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Behrang Kianzad

Here is another hit on the bar. Behrang Kianzad, a free lance journalist- obviously not an indigenous Swede; writes that:
"Nations does not really exist and therefore the Swedish nation is just a construction. Further more, there are no rights for people to be judged according to sharia law.

Furthermore what is obvious is that the immigration minister [who has been opposed to sharia] has the responsibility for migrants in this elonged cold country that noone really want's to come to if they really did not have to. [Hmm! That must be why 100 000 people- mostly muslim comes here every year?]

Who want's to move to a bigoted and backwards moving country in the northern Europe when the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Germany and England gives you much greater opportunities to get a job and be integrated and at the same time are being given the right to uphold their culture, values and normes?"

Well Behrang! Here comes a little piece of advice. If you think that Sweden are so bad, then go back to from where you came! It might be so that you would like it more in Canada or England where they allready have sharia courts- so then go there! I don't want YOU in MY country!

Immigrants are not to be integrated- they are to be assimilated, and if you don't want that- then sod off!


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Well-put. It's amazing how critical they are to a country that has been so good to them. It's because they have no respect for anyone who treats them well.

Saturday, 27 September 2008 at 18:14:00 CEST


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