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hizbollah in Nigeria

Here Nigerian militia is marching along, carrying hizbollah standards and a picture of hassan nasrallah. Whut?

What happened to the "hizbollah is a national defence organisation against Israeli agressions?"

Well I suppose you could agree to that this branch of hizbollah dresses more smartly than their ME counterparts?...


Aid again

Sweden are giving away 28 biljon SEK per year in aid (about $ 4.7 biljon I believe). That means that SIDA (the Swedish NGO that has responsibility to hand out the money) have to throw out 77 miljon SEK every day to some project or anothter.

700 miljons goes straight in to the administration.

Another 700 miljons goes to aid in Mosambique. Non of the money are accounted for, and I don't think more than pennys are thrown to the poor.

We also give away 400 miljons annually to Russia! This is a country with wast oil reserves and that has the third largest money reserve in the world! WTF?

Heck. We even give away aid to saudi arabia!!! (I know, I know. Using more than one exclamation mark is a sign of insanity. But I'm feeling mad as hell right now!!!)

The corruption, the malhandeling and the sheer stupidity inside SIDA are nothing less than scandalous! Enough is enough! Let my tax money do something better! Feed the old people in the nursing homes that right now has to settel with yoghurt and a sandwich for dinner some days (at a cost of 107 Kr a day). Give the money to the police and the military so we can get som rest and peace in this country. What the hell; Buy ice cream for the money and give it to all the school kids here.

Or better yet. Stop stealing my money! If I want to (and I do) I will give some of it to certain charities. But I do not- I repeat NOT! Want my money to go to NGO:s, corrupt governments and to oil- rich states... Shees...

Update. SIDA are a GO, NOT an NGO which really makes it much worse on an order of a magnitude. If the state has no controll over it's own GO:s, then what the heck are the government there for?


The European Union - the New Soviet Union?

Vladimir Bukovsky spent many years in Russian labour camps and psychiatric prisons for defending human rights. He came to Britain in 1976. He lectures and writes on the old Soviet system and the EU.

Video here.

Two things happened

Two things happened in Iraq last week. A US soldier shot a discarded copy of the Qur’an, and al-Qaeda strapped explosives to an 8-year-old
girl, killing more Iraqis in the name of Allah. Only one of these acts
enraged Muslims. Do you know Islam well enough to know which?

Shamelessly nicked from TROP.

Palestinians cool to bear hug from bin Laden

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Palestinian officials are reacting coolly to the latest pronouncements from Osama bin Laden.
In his latest recorded message to the world, the fugitive leader of al-Qaida portrays himself as a bitter enemy of Israel and the only true defender of the Palestinians. But the actual Palestinians, even the Islamic militants

of Hamas, don't seem too enthusiastic about the bear hug.
The moderate Palestinian government in the West Bank fears the Palestinian cause could be sullied by links to terrorism. In the tape, bin Laden condemned the West Bank government for talking to Israel. And Hamas, which the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist group, sees al-Qaida as too extreme.

Palestinian government adviser Nimr Hammad says bin Laden has «caused huge damage to the image of Muslims and Arabs all over the world.» He says bin Laden's statements have damaged the Palestinian image as well.

Huh? The hamas does not want to be related with bin laden because he is to extremist? This is just to much of an penalty strike to be commented on. LOL!

Bomb alert at nuclear plant

A man has been detained after attempting to bring highly explosive material into the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in southern Sweden on Wednesday morning.

According to the information we've received, the substance is known by the abbreviation TATP and is highly explosive," he said.

“We understand that it isn’t something he needed for the job."

TATP is the same substance police believe was used in the July 2005 terrorist attacks in London.

The man is now being questioned by police.

Update: Now two "persons" have been arrested!

Now! I can't help to wonder what ideology this "men" leans to. Read it all.


A report has come out that shows that people in municipals in Sweden that are more libertarian/ right leaning are more intelligent than those from more left leaning municipals. Details here. And here.

My old home town places itself... Hrrrm... Not so good! My old hometown (Gällivare) also have an overwhelming majority of red voters.

Pliktverket, who do the drafting every year, measures every draftie for intelligense. And while Danderyd (far right) placed itself at the top with an average 6.20 (on a 1-9 scale), Gällivare had an average of 4.75.

There are however one outstanding year for my old home town. 1986! Then the average was 5.03!

As it happens, this is the very year I got drafted. (And yes, I scored a 9). Patting myself on the back, patting myself on the back etc, etc. HEH!

