a little more acute.

"No only a racist could come up with the the idea to compare mopeds, nuclear waste and wells with people ...."

Can one be racistic against a moped? Against nuclear waste? Against the wells? With the best of intentions, (out of Lithium?) Stop devaluing the word racist!
Read Hasse's post again! If you still do not understand, ask someone to explain for you.

"You do not know what people will one day commit crimes. You know who is at risk (Well, then you, Hans will receave the fortune teller of the year award) - and when it comes to foreigners, they are not at risk precisely because they are foreigners - even Sweden Democrats understand that, one can not claim to be a logical tinking man if you think that you should stop immigration for that part of immigrants that will one day commit crimes. "

Hans, you have managed to not understand a single thing that has been written in the comment field. It is an achievement in itself. Immigrants are overrepresented in crime statistics! If you can prove the opposite, I will crawl to the cross, but all statistics argue against your reasoning. It is not only poorly substantiated, based on pure guesswork and bordering on pure lies, it is straight out infantile.
Since immigrants are overrepresented in crime statistics (particularly in terms of gross violence) so it seems to me, and any logical thinking person that the particular crime incidence would be reduced, by less or selective migration. Today we are giving away about 100 000 UT:s (Green cards) each year. If we slow that down we would possibly be able to take care of the immigrants who find themselves within our borders. Only an imbecile could believe of the "success" of the immigration and intergrations policies held today. It is inhuman, not only for the indogen Swedes but also for the immigrants who come here today with a very little chance to get a successful assimilation into Swedish society, and the dreadful prospect of unemployment, welfare dependency and segregation with the present immigration policy objective. If socio-economic factors were the overall factor for the overrepresentation of immigrant serious crime, in that case, the hundreds of thousands of unemployed indogen Swedes, would be overrepresented in crime statistics-which they are NOT. Right!

"Pure racism."

For the last time. Don't devaluate the epithet "racist". You do not seem to know what the word means. Google it! (A hint-it was such that the Socialists and the other Left were busied with well into the 70s).

I hope this all make any sense to you. Hans writes in very poor Swedish with bad formation of sentences (?), bad punctuation and misspellings. This could of course be him being dyslectic. I don't know. I have tried to tydy it up as well as I could given the time limit (it's getting late here). The whole original blogpost was an answer to an article i SVD (biggest Swedish daily newspaper).

Yot a ton si siht

This will be an answer- in Swedish only- to a Swedish blogger. He seems to have closed off the commentary section (probably because he got so much heat). I is about immigration and the gallopping crime wawe that comes with it. He think he is morally superior in this matter because his mother is Finnish!

I will put up a link to the original post here. A google translation here. And the original article in SVD here.

I will hereby post my commentaries first i Swedish and then in a Google translation in the next post. Read and be astonished!

"min mor ar fodd i finland - det gor mig till invandrare i statistiken.
ska jag som ar fodd i sverige utvisas om jag skulle bosatta mig i sverige och kora mot rott ljus?"

Nej Hans. För att statistiskt räknas som invandrare måste BÅDA dina föräldrar vara födda utomlands. Det gör dig till en Svenne och mig till en jävla invandrare! Pffft!

"hur ska du ha det? forst fragar du om jag tror sverige har obegransade resurser - sedan skriver du sjalv att sverige har obegransade resurser."

Sarkasm, liksom användandet av versal i början på en sats verkar inte vara din starkaste sida?

"betalar inte invandrare skatt?"

I många- i allt för många fall- Nej. Dessutom har en nyss inkommen invandrare inte betalat en spänn i Svenska skattemedel den dagen denne sätter foten på Svensk mark, men är berättigad till hela vårat socialsäkerhetssystem. Googla på ÄFS. Ett litet tips bara.

"har du funderat nagot over hur befolkningstillvaxten ska - utan invandring - kunna forsorja den okande skaran pensionarer?"

Tja, hur fungerar det i länder som har liten eller försumbar invandring? Ett mysterium- sanna mina ord. Det är ju för faen inte ett pyramidspel vi pratar om här!

"och hur mkt oftare begar invandrare brott an svnskar?
och vem ar svensk? ar jag svensk eller invandrare som ar fodd i sverige men har en utlandsfodd mor?

fakta ska inte viftas bort - men den ska granskas. gor det."

Ca 2.5 gånger oftare än indogena Svenskar. Om vi enbart räknar invandrare från MENA- länder och dessutom endast tar med grov brottslighet; Well, who knows? Sådan information betraktas ju som statshemligheter här i Sverige. Men jag är beredd att satsa rätt stora pengar på att överrepresentationen där i vart fall INTE är lägre.

Vem är Svensk? Den som betraktar sig som Svensk! Återigen, om du betraktar dig som Svensk (och innehar medborgarskap, inte PUT)- då är du Svensk. För sista gången: Du är inte statistiskt sett en invandrare. Så om du fortfarande är innehavare av Svenskt medborgarskap, och vad viktigare är, betraktar dig i första hand som Svensk. Då är du också Svensk- annars inte. Basta!

