Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


The greeen heads are at it again

Despite little promise of ever being practical and inexpensive, “renewable energy” has been promoted for decades by green activists [USA]–and backed by billions of dollars in government subsidies. As a result, plans are springing up all over the country for large-scale solar, wind, and geothermal projects.

But now, in addition to their enormous technical obstacles, these green power projects are facing fierce opposition . . . from environmentalists.

Applications for more than 130 proposals to build solar power plants on federal lands in the Southwest have been submitted to the Bureau of Land Management. New transmission lines to carry the power from the sun-baked deserts to places where electricity users actually live are also under consideration.

However, the solar applications are mired in environmental impact studies, which one solar industry executive said “could completely stunt the growth of the industry.” And the plans for new transmission capacity are being ferociously protested by environmentalists decrying the “permanent destruction of hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine public lands.” An exasperated Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “They say that we want renewable energy but we don’t want you to put it anywhere, we don’t want you to use it.”


The best an environmentalist could do for the environment would be to... Eat a bullet! Then they would not make any "environmental footprint"! I mean, they are opposing the very "renewable and green" energy soursces they are asking us others to use! I'm not going in to a lenghty discussion right now over the green scam that solar power and wind turbines in fact are. Read other posts I've made earlier about windmills and solar panels (use the search engine). Please proove me wrong- but I still firmly believe that not a single thing, NOT A SINGLE THING that the environmentalists has driven through in this or any other country actually has made any difference, and if not made the situation even worse- Proove me wrong!

As Mr Schwarsenegger so dillantly points it out: "If we cannot put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, I don’t know where the hell we can put it.” But that is the whole point. On green philosophy, there is literally no place on earth for mankind."


Environmental friendlieness has allways come out of prosperity. That's why the most polluting countries in the world (weighed) also are the poorest. And tell me of an environmentalist that is not also a protectionist! Meaning they are the ones that drives other people and countries in to poverty, and at the same time contributes to more world pollution...


How to know

This is a picture that the Communal counselor Jammeh want's to be posted in various sites in the most muslim infested city in Europe- Malmö. You know that city in Sweden were the firefighters need police escort because of the stone throwers and were the police needs police escort!

You know- just so you can descide what fasion you want to wear in the near future!


7000 people- every year

7000 people who are to be deported from Sweden "dissapears"- every year! Most of them are from Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq.

Wonder where they go?

And of course, their return tickets would be paid by... Drumroll...The taxpayers!

The hilarious thing is that even when they are "dissapeared", they get "socialbidrag" (social security grants).

If you set your foot on Swedish grounds and say "Asylum" you emedietly get social security grants and housing. Atleast until you are thrown out of the country. Social workers are not allowed to tell who or where these people are, and as long as thy don't get caught they can lift social security money. Talk about a gravy train! And again; who is paying? -The taxpayers. Even if you are caught, the only thing you have to say is that you risc the death penalty in your old home country, and you will not be deported. And who is paying for it all? The taxpayers!

I have nothing against more people coming here. I like diversity! But the thing is that we let in the wrong people. And for the wrong reasons...

What you gonna do when they come for you?

-No need to speak ample Swedish

-Don't have to be a Swedish citizen

-No more physical tests

-No more psychiological tests

This is what the new demands are to new police aspirants. The socialists (socialdemokraterna and vänstern- formally vänsterpartiet kommunisterna) voted it through 7-6.

I don't know about you, but I think that having the ability to swim, run and spell are imperial for a police officer, not to mention not being a nut case. Also I think that a Swedish police officer atleast should be SWEDISH!

On a side note:

If we would keep the "aid" we are giving away to Russia (who has the second largest cash reserve in the world) and instead gave it to the poorest 50 000 pensioneres, they would get an aditional 6000 Kr ($1000) to live on every month. If we scrapped the "aid" all together they would get between 10 and 15 thousand more per month. This is money that we give away to China, Kosovo, Russia, North Korea and other gangster states. Hell! Give me a couple of hundred millions and I will go myself and spend it on people who really need it! I would start with the poor pensioneres here in Sweden, and if it is anything left, I would buy medicin for kids with AIDS in Africa and deliver it myself!

Besides the UN- SIDA is the worst and most crooked organisation on this planet!


The FRA- legislation that will let "intelligense" organisations collect and analyze all electronic data that passes over the border are said to be done because of "A need to collect information that could be imperial for the nations security".

But at the same time, they have dismanteled the Swedish armed forces allmost completly! What should we do if a "threat to the nations scurity" occurs? Duck?

Finland- who has half the defence budget that Sweden has- have four times as many soldiers. They have- if I remember it correctly- 400 artillery pieces, we have 28!

