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Climate Fun

Christopher Bookeer over at The Daily Telegraph (not on line), tells us that an Englishman were attempting to paddle his way to the arctics to show and document how much ice that had dissapeared due to global warming.

He did not make it over 80,5 degrees north, 600 miles from the north pole, the reason was an enormous ice barrier.

In 1893, Fritjof Nansen reached the 82:nd latitude in his Kayak, some 200 miles further north.


Here in Sweden we have had the coldest August for six decades. Global temperatures over the last 12 months has fallen by 0,5 centigrades- that's all the warming up we have got since the turn of the 19:th century!

El Gore! Where are you now? -Oh yeah, you are on your way here! Great! That will save me the trip over the Atlantic ocean. I just need to go to Nacka and take you by your ear and explain some "unconvieniant truths's" for you. Among them the very fact that buying emmission trades will NOT leave a lesser environmental footprint. (Crap, now I will have the secret service after me). Don't bother, Gore is to scary. He would probably rip my head off my shoulders and feed it to rabbits. Wonder what his superman name would be? El lardo? Hotairman? Mysuiteallmostfitsmeman? ScrewyouItakeyoremoneyman? Nah I think he should stick to El Gore!

Now, I'll just go out and put my car on idle for a couple of hours.

Of course, some green head mental job will sooner or later blame this on the global warming!

I suppose most of you have seen pictures of "the poor polar bears" that are swimming in open seas? Well thats because thats where they find their food! You cant get many seals or fish standing on kilometer thick ice! And further more; The polar bears seems to have come through allright when the climate was much, much warmer than it is today. Maybe they are swimming to get to a beach to get a tan?
Ooops, my fault. I forgot. The temperatures has fallen during the last year.
I think that they just are looking for a place where they actually can live...

Oh! I allmost forgot this too. The Gulf Stream; you know that one that keeps us here in Scandinavia from freezing to death? Well, it is powered by differences in temperature between the ekvatorial zones and the arctics. This means that when we have a colder climate- with more Arctic ice- it will get warmer! And the ice sheets will shrink! And the climate changes back and forwarth!

By burning energy (in so many ways) by sitting in front of my PC and writing this, I have probably saved the lifes of atleast five polarbears and one very irritated Europeian Polecat.

OH! And an Orangutan...


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