Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


This is sort of fun...

... to discuss with muslims in general, and with "palestinians" in particular.

Muslims think that they "own" country and land. For example; they think that Jerusalem and the temple mount is an islamic legacy- even though all arceologic and historical evidence points to the opposite!

An other thing is that there has never existed a palestinian state; no matter how much the egyptian, jordanian and syrianian arabs whish it had!

The land area populary known as palestine has never ever in known history existed as a souverigne state! The only states in the area historically is the kingdom of Israel, Judea and the modern time republic of Israel.

Listen now; people like "al- andalus". Just beacause muslims sometime forcefully, by violence concured land, and then got their ass whipped in a counter reaction; it does NOT mean that the land for ever is muslim grounds!

This also means that because Israel never have been properly incorporated in to any other state- it has never been concoured, and thereby never have been anything else than Israel proper!

Jews were living in the area some 1500 years before muhammed even was a glint in the eye of his father! And have continued to live there through out history to this day...

Historically, all islamic societys has proved to be faliures. The only thing keeping the muslim world off their knees is oil. A nature resorce that muslim depends on the kaffirs to bring to them. Because, there is no way never that a muslim would come up with even such a simple innovation as a pump!

Prove me wrong! How many Nobel laurates are muslim? How many of them are winners in the heavy classes? How many innovations have we seen coming from muslim countrys during the last 1500 years?

But there are one area where muslims do excel.
Last I checked 9867 deadly terror attacks had been performed by muslims after 9/11 (that we know of), houndred of thousands- if not miljons of people have been killed- and many more injured and crippeled. Most of those killed and injured are other muslims; But that does not make it any better at all- RIGHT!

The winter is closing in...

Fascinating future report from 1901

Click on the picture for a larger verision!


The EU comission...

A work group in the EU comission wanted to legislate against to high doses of EM radiation (which there are no evidence what so ever of it's dangers). The result of a suchlike law would have been that MRI scanners would be forbidden!

For now, the legislation is put on ice. But just you wait!

French Frogs

Apparently the French government want to legislate higher tolls from countrys that has not signed the Kyoto Protocol. This would of course harm import from USA.

What the French government don't mention is that USA have lessened it's CO2 emissions, while they have gone UP here in the EU!

And in the final round it's us, the consumers that have to pay...


Make all staff exercise for an hour, says top health adviser

A radical plan to improve the nation's health - including a workplace "exercise hour" - has been unveiled by a leading Government adviser.

New figures today show England is the fattest country in the EU. Now Professor Julian Le Grand, chairman of Health England, hopes to encourage people to improve their diets, give up smoking and exercise more.

He proposed the introduction of a smoking permit, which smokers would be required to show each time they bought tobacco. It is then their choice to go smoke free and not buy a permit.

Companies with more than 500 staff would have an " exercise hour". Employees would have to deliberately choose not to join in. The proposalsare the opposite of the Government's approach which requires people to opt in to healthy lifestyles. Instead it would be up to them to make the unhealthy choice.

In his speech to the Royal Statistical Society last night the professor, a former aide to Tony

Blair said: "It is not like banning something, it's a softer form of paternalism."

Weeeelll! Now, I'm not a smoker. I know smoking is a burden on the taxpayers (more sick leave, disieses etc) But forcing someone to buy a permit... is that not a bit like forcing people to buy permits before making a suicide? Or why not a licence to buy alchohole? Water is leathal in to great quantities! Should we not then have a licens to handle this deadly substance?

Living will prove to be leathal! How about a must have permit that you have to buy for your right to live? (Ok, ok... I know that we allready pay taxes!)


Achmed the dead terrorist

Movie here.

Betting boss arrested in Netherlands

The Swedish CEO of betting company Unibet has been arrested in the Netherlands on orders of French authorities.

Petter Nylander was on his way home to Britain when he was arrested for breaking laws protecting France's state gambling monopoly. He was detained by Dutch passport police on Monday evening as he was passing through a control at Amsterdam Schipol Airport.


Nylander was arrested under the controversial European Arrest Warrant, under which people accused of a crime in one country can be arrested in another country without a prima facie case having been established.

Unibet says the laws it is alleged to have broken are from the 19th century, and protect state companies from private competition. The company argues that France is ignoring European law. It says that a judgment from the European Court in March confirmed that European gaming monopolies breach EU law.