Swedish Police

Some people (on the left hand political scale) has been arguing over buying in new "less intimidating" police uniforms. They think the ones the police have today are "too military in it's
concept". I wonder what they had in mind? Pink scarves? The police should be intimidating!

Luckily enough the leftard proposition did not fall through. Instead the police put their money on This:


OOOhhh yeah. Now we are talking buisness!

But now we have to ask our selves a question. Why do the police need a vehicle like this? Could it be that there are certain areas in Swedish towns where the fire department needs police protection to enter? Where police patrols need another vehicle to guard over their own while they are dismounted? Areas where the few Swedes that are left dyes their hair black not to get harassed or raped? Areas where if a mother yells; "Muhammad! Come in and eat." 20 kids simultaniously sprints off to their respctive home?

Just wondering, that's all.


She’s never met the man she’s marrying: it’s love, the Saudi way

Nader al-Mutairi stiffened his shoulders, clenched his fists and said: “Let’s do our mission.” Then the young man stepped into the cool, empty lobby of a dental clinic, intent on getting the phone number of one of the young women working as a receptionist.

Asking a woman for her number can cause a young man anxiety anywhere. But in Saudi Arabia getting caught with an unrelated woman can mean arrest, a possible flogging and dishonour, the worst penalty of all in a society where preserving a family’s reputation depends on faithful adherence to a strict code of separation between the sexes.

Above all, Nader feared that his cousin Enad al-Mutairi would find out he was breaking the rules. Nader is engaged to Enad’s 17-year-old sister, Sarah. “Please don’t talk to Enad about this,” he said. “He will kill me.”

The concept of honour!

The sun was already low as Nader entered the clinic. Almost instantly, his resolve faded. His shoulders drooped, his hands unclenched and his voice began to quiver. “I am not lucky today; let’s leave,” he said.

I saw a documentary where a muslim homosexual bloke said; "It is easier to be a gay here than straight. The (morality) police never bothers two men in a car, even if they are unrelated. But I would not dare to give an unrelated girl a ride."


One of the most important Arab traditions is honour,” Enad said. “If my sister goes in the street and someone assaults her, she won’t be able to protect herself. The nature of men is that men are more rational. Women are not rational. With one or two or three words, a man can get what he wants from a woman. If I call someone and a girl answers, I have to apologise. It is a violation of the house.”

The "honour" concept again. Sigh!


Suddenly the young men stopped focusing on their food. A woman had entered the restaurant alone. She was completely draped in a black abaya, her face covered by a black veil, her hair and ears covered by a black cloth pulled tight. “Look at the Batman,” Nader said derisively, snickering.

Enad pretended to toss his burning cigarette at the woman, who by now had been seated at a table. The glaring young men unnerved her. “She is alone, without a man,” Enad said, explaining why they were disgusted, not just with her but with her male relatives, too, wherever they were. “Thank God our women are at home,” Enad said.

Nader and Enad pray five times a day, often stopping whatever they are doing to traipse off with their cousins to the nearest mosque. Prayer is mandatory in the kingdom and the religious police force all shops to shut during prayer times. But it is also casual, as routine for Nader and Enad as taking a coffee break.

To Nader and Enad, prayer is essential. In Enad’s view, jihad is too, not the more moderate approach which emphasises doing good deeds, but the idea of picking up a weapon and fighting in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Jihad is not a crime, it is a duty,” Enad said in casual conversation. “If someone comes into your house, will you stand there or will you fight them?” He was leaning forward, his short, thick hands resting on his knees: “Arab or Muslim lands are like one house.”

Well, it really speaks for it self. Read the rest of the text over here.


Movie time

I like watching movies. As a military I also like watching movies about war. Not for the enjoyment of war, but because of the inplications and the history behind them. Saving private Ryan was one such movie that was very good in my mind. But there are better movies! The winter war (Talvisota), is probably the best movie picturing WWII I've ever seen, not only because my father was growing up in the area during the war, but also because of the acting, the sceneries and the gritty, dirty feeling of it. Buy it! Or if you know Finnish or Swedish you also can go here (not recommended, but it can be hard to get your hand on it otherwise...).

Tonight I will be watching Hogfather, an adaption of a Terry pratchett novel. I've never seen it but it has had some pretty good reviews. If you want and dare to, you can get it here (if you can stand the Swedish subs). But as allways I recommend you to buy it!

Fusion Man

This is so cool- I WANT!


Cool Pictures

I especially liked this one. More here!


Living in a garbage truck

Not so bad after all is it?


The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change

800 scientists in consensus. Good luck on finding this in the media!

