Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


Pär Nuder

Pär Nuder the former Minister of finance of the social democratic government in Sweden; are writing his memoares. He is doing this while lifting $9000 a month (+ expences)- all on the Swedish taxpayers expences. He is virtually invisible in the parliment, but still get buckets of money while doing something no one is interrested about!

That is how it works here. First you get involved with the Swedish social democratitic Youth Leauge club; and PRESTO- You never ever have to do a honest days work ever again!



Citation of the day- The religion of pieces

"Muhammed was not a man of peace, he was a man of pieces. One piece here, another one there- but there are no peace to be found"

Closed down

Shiva and K9 has been closed down by Blogger. They have ran a very islam critic blog for some years now. The material in their posts have been... excplicit. But they really have only showed the true face of islam. The blog is named Illustrated P.I.G to islam and can be found in my sidebar.

Their material showed the full face evils done in the name of the islamic ideology by two contributors living in a muslim state nevertheless. So you all on blogger- watch out! You can be thrown out at any moment just to point out the truth!


The yearly pride- parade is going on in Stockholm. It is just not a gay manifestation but also a folk festivity.
I do not understand what there is to be so proud of. So you are gay. YAWN! I have several homosexual friends. They do not flaunt with their sexual orientation nor do I go out in public carrying a plackard saying "I'm Heterosexual! And I'm proud to be one!" Whats the point? Keep your sexuality for your self! BASTA! I don't mean that homosexuals should creep in to the closet- but a parade!?

Of course there are some people that does not like it. Some people just itch to go out and bash some gays during the festival. The press allways talks about "far right nazi gangs" that are out causing the trouble without ever pondering over the fact that those nazi egg- heads actually are socialists! Yes that's right; they are national socialists; as far out on the left side of the political scale as you can go!

Two men were brutally beaten and knife stabbed (after kissing eachother in public). They were taunted over their sexual orientation for a long time when they allready was on the ground, bleeding.

The "news papers" reported this as a "hate crime"- which it indeed was. What the papers failed to report was the nationality of the hate- mongers. Only through unconventional news sites the truth has come through.

"The assaulters are of arabian descent"
"During the assault, when stabbing one of the victims, The assaulter sreamed that- All Swedes are gays."

A hate crime indeed. A double hate crime too!

Spit! No double spit! No triple spit!

(And so far- No gays have been bashed by nazis- and have never been during the past years parades!)

Here are a video from Army of Lovers with Alexander Bard who wrote the theme song for the festival "Israelism". Just go to the three minute mark if you want to skip the intro. The group consists of two male gays- one of them a Jew and... Well two... Hmmm, interresting womans. Wierd and entertaining at the same time... Sort of. Hmm...


In the middle of my vacation

It's 30 degrees C outside. The sun is shining. People are sitting outside all over and children are laughing in the background, running through water siphones. My tomato plants has to be watered down atleast twice a day, otherwise they start to droop and give me that tingle in my left arm. I'm not kidding! they drink more than David Hasselhof...

So what brings me in from the heat to sit down in front of the Mighty PC (I'm not worthy!).

Well, I went down town shopping for some groceries. For some reason I picked upp one tabloid newspaper (Expressen)- something I not normaly do- and went for a sit down in the central park (no it's named something completly else- but you get my drift). I take off my shirt (yes ladies, yes), open a can of the bewerage of my choise- vacationwise- and start to read the tabloid. I skipp the op-eds and the culture pages and get in to the "news pages". There I found an article that raised my bloodpreassure over the roof.

Apparently Henrik Alexandersson who goes under the blog pseudonyme HAX has an international arrest warrant on him because he posted a classified document about FRA (Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment), had made electronic wiretapping on Swedish and foreign nationals without criminal charges being done and not even having any suspection of the individuals doing anything criminal deeds. The only thing in common revieled was that the Swedish nationals were having correspondece with Russian ones. They were buissness partners. Totally civillian!

I see the need for "wiretapping" and analysis of other electronic ways of communication if it's a military matter and a threat to national security. In this day and age I even see the need to look in closer at domestic threats like islamists and criminal gangs but not on ordinary civillians and ceartinly not if there are no suspiction of a crime. This is by the way illegal under the Swedish constitution (Grundlag- same, same but different.)! Atleast until the goverment push through the "FRA legislation" which will in all essentials give the state means to wiretap and listen in to every electronic communication that passes the Swedish border- like this blogpost for instance, or any mails I send or recieve from my friends abroad. Heck- in this day and age I can't even be sure that my telephone conversations would not be tapped as I use IP telephony and the way internet works, the servers could be standing... Just about anywhere as I understand it.

