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And the riots and car burnings will begin...

... in 5... 4... 3... 2... BANG!

Sweden plays host to anti-globalization activists

More than 20,000 anti-globalization activists are due in Malmö this week to take part in the European Social Forum, hoping to breathe new life into a movement many say is rapidly loosing speed. [Wonder why? People maybe has finally come to their senses. Or stopped smoking crack. Or, or... Just grown up!]

The anti-globalization movement entered the political scene in 1999 with loud protests on the sidelines of the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle -- promoting democracy, economic justice and environmental protection -- but activists admit its influence has waned in recent years and the movement is now struggling to regain its former dynamism and strength.

Known today as the alter-globalization movement, it aims to promote concrete alternatives to what many feel is the capitalist nature of globalization, pushing instead for global cooperation on social issues.

I'll bet a grand that there will be a majority of people in black hoodies and "freedom scarves- aka, palestine scarves" attending this meeting. The really funny thing is that the meeting will take place in Malmö- so no one will take notice anyway. Another day in the park...

Anti globalism indeed! That must be because protectionism has worked so well in the past aswell as in the present. Just look at the Soviet union or Venezuela or North Korea. Take your pick...



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