Now- I'm not a gambler myself, but I think that that state monopolys are bad. And if it gets to the extent as to arrest someone doing a perfectly legal buisness in another country, which by the way also is legal by EU comisson ruling, I get really, really.... Gnnaaaargh!

Freaking Frogs!

"TOCK"- is the sound I make when my flat hand slaps in to my forehead!

EU has legislated that car comercials should have a "warning text" much like that what you find on cigarette packets. A fifth of the commersials are to be warnings about CO2 emissions!

Well, what they don't want to warn you about is that a car emitts ten times more water wapour- which is 8 times more potent as a greenhouse gas!


I mean; the gratest cause for H2O emissions is the sun! Should we legislate against it?
Just you give the morons in Brussel time enough...'

I think I'm going to start walking around asking people to sign petitions about and against the dangers of dihydromonoxide's effects!


What's right is wrong?

At Robert Spencers weblog Jihad watch, this can be found:

Spencer recently spoke at a so-called "Counterjihad Brussels 2007" conference in Belgium attended by those with links to far-right parties such as Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang (Belgium) and Ted Ekeroth of Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden). Both parties have been accused of either having a racist platform, a neo-Nazi past or having links to neo-Nazis and other racists....

While I know nothing about Filip Dewinter and Vlaams Belang, I can for shure tell you that Sverigedemokraterna is NOT a far- right wing party...

On the contrary, they are a socialist party, more on the hinges of the social democrates than any others! They are isolanistic, nanny- and wellfare state lovers. Really they are more social democrates than the social democrates themselves! They only differs themselves from the socialists in the aspect of wanting to limit the immigration in to this country...

And that's were you find the real racists, bigots, hatemongerers and gay bashers today... Within the left!

Surprise anyone?


I don't care-Stupid

I have many fine friends that has a beliefe. Some of them are christian believers, some are jews and a few are muslims.

I don't care!

It's the human behind the beliefsystem that is important. All of these people that I call my friends, are deascent people, loving mothers and fathers and hard working citizens. As long as they keep their personal faith a personal matter...

I don't care!

But when a faith gets out of track and the worshippers thinks they have a moral superiority- that's when it gets wrong.

Sadly to say, the only of the faiths listed abowe that lacks a core morality- let it be for the lack of the golden rule- is islam.

As I have written countless times before; islam is not only a faith system. It's also an ideology. And as that it is totalitarian in it's core and determenistic in it's nature. I mean, there are about 70 rules in the quran and ahadiths just about urinating and defecating. If you are a devote muslim, you're supposed to follow every one of these.

Because the ideology is deterministic, it means that even if you follow all of these rules on how to go to the crappers. There are also hundreads of other rules that you will have to follow if you want to be a good muslim (never mind that big parts of the muslim world have not agreed on what a "good muslim is".)

But even if a muslim follow the commands of the quran and other mad texts sprung out of the rambelings of a madman. They can still not be shure of a ticket to paradise when they die. The only way to be shure of a one way ticket to paradise is to become either a prophet or a martyr. As we all know muhammed (piss be upon him) was the "last" prophet. So for a muslim to be shure to enter the gardens of ever flowing wine riwers! And have their share of the 72 raisins, they will have to become martyres.

So there really should not be a surprise for us here in the west when a devote muslim blows him- or herself up and killing other people in the process. They are only doing what they have to do! But still politicians think that we can "reform" them and bring democracy to countrys where the peoples relig, oops, ideology absoultely forbids them to embrace anything suchlike.

It's not "radical islam" that has to be fought on all fronts. It's islam stupid!
It's not the muslims we have to fight. It's islam stupid!
It's not fundamentalists anywhere we have to fight. It's our stupid politicians!



Apparently- according to Lars Vilks homepage- he has got himself a new dog. It's a bitch namned Muhammed!

He is either the insanest or the bravest man in the world!


The Tortoise and the Eagle

"Now consider the tortoise and the eagle.

The tortoise is a ground-living creature. It is impossible to live nearer the ground without being under it. Its horizons are a few inches away. It has as about as good turn of speed as you need to hunt down a lettuce. It has survived while the rest of evolution flowed past it by being on the whole, no threat to anyone and too much trouble to eat.

