Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


Bend your mind around this!

Another example of why planned echonomy does not work...

Every parent at the communal/public (state financed) preeschool were my son is placed, got an open letter from the principal.

She "Want's to remind us what rules there are considering children's care.

She means "That if you do not have ample "need" for childcare, you are not allowed to have it...
With "need" for childcare she means that you have to have a full time work or being a full time student. And implies that you have to be away from your home while doing it. She also states that "childcare is not to be for more than actual workhours and travel time"

Now, my line of work means that I usually does not begin before 12 o´clock.
It also means that I do a lot of work at my desk at home. (Let´s forget that I'm also a university student!)

At the same time the preschool demands for kids to be left off before 9 AM most of the days! (Because of activities).

Does this mean that I have no right for childcare?

Here's the kicker...

I'm paying for the childcare (around a sixth of my monthly salary)!
Of course it's state subsided, but who is paying in the taxes for the subsides?
Well I work in the private sector. I'm paying in net taxes. But the principal does not.

I wonder where she has placed her children?
Well Mrs principal. Guess what? I'm paying for that too!

For me it could in effect mean that I end up paying for childcare that I do not get!

Isn't it a wonderful system?


A teaser for Yankee Doodle

Fire fighters was called out to put out a fire at Fosievägen (Fosie road) (in Malmö).

They were met by a hail of thrown tomatoes and peaches when trying to put out the fire.

Well- it was not stones - this time!

Who was the culprits?
Let's just say that the area have no jews in it!

What is it whith these people? Really?

And they demand our respect!

What Islamic "radicalization" means


But those who are "radicalized" -- and these are a great many -- have not embraced a doctrine that has nothing to do with Islam, but rather has everything to do with it. The texts they read are the same. But they read the full texts. They know the duty of Muslims. They choose, however, as their instrument of Jihad not only such things as campaigns of Da'wa, and the careful Tu-Quoque-and-Taqiyya efforts designed to prevent Infidels from finding out just a little too much about Islam, mainly by keeping those tiny Infidel minds busy with "the three abrahamic faiths" and "we revere Jesus and Moses" and of course the five canonical prayers, and the giving of zakat -- for fellow Muslims -- and the observance of Ramadan and the inspirational delights of the hajj, but also violence. And that is what "radicalization" means -- not some different, weird, unrelated set of beliefs, but merely the set of beliefs that arise naturally out of, indeed are inculcated by, Islamic texts read and understood as Muslims have read and understood those immutable texts for 1300 -- or possibly 1200 -- years (for it is unclear when the Qur'anic text was fixed in amber).

Fitzgerald (from Jihad Watch)

Pakistan slams Sweden for Muhammad cartoon

The worst thing is this:

"The statement claimed that the Swedish Chargé d'Affaires said the Swedish government "fully shared the views of the Muslim community" and called the publication "unfortunate." "

Whut? Whut?

Are we just rolling down on our backs?
Pleasel, there has to be someone with a backbone in the diplomatic corps! Then again the "Swedish Chargé d'affairs" was nominated by the former socialistic administration...


Prosperity list

According to CIA:s new prosperity list, the most prosperous countrys in the world are low-tax countrys.

This places Sweden at 25:th place at the list. With a GDP per capita lesser than half of that of Luxemburg, and only three quarters of the GDP:s in Ireland and in the USA!

Well, that must mean we're right on track with our 56% tax rate...?


Chef won't serve Halal meat at Muslim wedding, gets reported for racism

First a little necessary background, so please bear with me:In Denmark we have a quite well-known female Islamist, Helen Latifi, who came to Denmark as a toddler and is now a med-student and a voice in the debate. She is a board member of an organization called Muslims in Dialog, an offspring of Minhaj-ul-Quran. On the board is also Abdul Wahid Pedersen, one of the traveling Imams stirring up trouble in the Mid-East last year. Helen Lafiti is about to get married (congrats!) with the Secretary General of Muslims in Dialog, Noman Malik.

The happy couple decided to order food for the wedding at a renowned restaurant, owned by the chef Ralf Dyrensborg. Alas, there was a minor dispute over the menu. Apparently the chef refused to prepare Halal meat for the party. According to Latifi's blog (link in Danish) there was an argument ending with the chef saying "I'm not serving any sh*tty Halal meat for You!". That's Helen's story anyway.The cook, not surprisingly has an other version (link in Danish):
I'm in no way a racist. I only expressed, that I would not serve Halal meat at the party!

Read it all over at Turban Bomb

But I must say... That many muslim womans are beautiful! Glad to se one that's not covered up! But for how long?

In the gents room

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: "Hi, how are you?"

I'm not the type to start a conversation in the restroom but I don't know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed, "Doin' just fine!"

And the other person says: "So what are you up to?"

What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say: "Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!"

At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question. "Can I come over?"

Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell him "No.......I'm a little busy right now!!!"

Then I hear the person say nervously... "Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!


This is a translation by me of a blogpost made by HAX.
(Every thing possibly wrong is my fault!)

Those who has been following my blog, have read [posts] about EU and light bulbs. EU is working on a legislation forbidding ordinary light bulbs, because they belive they uses up to much energy. Instead they want consumers to use low- energy lamps.

At the same time EU has a protection toll, of 66%, on low- energy lamps from China, making them that much more expensive for the consumer, which means that people does not buy them. The protection toll is said to be there to protect Europeian manufacturers like Osram.

But this of course is not good news for the Europeian "manufaturers"- as much [all] of their manufaction is done in- Yes thats right- China!

Another problem is that the low- energy lamps in many [allmost all] cases contains Mercury. Something that of course is not good for the invironment. Mercury is by the way something that EU wants to "forbid" (how is it possible to forbid a chemical element?).

The EU comisson really should not be aloud running around without care takers to watch over them!

Who's the real enemy?

“That shrapnel can’t go through the armor,” Sergeant Babcock said when he saw me taking a photograph of the damage. “The doors are armored and the windows are bulletproof. All that shrapnel did was tear holes in the trunk and rip through cases of Gatorade. It was kind of annoying.”

“No one fires off EFPs in the area?” I said, referring to the unstoppable molten copper penetrators.

“Nah,” he said. “It’s just Al Qaeda here.” Sunni insurgents and terrorists don't have access to the Iranian-made weapons.

Michel J Totten


Terry Pratchett

"When a tyrant is defeated or a monster killed, who is the person defining the monstrousness of the monster, or the tyranny of the tyrant? The hero. In fact, when a hero kills someone, he is in fact saying that, if you have been killed by a hero, then you are a person who is suitable to be killed by a hero."

Give this one a minute!

How persistent can a failed ideology be?

Another link while I'm coughing away...


Apparently, Wanja Lundby-Wedin - the head of LO (a socialistic brandname for the umbrella organisation for workers unions); is "worried about loss of memberships. Because 9 out of ten has got it finacially better under the center- right administration!"

"Most of the workers has got higher buying power now" she said during a pressconference at the transport congress.

I'm... She's worried about people getting it better!

I'm not normaly a man of violence. But this time I'm making an exception. Wanja! You really deserve a good spanking!

No. I think I'll just go and sob for a while...

Just a link

On how to kill the right for speach...

An example of why planned echonomy does not work

Allmost all of the hospitals in Sweden are state controlled and tax financed. The social "democrates" actually want to forbid any private initiatives out of ideological reasons. And has so far (almost) succeded!

