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John Woo

John Woo must be the most overrated director since Ed Wood actually got to make a movie.

Look at his record with movies like Face Off, the lousiest action movie ever made. Or Mission impossible 2, or, or a gem like Broken Arrow. Where does he get his financing from? I mean- if you polish a turd- it's still a turd...

I gave him another chance tonight with his new movie "Red Rock"- or "Chi bi".
First the good things:
The fotography was beautiful allthough the CGI sucked at times.
The acting was ok- most of the time.
The action in the fighting scenes was ok even if totally unrealistic.

But then!

The story is unbelivable boring. My underweare fell to sleep after one and a half hours of this three hour pecorale. I just could not go on. I had to leave the theatre half way through the film or I would have fallen to sleep too! I actually had to go and take a beer at a pub- that's how painful it was...

The story are so confucing that half the time you don't know who the good guys are, and call me a generalist, but I just could not descern who was who half the time.
The movie has got a 7.1/10 rating at IMDB- I just can't belive it!

If you want to spend three hours of your life in misery, see it.

The scary thing is that Woo has threatened to do a sequel. Well in space nobody can hear you scream...

But I would.


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