And then there is the eagle. A creature of the air and high places, whose horizons go all the way to the edge of the world. Eyesight keen enough to spot the rustle of some small and squeaky creature half a mile away.
All power, all control. Lightning death on wings. Talons and claws enough to make a meal of anything smaller than it is and atleast take a hurried snack out of anything bigger.

And yet the eagle will sit for hours on the crag and survey the kingdoms of the world until it spots a distant movement and then it will focus, focus, focus on the small shell wobbling among the bushes down there on the desert. And it will leap...

And a minute later the tortoise finds the world dropping away from it. And it sees the world for the first time, no longer one inch from the ground but five hundred feet above it, and thinks: what a great friend I have in the eagle.

And the the eagle lets go.

And almost always the tortoise plunges to its death.
Everyone knowes why the tortoise does this. Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off. No one knows why the eagle does this. There's good eating on a tortoise but, considering the effort involved, there's much better eating on practically anything else. It's simply the delight of eagles to torment tortoises.

But of course, what the eagle does not realize is that it is participating in a very crude form of natural selection.

One day a tortoise will learn how to fly."

- Terry Pratchett; Small Gods


The Zebra Law

The in Sweden populary known "Zebra Law", is a law that relatively newly was legislated in Sweden. It made it illegal (rather than a proposal) for motorists not to stop if someone were about to walk over a pedestrian crossing.

The result?

More people than ever are run down by cars at pedestrian crossings (non- lighted), because people in general now seems to think they are invincible, and dont look down the street anymore when they try to.


The Swedish Road Administration has descided to remove pedestrian crossings.

Nnnngh! They just can't help but to put their hats on backwards- can they?

Oh- and another thing!
Motorists here have to leave way for bicyklists with the exception of:'
When the bicyklist crosses a road on a pedestrian crossing! (The have to leave way if you cross the road a meter on the side of the crossing!)

They also have to leave way for bicyklist when turning out of a roundabout, but not when going in to it!

Here we also have special bicykle lanes and roads. You can get fined for riding your bike at the pedestrian lanes, but the pedestrians can walk about wherever they want.

Because this is an university city (50 000 students) and also because it is impractible to use cars- there is a lot of bicykling going on (And walking). When i ride my bike to work or the university, it's like trying to ride through an obstacle course. People here does'nt look up or down the streets when taking a step out in to them to cross them. They walk in the middle of the streets, preferably 3-5 side by side- even though there are perfectly good side curbs and when they cross a street, the preffered way of doing it is diagonally, which means that crossing a ten meter lane takes them for a thirty meter walk...

And here I come. Me, my bike and my backpack weighs in at about 110 kilos. I'm riding at maybe 20 km/h! Think of the kinetic energy there...


EU- the new USSR

EU has legislated that preschool kids in childcare no more are allowed to make their own sandwiches.

What more is, is that if the butter, cheeze and other stuff has been standing on the table over a snack session- they have to be thrown away afterwards!

This is all of "hygienic reasons", so the kids wont get infections from each others.

BUT, the kids are allowed to sneese at each others freely, and they lick at the same toys!

Ah, it feels good to see your taxmoney in action does it not?


Technical problems

Having some trouble with my computer right now.
I'm not shure what it is. I can only run it for a few minutes at a time and then it goes all crapped up. 100% processor load and some strange processes that duplicates itself when I try to shut them down. My antivirus program don't show up anything. But until it's solved, posts will be far and few...

Read the most excellent bloggers in my side bar instead!


Poppy No Good Revisited pt 1 (and 2)

Go over to Illustrated P.I.G ti Islam for this excellent post!


Refugee or Terrorist?

"However, failing to balance asylum permissiveness with national security can have serious implications, as has been demonstrated by lenient Canadian immigration policies. In 2003, Former Canadian Ambassador Martin Collacott, Senior Fellow at the Frasier Institute, told a Center for Immigration Studies audience that “in the case of Canada our largest problem area has been our system for processing asylum seekers... since this is the channel through which most terrorists have entered Canada.” According to Collacott, the Canadians have “stretched” the definition of refugee so far that a British minor was granted refugee status in 1998 because he feared persecution by his deceased father."


A British minor was granted refugee status in 1998 bacause he feared persecution by his desceased father...!