But there are of course budget restrictions on the "sicko" care. Every clinic has it's own budget!

This means in effect that every department are doing as much as they can to delegate work to others...

Surgeon cases can be placed at the ofthamology clinic and vice versa!

Another thing about this system is that every department is trying to make others to pay out of their noses for work.

A fax with bloodworks costs 100 kr (Around $20).
Asking for a telephone number at the reception costs 25 kr!!!
An old university buddy of mine that is now working at the university hospital has some morals and actually walks down a couple of stairs to pick the labresults manually! Kudos to him!

This takes some time after all. And during that time the patients are without a doctor!
Actually- a doctor here in Sweden nearly never spends more than 40 minuts per 8 hours with patients. The rest of the time they are doing administrative work. Many times because of the social democrates descision to get rid of the doctors secretarys- because they said it was "degratory work"!

NNnnngrraaah! Now I got a head ache too (besides the flu and the lumbago)...


...The "president" of Iran are now oficially critisizing Sweden for the publication of Lars Vilks cartoons or sketches of muhammed as a roundabout dog.

The last time a foreign statesman did this was when Herman Göring of the German nazi regime protested at an article published in Göteborgs Handels- och Sjöfartstidning. "Mr Hitler is an offence!"

A-jihad says "Zionists, who do not believe in religion, are behind such a dirty job."

See any connection?

(Inspiration from



I'm officially down now with pree school flu. On top of that I have catched a bad case of Lumbago!

Yes I'm miserable. Somebody please come over with some chicken soup! (Or better yet- some salty Liquorice...)

(Every dang year!) They say that it won't ease up until my son is around seven! Three years more of this?!


Which will be first?

I soon will have my 4000:th wisitor (since February). I thank you all!

At the same time the toll clock for islamist attacks since 9/11 is nearing 10 000 with unkown numbers of people being killed!

I stand with you all- especially with my Orangutan sisters and brothers!

May your god be with you...


Anyone wanna bet wich one gets first to the line ? )c:


Pat Condell

You might not agree with everything. But he is ceartainly entertaining, and in many cases spot on the money!

Please look through these videos...

Permit to reincarnate?

In one of history's more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission.

WhuT? If it were not for the absurdity... Nah, I'm still LMAO!


Other means of payment

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!


Strange signs- Part two

The first picture is just cute!
The second one is err... Strange... My guess is that it means "Don't put a tomato on your hedgehog on a stick!" (Because they taste so much better with lemons...)


Tonights Dinner

Usually when I'm alone, I don't make much trouble over my dinner. A microwawe dinner or as such is often the choise.

But tonight I will be doing something different.

BBQ:ed pepper steak from Argentina, a grilled corncob from Östergötland, served with hastily fried vegetables produced in Thailand and a sauce made of cream and blue cheeze from France. Everything spiced with midterranian sea salt, freshly ground black pepper from India, and parsley butter. To this I will drink Swedish lager and a fine Australian Cabernet- Merlot.

I will eat this meal on the balcony, under the light of stars, candles and a kerosene lamp. After that, I probably just fall a sleep- dreaming of another day...

Update.. And almond potatoes; allways almond potatoes from Torneo Valley...

Please take a moment to think about this one. Really think!

Taxes and Haxes

This one is for my good friend falcon_01 over at the excellent Sheepdog's Blog.

Falcon has in a number of comments somewhat questioningly said that we here in Sweden has a total tax rate of 50%.

Well that's close- but no cigarr!

Actually we have a total tax rate of 54-56% (depending on who does the counting)!

This of course is... Well breathtaking by anyones standards. It's in fact the highest tax rates in the world!

But it has been worse!

Under the palme social democratic administration; there were times that you could be taxed more than you actually earned!

The world famous author Astrid Lindgren was one of those that got caught in this catch 22. She found her self owing the state a 102% marginal tax!
She wrote a story about it "Pomperipossa in Monismania"

Also read this!

In the parliment Gösta Bohman- the leader of the center- right party "Moderaterna"; read the story when having the chair.

To this Gunnar Sträng- the finance minister said that "Astrid Lindgren had a deep unnkowledge of the Swedish taxation system- but we really can't expect any more from her!"

In a radio show the following day Astrid Lindgren replied: "But I demand that Gunnar Sträng should! I know what taxes I got! Sträng can obviously tell a story- but doing arithmetics he can not. Maby we should trade professions!"

Astrid Lindgren is deeply missed by me!

There are no free lunches

The last weekend I was out visiting my sister. We had a get together with several other relatives, among them a couple of my sisters kids.

As it happened, one of my sisters son and I got into a discussion about the usefullness and the net invironmental imprint the use of ethanol in cars really is.

Yes; Burning ethanol instead of petrol does leave a smaller CO2 imprint- at first sight!

But Making ethanol takes a lot of energy. Besides from the energy used to make room for sugarcane plantations, the work of cultivation, processing, destillery, and abow all- transportation; you have a net loss of energy during the process steps. Thermodynamic laws forbid you to make more energy, and the laws of ever increasing enthrophy states that you never can get out as much energy as you have put in to the process. The net effectivity is seldom more than 20-30%.

The net loss energy has to be taken from somewhere else! Where do we take it from? Well- usually from nuclear energy, or by burning oil or coal or in very rare cases from hydro power plants... (No- do not even get me started about windmills or solar cells!)

Besides that, ethanol has a lower energy effectivness than petrol. All in all this means that burning ethanol makes a larger net CO2 imprint than burning petrol, and that it costs more energy to manufatcure it, than what you'll get out! And we taxpayers are the ones paying the bill- as usual.



It's a sunny day. It's 28 C in the shadows (83 F). It's Friday at three o´clock. I have a cold. And I must go off for work!

Thank you very much Mr al-lah! We will have a serious discussion about this in the future!

Or probably not...

Swedish MPs want to limit press freedom

Swedish politicians favour tough restrictions on press freedom, according to a new survey. A majority of Swedish members of parliament want to forbid 'sexist' advertising, force newspapers to gain permission when they publish photos of celebrities and to ban the publication the names of suspects in criminal trials.

Read it all

Well- it was just a matter of time... Sob!

What could it be?

I'm just now sitting and listening to the sound of roaring jet engines from several JAS39 Gripen's. I can of course not tell WHAT it means. But as they are normally not alllowed to fly over the city, one can have his suspicions. It happens now and then, and through sources you can sometimes get very disturbing info!

Still- it feels nice to hear them...

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Would you be worried about a partnership between russia, china and the islamic countrys? I am! But to few are...

Read this article

And while your at it also read this.

Sorry, but the preschool bugs are biting me again (every damn eyar- mumble, mumble)- so no in- depth analyze. Just read, think and weap!


Who's paying the bills?

The hamass leder haniya has stated that "His movement will not collect any money from residents (for electricity). Instead he want EU to pay for the electricity. Among his supporters is the Swedish minister of aid (!) Gunilla Carlsson.- She means that "EU has a responsibility to emediatly see to the Gaza's need for "aid""!

Whut? WHUT? Is it MY responsibility to pay the electricity bill for people in an area forcefully overtaken by islamists? Because they do not want to do it themselves?


Robert Spencer

The truth about islam

Watch it while you can!

Did you know...

