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The unions- again!

The unions has forced building workers to pay back SEK 7 500 to it's employer because they were to well paid!

The union wanted the employes to get the minimum wage of SEK 128 instead of the SEK 166 an hour that the company gave them!

Socialism in a nutshell!


Swedish aid

Apparently, we Swedes are giving away SEK 92 million every day in aid to foreign countries. (That's about $ 14 million). Among these are those fine and peace loving countries as Russia- who sits on the second largest capital reserve in the world, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the - of arabians - occupied territories of the middle east and so on and so on.

If we were to stop all "aid", all retired people in Sweden would, or could get an extra 17 000 SEK in their wallets per year, and of course- if it would be given only to the poor pensioneres it would be a much larger amount!


Hat tip to Every Kinda People


Mehdi Ghezali

After the Armed Forces of the United States together with the Afghan Northern Alliance initiated a bombing campaign on the Tora Bora mountains a large number of al-Qaeda sympathisers and others in the affected areas fled southward to Pakistan. Mehdi Ghezali was captured by local warlords in Pakistan in the Tora Bora mountains which are close to the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then handed over to the U.S. Armed Forces which transported him to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on Cuba where Ghezali was held at Guantanamo Bay detainment camp.

During his stay at Guantanamo Bay Ghezali was visited by representatives of the Swedish government (February 2002, January and July 2003 and January 2004) and was informed that he had been assigned an attorney in Sweden (Peter Althin) and that his case had been brought up in inter-governmental contacts and had been featured on several occasions in the Swedish media. Ghezali supposedly refused to discuss what he was doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the agents of the Swedish government.[4]

On May 15, 2006 the United States Department of Defense released a list of all the individuals who had been held in military custody in their Guantanamo Bay detainment camps. That list gives Ghezali's Guantanamo detainee ID as 166.[5] The DoD lists his place of birth as Stockholm.


Now this asshole has been arrested again in Pakistan, suspected of afilliations with al- Quaida!

Go figures... What a surprise! NOT!


American TV

I'm no big fan of television. Not that I could enjoy it, it's just that I do other things instead. But now an EU directive has critisized Sweden for not sending more than 50% of TV- programs that are produced inside of the EU!


Most of what is aired here are produced in the USA, and that's the way the people here like it!

I, myself hardly never watch any TV- series produced inside of EU, but for sport events. It's all American otherwise, well save for Discovery channel (which is half and half).

So with ACTA, the Telecom directory, FRA, the Stockholm program and a bunch of other legislations they now also want to control what we watch on TV!
1984 is past, but Orwell was right on the money albeight a little of the clock ...


Sea fishing

I like fishing. Generally it's about stream or wite water fishing. Sorry to say but where I live now, there are not any suitable streams to go fishing in.

I came home last night after a weekend at the west coast. We were a party of ten who had rented a fishing boat to go out to open sea, a type of fishing that I never had done before. Among them was my brother in law and a bunch of gyus from SAAB where he works.

Temperatures were quite high, the sun was shining but we had northly winds and as the currents goes in east westly direction there was quite high seas.

The night before my brother in law pulled out som pills because he had been sea sick at one time and was afraid that he was going to be it again. He offered me one but I kindly turned him down because I have never been seasick before, and I have ridden some pretty rough waters.

On the morning of departure, we of course forgot to take the frigging pills with us!

We went out pretty far. The boat bumped over the waves but we all felt ok and was looking forward to catch loads of Mackerel. After quite a while the boat stopped and we started to get the hooks wet. As soon as the boat stopped it started to roll, inconvinient but handeble. At first we did'nt get anything but some small Pollocks with just enough meat on themm to actually take home.

So we went to another place and so on and finally came to a spot where an old wreck was. My BIL was still feeling ok thankfully but instead I began to feel a bit queezy. Nothing to worry about I thought, I probably just need to rehydrate so I drank a bottle of water and felt a little bit better. I went on fishing. But then!

Out of a clear blue sky- I started vomiting over the railing. Might I say that the lunch I had eaten before tasted a lot better at the way down than the opposite... And that was that, only four hours after going out and with four more to go.

My lord! I have never ever been so miserable in my life. The whole world was spinning. I looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist- head spinning and fountain vomiting- tears running down my cheeks. When we came back to the docks they had to lead me back to the car because it felt like the ground was rocking.

Well, I can try that again but the next time I will absolutely not forget the seasick pills. I will duct tape them to my forehead the night before...
An experince worth $110!



The financial crises has made a gift shop down the street close down. Now there is a new shop at the location who sells pet food "Not tested on animals"!

I need drugs...

Hat tip to HAX.


Socialised medicine and light bulbs

It's the first of September. This morning I got a letter from the orthoapedic clinic at the university hospital. It said that I would be called in in a matter of three months - maybe! If the waiting goes over three months I will then be sent to some clinic otherwere (fairs and hotel room paid for by the taxpayers). So now I sit here -in limbo- with a shattered scapula and a broken collar bone with little or no use of my left arm. SIGH!

An alternative is to go abroad, to Germany or the Baltic states. There there are private clinics who can treat you emidiatley all paid for by the Swedish taxpayers!

That's socialised medicare for you!

At this day the old lightbulb is forbidden. the funny (not really) thing is that EU has imposed high import taxes of low- energy lamps to protect the domestic makers like Osram. So the low- energy lamps have been to expensive to buy and people have chosen the warm glare of the old lightbulbs instead.

"But they are not energy effective"- says the defenders of the "flickers". Well that depends on how you look at it really. Shure, only 30% of the energy emitts light. But you have to ask yourself, "Where does the other 70% go?"

The answer is simple- HEAT! So when you use the old lightbulbs you don't need to heat up your house by the same amount of energy! There you go...

An other funny thing is that the protection tax laws for companies like Osram and Philips actually does not protect these companies at all. Because all their manufacturing are made in China... All it means is that is going to be much more expensive for the consumer

And then there is the problem with the mercury. You are not allowed to toss worn out low energy lamps with the household trash. You have to go to a special waist station. The nerest one I got here is 7 Km away. And I don't own a car. Because echonomlicly it would be idioticy where I live right now, and remember- energy=money and money/energy= pollution.