Maybe it's time for the US to start looking in to building fences towards the northern borders aswell...

Well I suppose we here in Sweden are not there just yet. But just you wait... Wanna make a bet?

Doris Lesssing

Doris Lessing got the Nobel Prize in litterature!
This is the first time someone have actually got the prize for work that I have read (before). I have read a number of books of of nobel laruates in hind sight.

Most of the Nobel prize winners are never heard of for the great masses (and might I say, never will be in the future) before they actually are rewarded with the prize.

The reason that I have read her at all is because I'm a Science Fiction NERD. I found her works pretty dull. It's just not something you would eat popcorn to- if you know what I mean. But any way, for once the winner is someone that I have heard of. Good for her!

On the downside; Al Gore was awarded with the peace price. The Norwegians just can't stop themselves can they?


Muslims in space


A Russian rocket blasted off from a launch facility in Kazakhstan on Wednesday, carrying an American, a Russian and a Malaysian to the international space station.The Soyuz-FG rocket soared into a darkening sky above the Kazakh steppe.Aboard were Peggy Whitson of Beaconsfield, Iowa, who will be the first woman to command the space station, veteran Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, and Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the ninth Muslim in space but the first from Malaysia. They will arrive in two days.

Dr. Shukor’s mission at the space station presents special problems, not only because he is a Muslim, but also because he will be in space during the holy month of Ramadan. To conform properly to his dietary restrictions and other rituals will require some tricky calculations, procedures which are not necessary for most Muslims.

Read the rest at Gates of Vienna

Lessee now....Space station going around the globe 15 times per 24 hours means 15 sunrises times 5 = 75 prayers towards Mecca. So if they attach a generator to the Muslim while he's revolving towards Mecca they can dump the solar panels. Islam at work, for a change...
(Kepiblank in the comments section)



Al Gore tipped to win Nobel Prize

THE environmental campaigner Al Gore is being tipped as a favourite to win the Nobel peace prize in Oslo this Friday in a controversial move that could place saving the planet above saving people from war and conflict.

Now, why does this not surprise me? I mean with the track record for the (Norwegian) peace Nobel price comitees winners through the years...

Like for example:
Mohammed Anwar Al-Sadat
Alva Myrdal
Yasser Arafat
Jimmy Carter
(And other dimwits)

Well, he would be in the right company!

We really, really need alternative energy rescources..



Perspective Police

I was riding home after working late this night. Normally I carry battery powered bicykle lights in my backpack, but this day I had forgot to take them with me. I thought, "What the heck! I'll take my chances", mounted the bike and started my trip home.

I was riding down a "yard street" (It means that cars are allowed only under special circumstances- and allways has to leve way for pedestrians and bikers when they do).

There is a lot of bike traffic at this particular street as it leads from the bar street towards campus.

It's also quite lit up. From a distance I happend to notice a reflex of the warning lights of a police car, so I stepped off my bike and continued by foot, leading my bike.

Yes. about 50 meters ahead I found two patroll cars and four polices that were pulling over bicyklists with no lights! I mean- I broke the law and everything, I'm very aware of that.

But standing around the patrol cars were atleast 15 kids (and more walking away, leading their bikes!) They had all got fined with 500 kr (49€ / $65)...

Meanwhile there are murderers walking on our streets!

Perspective police- police perspective...

Dr. Hook - Everybody's Making It Big But Me

This brings up so many memmories. Dr Hook must have been smoking more than tobacco before their performances!


Making a choise

I was taking a bicykle ride to day. I went to a (reasonably close) shopping mall. It is a crisp, sunny Octoberday. The leafs has started falling down, making it sound like riding through Rice Crispies. The chestnuts on the track made it feel like riding over cobblestones.

When I was riding back home, I overtook a man on a sportsbike with a reflexwest and a bicyklehelmet. A little bit further down the track, I came to a stop at a streetlight. Then this man with the bicyklehelmet comes up to my side and starts yelling at me because I did not weare a helmet!

Now- it's obligatory by the law for children under 15 here in Sweden to weare helmets when bicykeling. But I'm well over 15, and I have never used a helmet.