Global warming is not a global crisis

We, the scientists and researchers in climate and related fields, economists, policymakers, and business leaders, assembled at Times Square, New York City, participating in the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change,

Resolving that scientific questions should be evaluated solely by the scientific method;

Affirming that global climate has always changed and always will, independent of the actions of humans, and that carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant but rather a necessity for all life;

Recognising that the causes and extent of recently-observed climatic change are the subject of intense debates in the climate science community and that oft-repeated assertions of a supposed ?consensus? among climate experts are false;

Affirming that attempts by governments to legislate costly regulations on industry and individual citizens to encourage CO2 emission reduction will slow development while having no appreciable impact on the future trajectory of global climate change. Such policies will markedly diminish future prosperity and so reduce the ability of societies to adapt to inevitable climate change, thereby increasing, not decreasing human suffering;

Noting that warmer weather is generally less harmful to life on Earth than colder:

Hereby declare:

That current plans to restrict anthropogenic CO2 emissions are a dangerous misallocation of intellectual capital and resources that should be dedicated to solving humanity?s real and serious problems.

That there is no convincing evidence that CO2 emissions from modern industrial activity has in the past, is now, or will in the future cause catastrophic climate change.

That attempts by governments to inflict taxes and costly regulations on industry and individual
citizens with the aim of reducing emissions of CO2 will pointlessly curtail the prosperity of the West and progress of developing nations without affecting climate.

That adaptation as needed is massively more cost-effective than any attempted mitigation, and that a focus on such mitigation will divert the attention and resources of governments away from addressing the real problems of their peoples.

That human-caused climate change is not a global crisis.

Now, therefore, we recommend ?

That world leaders reject the views expressed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as popular, but misguided works such as ?An Inconvenient Truth?.

That all taxes, regulations, and other interventions intended to reduce emissions of CO2 be abandoned forthwith.

Agreed at New York, 4 March 2008

Every day another school

Every day atleast óne school are arsoned here in Sweden. The arsons have during the few last years gone up from 350 -2004 to 500 last year. Wonder who the perps are?

One of the perps (who never are described as anything but a "youth") gave his reason for setting his school on fire.

- We have no modern TV at home and my cell phone is old; so I had to put fire to the school. (!)


Mad as a hat maker- EU

I have no way of proove the fidelity of this, but it would not surprise me at all.

"A startling story in The Daily Telegraph informs us that bus passengers who travel along a route of more than 30 miles must get off the vehicle midway through their journey to comply with new EU laws about the maximum time commercial drivers can spend behind the wheel, writes Tim Worstall. " (Not online).


Government presents new labour immigration rules

Starting December 15th, 2008, it will be easier for non-EU citizens to come to Sweden to work, according to a new proposal put forward by the government on Monday.

The need for additional labour in Sweden is increasing, which has led the government to propose new rules governing labour migration.

Well it's about time we let skilled workers come here instead of -hmmm. Just letting anyone in.

The proposal also has the support of the Green Party. (!!!) Whut?

Usually the greens are so protectionistic/socialistic that... I just don't belive my eyes!


The basic conditions for being granted a work permit include an offer for a job which pays enough to support oneself. In addition, the terms of employment must be equal to or better than those set out in Swedish collective bargaining agreements or what passes for standard practice in a particular industry.

Ahhh- finally the clock is ticking. Yes, we need people that work- With emphasis on people that work! Sadly that is not the case today. A majority of the immigrants are muslims who refuse to assimilate (many times thanks to governmental "multicultural" policies.) If you do not assimilate to the Swedish society- it is going to be darned hard to get a job...


According to the proposal, asylum seekers who have their applications rejected, but have managed to establish themselves in Swedish labour market would be allowed to switch tracks and apply for a work permit instead.

This is just a no- brainer!

The Social Democrats are critical of the proposal to allow asylum seekers to “switch tracks” because they feel it will mix up grounds for asylum with labour immigration. In addition, they see a risk that questionable employers may use the new law to employee cheap labour.

Why don't I feel surprised? Under social democratic ruling, the rule was to let in as many immigrants as possible, no matter if they could contribute to Swedish society or not. Only about 5% of the immigrants today are permitted to stay on asulum grounds. All the while when we kept sending people back even if they could support themself- sometimes after decades in the country There are no grounds for asylum (except for in a few cases) for people from Baghdad or most parts of Somalia (I suppose there are a few persecuted Christians and intellectuals there left). WE HAVE TO CLOSE THE BORDER for those who can not support themself! Otherwise- come here. As a matter of fact, I like immigrants. I'm one myself...


Busy busy busy

Sorry you all. I'm working my butt off right now! To morrow I might be back...