"Are you aware that you have ticked the square for you being interrested in men?"

Foreign affairs minister Carl Bildt's daughter Gunnel, in a comment at her father's Face Book site...

Hat tip HAX


Have YOU killed an Orangutan today?

The greens improportional power inside the EU, has made extra demands for bio- diesel and ethanol. The ethanol is mainly made from sugarcanes in South America. There they are chopping down wast areas of rainforest to make new plantages to meet the demand (never mind that you have to use more energy to process and transport the ethanol- than what you get out!). And at the same time killing unknown numbers of species.

At Borneo there is the same thing going on. The forests there is cut down to let room for Palm oil plantations...


As jungles are rapidly replaced by palm oil plantations, the great apes starve and are hunted, mutilated, burnt and snared by workers protecting their crops.At a rehabilitation centre run by the charity Borneo Orang-utan Survival, there are more than 600, mostly orphaned babies. Lone Nielsen, the centre's director, estimates that for each of the 227 animals they rescued last year, five more were killed in central Borneo alone.

"There are broken bones, cracked skulls, burns, internal injuries," said Miss Nielsen. "The plantation workers beat them because they want to catch them and the only way you can catch an orang-utan is to knock it unconscious."
Read it all (Especially Peter Eriksson)
Funny h0w redgreen thinking and planned echonomy always leads to more pollution and species being eradicated- huh? Look at the soviet union!

Swedish only

But it's to important to be overlooked...

Ulf Nilson i Epressen

FN gör ingen nytta i världen (FN is no use for the world).


The day reality hit home

The writer Andrew Anthony was a committed member of the liberal left - until the attacks of 11 September, 2001. A veteran of CND and Nicaraguan solidarity campaigns, he was astonished at the liberal left's anti-American reaction. And so he began to question other basic assumptions about race, crime and terror - a political journey he charts here, in these exclusive extracts from his compelling new book.

Read it all

Awful though that an atrocity of that magnitude (9/11) had to happen before A.A smelled the real world. But still there are many more out there that is as ignorant as ever. Will it take another 3000 killed to get them to their senses? How about 300 000? 3 miljon people?
But I credit A.A for his brawery. It's the moment before jumping out of an seemingly functioning airplane, that is the hardest. That airplane is pc correctness- "to bad" that they (hopefully) have not got an unlimited fuel supply... I'm feeling somewhat positive to day it seems. Somebody please come over and hit me over my knees with a lead pipe.


Yeah- I'm looking at your nuts- Thank you very much!

When Bank Robbers dont get sh*t

Get the sh*t?

Megalomania Squared

Venezuelas "president" Hugo Chavez has descided that Venezuela should have it's own time zone- one half hour different than any other country in the time zone!

"It makes people feel better", says chavez in the radio show Alo, Presidente...
"It will strenghten the "Bolivarian revolution"".

Diego Maradona has been a guest of the show, praising chavez aswell as the Cuban dictator fidel castro...

I'm not shure if to laugh or to cry.

I think I'll laugh until I cry!

Thinking Bloggers Awards

I have been nominated by Yankee doodle over at Stop Islamic Conqest for at Thinking Bloggers Award. Besides from making me very proud and thankful; it also bugs me off (c;
Mainly because I'm now is supposed to nominate five other bloggers for this MEME.

What bugs me off is that allmost all of my favorite bloggers allready have been nominated- including YD himself...

Since this is a blog written in staggering English, a lot of obvious candidates for this award should be excluded. Not because of lack of writing skills or intelligent remarks- but of the obvious reason of them being excusively written in other languages- mostly Swedish. To name a few:

Skafferitrollen- Always intelligent and witty, with rock- hard prose and a nice and polite word for everyone.

Fröken Sverige- For her infallable nose for news hard to come by elswhere.

HAX- Nicest guy in town, but with a razor sharp tounge.

There are of course tons of other bloggers worthy of nomination. Nobody mentioned- nobody forgotten!

But, I have to choose- and I want to pick some English languaged blogs.
As always, there is the disclaimer of me not neccescarily agreeing of everything written on them. I'm not 100% shure that they have not already been nominated for this award.

But anyway- here it goes...

1. Planck's Constant- I don't know if Bernie's blog should count as an "powerblog" or not (hence disqualifieing him from the awards). But I don't care. He's funny. A great story teller and it's allways a pleasure looking through his posts (I suppose there is no actual "rule" of not nominating powerbloggers- but that's how I feel it should be done- with this exception (c;)

2. A new aquintance for me is Sheepdogs blog. But I feel that he deserves a nomination aswell as the possible extra traffic. If not for anything else- then for him being... him!

3. ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM is an interresting site. Shiva and K9 manages to get out the message within a torrent of sometimes very colourful language and PG-30 pictures. Also, there is Shivas connection to Sweden. And the fact that he lives in a predominated muslim area.

4. The Sandmonkey- He is not as prolofic as he used to be, but with a knowledge and feel for the English language that I envy, and the fact that he is a muslim in one of the worlds most islamized countrys makes him stand out. He is also a very good storyteller- I like!

5. Finally! I had a hard time choosing which blog to be nominated here, but someone who always stands out- in his special style is USpace at Hard to swallow. Not only does he write in a very special way, but he does it with afterthought and intelligense. Many times I have to read through his alsters two or three or even four times, before I really get it! I do not know if that is a telltale of my inferior intelligense or the authors superior one...

The rules are as follows:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote. (It comes in Gold and Silver).

The Bugs:Thinking Blogger (Gold)
Thinking Blogger (Silver)

Who's to pay?

The Swedish migration board is counting on 40 000 asylum seekers this year, and just about as much in the coming five years annually.

Most of those are muslims (I would say nearly 100 %). Thanks to the very generous next- of- kin migration rules (I'ts estimated that every asylum seeker brings in three relatives on average), it would mean that we would accept around 600 000 people in the coming five year period!

It's also a well known fact that only 1 % of the asylum seekers are entiteled to asylum according to Swedish law. But! If you have entered this country- it's close to impossible to deport those people.

600 000 people! Put that in the perspective of Swedens total population of 9 miljon. And the absolute greater part of these people will not bring in any net tax money! Who's to pay for their use of public schools, healthcare and so on? I know. It's me! And the third of Swedens people who's actually paying in net taxes... We are braking our backs over the highest taxes in the world (54%), and for what? The possibilty of becoming a minority in our own country. Looking back at the track record of countrys letting in great populas of muslims- I know it won't be pleasant.

Before any one even begins: Muslims is not a race! Islam is an ideology! And as such, the vilest and most violent one ever! There are many fine muslims. It's just their ideology is not. And muslims ARE the biggest tax burden in Sweden. It is also true, that when the muslim population in a country gets to a critical mass- violence is evident...

Link tip

Flander Fields tipped me on this blog. It has a lot of very interresting information and links. I urge you all to pay a visit to

This essay is a gem

Rape statistics

In Sweden, there has been an upsurge in rapes. It is an increase by 19 % since last year, making it a total of 2333 under this years first six months!

In New York city there has been a decline of rapes with 11,7 %. Making it a total of 831 during the first seven months!

Sweden has 9 miljon people- roughly comparable to New York citys population.

Makes you think huh?

(The numbers are rape charges but still!)



Tomorrow is another day
But it's still a dream away
And what a dream that will be
Just close your eyes and you will see

Nothing further... But this!