"sa du menar att folk inte ska fa vara fodda i andra lander?"

Har du, Hans, slutat slå din mamma än?

" eller hur i all friden forebygger du utlandsfodslar?"

Motfråga: Hur i all friden förebygger du inlandsfödslar?

"om det ar som rasister sager att utlannngar ar mer brottsbenagna sa ar ju enda sattet att forebygga att de inte gor brott - att se till att de inte existerar..."

Hmm, nu är det ju inte vad folk i allmänhet betraktar såsom "rasister" som har anbefört dessa belägg. I just detta fallet är det BRÅ. Annan, mer lättilgänglig statistik får man tyvärr leta efter i våra grannländer, där t ex SAMTLIGA överfallsvåldtäkter i Oslo under de tre senaste åren begåtts av utomeuropeiska gärningsmän. Ett föl är en häst om hon så är född i svinstian liksom. (Liknelse för det uppenbara!) Vem har sagt att potentiella invanfrare inte får eller kan existera? De kan existera på hur mycket de vill i sina ursprungsländer! Flyktingar (ca 5% eller mindre samt de som kommer hit och kan försörja sig själva får existera så mycket de vill inom Sveriges gränser.

"men om du menar att skalen till brottslighet har med uppvaxtforhallanden, arbetsloshet, det personliga ansvaret etc att gora sa handlar ju inte brotsforebyggande om att stoppa utlanningar fran att existera - utan om att motverka arbetsloshet, ha battre skolor etc.."

Med det menar du att dessa stackars invandrare har SÄMRE förutsättningar i hemska Sverige än i deras ursprungsländer? Tja då är det ju inte så konstigt att de stackarna faller in på brottslighetens bana.
Nu får du ge dig!

"sa de svenska applena ruttnar aldrig? skojare dar..."

Läs Kalle 008:as svar. Mer pedagogiskt än så blir det knappast utan att någon ritar bilder åt dig. Min sjuårige son snappade direkt vad som menades.

"och annu hogre ar overrisken for de med dalig skolundervisning och fattigdom.. sa varfor hatar inte rasister skolverket, utbildningsdepartementet och finansdepartementet?"

Var har du fått DEN informationen ifrån? Källa tack! De undersökningar som (faktiskt) gjorts av bl a BRÅ visar tvärtom att socioekonomiska faktorer knappast spelar roll för förekomsten av i synnerhet grov brottslighet. Kom nu inte och gnäll om källor själv. Källan är BRÅ. Leta får du göra själv.

"och annu hogre ar overrisken for de med dalig skolundervisning och fattigdom.. sa varfor hatar inte rasister skolverket, utbildningsdepartementet och finansdepartementet?"

För det första är jag inte en rasist. JAG till skillnad från du betraktas som invandrare här i Sverige. DET betyder inte att jag inte KAN vara rasist såsom många av de muslimska invandrarna som kommer hit är! JAG vill överhuvudtaget inte tänka på MÄNNISKOR såsom tillhörande olika raser. Det är både inhumant och fatalistiskt. Men DU drar dig inte för att dela in människor i olika grupper märker jag. Att KALLA någon för rasist är i grund och botten ett oerhört rasistiskt argument (eftersom själva ordbetydelsen blivit ordentligt devalverat av alla som slänger omkring rasistepitetet så fort någon inte tycker som de själva).
För det andra: JAG hatar skolverket, utbildningsdepartementet och finansdepartementet av hela mitt hjärta!
Ett förtydligande: Jag ogillar dem i Sverige- men av helt andra orsaker än de du insinuerar på, men jag HATAR verkligen HATAR de som finns i de länder varifrån (de flesta) invandrarna kommer, i synnerhet de i MENA- länderna.

"Kalleo8: nu har du kopplat pa autopiloten. dalig skolgang och fattigdom ar storre orsaker till kriminalitet an att vara fodd i ett annat land."

SUCK! Källa?
Tokroligt sa BIll. Roltokigt sa Bull.

"sinnesvag kan du vara sjalv:-)
du utgar fran att invandring ger upphov till grova brott - men det ar en fordom du har och inte nat du bevisar."

Hans! Varför tar du inte och "bevisar" att invandring INTE ger upphov till (en överrepresentation av ) grova brott? Inte lika lätt och självklart nu va? Om någon lägger fram en tes så är det upp till meningsmotståndaren att motbevisa denna. Nu är det ju så att Kalle har en ganska väl underbyggd tes som baserar sig på statistik från bl a BRÅ samt vad vissa forskare hittat. Vad har du? En känsla? En tro? Bli mormon i så fall (de är ju från Mars men är ju synbarligen rätt så timida).

