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Here we go again

This is a translation of a blogpost at Jihad i Malmö (Swedish only).

Dannebrogen (the Danish flag) is burning again in Jordan, Indonesia, Gaza (Hamastan), Pakistan and more places every day.

Islamistic elements in Denmark has started SMS- chains urging people to boycott Danish products in the whole arab world, including Nörrebro [Denmark].
Sudans islamistic president has descided to forbid against importing Danish products.

What can a Denmark friendly do? To start a boycott at products from for example Sudan is meaningless. Our import of dates and slaves are minimal...

But there is a couple of things we here in the nordic countrys can do (and for that matter in the whole west).

1. Turn off the aid

What all flag burning and boycott states have in common is that they are living on our tax money. Hit them were it hurts most. In their wallets (or in the camel sack- or what ever they use)!

2. Buy Danish

Buy anything were the EAN code begins with 57.
Make a nice smörrebröd to night with paté and bacon. To this you obviously take a Carlsberg and a [Danish] snaps. Skål!


Surf's up in Sweden

This is kind of cool (yeah, the pun is intended).

Loonies! I would not go in to the water even at mid summer! I would not find my nuts for weeks if I did...


Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age

Snow cover over North America and much of Siberia, Mongolia and China is greater than at any time since 1966.

The U.S. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) reported that many American cities and towns suffered record cold temperatures in January and early February. According to the NCDC, the average temperature in January "was -0.3 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average."

China is surviving its most brutal winter in a century. Temperatures in the normally balmy south were so low for so long that some middle-sized cities went days and even weeks without electricity because once power lines had toppled it was too cold or too icy to repair them.

There have been so many snow and ice storms in Ontario and Quebec in the past two months that the real estate market has felt the pinch as home buyers have stayed home rather than venturing out looking for new houses.

In just the first two weeks of February, Toronto received 70 cm of snow, smashing the record of 66.6 cm for the entire month set back in the pre-SUV, pre-Kyoto, pre-carbon footprint days of 1950.

And remember the Arctic Sea ice? The ice we were told so hysterically last fall had melted to its "lowest levels on record? Never mind that those records only date back as far as 1972 and that there is anthropological and geological evidence of much greater melts in the past.

The ice is back.


And here in the south of Sweden we have hardly seen a snowflake during the whole winter. My sons newly bought skiis is untouched (dang- I should have got him a Playstation instead), and my eyes are all itchy because of pollen. Who should we believe? The alarmists that is talking about global warming or the alarmists that is talking about a new ice- age (pretty much the same persons 10 years ago and now)?


EU petitions committee debates Brussels-Strasbourg 'travelling circus'

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Campaigners working to abolish the so-called travelling circus that sees the European Parliament move from Brussels to Strasbourg for one week every month, have had their complaint heard by the parliament's petitions committee, the first 'official' exchange of views on this contentious issue in any of the European institutions.


1.2 million people has signed the petition against the travelling circus which costs the taxpayers €200 million every year.

The french wants the circus to go on.

"Do the citizens know about how rich a community [in Strasbourg] we have?" asked French Liberal MEP Janelly Fourtou, wondering where financial rationalisations will lead next. "If this is all about rationalisation, should we next be rationalising the languages that we use?"

TOCK! Is the sound of my hand making contact with my forehead!

Oh those Danish (heroes)

The people murdering regime in Sudan has descided to boycott Danish products. So whoopidoo! Because many producers (like Arla) are co- owned by Swedes- we are like shaking in our pants right now- NOT! In fact, the latest time the a- rabs boycotted Danish products, the sells went up! That means that publishing turban bombs actually benifits export.

And we have also published the motoons in several newspapers! And I will happily do it here again and again.

Eat this!


Now I'm going out and buy me some... Well anything that is Danish!


Ren - Rengifer tarandus

Maud Olofsson's (Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden) bodyguards tried to shoot a couple of reindeers that had been struck by a car just outside of Umeå in northern Sweden. Five reindeers was struck and three was instantly killed, two was badly hurt and was laying down on the tarmac. Out of mercy the bodyguards tried to put the poor things out of misery.

The first shot missed all together and the other one just hit the nose of the reindeer (there goes Rudolph). A private motorist had to stop and kill the reindeers with an axe (up in the north you always have an axe in your car for theese kind of incidents).

The question is- Should these bodyguards be permitted to carry weapons at all, and should they not be thinking over their career choises?

Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!


Obama yo´Mama?

What the heck?