Tears are running down- for somebody I newer knew or met.
My thoughts are with you SM!


Why the Stasi came to Sweden

Sweden’s relationship with East Germany in the late 1960s was less straightforward than that of many of its nearest neighbours. Just a short ferry ride from Rostock on the GDR's Baltic coast, the Kingdom of Sweden seemed somehow to stand apart from the ideological rift that divided much of Europe.


Sweden’s policy of neutrality also meant that the country straddled the faultline of international politics. While many Swedes argued passionately for the country to throw its weight behind the USA and its allies, a concurrent radicalization of left-wing movements gave rise to a groundswell of sympathy for the USSR and its satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe.


Tore Forsberg, who spent thirty years working for Swedish security service Säpo, recalls the mood in Sweden at the time."The average man on the street did not grasp that the GDR was a brutal dictatorship.

I think we Swedes have a tendency to be a bit naive," he tells The Local.

"People didn't always differentiate between the GDR and the Federal Republic. The left in Sweden, including many Social Democrats, pushed hard for improved diplomatic relations with the East Germans," he adds.Writing about the 'König' spy affair in the summer of 2000, Sweden's current foreign minister Carl Bildt went a step further."German dictatorships have at various times caused Swedes to show their dedication. There were those who were dedicated to the brown dictatorship quite some time ago, and there were those who were dedicated to the red dictatorship not so very long ago," he wrote.


"Stockholm in particular became something of a spy playground and was - together with Lisbon and Casablanca - one of the three major spy capitals in this part of the world."

Here's the keynote! What's the difference between "browns" and "reds"? None! They are both totalitarian idologies with a onset of communal thinking- exactly as the biggest menace of [free] society today- islam... And here is the kicker; the "browns" and the "reds" hate eachothers just as much as they embraces islam! I just can't twist my brain around that!

Oh, I do remeber the days when east German "trailer drivers" just "happened" to take a brake outside regiments, powerstations, and other military facilities; allways with a camera- and with a diplomatic passport. And all those "lingonberry pluckers" accidently finding themselfs around military installations... And the Swedish social democratic government knew about it! It was'nt exactly a state secret! But they let it happen willingly!

Otherwise the article is well worth reading- link


Immigration and Radicalization in Scandinavia

Current demographic trends suggest that by 2020, ten percent of the overall European population will be Muslim [but very likely more than 50% in the greater cities- my addendum]. Although pluralism is by no means an impossibility, a large Muslim presence in Europe is not entirely unproblematic. Islamic radicals are today present in every West European country with a substantial Muslim minority. Up until 11 September 2001, these Jihadists operated in relatively interrelated network structures. The Jihadist movement is, however, currently undergoing a phase of decentralization resulting in a new form of homegrown terrorism. These terrorist cells consists predominantly of second and third generation Muslim immigrants, who inspired by Jihadist ideology are operating independently of traditional organizational structures.

The decentralization trend of terrorist networks is clearly evident in Scandinavia – a region often neglected in the global struggle against radical Islamism. Scandinavian Security Police agencies have long warned against radical tendencies in certain Scandinavian mosques (such as the Brandbergen Mosque in Stockholm and Taiba in Denmark) and among Muslim preachers (such as Mulla Krekar in Norway). Although no serious terror incident has yet been recorded in Denmark, Norway or Sweden, a number of plots by indigenous terrorist operatives to carry out attacks have recently been unraveled in Scandinavia. For instance, in September 2006, five men were sentenced to jail for planning a serious terror attack using explosives in Denmark. In October 2006, four men were charged with shooting at Oslo's synagogue and also for planning acts of terrorism against the US and Israeli embassies. And in Sweden, three were in May 2006, charged with planning an attack against the pro-Israeli Word of Life (Livets Ord) evangelical church in Uppsala.

Read it all

And this

Islam and racism

Some very insightful thoughts from my friend Anticant

The hearts and minds movement that is currently bending the UK over backwards in readiness for a damn good seeing-to should ponder some questions and come up with some solutions instead of simply …labeling people as racist..
Having a view about Islam as a homophobic, misogynistic, anti-human, blood-thirsty cult is perfectly legitimate - it is in no way racist. Only the disingenuous, mis-informed or un-educated would argue so. Tell me, would having a view of the Branch Davidians as apolocalyptic nutters be racist? I think not - so why do you so many disingenuously or naively persist in labeling people with a rationally deduced position as racist when it is largely not the case.
For the sake of argument, I happen to believe two things about Islam.
1. It is a religion which, in its current form, is fundamentally and irreconcilably different to other religions and2. It is a religion which is at a fundamentally different and less benign stage in its development than other religions.
Is this a racist viewpoint?
I believe its laws and customs are a codification of the barbaric and tribal way of life of 7th century Arabia and are incompatible with a civilized, tolerant, respectful and democratic country.
No, simply that the way of life as set down in the Koran is not compatible with a modern society.
A racist viewpoint? If you think so, explain why and if you can't, then move on.
Those who believe the UK should continue bending over and spreading its cheeks please answer the following questions:
1. Do you think we would be having this discussion if Charles Martel had decided to try and win hearts and minds instead of fighting in the year 732?2. Do you think the Spanish should have worked more on winning hearts and minds or concentrated on the reconquista instead?3. Do you think the Crusades were really wars of aggression or defensive campaigns which followed 300 years of unprovoked, YES UNPROVOKED, Islamic aggression?4. Do you think the Islamic armies were turned back from Vienna because they had been won over by a government sponsored initiative to win-over their hearts and minds?
If so - wake up and get real.
As for the present, instead of crying racist can you please begin to offer some solutions and debate real issues.
Answer these questions:
1. Do you see a connection between the current pattern of European demography and the phrase "Live like Lambs until we can live like Lions"?
2. Would you be happy living in a country where your female friends and relatives could be ordered to wear a headscarf so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities?
3. Would you be happy living in a country where your homosexual friends and relatives could be persecuted and punished for their sexuality - see Nigeria for latest bulletin on this one?
4. Do you honestly believe that if Israel has its 'arms twisted' into submission that the campaign for its destruction will end and Islamic terrorism against the west will stop?
5. Do you seriously believe that every Islamic grievance originates because of the creation of Israel and with its containment or destruction we will see an end to these grievances?
6. Do you honestly believe that if we change our foreign policy and remove ourselves from Iraq that terrorism and the well documented Islamic appetite for unprovoked aggression and expansion will stop?
7. Have you ever pondered the historic notion, clearly felt by every single nation to have lived alongside an Islamic nation, of 'Islam's Bloody Borders'?

If you rejoice at the prospect of a continuing and un-ending increase in the influence of Islam on the way of life in the UK then fine. If not please offer constructive debate instead of shouts of 'racist'? Or do you prefer to put your heads in the sand and believe, as the Islamic scholars, want you to, that Islam is Peace and Love? It never has been and shows no sign of becoming so.
Again, if you agree with Islamic agenda you have no problem - we are heading in your direction.
For the majority of us, white, black, yellow, brown whatever, we need to be honest and grasp what is happening, not taking a gamble with our future. Despite its imperfections, we actually have a way of life worth hanging on to, we should make sure the time doesn't arrive when it's too late to call for a debate on what we can do to preserve our hard-won democratic and humanist freedoms.
So, lets be clear, just like with Catholicism at the time of the Inquisition, its not racist to say there is something wrong and unacceptable with Islam in its current form.
If the tipping point comes, unless you're happy with the Islamic way of life, you will be up shit creek without a paddle. I guess you could always try discussing your grievances with your friendly religious policeman - not your local bobby I can tell you. My guess at a response? Perhaps a lesson in the true meaning of racism.

