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El Gore

We have had a lousy summer here in Sweden. They say it's because of a weather fenomen called "El Nina" that blows in from the west over the Atlantic.

In October, another gust of hot air will hit Sweden coming over the Atlantic, namely El Gore...

He is going to speak at a convention in Nacka. The price of the tickets will be 3750Kr ($620)!

I have said it before but I will nag about it until everybody understands it: Money=energy and energy=an environmental imprint including CO2 emissions.

3750Kr- Jeeez!

But we will drag this bag of bovine manure here anyway. In a Jumbo Jet none the less, pay him a manure load of money (which of course equals energy spent), so HE can tell US how to live our lifes. Wonder if they will fly him away from here in the Swedish governmental jet, like the last time he was here?
I don't know if to laugh or to cry- I think I'll go to bed and sniffle a bit...

He defends his way of living by buying emission trades. Here is the hilarious part; he buys them from his own company! It's a zero sum game! You can't lessen your environmental footprint by buying emission trades with money that allready has polluted the environment!

And don't drag up anything about "renewable energy sources" please. Show me for example a solar panel that during it's lifetime could generate enough energy to build itself and also generate surplus energy enough even to recharge my cell phone or... Run a porta potty. I would invest in that company...


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