The powers that be says that I don't have anythig to worry about as long as I... Don't have anything to worry about. But that's not the problem! If I'm a criminal or a terrorist; would I then be so stupid to use these means of excganging information? And if I did- I would ceartainly use a heavy duty crypto and use codes! So the only ones that in all essentials will be listened in on- are just the people that should not have anything to worry about!

In the mean time the whistle blower- HAX- are sitting on the airport of Brussels, going home to Sweden in a couple of hours. He has contacted the Swedish police and for some reason they say that he will not be arrested on arriwal in Stockholm but HAX has a copy of a document from the FRA were they asks for his arrest for crimes of- and this is hilarious-Breaking the laws of free speach! It makes you wonder what kind of lawyers they have there. Breaking the laws of free speach! He excersiced his rights of free speach! That he published a classified document is a whole another matter for peats sake...

Gggnaaarrrrgh! Nosebleed time again.


The terrible dangers of dancing

A Saudi couple, Ahmed and Layla, preparing for their wedding, meet with their Mullah for counseling.
The Mullah asks if they have any last questions before they leave.Ahmed asks,
'We realize it's tradition in Islam for men to dance with men, and women to dance with women.But, at our wedding reception, we'd like your permission to dance together.'
'Absolutely not,' says the Mullah.'It's immoral. Men and women always dance separately.
''So after the ceremony I can't even dance with my own wife?
''No,' answered the Mullah,'It's forbidden in Islam.
''Well, okay,' says Ahmed,'What about sex? Can we finally have sex?
''Of course!' replies the Mullah,'Allahu Akbar!(GOD is great) Sex is OK within marriage, to have children!
''What about different positions?' asks the man.
'Allahu Akbar! Mafi Mushkila (no problem),' says the Mullah.
'Woman on top?' Ahmed asks.
'Sure,' says the Mullah.'Allahu Akbar. Go for it!
''Doggy style?
''Sure! Allahu Akbar!
''On the kitchen table?
''Yes, yes! Allahu Akbar!
''Can I do it with all my four wives together on rubber sheets with a bottle of hot oil, a couple of vibrators,leather harnesses, a bucket of honey and a porno video?
''You may indeed.. Allahu Akbar!
''Can we do it standing up?
''No, absolutely not!' says the Mullah.
''Why not?' asks the man.
'Because that could lead to dancing"!


Excuse me Laszlo Carreidas

The evil genious, they said in Tintin and we did during my youth and under the whole of my time growing up and even through my whole grown up life.

When the evils genious Dr Evil in Mike Myer's comedy Austin Powers (1997) has to descide how much money he will require in ransom for not destroying the world with nuclear weapons, his advisors mingles and tell him that a million dollars won't go far in this day and age. Dr Evil squirmes of excited arouse when he hightens the bid to, what for him is, allmost an unimaginable; One... Hundred... Billion... Dollars.

This week the real world Dr Evil, Robert Mugabe, catched up with the fiction. Zimbabwes central bank then started to circulate notes with that exact value. And because the inflation in Zimbabwe (at this particular moment), officially is 2,2 million percent (some argues that it is closer to 12,5 million percent) the new money bill won't get you far. It will take you as far as buying you a loaf of bread- If you can find a store that has bread that is!

Hat tip, inspiration and transpiration- Gudmundsson



This is my 1001:th blogpost since I started it all. Yeeeehaaaw! Many thanks to you all out there that actually are interrested of what I'm writing about. Escpesially Angel, Yankee Doodle and Anthony. You make my days brighter! Anthony; give me a call if you please. Or just give me your number. You know where to find me!

I thought that I would go on vacation this week, but suddenly was called in, both by the defence forces and my day job.

My day job consists of "coding" long, long, long tabelles of info. You know that bleek looking guy, thin and with two small pupills from overdosing on caffeine? Well that's me! The difference being me being 6"2 and waying in at a couple of kilogrammes under 100Kg:s. HEH! (I also have the wierdest 70: th style moustache right now- think a German gay porno star- and you're there...

Anyway; I stumbeled over this article at Gates of Vienna. It's really a thought worthy one. Please read it!