It's never "racism"- or wromg to be critical against an ideological system- which islam is. Let's say it again, bcause it must be heard. Islam is not a "religion" It's a system of beliefe! And as such the bloodiest and most murderous belief that has ever infested earth. More people has died through history because of islam, than through any other beliefe system. And the toll clock is still counting- ever accelerating. Makes you proud to be a muslim eh?

Nazis, socialists/communists, fascists, gay bashers, islamists and haters of free speach- walking hand in hand, whining about "their rights", when they still will not let any others have them...

Why do we Europeians fancy those totlitarian ideologies so much?

Uhum- HEH!...He ha ha! She's looking good though...

The front fell off

Video here


A Swedish Delicacy

This one is for you Angel (c;

Moist Meadows, the lot!

Immigration manifesto

Other publications (websites, newspapers, magazines, etc.) are encouraged to republish this manifesto. Permission to do so is granted provided (a) that the manifesto is published verbatim in its entirety, including its pre- and postscript, and (b) that HonestThinking is acknowledged as the source.

Immigration manifesto
The immigration policies currently in vogue in most Western countries show increasing signs of being unsustainable, and the associated problems are likely to grow ever more severe in the coming years. This is one of the largest ethical dilemmas of our time. We therefore believe the entire foundation for the prevailing regime needs to be reconsidered, and submit this manifesto as a starting point for reasoning about these challenges.

1. It is a moral duty to promote human rights all over the world.

2.The concept of human rights must not be confused with any particular legal implementation or formulation of that concept, since such explications could contain internal inconsistencies or imply consequences that would cause conflict with the previous tenet.

3.The worth of a human being is independent of his or her gender, religion, ethnic background, sexual preferences, culture, language, and other such markers.

4.Cooperation across cultural, language, religious, and ethnic borders is desirable and necessary.

5. Even so, culture, language, religion, and ethnicity are instrumental in establishing each individual’s identity, and thus central in forming his or her sense of belonging and loyalty. Any policy aimed at sustainability must take this into account.

6. It is therefore legitimate for any sovereign state to implement restrictions towards non-citizens in such a way that control over its demographic development is retained.

7. It is unacceptable, without foregoing careful consideration and proper democratic processes, that political dispositions be made to alter the demographic composition of a state in such a way that its stability, its inner cohesion, and the mutual loyalty of its population be threatened.

We are apprehensive of individuals, organizations, and other legal entities that try to quench free and open debate on the above issues, and regard such political actors as having little or no legitimacy in questions of democracy and human rights. Moreover, ideologies and political movements whose goals are irreconcilable with the above tenets should be considered devoid of moral and intellectual integrity, unless they are able to justify said discrepancy.

Ill sign under this manifesto! Link is in the title bar...


Turkey's Gul makes second run for presidency

AKP- the islamistic party with a majority of the parliment seats in Turkey, want's to have their own candidate nominated for the precidency post- something that so far has been hindered by the more secular political forces in the parliment.

The constitution demands that 2/3 of the seats participate in the elections for a new president to be elected, something that the islamist failed to gather in the last election.

In the first two rounds, a candidate requires a two-thirds majority, or 367 votes, to be elected.
With 341 seats in the 550-member house, the AKP can be sure of electing Gul on the third ballot when an absolute majority of 276 votes is required.

This is done with the help of an election union with the ultra nationalistic party CHP (who boycotted the last election, hence hindering the election of Gul.)

Islamists and ultra nationalists hand in hand... Why am I not surprised? What a hoot it will be when Turkey is accepted as a member of the EU! And Brussels is demanding that the secular forces let go of the power before the nation is being let in. "Shudder!"

Sweden: Collaboration, Then and Now

From an article by Fjordman at Brussels Journal:

A group of Swedes spied for the Stasi, the secret police of the GDR, Communist East Germany. Some of the spies were journalists.
Swedish Security Service Säpo has confirmed that it has identified a number of Swedes who informed for the East German secret police, but has refused to make their names public. A book published in June claims that Säpo has a list of 900 Swedes who had contact with the Stasi. Björn Cederberg, author of the book ‘Kamrat Spion: Om Sverige i Stasi Arkiven’ (Comrade Spy: Sweden in the Stasi Archives), told The Local that that the list came to Sweden from the CIA: “In 1993 a list became available containing the names of around 900 Swedes with some connection to the Stasi. The people at the German archives reckon that only around 50 of these actually worked on behalf of the East Germans.” Sweden has long been known as home to a significant core of East German sympathisers. Former Left Party leader Lars Werner had close ties to GDR diplomats, who paid for the drinks for his fortieth birthday party.

The names of the collobrateurs will not be published, as the eventual crime charges would be overdue...

This pattern of collaboration with the enemies of the West and of freedom is, sadly, still alive. The Swedish Social Democratic Party, like many other Labor parties, have decided to cooperate with Muslims and import voters while ignoring the violence caused by these Muslims against the native population.

Yes- nearly a miljon muslims that allmost all votes for the socialists is the doodoo! And they keep coming!

More from The Local

[Link from the article]

One might ask how a democratic party can justify co-operating with Sweden’s Muslim Association. During the above mentioned documentary the Social Democrat Ola Johansson referred to the book Social Justice in Islam by the Islamic ideologue Sayyid Qutb as proof that the social democratic ideology could find common ground with Islamic ideas. As the Swedish paper Expressen has exposed, Sayyid Qutb was not only a social thinker; he was also inspired by the German Nazi movement. He was an important figure in the Egyptian Islamic movement in the 50's and remains an inspiration for Muslim Extremists.
Sayyid Qutb calls for an all out war against the western civilization; he hates liberal democracy, views capitalism as a sick idea and is an extreme anti-Semite. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Qutbs writings were translated to Dutch by Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh.
There is little sign that the unholy alliance between the Swedish Social Democrats and radical Muslims is ending. After the last election in 2002, Sweden’s Muslim Association sent a letter to the re-elected Social Democratic Prime Minister Göran Persson, congratulating him on his victory and hoping that Persson would work for implementing some of the demands of the Association in the future. It will be interesting to see if this emerging alliance will become part of daily political life in Sweden.

An islamist inspired by the nazi movement? No shit Sherlock! Let's not forget here that "Mein kampf (jihad in arabic translation)- has been a bestseller all over the muslim world, for the better part of a century!

What links socialism, fascism, nazism and islamism together? The total lack of respect for the individ and the totalitarian embracement of the notion of supremacy! Also the complete lack of following the "Golden Rule". No wonder islamists, nazis and socialists sleeps in the same bed. They are only carbon copies of one another- glued together by their hate against individual freedom and supremacist thinking.

Meanwhile, representants of AFA (anti fascist action) are doing their best to silence anyone that tries to speak up. Mainly by using violent force! If that's not a contradiction in terms- I don't know what is...