Yes, helmets do save people from headinjuries. But! resent studies has showed that injuries to the spinal cord rises just as much as the helmet bearers headinjuries diminishes. A part from helmet bearers taking larger riscs. But mostly because they use the wrong form of helmets. Have you taken a look at what shape the bicycle helmets have?

Anyway, I flipped the bird at the man and went on my way.

I'm making a choise!

I have been through and lived through a number of bike accidents over the years. I have had broken ribs, AC Contutions (ouch- that one hurted big time - for a long time), not to mention all the soft tissue injuries and burn wounds.

But I have never hurt my head!

So what should we do? Legislate of people riding bikes having to use full football gear?

As a matter of fact, tens of thousands of people dies every year falling down while walking! What about them?

I think we should have a law forcing our politicians to allways weare a helmet. You know- just for their protection.

I'm making a choise!


"I´m prepared to offer everything for allah"

This is taken from Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish Daily). It is a translation by me (everything wrong is my fault), of an iterwiev with a muslim woman who made death threats towards the Swedish artist Lars Vilks after the infamous publishing of the Modoggie cartoons.

She live in a suburb/project in Gothenburg. Here she works and live with her family. She has allways been a believer, and from the past summer she has descided to live by the fundamentalist variant of her religion that she now follows.

[The article does not reviele what exact fundamentalist wing that would be- but she is clearly a muslim, and then you can draw your own conclutions!]

The mother of two children can not explain her transition to be a fundamentalist but she says that she is subjugating her self under the will of allah.

Nowdays, the woman dresses herself in a full Niqab, she allso covers her eyes with semitransparent cloth. [Which would make it more of a burqa!]

SVD meets with her just after a prosecutor/court has given her a fine for threatening Lars Vilks to his life.

Before the interview she prayes.

- I phoned Vilks and told him it was wrong. He said to me that I should accept the drawing because islam is a religion of love.
Then I said "No! islam means submission!"

During fall the woman kept on following the debate around Lars Vilks, and when the artist kept on defending his picture of the profet, she mailed a death threat to him. She still says that she stands by her threat.

- According to sharia law, the only law that I follow,, persons like that should be killed. It is a feeling that comes out of my love for the profet.

- Is it not hard for a person with your values to live in Sweden?

- Up to now, I have been able to do it. But it does not work anymore, because a majority of the Swedish people accepts that we are being ridiculed.

- Are there any country where you could think of living in?

- Afghanistan or Pakistan. Muslims have no future in Europe. Atleast not if they want to follow sharia. [Well darling. I will personally buy you a ticket to those hellholes. Just give me an adress. The sooner the better! But somehow I relly don´t think we will se her departure in the forseable future!]

- How does it work out with your family, do they share your convictions?

- So far, everything is good. But I´m willing to offer everything I have. I have nothing to loose. On the contrary, I´m winning every day. I´m fighting for my profet! [So you are willing to offer your own family because of the rambelings of a madman 1500 years ago? Good for you...]

-Are you active in any organisation?

I´m active in some organisations. I say what many would like to say but do not dare to. Some (people) has tried to put it all under a blanket. They sat down with Reinfeldt (Swedish PM) and then it was "all good". But it is boiling everywhere and Sweden will get knowledge of this.
[This is nothing more than another threat from a representative of "the religion of peace"! "If you do not submit to the religion of a madman- ummpf sorry, peace- then we WILL KILL YOU!"]

You writes to Lars Vilks that you will take contact with al-Qaida. Can you really do it?

- I do not want to answer that question.

-Why have you taken it upon yourself to threaten Lars Vilks?

- I had expected my muslim brothers to react. But nothing happened. I can on one hand understand that because you risk your professional aswell as your family life by doing what I have done. But someone has to take the responsibility. When I stand before allah, he would ask me why I had not done anything. [My holy XBOX! She is really a piece of work. I mean I like Romero movies and all that but this zombie is amongst the scariest I´ve ever heard of!]

-Most muslims say that it is only god that can cast judgements. What do you think about that?

- Those who say so, do not know their religion. There are muslims that knows what sharia says but do not follow the commands. They are hypochrites. And that goes especially for muslims in leading positions!

- Are you a dangerous person?

- No, not to innocent persons. [But who is innocent? That is what I want to know. Am I, an Agnostic white male an innocent? I need to know- from the whole muslim world. I demand it! Who is innocent?]