The only mine outlaying vessel (which might come in handy if an external threat was discovered)- the HMS Carlskrona are now being made in to a signal surveilance ship. HUH? What shall we do if a threat to us is closing in? Throw fermented herring at them? (Ok I'll admit that it could be effective, but I'm not sure if it's not banned under the Geneva convention of biological warfare.)

We have one of the best fighter jet airplains in the world. We have the best tanks in the world. We have the best anti- tank weapons in the world. We have the best artillery shells in the world etc, etc.

But we don't have any soldiers to use them! And it is still costing the taxpayers 40 billion every year...


What do you use your spoon for?

A lesson on how consultants can make a difference in an organization.Last week, we took some friends to a new restaurant, 'Steve's Place,' and noticed that the waiter who took our order carried a spoon in his shirt pocket. It seemed a little strange. When the busboy brought our water and utensils, I observed that he also had a spoon in his shirt pocket.Then I looked around and saw that all the staff had spoons in their pockets. When the waiter came back to serve our soup I inquired, 'Why the spoon?'' 'Well, 'he explained, 'the restaurant's owner hired Andersen Consulting to revamp all of our processes. After several months of analysis, they concluded that the spoon was the most frequently dropped utensil. It represents a drop frequency of approximately 3 spoons per table per hour. If our personnel are better prepared, we can reduce the number of trips back to the kitchen and save 15 man-hours per shift.' As luck would have it, I dropped my spoon and he replaced it with his spare. 'I'll get another spoon next time I go to the kitchen instead of making an extra trip to get it right now.' I was impressed.I also noticed that there was a string hanging out of the waiter's fly. Looking around, I saw that all of the waiters had the same string hanging from their flies. So, before he walked off, I asked the waiter, 'Excuse me, but can you tell me why you have that string right there?''Oh, certainly!' Then he lowered his voice. 'Not everyone is so observant. That consulting firm I mentioned also learned that we can save time in the restroom. By tying this string to the tip of our you-know-what, we can pull it out without touching it and eliminate the need to wash our hands, shortening the time spent in the restroom by 76.39%. I asked quietly, 'After you get it out, how do you put it back?' 'Well,' he whispered, 'I don't know about the others, but I use the spoon.'

Just a notice

9 shootings has been made in north east Gothenburg during the last 12 days. It's safer to live in Baghdad! And I bet you a thousand that there are no presbytarians involved...

The gangster state Kosovo is costing us 69 million Kr ($ 11,5 million)- every year! And our pensioners in nursing homes has to eat youghurt and a crisp bread for dinner!

SIDA has to spend a 100 million ($16.7 million) every day on "projects". And the nursing homes have not got enough personel to take out the oldies even for an hour a day!

Tht's 6083 million Dollars every year that we give away to those nice states like Kosovo, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia- amongst others. And the pensioners in the nursing homes have fly larvae in their open wounds because the personel doesn't have time to turn the over once in a while.


Oh! This is cool. The other day when I was driving home from my sisters, I noticed a field with very carctheristic plants. I had to stop and check it out- and yes they were defenetily Hemp plants. A whole field! It was as I learned "industrial hemp" meaning that the plants was non-toxic. Bummer!

You can use hemp for so many things. Clothes, ropes, dart boards (they call it "Sisal") and a variety of other things. Only it has been forbidden until last year to grow even the non- toxic variant here in Sweden.

But here is the thing. How will they ever be able to discern the non toxic variant from a couple of high toxic variant plants somewhere in the field?

As you all know it by now- I'm in high favour of leagalizing Hemp, Mariuhana and Haschis as a recreational drug. It is after all the least deadly recreational drug known to man. Maybe I will go in to growing more than just tomatos?

Have to get my hands on some seeds first. But I have heard that they are relatively easy to come by over the internet. Only problem is that if I get cought, I will have to serve a jailsentence longer than most murderers! That's our juridical system...


Food again?

On Friday, an eghiteen year old man was centenced to 18 months in jail for chopping the thumb of a woman, cutting of the nail and afterwards eating it up. This happened in Copenhagen- Denmark. It all happened in 2006 when a woman was being held captured, severily beaten and raped in Sydhamnen in Copenhagen. Two men, then 16 and 18 years old was arrested for the deed.

"When the finger was chopped off, the older of the boys- who were the girls "boyfriend" stopped the bleeding with a gigarette lighter. Afterwards he sucked on the chopped off finger and forced his buddy to eat it up.

OH THOSE DANES! They never seems to know when enough is enough...

But wait a second! If you dig in to it- you learn that these people were not of viking blood at all. If you check out Danish newspapers (and you would never read the truth in a Swedish one), we learn that the "youngsters" are Lebanese-Danish. Oh, what a surprise!

