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SD (Sveriedemokraterna, Swedish Democrates) are a populistic socialist party that has a chance of getting in to the parliment next election. Yes, I'm calling them socialistic because besides their critisim of the immigration to this country (and they are not racists)- they in all other matters have a socialistic politic agenda, which is why allmost all their new voters comes from the Social Democratic Party.

They are protectionistic, anti-globalists, authorative and has a lot of skeletons in their closet-just like every other socialist party.

The establishment though are jumping through hoops trying to smear their immigration policy.
For example, the Social Democrates has given out a memo where they states among other things:

"That SD has people in the party that has a criminal record."
That's true. Almost 10% of the candidatures for communal, landstings or the riksdag have a criminal record (of some sorts). -BUT, 19% of the candidates in the established partys also have a rap sheet.

"Immigration is positive for Swedens echonomy", says the memo.
But the governmental investigator, professor Jan Ekberg, discovered 15 years ago that the immigration as a whole have left red numbers in the book since we here in Sweden abandoned the policy of work force immigration. Ekberg caculated the cost of immigration then to up to 2% of GDP (and we did not have a 100 000 people coming here anually in 1991!). [ESO 1995:68]
The Norwegian professor of echonomy, Kjetil Storsletten, has argued 5 years ago that the average immigrant here in Sweden costs around 170 000 SEK ($26150) during his or hers lifetime (Scandinavian Journal of Echonomics 3/2003).

Then we have the overrepresentation in crimes, especially violent and drug related crimes. It is hard to get statistics over that because it is state secrets, but one have only have to visit any high security prison or read between the lines in the newspapers or go to unconventional news feeds to get a picture of what is happening.

I like immigrants! Come here! We need you!
The problem is that we let in too many, that does not chip in, and all for the wrong reasons.

I was wrong. There are a report about immigrant overrepresentation in crimes (BrĂ¥, 1996), which states that "Socio echonomic factors are not involved regarding immigrants over representation for criminal behaviour."


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