Sweden Loves Immigrants…but Denmark Has Questions


This column from national Swedish newspaper Expressen is so insane, you need to get somebody to translate it. They are debating whether mass immigration to Sweden should increase the country’s population by 1000 % or merely 300 %. It’s purely a matter of logistics. The survival of the Swedish people is a non-issue.


Tomorrow the SCB [the Central Bureau of Statistics - ed.] presents a compilation about how many we are here in Sweden. We should be a lot more.

Nothing gets the national movement going as when you say just that. That we are on the way to being few in this sparsely populated place called Sweden. That we have room for so many more people from every corner of the world.

It is a kind of sad-and-amusing irony that exactly those people who tell us that they love Sweden so much are the same people who will promote a policy that will stop the immigration. Nothing would harm Sweden more than a stop to immigration.

It seems to be as if people think that we welcome people from other countries just because we are sweet. And sure it is so, that we in the rich part of the world have a special responsibility to help people who are on the run from war, hunger and catastrophes. But even though the ‘national’ movement is completely empty on everything related to empathy and other decent proprieties, the care of Sweden should make them embrace new blood.

Indeed, immigration is, as the economist Phillip Legrain show in his book “Immigrants - Your Country Needs Them”, a benefit for everybody. Especially as the population of the rich world becomes older and older.

The numbers from The World Bank showed some years ago that if the rich countries increased their labour by 3% between 2001 and 2025, the world would earn 356 billion dollar a year. 162 would go to the immigrants themselves, 139 billions would go to the new home countries and 143 billions to those who stay in the poor part of the world.

That immigration policy, especially the integration part of it, has been disastrous cannot be blamed on the immigrants. The fact is that we not only need a much better migration-and-integration policy, we also need many more immigrants.

That the government open up the borders is a good first step.. But to seriously be able to attract labour and compete in a global economy against countries where languages known to most people are spoken and where you will find a much bigger variety of cultures and work, we have to be much more ambitious to find a strategy. We cannot back into the future.

A hand full of politicians and debaters have put forward their chin on this loaded question. Lena Klevenås from The Environment Party thought that we should be 30 millions. Anders Ferm (S) and Mauricio Rojas (FP) made their bid 50 millions. The journalist Jenny Morelli said 80 million while here colleague Torbjörn Björkman from Proletaren had the highest bid on 160 million.

Oh, holy cow! 160 million! That would mean that Swedes only would be less than 1/10: th of the population. How well have this worked before in history? Not well at all I would say. Yes, we need more immigrants. That goes without saying! But! What we need is the right kind of immigrants. Those that are well edjucated and are willing to draw their straw to their stack! And I'm sorry to say- that muslims are not that particular kind of people.

Once again, before anyone opens their bread trap. No- islam is not a race. No more than nazizm is! But there is a matter of fact, and that is that uneployment amongst muslims here in Sweden are about 40%. They are also highly over represented when it comes to violent crimes as assault, manslaughter, murders and rapes (including gang- rapes). They are also over represented in our jails (as they are all over Europe).

Wonder why?



What about those silly muslim jokers?


A guy stops a car in the city of Shiraz in Iran and asks the driver to give him some gasoline, pretending that his car has run out of fuel. The total stranger siphons gas from his own car and gives it to him. Suddenly some other guys show up from their hiding places, tie the man to a tree, douse him with the gasoline he had generously given to a total stranger, set him on fire and speed away in the sham “out-of- gasoline” car. Why? The target of the torching was a non-Muslim, a Baha’i. The “sin” of not being a Muslim made him a deserving party for being burned alive. These thugs of Allah, the savage torchers, call themselves the Unknown Soldiers of the Lord of the Age, (Imam Zaman), the Shiite’s much revered and expected savior.

To make matters worse, all manner of “good Muslims” walked by and didn’t do a lick to help the man. Miraculously the man was able to put the fire out and call the police on his cell phone. It took the police over 30 minutes to respond and take the man to the station for questioning. Now that’s the Islam that is on the march. It has penetrated deeply and spread widely in Europe. It is changing Europe to its ways and holds every promise of doing the same to the United States.


Read it all

Is not this the kind of culture that we absolutely have to import to western countrys? All in the name of multicuturalism? What would you do if it were your child, wife or husband being treated in this matter?

I know what I would do! Those a- holes would not have any kneecaps when I was through with them.

Oh no! Now I'm in deep shit if the FRA gets a wiff of this post. Who cares. THEY would be in a world of trouble if they tried. Lyckily we still have a rights- state here- YET...