Sigh, sigh and tripple sigh!


Homer Simpson says- Mmmm, food!

Top ten Swedish taste sensations

Published: 19 Aug 08 18:08 CET

Sweden has a rich and varied culinary tradition, and a vast selection of dishes which have, quite rightly, earned their places as favourites with gourmands worldwThe variety of dishes on offer in restaurants across the whole country – old-school and innovative alike – makes compiling a definitive collection a tricky task. But here, plucked from the typical Swedish lunch menu, are ten items we consider to be the essential tastes of Sweden.

Janssons frestelse
(Jansson’s temptation)

This creamy potato gratin – made with thin strips of potato, as well as silky fried onions and anchovies – is a central part of the spread at Christmas and during other festivities. Theories abound as to who Jansson was, although most agree that the taste of the dish – both luxurious and comforting – surpasses any need for speculation.

Fret not, fish haters – the anchovies don’t overpower the dish. Rather, they excite the part of the tongue which recognizes “umami” (a hard-to-classify savoury flavour) and give it a uniquely delicious edge.


The anaemic meatballs in ill-smelling plastic packs which occupy international supermarket shelves are a pale imitation of those you’ll find in your local Swedish shop; even so, these too are eclipsed by the home-made version, which appear in various forms in kitchens, restaurants and cafes around the country.

Some insist that the seasoned blend of meat and breadcrumbs should be livened up with a splash of soda water, prior to cooking, for airiness; others insist on adding finely-chopped onion.

Inlagd sill
(Pickled herring)

A far cry from vinegar-soaked rollmops, there are more types of Swedish herring than you can shake a stick at. As a result these festive fish take pride of place in celebratory spreads. Our particular favourite is skärgårdssill – preserved in a smooth sauce with sharp flecks of pepper and roe – although senapssill, in mustard sauce, and oniony löksill are also held in high regard.

Stekt strömming & potatismos
(Fried Atlantic herring mashed potato)

Once a week, you’re likely to see this on the menu at your local husmanskost (traditional food) joint; two pieces of Atlantic herring (the common or garden sill’s smaller Baltic Sea cousin) with parsley or butter sandwiched between them, breaded or floured and fried in butter until the skin is curled and crisp. Coupled with mashed potato and a dollop of lingonberry preserve, this is a typical hearty meal that works well at home, at a stall in the local saluhall (indoor market), or in an upmarket restaurant.

Pytt i panna

This dish is a triumph of thrift; it’s easy to make with a few inexpensive ingredients, and is versatile enough to be served as an accompaniment to many things. The basic dish is a mixture of sautéed potatoes, onions, and meat (such as ham or potatoes[SIC- should be beef]). To some, pytt i panna is known as “hänt i veckan” – happened in the last week – which shows its roots as a dish comprised of leftovers.

Pytt i panna is best enjoyed in the traditional way, with a fried egg and some piquant preserved vegetables like pickled beetroot, gherkins or capers.

Biff Rydberg

For those of you who’ve turned your nose up at the previous description, allow us to present pytt i panna’s more upmarket cousin – biff Rydberg. Popularised in the Stockholm hotel of the same name, biff Rydberg is a similar mélange of meat, potatoes and other ingredients, placed in a pan and sautéed; however, this version has a little more panache.

Imagine the same kind of hotch-potch, but made with beef fillet, roasted hunks of potatoes and onions, frequently flavoured with oil, herbs and mustard.


Or sticky cake. Similar in texture to a chocolate brownie, but made slightly thinner and in a larger dish, this chocolate cake – made with sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour and butter among other ingredients – is great at fika (coffee break) or after a meal.

We’ve seen recipes containing banana and other types of fruit, which tend to complement the sweet, gooey centre of the cake quite well, and can almost convince you that you’re enjoying something which is really good for you. Best served with whipped cream for those extra few vital grams of saturated, er, goodness.

Biff a la Lindström

You may have noticed that beef is frequently served minced or diced in a good many Swedish kitchens; these mince patties, shaped into burger shapes and flavoured with beetroot and capers, can look startlingly purple - but they taste fantastic served with potatoes, gravy and a side-salad.

Legend has it that a Russian-raised Swede named Henrik Lindström instructed the chefs at his hotel in Kalmar to create a dish that combined both of his homelands. His legacy endures on husmanskost menus nationwide.

Gravad lax

It’s not smoked salmon, although it might look like it. Gravad lax is salmon cured with salt [sugar] and dill and served thinly sliced. The curing method traditionally took place in a shallow covered hole, once the fish had been covered, explaining the roots of the dish’s name (“salmon from the grave”).

