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Save the live music

It... Just does not get much better than this.

Sorry, Blogger won't let me enbed this video so just follow the link.

But htis is... Culture

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Obligatory school up to 18, says socialdemocratic leader

Stefan Löfven, the partyleader of the socialistic opposition party Socialdemokraterna want's the obligatory school age to be upped from 15 to 18.

As the majority (thankfully not ALL the kids- as when I went through the schoolsystem) are attending state schooling (but you just wait if the socialists get their grip once again on Sweden), that would just mean another brick in the wall.

When are the state ever going to let loose of the citizens?

If the socialists decides- that would be... NEVER!



I'm Nr 1464 6466. I reside in 1464 5557, I think like you...


What do you do on your spare time?

Some people like to read, others tend to go for gardening. I have I neighbour who likes to go fishing and like doing all of the above.

When I was younger I liked knitting!

I thought it was  kind of cool to make my own mittens and Indoor slippers. I'm sad to say that I gave it all up about the time Mother Svea called for me and I got more in to machineguns and survival gear instead.

Here comes some awesome knitting coolness.


That is a 1:1 scale Finnish Skoda Octavia knitted police car!

Look for more Pictures here

What can you say?

"- ing awesome!"- I say...



I was going to post a really funny picture here.
But blogger would not allowe me to do it!

So instead, you all have to comply with the following story...

Swedish heavy metal man: 'I'm still addicted'

Swedish heavy metal man: 'I'm still addicted'

A Swede who gained worldwide fame for having his love of hard rock classified as a disability says he remains addicted to heavy metal music five years after being granted social security benefits for his affliction.

"I'm still very addicted," Roger Tullgren, 47, told The Local this week from his home in Hässleholm in southern Sweden.

"I listen to heavy metal music 24 hours a day."

Tullgren, whose heavy metal interest stems from hearing a Black Sabbath album back in 1971, first gained notoriety in 2007 when it emerged he had managed to have his undying affection for metal classified as a disability.

The diagnosis, backed by an assessment from occupational psychologists, allowed him to receive benefits to supplement his income, as his need to listen to heavy metal made it hard for him to hold down a full-time job.

"I have been trying for ten years to get this classified as a handicap," Tullgren told The Local at the time.

"I spoke to three psychologists and they finally agreed that I needed this to avoid being discriminated against."

As a result, the heavy metal addict, who sports a lengthy mane of jet-black hair, started receiving monthly payments of "a few thousand kronor" (1,000 kronor = $155) to supplement his income as a part-time dish washer.

(Cortesy of The Local)

If I could get a couple of thousand kronor each month for listening to... Say... AC/DC.
Bob is my uncle!

"A few thousand kronor" means at least 8000 Kr ($ 1234) tax free- just to listen to hevy metal music!

To be true to Roger- He does not get the state handouts for his HM addiction any´more as of 2013.
Now he just drags himself around on unimpolyment benefits.

If you feel for it; search for "Papa Midnite" on youtube...

For the tabloid Expreesen- he was asked:

"Do you ever clothe your self in other clothes than that of heavy metal?"

"Yes", Roger replyed. "When I´, fresh out of the shower, I put a pink(!) robe on me. Otherwise it´s allways heavy metal!"

Is'nt that adorable?