Eddie Meduza- Volvo

Sorry! Swedish lyrics. But give it a chance anyway. Rockabilly when it's at it best. The drummer in the middle (there are three), is... Just great. Video.

The lyrics are by the way hysterical. The song is about Eddie owning a 360 hp Cheverolet but still being outdriven by a lady in an "old scrappy Volvo".


I have a headace

I went downtown for some shopping. I got hungry and thought that any kind of food would be good, so I went to the nearest McDonald's joint.

Usually, it should not take more than thirty seconds to get your food when it is your time to order. That's it! That's why it's called "fast food".

The problem is all the idiots standing in line in front of you.

"Can I have a double order?"
"Yes sir"
"Will that cost me extra?"
"Ehhh... Yes!"
"How about a + menue?"
"What about it?"
"Will that cost me extra?"
"Hmm. Yes sir everything extra will cost you extra money"

The kid- in his twenties- continued to ask for different extra orders and the price for them for five minutes.

Now my bloodpreassure is going through the roof. Stupid bloody idiot. So I told him that "Either you make your f.....g order inside the nearest 30 seconds or I will buy you it myself and showe it down your throat with the help of a doussin straws and the floormop."

Ever seen a crab walking?

Then it was my turn. I ordered and got my food within 30 seconds. I sat down next to the kid and his friend and I must say that I have never seen anyone slam down a McD meal so fast in my life.

I feel a little bit bad ove... No, I do not!
If you act like a geriactric when you are in your twenties- then suit yourself...



"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

- Winston Churchil


This is the first day of my vacation so hopefullyposts will be more regular from now on. Not to day though. I'm going off to the movies to see Mamma Mia- the movie. Alone- I know but I'm totally straight. I just love music and ABBA:s is good enough. Also Meryl Streep and Stellan Skarsgård amongst others, are starring. Bring the popcorn!


Astrid Lindgren- Personal quotes

You have to live your life in order to make friends with death.

"I don't 'mean' anything by my writing. I just write for the child in myself."

"You know that the Germans are insane. For example they have named about 70 schools after me."

(On the question if she would like to be a member of the Swedish Academy.) "The Swedish Academy? What use would they have of an old woman that is half blind, half deaf and totally crazy?"

"Have I managed to brighten up one single miserable childhood then I'm satisfied."

Deeply missed.


Socialist school planned for Borås (SWE)

The Social Democrat youth organization (SSU) is planning to open a new independent school in Borås. SSU intends to test the independent schools system.

SSU branch in Södra Älvsborg in western Sweden plans to submit its application on Thursday to the Board of Education (Skolverket).

"We think that if you can start an independent school with a religious profile then you should also be able to start a school with an ideological one," said Anders Östberg of SSU Södra Älvsborg.

SSU applied four years ago to open an independent school in Stockholm, but had their application rejected by the board.

"That time it was maybe more of a ploy. This time we have submitted a serious application with an ideological profile emphasizing the equality of all individuals, security and togetherness."

One of the reasons given by the board for rejecting SSU's previous application was that the plan for their school lacked religious education.

"We plan to have a special type of religious education. Even Karl Marx was interested in religion. But instead of quoting from the bible we will quote from the party program."

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson (

This is wrong on so many levels that I just... My god, I'm having a nosebleed again. Ggggnnnngggghhh!

Someone have to pull out their head out of their ass...

The union (LO), the left and the chief of SHR- Mats Hulth (a branch organisation for hotel and restaurants) wants to tax restaurants, not by how much they revenue, but by what their expected revenue is going to be. The taxes are also ment to be paid upfront!

The taxes are supposed to be based on amongst other things- the total floor area of the resturant, where it is located and how many chairs there are.

Even not considering the apparent ways of tax- evading in a system like this and that many restaurants would have to close down due to the upfront paid taxes, it still would be... Cuorious.

A Micheline stared restaurant that serves goosliver and Champagne out in the woods would have to pay less in taxes than a pizza joint in the city core.

Not even if all the restaurants- in good socialistic order- would be serving the exact same dishes, would it be fair.

Some people really should consider that poor donkey- Where is PETA when you need them?

Hat tip and inspiration- HAX


My feets are smelly...

...and they normally never are! Been working now for 14 hours. I need to code 4 strings of 700 entries until Friday. Nnnnghhh! Not only that; I have to do semi strings to all of them. I'm looking at nearly 11 200 strings to code! (or if I'm unlucky- twice that much.). Blaarrgh!

