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Russian flying

Apropose the post downwards.

This was taking place just about, or tightly after the fall of the Berlin wall.

We were about to make a MALO jump out of the chopper.

The Load master was responsible for getting us in on the right position. He was standing in the door in the front of the aircraft, giving instructions (or tried to give instructions) to one of the Russian crew members standing in the aisle leading to the cockpit. You know, "Go right 5 degrees!" Or, " Go left 5 degrees, straight ahead" and so forth.

The problem was that we were supposed to land at a relatively small island.

The imperial problem though was that the Russians did not know any English!

The load master shouted to the russian "Go RIGHT!"

The russian took a puff of his cigarette, smiled, gave a thumb up and said "Right, right".

So we got the green light.

I was one of two who was sitting at the end of the ramp. I took off the seat belt and sideled to the edge of the ramp.

When I looked down, I could not see anything but open seas. I turned around and made a slicing motion over my throat over to the load master. "I'm not going to jump out of here", I thought.

Phew! It all sorted out, but, but, but...

They were all nice enough guys after all- the crew. Some cheap perfume, chewing gum and vodka, and they would treat you as a king. In return you got badges and pins. I don't know what it is with russians and pins/badges...


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