Gravad lax is enjoyed in a variety of forms – sweet mustard sauce goes well with the lightly-flavoured fish, as do capers and crispbread. You may find that some versions of the dish come slightly smoked – although purists will argue that this is a different dish altogether.

Ärtsoppa & pannkakor
(Pea soup and pancakes)

Another weekly husmanskost staple, traditionally served on Thursdays, this two-course dish consists of a hearty bowl of pea soup followed by a couple of dense pancakes, maybe served with whipped cream and jam. There’s not a lot to differentiate Swedish pea soup from that served across Europe, but the care with which the dish is made and seasoned – the skins of the peas scooped from the slowly-simmered soup to ensure a very smooth spoonful – is evident in the eating. The pancakes, for which Sweden is famous, are light, flavoursome and satisfying.
ide, writes Matt O’Leary.

Taken from The Local

Ok-I'm no fan of piccled Herring, Pea soup or Janssons Temptation, and the writer also forgot to include such obvious Swedish taste sensations as smoked fish, Palt, Swedish kebab (which is something completely else than the continental one- especially the one containing Suovas- which is smoked reindeer meat)- reindeer jerky, almond potatoes (yes they both can be considered dishes in their own meaning), vanilla ice cream with warm cloudberry jam or just Falukorv [Falu sausage] grilled over open fire after a day of fishing. And oh! Salty liqourice. And many many more dishes. I could go on for like... Forever. The sad part about Swedish cousine is the meat. Iv'e never had a steak as good as the ones you can get in Spain or in Greece as you can get in Sweden (if I don't cook it myself that is, But even then it's a gamble whether or whether not you can get your hands on some deacent meat- We don't have any butchers in this town )c:

But given the time and the money I would make your tounge curl up to your brains and say to it; "Idiot! Why have you done this to me all these years?"

Oh yeah! If anyone want's my special recepie for Swedish meatballs, just say the word...

People are driving like idiots- apparently as killers

Today at around 1.30 PM I was taking my bike to the kindergarten to pick up my son. When I closed in on a roundabout on my way there I heard a crash. When I'm at the site I see a nearly completely demolished car, it was about half it's original width where the driver seat was located.

In the car was a young man of foreign descent- probably ME. He had a cut at his forehead, was uncontious, had a strong and steady pulse but rapid and shallow respiration- all signs of cerebral injuries. (I know- I was the one cheking it out).

The funny thing is that the (likewise foriegner) in the Volvo 740 that had hit the kid almost had no damage at all. The only visible damage exept for a fender bender was that the airbags was deployed, the driver had only minor bruises on his fore arms.

NOW! As much as I feel for the kid; How the hell can an accident like this happen in a roundabout 15 meters in diameter? In a roundabout!

The scary thing is that had I been just thirty seconds earlier; I could very well had been in the way of either of the cars that ended up on the sideway.

Hope the kid is allright!

By the way- It was the kids fault... (WRONG!)

And also, the photograph is copyrighted- I just don't care...

Update: I did not see the actuall crash (I was in a tunnel), but afterwards I thought it was qurious that I didn't hear any squeling tyres before the crash. I passed the same spot today and there were no skidmarks at all. How could a car get these damages? I remember at the accident site when asking around, a girl (presumably the kids girlfriend- atleast the girl kept saying his name over and over again), said that there were two people hurt. The boy in the car- and her father in the White Volvo. I didn't really reflect over it until when I read an update on the accident in the morning paper. Apparently the kids car was standing still at the time of the crash. The 52- year old father are now beining held on suspicion of murder attempt after witness testimonies "and other data".

Hmmmm. Very interresting. Could I have been a witness to an attempted honour killing?

Oh- the kid is stable but under hospital care.

Update NO:2
The 52 year old ME father is still hold under suspiction of attempted murder, for a number of reasons. The kid is still in a hospital with "life threatening injuries". I still almost can smell his blood on my hands- after giving him first aid). Roumors- and this is rumors- says that the kid was hit when chatting with the girl (ME) out of the window of his car.


Turkey bows to the dark side

From LA times

ISTANBUL, TURKEY -- Praying in Istanbul's Blue Mosque on Friday, I witnessed firsthand Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's international publicity coup.

Ahmadinejad's visit produced little in terms of substantive policy; the signing of a multibillion-dollar natural gas pipeline deal was put off. But Ahmadinejad got something just as valuable: a chance to spin his own image, court popularity and bash the United States and Israel.

I've long been fond of the Blue Mosque because it is where, many years ago, I attended my first Friday prayers. Last Friday, though, I felt uncomfortable in the prayer hall, where I found myself in front of God but next to Ahmadinejad, who turned the ritual into a political show.