Workers unions, socialist partys, idiotarian leftys, neo nazis, neo fascists, left wing anarchists, main stram feminists and our thumb to mouth politicians, all sucking each others rear ends in that endless snakepit called political corectness.

Yes- I'm feeling grumpy...

Oh, oh, oh! Guess wich country, self explained "neutral", that collaborated most with the nazis during WWII? Well, let's just say that it is the country sporting the (relatively) biggest social democratic party in the world. (Hint; it starts with Swe and ends with den).



So- the greatest invention from a muslim state since alcohol is... A camera with autofocus for blind people!

Is that not like inventing a CD- player for the deaf? And aoutofocus! Whohoo- soon the islamists might be able to make a pump for their oilwells. Or they will make the fantastic discovery of the bandaid... Nothing, absolutely nothing of value has come from an islamic state or by the innovative mind of a muslim! Everything credited to muslims like alcohol, algebra, colored glass, the "discovery" of Zero and likewise is innovations done by non- islamic people such as Indians and Romans or Greeks (or in some cases Sumerians or other people- before muhammed was even a twinkle in the eye of his father). By the way- vikings knew how to ferment stuff for alcohol long before there even was arabians! To name a thing is not the same thing as to invent or discover it!

Face it! Islam is a one way road to.................... well the cesspooles. Hey islamis! Count how many Nobel price winners there are that are muslims. Then count how many there are that are Jews! How many of the everyday innovations you use, like cars, cellphones, computers, software, refrigerators and so on were invented by muslims? To save you the trouble NONE!
[Asked by a reporter to a muslim cleric]
"Do you think that non- muslims are inferior?"
"Why, of course!"
"But christinan (westerners) believes that muslims are our equal peers!"
"Then they are nothing but fools! [laughing]"

Oh those pesky "Asians"

A hidden world in which Asian men “groom” young white girls for sex has been exposed with the jailing yesterday of two men for child-abuse offences.
Zulfqar Hussain, 46, and Qaiser Naveed, 32, from east Lancashire, were each jailed for five years and eight months after exploiting two girls aged under 16 by plying them with alcohol and drugs before having sex with them.
Both men pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to abduction, sexual activity with a child and the supply of a controlled drug.
Despite being told explicitly by police and social services that both girls were under-age and should be returned to care, the men picked up one girl from a children’s home in Blackburn and then drove on to collect her friend who was living in temporary foster care in North Wales.

Naveed, from Burnley, gave one girl the first of five Ecstasy tablets at a motorway service station before having sex with her on the back seat of the car while the group drove back to Lancashire. The court was told that the two men later took the girls to an address in Blackburn where Hussain, from Blackburn, had sex with the second girl and gave her a total of ten Ecstasy tablets.

Yesterday Judge Andrew Gilbart, QC, jailed the two Asian men under new sex laws designed to protect youngsters from being groomed for sexual activity. Judge Gilbart said: “This is a truly shocking offence. You knew them. They were exploited for sex by the two of you. No other description is possible. They were under-age girls who you knew it was your responsibility to protect and not exploit.”
The trial came amid growing concern at the attitudes of some Asian men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address.
Parents have complained that in parts of the country with large Asian communities white girls as young as 12 are being targeted for sex by older Asian men yet the authorities are unwilling to act because of fears of being labelled racist.
Ann Cryer, a Labour member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has been at the forefront of attempting to tackle the problem after receiving complaints from mothers in her constituency about young Asian men targeting their under-age daughters.
Although campaigners claim that hundreds of young girls are already being passed around men within the Asian community for sex, she said that attempts to raise the problem with community leaders had met with little success, with most of them being in a state of denial about it.
After the case, the mother of one of the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, welcomed the jail terms. “This will hopefully act as a warning to others,” the woman said. She had had to leave the court as details of the men’s sexual relations with the teenagers were read out. After the trial, Ms Cryer said that young Asian men were caught between two cultures having been brought up in a Western society in families while retaining the cultural values of the Asian sub-continent.
She said: “The family and cultural norms of their community means they are expected to marry a first cousin or other relative back in a village in Mirapur or wherever the family comes from. Therefore, until that marriage is arranged they look out for sex.
“At the point in their lives when they are ready for this sort of activity, Asians cannot go to Asian girls because it would be a terrible breach of the honour of the community and their family to have sex with an Asian girl before marriage.” She said that the reason Asian men targeted very young white girls was because older white girls knew that a relationship with an Asian youth was unlikely to last as the community would seek an arranged marriage with someone from the Asian sub- continent. Police and groups campaigning to protect women insisted that the grooming of youngsters is not segregated along race lines, though there is concern at the attitudes of some young Asian men towards white girls.
Parents claim that criminal networks are able to prey on young girls because the authorities are reluctant to tackle the issue for fear of upsetting race relations in areas of the North West with large ethnic minority communities.
However, Ms Cryer added: “I think there is a problem with the view Asian men generally have about white women. Their view about white women is generally fairly low. They do not seem to understand that there are white girls as moral and as good as Asian girls.”

So who excactly were these "assho- umpf sorry- Asian men"? Well atleast this time, Times handed out the donkeyholes names for us. Why blame Asia? Or Asians? There are biljons of Asians that are upstanding people. That are the salt of the earth. And that are decent! Say it! Say it out loud! Scream if you will! It's not so hard.


And before anyone even tries; muslims is not a "race"...
And being critic of an ideology does not make you a "racist" Only a candle in the dark, a spark of light, a waft of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


On Saturday, I'll be going off for a demo of the new Barracuda (uniform) camouflage system- developed by SAAB- which is supposed to be IR "invisible". Cool! I'm like a little boy on christmas when it comes to new gear. Wait a minute- I am a little boy! Diggity, diggity...


Petroleum socialism

“PETROLEUM socialism” is how Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's president, recently dubbed the blend of military populism and neo-Marxist statism to which he is subjecting his country. Its prime objective, he insists, is to improve the lot of the country's poor majority. Mr Chávez proclaims that “being rich is bad”. He frequently lashes out at what he calls “the oligarchy”. Strange, then, that the streets of Caracas are clogged with big new 4x4s (Hummers are especially favoured), it is hard to get a table at the best restaurants, and art dealers and whisky importers have never had it so good. A new oligarchy seems to be rising in Venezuela on the back of the “Bolivarian Revolution”, named for the country's independence hero.

Read it all


How lovely theese people are!


Help the counterjihad

This is a crosspost from Yankee Doodle over at Stop Islamic Conquest

For those of you who are not already familiar with the story, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is a scholar who researches how terrorism gets its finances.Money is important to Islamic terrorists:
1) Rich terrorist leaders promise monetary rewards to the families of suicide bombers. The financial incentive is thus like a life insurance policy, which will leave the families of suicide bombers well-off after the event -- just another reason to blow themselves up, taking innocents with them.
2) Well-funded terrorist organizations take advantage of poverty in Iraq, and pay Iraqis to place roadside bombs which threaten our troops.
3) Terrorists have to train themselves and their recruits; they have to travel, rent cars and apartments, set up a cover, and conduct surveillance to prepare for their operations. This all takes money.
4)The explosives, weapons and ammunition that terrorists use are not cheap.
5) Islamic terrorists are big into organized crime. They traffic narcotics, slaves, arms and nuclear secrets. Taking a bite out of terrorism is taking a bite out of these other criminal activities, and vice-versa.Many scholars have studied this topic and published on it. Because of that, one Saudi billionaire terrorist financier, Khalid bin Mahfouz, has gone after these researchers and either sued or threatened to sue them. Many of them backed down -- they just don't have the money to defend themselves against a school of lawyer-sharks funded by a rich Saudi sheikh. Sheikh bin Mahfouz has opted to prosecute his legal jihad in the UK, where libel laws greatly favor the plaintiff, and he consistently wins there.