"det later ju sinnessavgt... att bygga beslut pa fordomar."

Helt riktigt, och det är precis på vad du baserar hela din argumentation på- nämligen fördomar. Inte kacka i eget bo, kasta pil i kuvös o s v.

"sorry.. men dina foromar ar inte grund for att forandra politik. det finns andra botemedel for din privata radsla."

Nej Hans. Det är du som har "foromar"! Ju fortare du kommer till insikt om detta, ju fortare blir du av med dem. Vårdcentralen är ingen god idé. Tro mig. Jag har både jobbat och är stadigvarande patient på en för tillfället. Har nu suttit i vårdkö i nio månader, fick äntligen göra en MR i dag men jag har fortfarande inte fått någon som helst behandling för mina neurologiska skador eller mina felläkta osteopoder (ben). Så man kan säga att jag inte är helt nöjd med vårat socialiserade vårdsystem men jag är väl bara "foromsfull". I ditt fall, Hans, skulle jag rekommendera något en smula mer akut.

"nej bara en rasist skulle kunna kamma pa ideen att jamfora moperder, karnavfall och brunnar med ... manniskor."

Kan man vara rasitisk lagd mot en moped? Mot kärnavfall? Mot brunnar? I all välmening, (slut på Litiumet?) sluta devalvera ordet rasist!
Läs Hasses inlägg igen! Förstår du det fortfarande inte- be någon förklara för dig.

"Du vet inte vilka manniskor som en dag kommer att bega brott. Du vet vilka som ar i riskzonen - och nar det handlar om utlanningar sa ar de inte i riskzonen just for att de ar utlanningar - det fattar t o m sverigedemokrater - alltsa kan man inte havdandes sig vara en logiskt tankande manniska att man ska stoppa invandring for att en del av invandrarna en dag kommer att bega brott."

Hans, du har lyckats med att inte förstå en enda sak som skrivits i kommentarsfältet. Det är en prestation i sig. Invandrare ÄR överrepresenterade i brottsstatistiken! Om DU kan bevisa det motsatta skall jag krypa till korset, men all statistik talar emot din argumentation. Den är inte bara dåligt underbyggd, baserad på rena gissningar och gränsande till rena lögner, den är rent ut av infantil.
Eftersom invandrare ÄR överrepresenterade i brottstatistiken (i synnerhet vad gäller grov våldsbrottslighet) så förefaller det mig och varje logiskt tänkande människa att brottsligheten visst skulle minska med mindre eller selektiv invandring. I dag delar vi ut ca 100 000 UT VARJE ÅR. Om vi bromsar detta så skulle vi möjligen kunna ta hand om de invandrare som befinner sig inom landets gränser. Endast en imbecill kan tro att det skall lyckas med den invandrings och intergrationspolitik som förs i dag. Den är omänsklig- inte bara för de indogena Svenskarna utan också för de invandrare som kommer hit i dag med mycket liten chans för att få en lyckad assimilation in i det Svenska samhället, samt fruktansvärda framtidsutsikter med arbetslöshet, bidragsberoende och segregation som varande invandringspolitiskt mål. Om de socioekonomiska faktorerna vore den övergripande orsaken till överrepresentationen vad gäller brottsligheten så skulle väl i så fall de hundratusentals arbetslösa, bidragstagande indogena Svenskarna vara överrepresenterade i brottstatistiken- vilka de INTE är. Eller hur!

"ren och skar rasism."

För sista gången. Ge fasen i att devalvera epitetet "rasism". Du verkar inte veta vad ordet betyder. Googla! (En ledtråd- det var sådant som socialdemokraterna och övriga vänstern pysslade med långt in på 70-talet).


When Gordon Brown offered me his hand I turned and walked away

BRITAIN'S highest decorated serving soldier REFUSED to shake Gordon Brown's hand in a protest at a state ceremony.
Brave Victoria Cross winner Johnson Beharry turned and walked off - incensed by what he sees as shabby treatment of the military by the PM.

The Iraq hero told The Sun last night: "I wanted to knock him out."

Lance Corporal Beharry, 30, said Mr Brown - who reacted by writing a personal letter to him last night - had repeatedly disrespected him, his uniform and the Armed Forces.

Read the rest

Gordon Brown is a crackpot!


Times change, ideas must be abandoned

Anti-fascists in the 1930s - and '40s were the brave ones who fought against Mussolini, Franco and Hitler. The past times struggle against fascism had maturity and moral grounds, but I can not say about our time AFA:s. The dressed in black rascals who in our time that are harassing normal democratic people have no conscience. They are just looking for excitement and should be ashamed for stealing the honorable name anti-fascist.

Read the rest

Is it not funny that the very same people that today think they have the moral high- ground in fighting fascism are the very same that utilizes the same means and has the same goals as the old times fascists did.
Well I suppose that it's not so surprising after all- is it?


Zorba the Euro

Spot On!