Departing from established practice of having visiting Muslim heads of state pray in a smaller mosque in Istanbul, the government allowed Ahmadinejad to pray in the Blue Mosque, Turkey's symbol of tolerant Ottoman Islam. With permission from Turkish authorities, he also allowed Iranian television to videotape him during the entire prayer, in violation of Islamic tradition, which requires quiet and intimate communion between God and the faithful. There was so much commotion around Ahmadinejad that the imam had to chide the congregants. Then, as he left the mosque, Ahmadinejad got out of his car to encourage a crowd of about 300 to chant, "Death to Israel! Death to America!"
Read the rest...
Welll... Has anybody had any doubt at all about the islamistic party AKP:s motives? This is in our backyard! And this is a nation that the powers that be want to let in the EU. It's getting more and more scarier by the minute! And the rest of the world is just standing by watching. BRRRR!

North Korea declares Sweden an enemy

The Communist North Korean government has declared Sweden their enemy and a US war puppet.

According to information from the Swedish Armed Forces, this brusque message was first conveyed in a North Korean radio broadcast, then printed as an official document and distributed to the United Nations.

The North Koreans' attack is not directed against the Swedish government as such, but against Sweden's and other neutral countries' military observation missions on the border between North and South Korea.

Sweden is active in the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC) present in the area. Following the end of the Korean War in 1953, the NNSC's task is to keep the peace with the help of the Swedes and the Swiss in demilitarized zones.

According to the Swedish Armed Forces, this latest North Korean ouburst comes just when the NNSC is observing an autumn maneuver between the US and South Korea. In this case the NNSC is in charge of making sure that the maneuver is for defensive reasons.

According to Bengt Carlsson, one of the Swedes active within the NNSC, the tasks they are carrying out in North Korea are completely within the Armistice Agreement.

But according to the North Korean radio broadcast, the Swedish supervision mission is a charade and a remnant of times past when Sweden and Switzerland let themselves be manipulated to aid the US in its preparations for war.

North Korea's position on this issue is not new. According to Paulo Beijer, Swedish ambassador in Pyongyang between 2001-2005, the North Koreans have always been critical of the NNSC's activities.

North Korea has long wanted to replace the truce agreement of 1953 with a peace agreement, and has criticized the co-operation between South Korea and the US.

In September 2005 the countries of North and South Korea, China, Japan, Russia and the US agreed to start negotiations to replace the truce agreement with a regular peace agreement. Since then North Korea has continued to attack US and South Korea's policy as well as the NNSC's mission.

Oh lordie, lordie- what should we do? We are declared an "enemy" of North Korea! HEH!


When I was a boy part(xxx)

When I was drafted, I had to drive 250Km down south to Boden to the drafting office to make some physical and psycholoigcal test. There were intelligence tests, stamina tests and physical tests. The physical test considered was of three different tests. One was of your grip strength, one of your knee curling strenght and the last of your biceps curling strenght.

The reason I'm writing this is that I just found my old test results in a old box. I will not bother you with all wat's in there, but one thing just stood out. My grip tourqe was 850 Nm. That is more than most sports cars have! Today! And I was weighing 71 Kg!

I remember the physician I met with after the tests, and she said to me, "Did YOU really do this?"

I was like- how could I have done it better?

And then, off I went to Ranger school.
And yeah, I got a triple nine in all moments (highest score). HEH!


I like country music

... Not really- I'm more of a punk rock and heavy metal counisseaure. But I have worked at country music festivals. Have heard "Ring of fire" untill my ears blead. I still think there are some gems in the gengre. Listen to this: Todays the day my wife met my girlfriend.

McCain on the loose

Allthough I am not particulary in favour for any of the pesidential candidates, McCaine is still my favourite. He has a good sence of humor and can talk without the help of a telepromter. Also, even though he is a "pretty boy",as an old airman, he has done his share (me spaking as an infanterist). So I think he is the natural and obvious choice as a president for any free minded citizen. Would I be a citizen in the USA, he would get my vote.

Video here


Most wanted criminals in Sweden

Lars-Inge Svartenbrandt is considered to be "the most dangerous criminal in Sweden". He- the other day was arrested hanging upside down from a roof beam in an outhouse where he had been sleeping for a few days. The police had to help him down- wonder why he did that?

Presumably he has sat in jail for 49 years; he has never done an anything remoltly reasonable crime. Never got any serious money. A couple of years ago he robbed a Systembolaget (state controlled liqure store) ten minutes after it had opened. They had like 600 Kr (aprox $100) in the cash register or something.