Today is the first official day of spring. Yeay!
The sun is shining, I have got my first dose of sun induced vitamine D and the birds are singing. The trees and bushes are all sprouting and the willows are puffing. Clovers are streching up towards the sun and I actually got up out of the bed at 6.30 am for once. Even my uniform looks nice in the sun- too bad I have to put it on soon and go for a shift... But I'll do it with a smile!


Common Agricultural Policy

CAP is a system of European Union agricultural subsidies and programmes. It represents about 44% of the EU's budget 54.985.000.000 €uros are spent on farmers in the EU.

The Swedish PM Reinfeldt a couple of days ago said in the Europeian Parliment that it is unreasonable that 2% of EU:s workforce gets 44% of the money (in subsides).

Naturally he got his head bitten off by the greens.

The reason with CAP is said to be:

Giving the farmers a reasonable standard of living.
Secure food production.
Give the consumers food to reasonable prices.
Stimulate to a more environmental- friendly production.


Why should farmers be the especially protect worthy group of workers? If you can't provide for your self then change profession! And because the farmers with my money are producing food that we don't need you have to ask the question- WHY?

What's never being said is that there are to many farmers!

That also means that "Securing food production" is an invalid reason for the subsides...

And what's the point of "Giving the consuments lower prices" when they allready have paid for it via taxes?

It's like- yeah, sure we got free health care here in Sweden. Some one in the government must be laying golden eggs 24/7... People just don't understand that there are no free lunches!

"Stimulating a more environmental production"- Right! The most resonable thing to do would be to stop giving out money (which of course equals energy spent which in turn means more CO2) so that the farmers stop producing the food that we do not want or need anyway!

Higly inspired by HAX


How to go

Offensive Western Rules

A variant of this poster is actually set up at the restrooms at the SAAB car factory in Trollhättan!

The reason was (amongst others) that the toilet seats were being broken all the time, costing the company a lot of money.

I'm not kidding you...

Young Fidel Castro

What if FDR had sent that ten dollar bill?

Budget Problems

I'm right now doing sentry duty for the Swedish force being sent off to Chad. But budget problems means that the forces only can be there for 4-6 months, which means that they hardly will be able to set up camp, nor do any real productive work in the area during the proposed time frame.


I don't (and nobody does) know how many millions this will cost the Swedish taxpayers, but it will probably be in the ten figure area.

Sigh! When will they learn?

Go in with full force and full financial backing- or don't go at all!


Another one bites the dust

How about Castro finally resigning? There are of course different degrees of hell, because who really b[palme_schori_castro.jpg]elieves that Cuba now will become a democratic model- state?

Here we can see former PM of Sweden, Olof Palme, Pierre Schori (former Secretary General of the foreign ministry) and the beard himself all cudelling up in a group hug- cozy.

The problem is not the communistic party on Cuba itself. The problem is that western politicians has let him hold on to power and opress the people of Cuba for so long!

Castro- soon to be repatriated to the warm place in where his old buddy Che has been for a couple of decades. And that is not a Caribian resort!

A&E patients left in ambulances for up to FIVE hours 'so trusts can meet government targets'

Seriously ill patients are being kept in ambulances outside hospitals for hours so NHS trusts do not miss Government targets.

Thousands of people a year are having to wait outside accident and emergency departments because trusts will not let them in until they can treat them within four hours, in line with a Labour pledge.

The hold-ups mean ambulances are not available to answer fresh 999 calls.

So seriously ill persons are being held in ambulances outside of the hospitals so that they can meet a labour pledge of no patient having to be held up in the actual hospital!

Tock is the sound my hand makes when I slap it in to my forehead!

This is the result of planned echonomics and planned politics! When will the politicians learn that the less they interfere, the more effective everything gets?



Tito Beltran

Ernesto Beltrán (born July 1, 1965), better known as Tito Beltrán, is a Chilean-Swedish tenor.

In February 2008, Beltrán was sentenced to two years imprisonment for the rape of an 18-year-old nanny while he was on tour in Sweden in 1999.[2][3] During the trial, as Beltrán's former friend Robert Wells made his witness statement, Beltrán collapsed and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.[4][1] Beltrán has harshly criticized the trial. He is also disappointed with the level of support he has received from Chilean authorities, particularly from the Chilean ambassador to Sweden, Ovid Harasich. Beltrán accused Harasich of "lying to him" after having guaranteed "political action" to aid Beltrán in his case.

Well Beltrán might very well be guilty of the accused crime. Who knows? Nobody knows! ceartinly not the judges who sent him to two years in prison!