On the sunny side is that at Saturday it will be the first day of my vacation.

So sorry for the light posting until then...


More from Hans Lindström- In my Sweden

"Are you sure that you donnat haeve anny Sweddish boyahfriend in da school sweatheart.


Hans Lindström's take on the ME conflict

Reporter: "But why don't you try to solve your problems with negotiations and other peacful means?"

Terrorist: "Shees. How much fun would that be?"

Been away for a while...

...sorry for that. I have had no acess to internet for the past few days. I thought it was a temporary glitch in the system/provider, but I just now learned that due to a "security upgrade" from Microsoft, my firewall (Zone alarm) does not let me have acess to internet. I had to lower the security to "mid level" to get acess again. Whut! WHUT?

When I tried to call my internet provider, I got through (after ten minutes) to one of those automatic answering machines.
It started with:

Are you allready a coustomer with us?

Me: Yes!

Machine: Do you want to order any services from us?

Me NO! I allready have them!

Machine: Do you have any inqueries over bills?

Me: No, no, no (E t c, e t c ad naseum)

(15 minutes later...)

Machine: It's thunderstorm season. Please unplug your PC and TV.

Me: Whut? There are no thunderstorms going on right now. Please just put me through to a living humanbeing!

Machine: If you have any technical problems, please press the number two button on your telephone.

Me: Finally! (BEEP)

Machine: You have now reached the tech support. YoU aRE ...NumBEr 12 Out Of 12. We THanK yuU for CAllIng us. PlEaSe waiT.

(Cheezy music for two minutes)...



Me: (What the... Grrrrr!)


Machine: Have you checked your security level at your firewall. If you uses Zonealarm you should set it to mid-level.

Me: I'm having a nose bleed right now!- Click...

Well- I have never been so "internet secure" as for the past two days! Cheezus...


Time to deport all muslims from Jerusalem

Bernie over at Planck's Constant shares some very interresting thoughts.

After the Arab bulldozer psychopath went on a murderous rampage in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, "There is no way to fence-off the Arabs of east Jerusalem and every home of a potential terrorist." [ynetnews] Actually he's wrong. What would happen if Israel did precisely that? Would Iran threaten to wipe Israel off the map? Would the Arab press start printing uncomplimentary articles about Jews? Would Hezbollah fire rockets into Israel? Would Muslims boycott Israeli products? Would Hamas send in suicide bombers? Would Palestinian TV start airing programs that teach children that Jews are apes and pigs and should be killed?

Would leftists in America call Israel an aggressor nation? Would the UN call for sanctions against Israel? Would Israel be denounced any differently than it is now? What's the downside? Since Israel is already being judged unfairly in Europe, in the UN, and the Muslim world, what would change?

Indeed- It's a win-win situation.

Read it all!


LaPuma Chill Chill Promo


If you like rock music!
The drummer is also going to be father to my sons cousin in a while.- HEH!



...Newly arriwed "Swedes" are going to get 12 000 SEK a month (ca $2000) as a tax free subside if and when they take a SFI (Swedish for immigrants) class. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? That is a salary of roughly $3000 a month before taxes! (And another grand total considering all the other hand outs like children well fare, living wellfare e.t.c e.t.c.) My sweet hairy crotch!

Thing is; that after five years in SFI only about 40% of the students passes... 5 years!

Read the earlier post about the cost of immigration.

The Cost Of Immigration


- France has 6,868,000 immigrants, or 11% of the population.

- Immigration reduces by two thirds the growth of the GNP.

- The cost of immigration in France is 71.76 billion euros.

- The revenue from immigration in France is 45.57 billion euros.

- The deficit from immigration shouldered by the taxpayers is 26.19 billion euros.

- When an immigrant does not return home at the expiration of his work contract, it is the State (the taxpayer) who bears the cost of welfare and social benefits.

- Non-European immigrants and their descendants receive 22% of all social benefits.

- The unit-price of requests for asylum is 15,000 euros.

- The majority of immigration expenses do not depend on the Ministry of Immigration headed by Brice Hortefeux.

- Expenses for security linked to immigration amount to 5.2 billion euros.

- The black market involves at least 500,000 immigrants and represents a loss to the State of 3.810 billion euros.

- 65 to 90% of prostitutes are foreign.

- The unemployment rate of immigrants is twice that of non-immigrants.

- Social benefits constitute 14% of the average revenue of immigrant households versus 5% for non-immigrant households.