He is absolutely not "Swedens most dangeorus criminal" but he is Swedens most dumbest criminal! I'm embarrest to be a Swede. Is this all we can munster? Him and Clarc Olofsson? Two totally imbecille sociopaths. Culture mark them and give them pension; give them each other a plastic toy gun and let them roam around. No 0ne of them are hardly up for robbing even an 83-year old in a wheelchair who had a stroke.

Thanks to Östra Ölands Fria Horisont

Lex Orwell

If the FRA legislation- called Lex Orwell- is passed (which it might very well do), routinelly, automatic wiretapping of all Swedes and their counterparts where the signals passes the nations borders will be done. This would mean that if you comment on this blog or if we exchange mails or telephone calls you would be eavsdropped. I'm using IP telephony, and as I understand it- the servers could be just about anywhere in the world, which then would mean that wirtually any phonecall I make could be wiretapped and as I use email, ceartainly every correspondence I make digitally would be scrutinised. What more is that this is breaking one of the fundamental pillars of our Grundlag (Not excactly a constitution- but close) This is said to be done in the interrest of the security of the nation. But what dimwits of nations or terrorists would not use heavy cryptos and codes then- making Lex Orwell in all essences completely useless? The breach of integrity are made at the point that data is collected. It does not matter if it is scrapped later on!

Lex Orwell, a law proposal for total surveillance, is urgently being pushed to a vote on 17 June 2008 by national security hawks in the peaceful Kingdom of Sweden. It will mandate the “NSA franchise”, the FRA, to turn its forest of parabola ears and world’s 5th largest super computer to listen to you - or rather what you do, say and share on the Internet - would an information package pass the Swedish borders.

FRA is the Swedish shorthand for The National Defence Radio Establishment. An institution very active during the cold war but without a clear task or purpose today since material from satellite traffic from military activities the Baltics isn’t particularly a la mode any more. To stay in business, FRA has therefore for years pursued a long term strategy to “improve raw material supply through partnerships” and to provide “on demand” intelligence to “support government authorities and state owned companies regarding current IT threats”.

That does not make FRA into an “NSA franchise”, does it? Well, a retired FRA Intelligence Officer was recently quoted in a report to the Swedish Journalist Fund for Education saying “Maybe FRA is a Swedish organisation, which in limited ways cooperate with foreign intelligence services. Or FRA is a part of an international surveillance group which to a limited extent cooperate with the Swedish authorities. The problem is that it is only FRA who knows.”

Read the rest over at Blogactive


It's not only Sweden that are pondering over or allready have legislations like this. We have the Echelon system in the USA and in UK the powers that be want's to use their similar snoop system for... Well, not counter terrorism, if you catch my drift.

“Councils and health authorities are to be given the right to access e-mail and internet records under surveillance powers to be introduced next year, the Home Office said yesterday.
Although first proposed to tackle terrorism and serious crime, powers have been extended to cover other criminal activity, public health, threats to public safety and even prevention of self-harm.”


They have reacently installed new electric meters in my house. They are digitally remote checked wizzs. Fine you think? Well, one of the parties in the parliment (KD- Kristian Demokrates) want's to use it to tax users of electricity with CO2 offsets. The more you use- the more you pay!

We need a smaller state! Not a bigger one! A night watchman state! A state that only protects the people from outer threats- Police, Military, Firefighters and judical systems, period.

The immigration bomb

In Sweden you will never se any numbers of the cost or the implications of immigration- that's state secrets. Some people estimates that it is 100 billion, others that it is 150 billion (out of a state budget of roughly 1300 billion- no one knows.

Other states do calculate these kind of things. Take Germany for example.

Immigrants in Germany: 15,3 million.
Ammount of immigrant families: 27%
Immigrants with children up to two years of age: 34%
Immigrants without professional edjucation: 44%
Immigrants between the ages of 22-24 without proffessional edjucation: 54%
Turkish immigrants without proffessional edjucation: 72%
Unemployed immigrants: 29%
Immigrants with a low income: 43,9%
Immigrants in poverty: 28,2%
Children to immigrants in poverty: 36,2%
Turkish immigrant children who has experienced violence and other serious crimes in their families: 44,5%
Berlin immigrant children without ample knowledge in the German language: 54,4%
The amount of immigrant children at the Eberhard-Klein school in Kreuzberg: 100%
The ammount of young immigrants with more than ten recorded offences in Berlin: 79%

These numbers are scary and I have every reason to belive that it is the same here in Sweden- if not worse!
Source; The left leaning- nanny knows best newspaper Stern (German)

And as allways. I like immigrants. Come here, the more the merrier. BUT! only if you can support yourself...


Why do they starve? Can you spell aid?

There are other reasons of course, like protectionism- from both ends! Protectionism will allways, allways lead to higher consumer prices in the long end and less local yields.