The story goes as follows:

After a consert Beltrán invites the nanny to his hotel room for some massage! When there, she willingly dresses off completely naked for the intended massage! From here on the verisions are different.

The nanny seven years! later accuses Beltrán of rape. She says that she "felt something between her legs"! Another witness in the trial stated that "she could smell seamon on the girls panties"!!! (Doodidoododoodidoodo- welcome to bizarro world). The girl next flushed down the panties down the toilet drain!

So nine years later Beltrán (who could be guilty as sin for all I know) is centenced without any technical evidence only on the storys of the nanny and the other witness.

Even if the nannys story sounds credible. Even if the winessess testimonys sounds credible and even if Beltrán is guilty in reality.- He should never have been sentenced for a crime only on circumstancial evidence! He has not been proven guilty beyond reason in any way. On the contrary, the facts in the case (the time factor, the only technical evidence being flushed down the toilet etc.) should have dismissed his case emideatly. He will probably win the appeal in higher courts, but by then sveral million of SEK- of the taxpayers money- will have been spent.

And we call this a rights-state...


Traveling again

Going away to the west coast for a couple of days.
Not sure how much time or acess I'll have to internet during that time.
Will be back on Sunday or so.

Take care and be nice to each others meanwhile!


Try it if you can


Now you have to kill me too!
But before you try. Do you think it's worth it?
Because I will defend myself. And I'm pretty darn good at it!


Hat Tip and inspiration- HAX

Susanne Erikssson is a woman badly affected by MS. A while back she heard of that Cannabis could be helping her condition and after testing it she discovered that it indeed did so. She did not want to go out in the streets to make her buys, so she started a small scale culturation of hemp herself.

Somehow the police finds out about this and makes an razzia.

She is held in custody for 37 days without access to her prescribed narcotic- classed painkillers and then sentenced to a year in jail. There she also has not got access to her medicines and ceartainly not to her personal assistant.

She writes:

"Asked to talk to the Doctor today, having so sevire pains that I cry. I know that I will not get any "good" painkillers but I have to get something else besides Panodile which does not help me at all. Trying to do my best and get dressed my self as I do not want the prison personal to touch me. (...) Another inmate [NN] helps me to do my dishes and sees to it that I get some food before lock down."

The one who has retold this (obviously Susanne cant hold a pen herself) furthers.
"Susanne has been revoked of the right to talk to or in any way contact her family or friends. She has not got any of her prescribed medicines which now have resulted in her ended up in a wheelchair".

Now, this is the kind of things that make my blood boil! Here we have a woman, cultivating a bit of Marihuana for self medication with no intention to sell (which the attourny admitted). Cannabis is probably the least toxic recreational/medicational drug known to man (which anybody having read a pharmacephtical book- as I have done many times- knows for a fact!). We have a woman with a serious condition that gets thrown in jail without access to the medications she needs to live a somewhat normal life for a crime which has no proportions what so ever to the sentence she got.

All this in what is called a "Rättsstat" (juridistical/rights state).


Sharia fiasco

Another Pat Condell ranting, a blow at the now infamous archbishop.


I wonder if Mr Condell is using a teleprompter or if he is just speaking right out of his head. Anyway it's brilliant. Watch it!




Henrik Alexandersson

Please! Everybody who knows Swedish, visit HAX blog. He is one of the sharpest bloggers I know and insipired me a lot.

He has a wonderful sense of humor and is (without ever actually having corresponded with him) a genuably nice guy. Besides all other friends in my sidebar (you know who you are) this is a man I would enjoy discussing matters over a pint or two.

Aid- Again

Thanks to Jihad Watch

Jordan: Hamas picking off humanitarian aid sent to Gaza

"We are surprised it should be confiscated and distributed in a manner based on political considerations...this only penalises those who really deserve this aid." You're surprised? Really?

"Jordan says Hamas seizes aid covoy sent to Gaza," by Suleiman al-Khalidi for Reuters (thanks to Sr. Soph):

AMMAN, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Jordan said on Saturday the Islamist Palestinian group Hamas has confiscated a convoy of humanitarian aid sent to people living under an Israeli blockade in the Gaza Strip.

Minister of State for Information Affairs Nasser Joudeh told the state news agency Petra that Hamas members on Thursday seized 16 trucks carrying emergency supplies into Gaza and diverted the cargo to a warehouse run by the Islamist group.

Hamas has ruled the Gaza Strip since June when it routed secular Fatah forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who has revived peace talks with Israel.

"We are surprised it should be confiscated and distributed in a manner based on political considerations...this only penalises those who really deserve this aid," Joudeh said.