It´s so many thing wrong with this girl and the subject I just have not got the stamina to make a deeper analyzis of it all. But as you all are Intelligent, freethinking non-zombies, I´m shure you can figure it out by yourselves.

Be good now!

Congrats (not really) President Putin

The soviet- ehhrrr- Russian president Vladimir Putin has turned 55. As a birthday present he got a celebratory play, who depicts him as a emphatic multi- action hero by the people!

As a sidenote. On his 50:th birthday- he was given... A mountain!

He is more and more beginning to look like kim jong il...

Thanks to HAX

Atlantic Osprey

The bulk ship "Atlantic Ospray" is right now sailing from Sweden to Sellafield, Great Brittain- loaded with nuclear disposal.

Apparently this has brought strong reactions from the Norwegian and Icelandic governments.

First of all; these two countrys are among the richest countrys in the world when it comes to natural energy resources. Norway has wast oilfields and Iceland has geothermic energy to be used in abundance. (It´s a little bit like the Danes, complaning over our nuclear powerstations- and when we shut them down, we are forced to import energy from Denmark who has really, really big oil and coal powerplants to deliver it! Yeah! That will do it for the invironment!

Second; the former Swedish social democratic government, with the greens, has made it impossible for Sweden to take care of our own nuclear disposals, because as it is right now- It´s forbidden to even think about solutions of end disposal!

The sheer stupidity of our politicians- and especially the greens, are mindboggeling!


John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith

This is one of the most beautiful songs I know! Video- It´s also a favorite song of a friend of mine that sadly passed away at this time last fall. Listen to it!
Be good now!

Perssons Pack

A repost, but the song is to ... beautiful to overlooked, and the lyrics is fantastic. Sorry it´s all in Swedish but give it a try anyway. The music is fantastic!

Perssons Pack

Traste Lindens Kvintett

How come the lefties has the best music? Even though these two videos has no political message...

And finally a video for you English speakers; All you Zombies, with The Hooters. It´s so eightie´s that I... well just check it out!

Action sports and backpains

Some time ago, I was a very avid action sporter. I did it all. Diving, rock klimbing and skydiving. You name it- if it was possible to hurt yourself- I was in to it!

I have been troubled for the past weeks with a backpain. It´s an old injury I got when skydiving.

It was in mid January. We have no commersial driven skydiving here in Sweden (well maybe now there is some), we only had "clubs". Every club was also joined to the Swedish defence, and that ment that you had to do certain things for them from time to time- like posting as invading paratroops and such.

But it also ment that we could sometimes take free trips in the C120 Hercules. Even though the temperature on the ground was -30c none of us wanted to miss the opportunity to get the ride. We usually made our jumps from a Cessna 206, and it took for ever to get to bailing heights.

We made our jump, our RW (for those of you that don´t know it- the temperature at altitude are more like 0- or above).

But when you come down to about 300 meters or so the cold hits you in the face like a slap! Maybe it was that that made me take all the wrong descisions. First of all, I totaly missunderstood the winds, then shortly before the landing I did a hookturn (something you do to build up speed before the landing. I found my self going down with neckbraking speed. I flared all I could, succeded in leveling out, but only to find me travelling horisontally a couple of feet over the ground in maybe 90 km/hr. A large snowdrift was in my way! I hit it at maximum speed feet first. My mates later told me that the only visible part of me was my hands sticking out of the snowdrift still holding the risers.

When they finally digged me out I had gained countiesness. A friend of mine was working in the flight controllant tower at that time (she was also a skydiver). A collegue of her´s asked her if I was supposed to do that? And she said "Nooo... not really!"

I really did not feel any pain until the morning after. I woke up and felt a need to go to the lavaratory, but when I tride to rise up out of my bed, it was just not possible.

From time to time I´m problemed with this old injury (like I´m now)

The moral of the story is- stay with chess!


... The Police Master in Stockholm has ordered the 6500 polices in her district to think about the invironment.

The police officers have been sitting in think tanks, and pondered over what they can do to make a lesser negative invironmental imprint.

Well that´s comenadble... OR NOT! Police have a function! They should be out in the streets chasing criminals, solving crimes- don´t you think! Not sitting in big happy lalala groups.