Here is a take on it from Thompson Ayodele the executive director of Initiative for Public Policy Analysis.

Food Crises and Restrictive African Trade Practicies

Bassam Azzam

Bazzam Azzam- a native Lebanese that earlier have been covicted to ten years in jail and lifetime deportaition back to Lebanon for a murder in Klippan (SWE). He got out on parole after serving 6 years and seven months! For a murder!

He is also suspected for a twin homicide together with his father on a German car dealer and his wife.

So why did he not get deported? Well here it works like this; Azz-am would risc a death sentence in his home country (don't ask me why), and as a principle Sweden does not deport people who could be sentenced to death. So he can freely roam around in Sweden like... Forewer, should not something fantastic happen to the sewer that Lebanon is.

So what did this model citizen do when he got out on parole? Just kick back? Downed a few? Watch a soccer game?

NO! He started his "new life" by beating the shit out of his own daughter with a baseball bat. She was severily injured and had to spend time in hospitals.

Well atleast he is back in the slammer- on the taxpayers expence of course.


An army of bureaucrats

study released by Open Europe today finds that the EU now employs an "army" of bureaucrats.

170,000 people now work for the EU institutions. As well as those who work for the EU directly, the study finds that there are many more officials working for the EU indirectly. For example: working for the EU agencies; working for the EU overseas; sitting on EU policy committees; or working in the member states' representations to the EU. In total there are far more people working for the EU (170,000) than in the UK army (107,000).

Hat tip to Fjordman via ÖÖFH.

Here are another take on it "Euro Millions" Hit the jackpot with the E.U!

E.U.S.S.R.A.B.I.A- Indeed!


Östra Ölands Fria Horisont

Kurt Lundgren is a journalist and writer who is keeping a blog Östra Ölands Fria Horisont (East Ölands Free Horizon). He is very free thinking, dislikes injusticies, churches and dogmas (not religion per se) and green muppets (hence the name of his blog. He hates the useless wind turbine park they have built where he lives).

His blog is entierly written in Swedish- sometimes with a somewhat... Hmm, "strong" language. He is very funny and I will now try to translate an excerpt of one of his latest posts.

Ode to the outhouse and an environmental warning.

A scientist at the college in my small town has got 1 million crowns in a grant to research possible alternatives to the water closet. Well there is an area where I'm an expert as in so many other fields. The alternative to a water closet is an outhouse! So give me the million.

Every summer for 30 years I sat in an outhous [doing buissness], it was placed so that I could sit there with the door open looking out over a meadow looking at the bumblebees and bees flying around. The nightingale sang in the bushes and if I were lucky I could lay my eyes on a couple of deers a fox or a badger sneaking by.

You got both physical and pshycological harmony sitting in this old and crooked privy that my father had built with love.

It did not smell bad either. We bought a big bag of bark of wich you threw in the hole afterwards, it was practically odourless.


You should not experiment to much- An outhouse will do just fine.

Now for a true story.

A family [near by] were renovating their old house. They wanted to be environmental friendly so they installed a big plastic tank under the house, piss went in to one of the halfs, and shit to the other and then it was supposed to be emptied somehow, I don't know how, but it was supposed to be very good for the invironment it was said.

Then the winter came with temperatures of -20c or less several days in a row as can happen at our latidudes. A killer winter, the toilet swammed over, the whole house were permeated with the fumes, it was like powerful forces was trying to get through the bathroom floor which buldged uppwards.

What had happened? Hast du mir gesehen.

Everything in the tank had frozen solid to a single 20 cubic meter large cube of piss and shit.

"It will melt during the spring", promised the entrepanure.

The hell it did! It was pure core ice. The cube was still frozen in August even though we had had an exceptionally warm summer.

The whole house was jacked up, four guys with jackhammers crawled under the house and after three days of work they had hacked upp the lump and got it transported away.

The house was thereafter sold and I don't know what happened.

And everything is true, because I've heard it right out of the horses mouth, the wife in the house.

An old honest WC or an outhouse is my game after hearing about this. No experiments with excrements!


Reggae Festival- Ganja Madness

The annual reggae festival in Uppsala (SWE) was held the last weekend. The police arrested 220 people for criminal conduct. What did they do? Well they were arrested for smoking pot. And that's illegal because... Well it's illegal... Sort of!

It's the same procedure as last year.

But when asked, the police said that not a single one crime had been reported including arsony, fighting, knifing, rapes, pickpocketing or anything else! This is crimes that are usually found being committed at music festivals. And I know- I have worked at a bunch of them. And what legal drug are being selled there?

Not to mention that the state pulls in heavy tax money from the liqoure and beer selling...

