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Clashes at Malmo forum

Masked protesters attack police during an anti-globalization demonstration in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.

The clashes came on the sidelines of the European Social Forum, a regular event that draws thousands of social justice activists from across Europe and beyond. The four-day forum began on Wednesday and is to wind up with a huge anti-globalization rally.

Link with video.

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The "anti globalization movement" consists of fascist groups like "reclaim the streets" and "AFA" are serious leftards. The people in them are mostly youngsters- the kind that are learning to shave and to wipe their asses.
The hilarious thing is that they call themselves "anti-facists" while having a fascist agenda and ideology! They are MORONES!
Besides being "anti-globalizers", they also want to stop international violence, especially USA's warefare in Iraq and Afghanistan and don't even let me get in to the subject about how they feel about Israel.

They do this by using violence, rioting, plundering, sabotage, assaults at police, firemen civilians and politicians (Ok- the last one is sometimes...NO!) Isn't this ironic?
Does this feel familliar?

Well, if you look at who the people in these organisations are; you will find out that an improportial part of them goes by the name of muhammed, hassan and the likes. The rest are hangons, people with serious issue problems.

You can find them at caf├ęs in every major city in Sweden. They are easily identified by the black hoodies and the jingle all the metal face ware does when they shake their head in discust over things like freedom of speach.

During the riots, the police just stood there looking at the carnage. For example a bank office was broken in to, it's windows being smashed. There were no money to get there but the idiots smashed the office to pieces.

It was not the policemens fault. They were under orders not to get in to action, only to observe! Orders by who? And why?

One police officer who did not want to tell his name for fear of loosing his job said:
"We are supposed to uphold law and order, but now we were forced to stand asaide and look at several serious crimes being comitted. It's FUBAR!


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