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Iranians barred from Swedish universities

From The Local

Iranian nationals have been banned from Swedish university programmes with ties to nuclear and missile technologies following a warning from the country’s Säpo security service.

So far two Swedish institutions – The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg – have decided to turn away applicants from Iran.

“For us it means that we don’t accept Iranian citizens to our masters programme in nuclear technology,” said Chalmers spokesperson Magnus Myrén to the TT news agency.

The restrictions also affect students from North Korea, but according to Säpo there are only a handful of North Koreans studying in Sweden.

The measure comes as part of a 2007 European Union regulation connected to a 2006 United Nations resolution authorizing sanctions on Iran.

“It concerns not only that which is directly affected by nuclear weapons, but also aerospace technology,” Säpo spokesperson Patrik Peter told TT.

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Kung Fu Panda

So, I went out to the game store and bought the game Kung Fu Panda for my son's XBOX 360. It was a second hand game who cost me just $10. Nice!
I also own 1000+ music CD:s. That's my property! Don't ya think?
I should be able to do what ever I want with these matter of subjects, HUH?

I should be able to give all my CD's DVD's and video games away as I like it, or if I get the chance, I should be able to sell them- right!

But no! New Laws May Doom Second-Hand CD Sales

OK! It's just in Florida for the moment. But you just wait...

Where will it stop? Where is the borders of lunacicity? Do I own anything?


The state