Anyway, one of the things descided was that they would stop using plastic cups for their coffe! Hmm, the only drawback is that for the energy it takes to wash a ceramic cup in a dishwasher- you can make a thousand plastic cups! (Not to mention the energy it takes to make the dish washing machine...

And! some of the energy that has been used to make the plastic cups can actually be recykeled- by burning them. Good luck in trying to start a fire with broken china...

The stupidity never ends!

John Hiatt

Slow Turning (Video)

Five points of dismanteling "islamophobia"

Robert Spencer over at Jihad watch.


Bomber given record jail spell

A Palestinian serving a life sentence for bombing a synagogue and an airline office in Copenhagen has had his life sentence limited to thirty years by a court in Örebro. The sentence is the longest fixed-period tariff handed down in Sweden in modern times.

The man was given a life sentence in 1990 for a 1985 attack in the Danish capital. He and two other Palestinians planted two bombs - one outside the offices of American airline Northwest Orient and another outside the city's synagogue. One person was killed at the airline office. The man was convicted of murder, although lawyers say that today he would have been convicted under terror crimes legislation.


"He has been in jail for about 18 years and if the time limit had been set lower than thirty years they would have been obliged to release him immediately.

"Now, under the rules stipulating release after serving two thirds of a sentence, he will be let out after serving 20 years - in other words in 1.5 years,"

But the airline office person who got killed will never get his life back! Now- I know that life time prison sentences can be looked at as cruel and unusual punishment. But for cruel and unusual people it fit´s right to be imprisoned- for life!


Planet Terror

I just wathched Robert Rodriguez movie "Planet Terror".
It does not make any sense at all. It stars the beautiful Rose McGowan in one of the roles as an amputee with a assualt rifle for a prosthestics!

The movie itself is a pulp fiction mix- max story of a slasher movie, with heavy Romero zombie influations and comedy.

I loved it!

It´s crazy. It´s a torrent of scenes put to gether with no real connections. All filmed with fake noise a lá early seveties big screen flicks.

I urge you to see it...

RR:s films might be seen as really good or really bad by some- but they are never uniterresting!


Three Palestinians killed in Gaza car blast

GAZA (Reuters) - Three Palestinians were killed on Tuesday when their car exploded outside a Hamas security office in Gaza and the Islamist militant group which runs the territory accused Fatah rivals of trying to plant a bomb near its outpost.
(The incident could stoke internal tensions between Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction nearly four months after the Islamist group seized the coastal territory by force.
Hospital officials said another Palestinian was wounded in the blast in Gaza City.
A Hamas security official said the three Palestinians who died in the blast belonged to Fatah and accused the secular group of attempting to plant a bomb near one of its security post when their vehicle exploded.
The official said at least one of the men was a "senior Fatah militant," though he declined to provide any of their names.

Darwins theories in effect!

Swedish aid slammed by auditor

Sweden's public auditors say they have found evidence of irregularities in a number of Swedish foreign aid projects, in a damning report on the conduct of Swedish aid work.The projects at the centre of the allegations took place in Africa and are financed by Sida, the Swedish International Development Agency. The Swedish National Audit Office (Riksrevisionen) found irregularities in most of the projects they looked at. Neither Sida nor the agency's own auditors detected the irregularities.

The National Audit Office's Lennart Grufberg said Sida's internal checks were insufficient. Measures to prevent irregularities were "almost non-existent," he said.The National Audit Office spent the past year investigating 15 Sida projects in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. All the projects were managed locally by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In three out of four projects there were insufficient records to evaluate what kind of work had been carried out.Grufberg says that Sida and the government take action to ensure better control of money channelled through NGOs.Some 1.3 billion kronor of Swedish foreign aid money was channeled through NGOs last year. 370 projects received money to carry out 6,000 projects.
TT/The Local ( 656 6518)

Why am I not surprised?


In Burma- no I have to write it all over again- burma; 80 monks have been released from prison after the newly done protests.

Well that´s good innit?

The problem is that according to BBC, the daily Telegraph and other sources, more than 4000 other monks are still inprisonated! Going to be send up to prison camps in the northern parts of the country...

Shamelessly inspired by HAX

Link Swedish!


Aid money

Aid money is first and foremost a transition of money from poor people in rich countrys to rich people in poor countrys!


Missile defence system