Thanks to HAX

As I have said before. I'm not a user myself but during the past... Oh, 1200 years or so, no deaths has been reported or concluded directly with Cannabis usage! All major textbooks in pharmacology will tell you this!


Aid- again

Sweden is giving away 73 million Crowns (approx 12,16 million dollars) to China in "aid" every year and the sum is rising next year! This is a country that has the fourth largest cash reserve in the world!

China now has 300 million people in it's middle class (and rising) that has the same (or better) living standard that Swedes has. 300 MILLIONS!

At the same time, our pensioneres have to eat a sandwich and a glass of milk for dinner...


Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Riot police used tear gas Wednesday to block hundreds of Venezuelans protesting the latest moves by President Hugo Chavez to concentrate his power. The demonstrators said a blacklist of opposition candidates and a series of socialist decrees are destroying what's left of their democracy.

Though the protest of about 1,000 people chanting "freedom!" was small compared to past marches, there is a growing public outcry over the sidelining of key government opponents ahead of state and local elections in November.

Chavez opponents also are outraged by 26 laws the president just decreed, some of them mirroring the socialist measures voters rejected in a December referendum.

"We said in the referendum that we didn't want that, and now he's put it in the decrees," said protester Josefina Bravo, a 59-year-old who wore a sticker reading "No means no" on her baseball cap. "That's the problem we have: All the powers are concentrated in the president."

(AP) Leopoldo Lopez, center, mayor of Chacao district, greets supporters during a protest in Caracas,...
Full Image
Chavez issued the decrees just before the expiration of special legislative powers that allowed him to make laws without National Assembly approval for the past 18 months.

For a time after the defeat of his constitutional referendum in December that would have imposed radical economic changes and let him run for re-election indefinitely, Chavez seemed to be taking a more pragmatic, less confrontational approach to his socialist project.

Now the leftist leader is pushing hard again to remake Venezuelan society.

One decree establishes a civilian militia that critics warn could emulate the citizen groups that control many aspects of community life in Cuba. Another gives Chavez the ability to designate regional authorities who critics say could undermine the power of locally elected officials.

Other decrees empower Chavez to expropriate goods from private businesses and increase state control over food, punishing business owners who fail to comply with price controls with fines, closure and even 10-year prison terms.

When will people learn? Socialism will allways, allways lead to less freedom, more despotism and infringements of personal rights. Not to mention poverty and sky rocketing inflation!

Read the rest.

You are wellcome?

This is a piece taken from Gates of Vienna.

Throwing Money at the Palestinians

by Baron Bodissey

Without the financial support of the West, particularly the European Union, the Palestinian Authority would be unable to function. Continual infusions of European and American cash are required if the charade of a viable “government” is to be maintained in Gaza and the West Bank.

Sweden, already well-known as a benefactor of Hamas and Fatah, has recently decided to send the Palestinians yet more money. According to an official announcement released late last month, the Swedish government has issued another 50 million kronor to the PA in emergency aid.

Here’s a translation from the Regeringskansliet website, kindly translated into English by our Swedish correspondent HL:


Today the government has decided to put aside 50 million kronor [approx. US $8.18 million] in direct aid to the Palestinian authorities.

  • The Palestinian authorities are in a dire economic situation and it is running the risk of collapsing if salaries among other things cannot be paid. A functioning Palestinian authority is a prerequisite for a peaceful and stable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To us it has therefore been important to be able to give Prime Minister [Dr. Salam] Fayyad a fast and positive answer, says foreign aid minister Gunilla Carlsson.

Sweden is one of the biggest donors to the Palestinians
- - - - - - - - -
During 2008 the total Swedish support is expected to amount to around 700 million kronor [approx. US $114 million]. A smaller part of the Swedish aid has also been transferred as a direct grant previously during this year. During the spring, the need for extensive support to the Palestinian authorities became all the more obvious, and Prime Minister Fayyad’s appeal for increasing the direct aid has been acknowledged by the highest international association for donation-coordination, the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC)

Peter Larsson
Media coordinator with Gunilla Carlsson

work 08-405 59 39
cell 070-283 95 97
e-post till Peter Larsson

The depraved pathology of “Palestine” can only be maintained by the misplaced generosity of the West. Proportionally speaking, Sweden and Norway are among the greatest enablers of the Palestinian behavioral sink, but the contributions given by the United States are just as appalling.
As I have said before; Stop giving away money! And that goes not only for terrorist regimes as ham-ass and fa-tah, but also for other asshole countries like north ko-rea and abowe all frikking saudi arabia!


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Out on the road

Are on a road trip. Back late this evening (Tuesday). Fishing sucked! Record braking rain and wind gusts up to 20 M/s... Sigh!