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Twenty million bucks

SIDA- THE Sedish NGO (who are tax- funded) has given an OK for giving away 20 million to Zimbawe.


Give ME 20 millions and some JAS jetfighters aswell as some artillery with the Excalibur grenades, and the poor people in Zimbawe would be free in a couple of weeks time!
What's happening here instead is that the people of Zimbawe just are being given prolonged misery. GNNNGH!


The government here are pushing for free dental care for "refugees". The county of Skåne (Yes that's where Malmö is- the city prognosed to be Europes first majority muslim city), want's to give away free acute dental care to "refugees" (which means just about everybody that puts their foot on Swedish soil). That's another couple of...100 millions. Gnargh! But I can't afford to fix my teaths! Neither can a lot of other Swedes. Instead they go over to the Baltic countrys to do it. Often by dentists that are edjucated and trained- for free- in Sweden universities... SIGH!


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