Note that this is a French survey. Nobody knows what the costs are in Sweden as these kind of surveys are not allowed to be done here. But I don't think that the numbers would differ that much here; on the contrary, I think they are worse. Link


This is kind of fun

Gizoogle- Tranzlaitin


Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis

Biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75% - far more than previously estimated - according to a confidential World Bank report obtained by the Guardian.

The damning unpublished assessment is based on the most detailed analysis of the crisis so far, carried out by an internationally-respected economist at global financial body.

The figure emphatically contradicts the US government's claims that plant-derived fuels contribute less than 3% to food-price rises. It will add to pressure on governments in Washington and across Europe, which have turned to plant-derived fuels to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce their dependence on imported oil.


It's like; No shit Sherlock! Hmmm!

Freddie Wadling & Sebastian Öberg - The Winner Takes It All

Another great performance by Freddie. Video

Frida Snell & Freddie Wadling - Flow my ashes

Frida Snell and Freddie Wadling in a SVT show where they got a couple of hours to compose a brand new song.


Everything I ever...



Sweden gears up for VIVA World Cup

As Europe finally calms down after a month of football fever for Euro 2008, the small town of Gällivare is gearing up to host a smaller, but far more international football competition. The VIVA World Cup kicks off on July 7th, under the midnight sun.

What? Where? Two perfectly reasonable questions.

Gällivare is a small town in the far north of Sweden, or perhaps more accurately, in the heart of Samiland, the area inhabited by the nomadic Sami people, which covers parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.

And the VIVA World Cup is the most important event in the footballing calendar for nations not recognized by football's governing body FIFA. Not being recognized by FIFA is not so uncommon, as the Nouvelles Federations Football Association currently has over 20 national teams that are not recognized as sovereign states, including Tibet, the Isle of Man and The Romani Nation.

This year’s hosts and defending champions are the Sami nation, the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, who have suffered in varying degrees over several centuries at the hands of ‘colonial’ Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.

In spite of the passion of its members, the Nouvelles Federation's board is not the wealthiest of organizations and due to the cost of travelling to northern Sweden this year’s event has only been able to attract five teams in the men’s competition. All teams will play each other in the group phase and the two highest ranking teams will meet in the final. The nations competing are: Sápmi (Samiland), Kurdistan, Provence, Padania and Suryoye (Assyria)

There is also a women’s competition, which does not have the problem of dealing with odd numbers, as only two teams are registered to compete: Samiland and Kurdistan.


Maria Wallgren from the Gällivare tourist office is excited about the competition. Although she can’t name any of the players who will be sauntering up and down the streets of her town next week she is sure that they will be made to feel welcome.

Maria has made sure that there’s also plenty for the WAGS (Wives and girlfriends) to do. While their FIFA counterparts sip on Cristal and decide whether to wear Gucci or Prada, the WAGS in Gällivare will have to decide which to do first: A trip to Aitik, one of Europe’s largest open cast copper mines or to journey deep underground into the heart of LKAB to see high tech ore mining in action.


Håkan Kuorak certainly fancies Samiland’s chances: “Padania are very good. They recently beat Tibet 13-2, but that’s OK. We beat Tibet 30-2”

Heh! My old home town is... well my old home town. Link

Orwellian state

Yesterday a new legislation went in to function in Sweden. It means that property and capital goods can be impounded by the state over the suspicion yes, SUSPICION, that it has been used for illegal activities. No burden of proof is needed- if you are suspected of a crime your home car (and children) can be impounded. Here's the kicker. No where in the new legislation are there a paragraph that states that you will get you your property back, even if found not guilty. (I suppose you will- but there are no actuall paragraph stating that you will).

This actually means that if I'm suspected for reading or posting what could be deemed as for exaple a "hate crime" (which is not hard to do)- in theory my PC could be impounded.

Doodidoodoo- wellcome to the twilight zone...


Coffe shops in the Netherlands are forbidden from letting their customers smoke tobacco...

... But it is perfectly legal to smoke pure Marijuana. Sometimes the legislators really need a map to wipe their bums!

Ok- I'm not a smoker. And I really think the legislation here in Sweden against smoking tobacco in bars and resturants is a good idea. I've never before smelled so good coming home after bar- hopping.


I'm in favour of legalizing Marijuana. It is after all the least leathal recreational drug known to mankind. Marijuana and Haschis are usually cut with tobacco to lessen the effect, so letting people smoke it uncut... Well let's just say that... it will be an interresting experiment.