Dr. Ehrenfeld, however, has refused to back down. Instead, she has taken the battle to Sheikh bin Mahfouz, and has won some important victories in US courts that protect American authors, so they no longer have to be afraid of ramifications in the US from judgements against them in the UK. You can read about Dr. Ehrenfeld's legal battles at her website, The American Center for Democracy.In addition to her work battling Sheikh bin Mahfouz, Dr. Ehrenfeld's organization researches a variety of other related topics, such as economic jihad and narco-jihad. The Support Page at Dr. Ehrenfeld's website outlines what she and her organization are doing. Here is a brief excerpt:
Exposing the Muslim BrotherhoodThis is a particularly critical project at present, as U.S. political leaders and mainstream media reporters increasingly accept and promote - unchallenged - the MB radical Islamist agenda, which is frequently dressed up as 'reform," without notice of the MB endgame - a global Islamic empire.The ACD strategy is to hinder MB funding of its anti- American, anti-West global operations.Tracking Economic JihadThe ACD continues to study "Economic Jihad," that is, the means by which terrorists and their supporters infiltrate the U.S. economy to Islamize Western culture, U.S. public opinion---and domestic and international policy. The growing number of Shari'a compliant businesses in the U.S. and elsewhere is but one indication.Exposing New Terror Funding TechnologiesThe ACD exposed criminal and terrorist abuse of unregulated international mobile phone payment system (M-Payment). It continues to research untraceable funding mechanisms, such as gambling.Defending the First AmendmentACD Director Rachel Ehrenfeld is the only American writer to have sued a Saudi multi-billionaire in the U.S. to protect the First Amendment and to reestablish U.S. press efforts to expose Saudi terrorist-group financiers.Dr. Ehrenfeld is on the front lines of battling Islamic terror and Islamic conquest. Her selfless and courageous work is every bit as important as the selfless and courageous sacrifices of our troops and intelligence personnel overseas and here at home. As I previously stated (emphasis added):
The heroic efforts of our troops and others would be completely undercut if we lost this battle. The terrorists know they can't defeat us on the battlefield, but if they can undercut our will to defend ourselves against their legal and financial jihad, if they can cause us to not speak the truth but repeat their hateful lies instead, then our brave troops will return undefeated from overseas, only to find themselves in the Islamic Republic of America.Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is a hero of the counterjihad, but her work is not cheap. Later this month she has another round in court against Sheikh bin Mahfouz's well-paid attorneys, the best legal snakes Saudi money can rent. Let's make sure Rachel has the money she needs to continue her work, defend herself against outrageous lawsuits, and protect America's First Amendment from the onslaught of a Saudi billionaire who seeks to sue us into submission!Go to Rachel's support page and hit her tip jar just as hard as you can!
I mean hit 'til it hurts!If you have a blog, post a message to your readers telling them this story.If you don't have a blog, now's a good time to start one, and you already have a topic for your first post.(And please leave me a link in the comments, or send me an email.)The freedoms that we so often take for granted are being threatened by this Saudi billionaire's legal jihad, even as his financial jihad helps terrorists bring death and destruction to millions of people worldwide, including to our own shores. If you care about the freedoms and the lives of your loved ones, your neighbors, and yourself, help Rachel!Freedom isn't free, and your contributions are fully tax deductible.
Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall standBetween their loved homes and the war's desolation!Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued landPraise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall waveO'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! is a repost from Yankee Doodle over at Stop Islamic Conqest.


Just some more photos from Lapland

How to boil a perfect egg

I just can't help it. Food storys are like pornogarphy to me! Bernie has made a whole post over the art of boiling an egg. A must read!

Moist meadows

It's 95% humidity in the air right now! In Amazonas the humidity normally is around 80-85%. I feel clammy and hot- and it's not even overly warm (23 C at 10 PM). Cool! Soon I can head but fish to death instead of going through the whole rod, line and hook procedure...

I like!

If I live to be twice my age- I'll probably be dead

...But then I hopefully will have the chance to discuss the matter with Groucho Marx

A man's only as old as the woman he feels.
A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.
Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.
Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.
From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend on reading it.
Go, and never darken my towels again.
I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.
I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.
I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it.
I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.
I remember the first time I had sex - I kept the receipt.
I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.
In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom.
Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?
Marry me and I'll never look at another horse!
Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.
Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you.
One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.
Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
There is one way to find out if a man is honest; ask him! If he says yes you know he's crooked.
Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.
Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.
Why, I'd horse-whip you if I had a horse


Who's your daddy?

The ROp and [in] tolerance strikes again

We all know by now that the only religion tolerated by muslims is islam. But it goes much further than that. What about ethnicity? An islamist would of course explaine their hatred against westernes as a reaction to coloniaism and white supremacy surpression (Look who's talking! No other than the representatives that has forcefully colonized 1/5 of the world).

But muslims just does'nt hate other religions. They really, really hate everyone that is not a muslim. Including you, me and the Innuits! And the ironic thing is that different fractions of muslims hate eachothers even more than they hate us, to the extent of bringing genocide upon one anothers- again and again and again... The arabs hate African muslims. The sunnis hate shias, and so on and so on. The most frightening thing is that a majority of the muslims have no knowledge or understanding of what vile message the unholy quran displays. In most cases they have never read it- and when they have, they have not understood the real meaning of q or the deisillutional rambelings of muh- ammed (piss be upon him).

Religion of peace? Religion of hate!

Lots of pork on my fork

Oink, oink. Smell the bacon religious hypocrites.

I don't care if you don't want to eat beef- as long as you let me do it!
I don't care if you don't want to eat meat- as long as you let me do it!
I don't care if you don't eat pork- as long as you let me do it!

Bernie over at Planck's Constant makes an excellent case of the matter.

Now it's time for some brunch. I think I'll make it a beef and ham sandwich with some bacon topping. To night I will BBQ some more pork- and I will let the "pork vapours" waft freely through the air.

Don't like it? "Go to Saudi Arabia where you can smell the delicious aroma of Bibles and Torahs being burned."


Pride parade- But... Are we proud?


Threat perceptions have changed. And so presumably has the need for ground troops protecting Swedish territory. Nevertheless it surprised many fellows of the Academy of War Sciences to hear from a representative of our Defence Headquarters how very small the so-called National Reserve is. Besides some Special Forces there seems to be only one light mechanised company to be reckoned with.

There are of course other troops in training on a yearly basis, among them units of enlisted soldiers within the Swedish-led EU Battle Group, but so far one has not seen any organised reserve battalions, even though the country still disposes of selected conscript contingents.

One of the reasons for this state of affairs, the author believes, is the result of over-confidence in Network Centric Warfare. Politicians were too easily persuaded by some military prophets that better sensors, better situation awareness and better intelligence in combination with arms of precision would diminish the need for actual combat units on the ground.

The US showed the way. But Sweden might have found it better to modernise more slowly and in the context of smallpower security needs.