Everybody who are really, really, really surprised. Put up your hand and the ghost of yassir arafat will come and haunt you (shudder). Again and again I have written about the TOTAL faliure of giving aid to the "palestinians" in the Gaza strip and in the West Bank.

The only thing this "aid" is doing is to prolong the suffering of the good people in this area. Cut the aid NOW! And then maybe there will be peace in the future. The worst thing we in the west can do is to continuing fuelling these regimes! How can this be so hard to understand?

Stop the aid NOW! And we will save thousands of lifes!


Refugees refuse to leave Sweden

An increasing number of refugees are refusing to leave Sweden voluntarily. The police were informed of deportation orders for 1,500 Iraqis in 2007. This represents a seven-fold increase on 2006.

Despite being notified of deportation orders, the police carry out only a handful of actual deportations.

"If a person does not wish to leave then there is a good chance of rendering the deportation decision impossible to carry out," said Per Löwenberg at the National Police Board to Dagens Nyheter.

Neither Iraq nor Iran allow deported citizens to return home. Only those that return of their own free will are welcome.

TT/The Local ( 656 6518)

Well, who can blame them really? I wouln't want to go back to Iran or Iraq. Hey you refugees! You are very much welcome to Sweden- as long as you can provide for your self after you have setteled in. Exactly as I would have to do if I tried to move to just about any country in the ME (or for that matter, a whole lot of western countrys). The key note here is that there are really no incitament for these people to come here at first place. And then that when they are here, it is almost impossible to repatriate them against their will (which of course are the whole point of granting anyone refugee status from the beginning!). Listen up! It is you that has dug up those terrible cesspooles of excuses for a country. You might not have done it activelly or even willingly on a personal base. But still it IS you!

Environmental activists block E4 in Umeå

Environmental activists blocked the E4 main road in central Umeå on Saturday. Car traffic was held up for half an hour.

About 30 people from the Klimax climate action group formed a line across the road at 12.30pm on Saturday. The activists were reportedly keen not to break any laws and waited for the green light on the pedestrian crossing before shuffling over the road near Tegsbron bridge in the centre of the northern Swedish city.

The activists carried their message on banners and signs which argued for a reduction in car use, investment in public transport and to act now to save the environment.

Cars began to back up on the E4 bridge as the activists held up traffic. When the queues were at their longest the police diverted traffic over the alternative bridge, Kyrkbron. Police considered acting to remove the activists as car-drivers began to show their irritation but they dispersed by themselves with the minimum of fuss.

Err- and you know that all those motorists cut their engines when being held up (Umeå is in the northern part of Sweden where they actually has winter)- NOT! These "activists" might very well have done more damage to the environment than the lot of motorists held up would do normally in a year!

Oh!- But it's the thought that counts, innit?


Candles highlight EU trade rift

EU have or are about to legislate protective tolls on low- energylight bulbs aswell as ordinary lightbulbs and now they are planning to put on protection tolls on candles!


(CLAP is the sound of my palm hitting my forehead)!

When will they get through their thick skulls that protective tolls has never EVER in history done anything else than make consumer products more expensive?

But of course, if you make 4000 Euros a month in the parliment as a DRIVER I suppose you just do not care.

As I have written before. Not only has the parliment made low-energy lightbulbs that much expensiver by having massive protective tolls on them; now they are planning to legislate against the use of the ordinary ones.


Update: I just learned that a similar legislation with protective tolls against "unfare competition" was driven through in the USA by a politician by the name of... Hillary Clinton! (There seems to be some idiots in the land of the free too!).


First suicide attack in a year in Israel

DIMONA, Israel - A Palestinian bomber blew himself up Monday in this desert town near Israel's nuclear reactor, killing an Israeli woman and wounding 11 people in the first suicide attack inside Israel in a year.

Police killed a second attacker after a doctor found a suicide vest while treating him for wounds suffered in the blast.

The attack fueled Israel's fears that Gaza militants would exploit a border breach with Egypt to sneak into Israel. Militants claimed the bombers entered Israel through the porous Egyptian border, about 35 miles from Dimona, and said more militants were inside Israel waiting to strike.

In Gaza, gunmen fired in the air and relatives of the bombers passed out sweets to celebrate the bombing. (my emphasis)


Well, F*****G congratulations you terrorist murdering lot. Bet you wont do that again a- holes! Lesse what the MSM will write about this in the morning. It probably will be something in the line of "Freedom fighters making an attack at Israelian soil"- or something like that.

Spit, spit, SPIT!

