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What about those energy prices?

In Sweden the price for electricity has gone up 180% the last five months. The energy companies- like Vattenfall- are blaming it on "low water capacity" in the reservoairs. That's ...True. Exept from the fact that the reseorvairs are filled from the extensive raining this summer!

Sweden has a capacity of producing 29 000 MW of energy. But we only take out 16 000 MW of this capacity! Thus we only uses 55% of our capacity to produce energy. What other company could do that without going bankrupt?

Instead we import energy from the continent. That is mostly energy from cole or oil generated power mills. Yeah! That's environmental friendly...

Why has the electricity prices risen by 180% then?

It is because the price of the electricity are not being set by order of supply and demand. No the price is set on a spot market by what form of electricity that is the most expensive to produce. In this case it is oil and coal produced energy. In Sweden 80% of the energy we spend are from cheap water turbines and nuclear energy, but we still pay oil and coal prices for the whole shebang.



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