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Another one on the anti-globalisation rally

One of the participants is this idiot:

Enter Maria hagberg

Anti-globalization activists have warned of a downward turn for women's rights across Europe, citing growing religious extremism and neo-liberalism as contributory factors.

The trend has been observed across the continent and even in Sweden, a country normally seen as a pioneer in gender equality issues, Maria Hagberg, a Swedish member of the European Feminist Initiative (EFI) network, told AFP.

"We have seen a backlash in recent years in Europe and also in Sweden, which is known as the most egalitarian country in the world, but that is only on the surface," Hagberg said late Thursday on the sidelines of the European Social Forum being held in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

The decline of women's rights is a phenomenon taking place across Europe, said Soad Bekkouche, a representative of the French group Laicite (Secularity).

"We see it clearly in everyday life," Bekkouche commented.

Hagberg said that in Sweden earlier strides were now being threatened due to politics and legislation, and pointed to a rise in violence against women.

Well here is a newsflash for you Maria: Women have every rights that men has here in Sweden- and then some! There are atleast a doussin laws that only benifits women or disbenifits only men, nothing the other way around. Besides that, it's only women- the mother- who get's childcare support and some 90 % of single care parents are women.

I could go on and on. I'll just give you one more example.

Men are supposed by law to do military service. OK- it's not much of a problem these days- after all we almost does not have an army. But when I was 18, it was mandatory, either that or spend jail time. The law still exists

It's principles moron!

But it's right that violence against women has risen. The thing is that violence against men has risen even more. And that is from a baseline where men allready was overrepresented by a factor of 4!

Well, you think; But it is after all men who are being violent against other men. That's true when it comes to "street violence", but that's no comfort for the victim, is it?

Then there are hundreds of studies that has shown that domestic violence is a fifty/fifty story.

But the harm is surely worse when a man batterer a woman? You ask.

Well, I say, These studies also showed that women uses weapons three times more than men, and also that women in a majority of the cases are the first one to start using violence.

I'm an anti-feminist! That is because feminists are a single group of interrest formation! I'm a humanist- that means that I fight for the rights and freedoms for ALL people. It's a no brainer...


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