(Addendum) I see now that the al-aqsa brigades has taken on the responsibility for the bombing. They probably found another two kids with Downs syndrome!


Young immigrant girls in suicide spree


The text goes as follows:

(The muslim immigrant to the police)
"And soddenly, when she stood here, and wass teeling me and me brather an' for her brathers an' for her cosins aboot her Swedish boyfriend. She just fell down, straight down ja see. We could nat do nothing! Nat anything ja see! Damn it it's terrable ja see!

The subtext reads:

(Apparently an other young girl has "fallen" down from a balcony in Malmö again...)

Taking care of disabled people in Upper Eufrat Valley

(What follows is a translation of a blogpost made by Torbjörn Karfunkel at Rogntudjuu!).

SVD, DN and Sydsvenskan (Swedish newspapers) has run an article from TT about residents in Baghdad that are raging against the authorities after yesterdays human bombings that took the lifes of atleast 99 people (February 1). This time the terrorists had strapped bomb- wests on two women with Downs syndrome and remotely blowed them up.

Within islam it is concidered that people with Downs syndrom are without sin and therefor automatically will go to paradise when they die.

This was not of course the first time that muslimterrorists have used intellectual handicapped people as suicide bombers. At the picture above you see 15- year old Hussam Abdo that the Al-Aqsa Martyres brigade equipped with a bomb west with 8 kilos of explosives and then was sent off to an Israelian checkpoint at Mars 24 2004 to blow himself up with as many Jews as possible. The promised reward was 100 NIS ca $25 and sex with virgins in paradise (or is it raisins? I really want to be sure!).

But Hussam did not get far. The soldiers thought he looked suspicious and when the Israelian soldiers pointed their weapons at him he raised his hands. A (bomb disposal) robot was sent out to him, and he cut the wires himself all the while again and again telling the soldiers that he did not want to die.


This next picture is of 19- year old Amar Ahmed Mohammed, that at January 30, 2005 blowed himself up. Nobody else were harmed. The same day that the parlimental elections were being made in Iraq, Amar was kidnapped (Amar also had Downs syndrome), by terrorists, was strapped with explosives and was forcefully convinced to blow himself up.


Well, what can you say? Other than I'm very surprised that the ghouls in Swedish MSM and especially TT (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå- The Newspapers Telegram Bureau [a very left leaning news agengy]- would ever run this story at all. The American supreme comander in Iraq said that al-quaida "Used their twisted ideology to put fear in peoples hearts" (quote from SVD).- But how can he be so sure that it is AQ?

The situation in ME is getting so screwed upthat I sometimes- but only in my darkest moments- think that it would be better to take all the troops home and just let the people there rot away in their cesspooles of excuse for countrys. Without western military precense and with a total cut off from western aid, the whole of ME would crash down like a paper box wall in a hurricane in just a few short months. Then it maybe could be rebuilt. It's not the people there- well atleast not most of them. But it is the western governments that are fueling the terrorism. Not by how the leftists think however, but by doing exactly what the leftists want!


All animals are equal


Former PM maxes out on tax break he opposed.

Former Prime Minister Göran Persson protested bitterly against the current government plans to give tax breaks for people using domestic services such as cleaning or gardening - but now it has been revealed that Persson is making maximum use of the tax break he opposed.

Persson, a Social Democrat, and wife Anitra Steen, have claimed the highest possible tax break for domestic services. They deducted 12,985 kronor ($2,036) on services that cost them 51,938 kronor, according to Aftonbladet.

In a pre-election televised debate in 2006 with the then opposition leader Fredrik Reinfeldt, Persson expressed distaste for the tax breaks.

"The Swedish people should not have to pay for Reinfeldt's cleaning," he said at the time.

The papers from the tax authority do not reveal the kind of service for which Persson claimed the tax deduction.

Hat tip to The Local

So why do I not feel surprised? Social democrates has always been among the heaviest users of tax deductions, freer market laws and other non- socialistic legislations done by the opposing political forces when they are in power (I stretch as far as calling them "not-so-socialistic").

Former PM Persson has by being a professional politician all his life scraped together several million Euros. This is a guy that has not had an honest job in his whole life! And when he was PM he was all hot air, speaking of the avarage Sven Sixpack having to show solidarity with those with "lesser means". Taking Sweden to a record high tax- rate of 56% (well actually Olof Palme also a former social democratic PM had it so that marginal taxes could be up to 106%- but that was in special cases). All those million of Euros is taxpayers money! Do you hear me Göran sitting in your twenty room mansion?

I did not think so...