50 000 people participated in the Pride Parade. Fine! Except for one thing. That's more than all the Swedish armed forces put together ([EU]NBG, conscripts, reserves and National Security forces). I don't care what people do in their bedrooms. I have many fine gay friends. But will they defend our nation in future distress? Still, this is what the social democratic leader Mona Sahlin thinks is tha thang right now. Meanwhile a couple of thousand people in Darfur, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places paid their lifes in the fight for their right of autonomous thinking. And ask yourself this question: What rights has the people of North Korea got?

What's the BIG issue here? Really? Perspective people- please!

Read it all

What rights has a Swedish citizen?

A couple a days ago, there was a razzia in Teheran. Around 200 people were arrested for "indecent beaviour, listening to "satanic music" and possesing of alcoholic bewerages.

Between 10 and 20 of these were Swedish citizens. The leftists have launched an uproare over the atrocities, and are demanding that the Swedish government "To do something about it".

All of these "Swedish citrizenz" of course were Iranian asulym seekers here in Sweden. Most- if not all of them has dual citizenships. Thing is; Iran does not recognize dual citizenships. If you have a Iranian citizenship- that's what's counts.

So... If you feel the necessity to flee your old country, seeking asylum in the west. Why do you then go back to the very country you have fled from? This sort of behaviour can be seen over and over again, not only by Iranians, but by Albanians, Iraqis, Somalis and so on and so on...

Furthermore; if you go back to your native country and breake the law there- TOUGH LUCK! It does'nt matter if the country in question has 6:th century laws and punishments. As you sew- you may reap.

If I move to another country- or if I visit another country. I live by it's laws. It's as simple as that!

But nooo, not when the matter is about our culture enriching populas. Then the left want Swedish law to be enforced, whatever crimes might have been done and where ever they might have been done.

Relativism in full force.

But of course there are laws- and there are laws!

It's like. If I'm in an islamic country. And I discover an injured person of the female persuation- laying in the ditch... What would you do? Would you give CPR, if you were white, non-muslim and male? I would! But would I get away with it?
Pfft- what am I rambeling about? We are talking about the religion of peace and understanding here...


And now for something copletly different

Parrot attached itself to man's head

A man in Stockholm had to go to ask vets for help on Monday morning after a parrot landed on his head and refused to move.The bird "came out of nowhere," according to Catharina Nordin of Stockholm Police, who was quoted by news agency Sveriges Nyheter.

Despite efforts by the man and his wife, it proved impossible to remove the bird. They were forced to seek help at the local animal hospital, which by luck happened to be situated just a few hundred metres from their home in Bagarmossen, south Stockholm.Neither police nor staff at the animal hospital were able to give more details of the event. It is not known whether the man or bird sustained injuries, or whether the parrot's owner has been traced.


Strange sign- Poop Quiz

While travelling northwards, We made a pit stop at a camping site near Piteå. On one of the doors to the common service house was this sign.
What do you think it means? My guess was "Do not throw a handgrenade into the paper basket while taking a dump. And... Errr, being a blob kinda thingy, and with errr, Mickey Mouse ears sort of sticking out of your sternum and back."
Somebody actually got paid for this?
Somebody actually got paid for this!
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New Al Qaeda Web Ad Threatens 'Big Surprise'

Could it be that a-q are ready to lay down their arms? That they in the future will concentrate on spiritual matters rather than worldly ones? That they have seen the light, and want to make peace with Dar Al- Harb?

Somehow I don't think so...

A new al Qaeda propaganda ad, headlined "Wait for the Big Surprise" and featuring a digitally altered photograph of President George Bush and Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf standing in front of a burning White House, was posted on the Internet today.

How Not To Get Asskicked By The Police

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Malmö in a few years- The rest of Sweden trailing behind another few?


Bexhet Kelmeni is of Kosovar Albanian origin and lives in Malmö, the country's third largest city, which is set to become the first Scandinavian city with a Muslim majority in a few years. He thinks that it is important that it has now been established that Dahn Pettersson's assertions were criminal. "I am ashamed that there are such politicians," says Kelmeni, who claims that he has been in contact with hundreds of Albanians and all of them have taken offense. "He needs to learn more about the Albanian culture," Kelmeni says. What he doesn't say is that many of the remaining Swedes in Malmö – the natives have been evacuating, or rather fleeing, the city for years due to rampant violence and harassment – get daily lessons in Albanian culture.

Feriz and Pajtim, members of Gangsta Albanian Thug Unit in Malmö, explain how they mug people downtown. They target a lone victim. "We surround him and beat and kick him until he no longer fights back," Feriz says. They are always many more people than their victims. Isn't this cowardly? "I have heard that from many, but I disagree. The whole point is that they're not supposed to have a chance." They don't express any sympathy for their victims. "If they get injured, they just have themselves to blame for being weak," says Pajtim and shrugs. "Many of us took part in gangs which fought against the Serbs in Kosovo. We have violence in our blood." They blame the politicians for why they are mugging, stating that they are bored. If the state could provide them with something to do, maybe they would stop attacking people. But is the lack of leisure pursuits the only reason why they assault people? "No, it's good fun as well," says Feriz.

Criminal gangs of Albanians thus freely admit assaulting Swedes, but Swedes cannot suggest that there are criminal gangs of Albanians. That's just racist.

Fjordman at Brussel Journals

Rules of engagement

“There are four men on the roof,” a soldier said. “You can’t see them anymore. They just ducked away as we got here.”

"They have a little bunker up there," he continued. "You can't see it from here, but it has sand bags and sniper nettings around it."

"What are you going to do?" I said.

"Nothing," he said. "It's a mosque."

"They're violiting curfew," I said, "and stalking us in the dark from a militarized mosque. And you aren't going to do anything?"

"Our rules of engagement say we can't interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us, " he said.

Michael J. Totten reports from Iraq

Rules of engagement- No mandate to use deadly force until deadly force has been acted against you!

In times of conflict, being second on the trigger usually gets you killed.

It's really scary that police forces in USA, Sweden and other western countrys has the ability and mandate to use deadly force when nessescary- and our troops in foreign hostile environments has not. Just you try to go around with a AK-47 on a street in Stockholm or New York, and see how long it would take before some law officer would cap your ass. You just try to build a snipers nest on a "holy site" in the west.

But our troops has to wait for taking fire, or somebody getting shot before acting on threats...

Why 'Islamophobia' is a brilliant term

What do anti-Semitism, racism and Islamophobia have in common?
In fact, nothing.
But according to Islamist groups, Western media and the United Nations, they have everything in common. Anti-Semites hate all Jews, racists hate all members of another race, and Islamophobes hate all Muslims.
Whoever coined the term "Islamophobia" was quite shrewd. Notice the intellectual sleight of hand here. The term is not "Muslim-phobia" or "anti-Muslimist," it is Islam-ophobia – fear of Islam – yet fear of Islam is in no way the same as hatred of all Muslims. One can rightly or wrongly fear Islam, or more usually, aspects of Islam, and have absolutely no bias against all Muslims, let alone be a racist.
The equation of Islamophobia with racism is particularly dishonest. Muslims come in every racial group, and Islam has nothing to do with race. Nevertheless, mainstream Western media, Islamist groups calling themselves Muslim civil liberties groups and various Western organizations repeatedly declare that Islamophobia is racism.

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