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At the denist

Finally- after so many wee, wee years my third molar on the right downhand cheek gave up and split in half.
After 14 days (that's public social service for you),
I finally got an appointment at the statal dental service.

The dentist was greek and the servicing nurse was african.

They did a great job!

In two and one half hour they fixed my troubles!¨
I'm not beeing ironic here- They really did it!

On the other hand;
Neither the dentist or the nurse knew what a "gruvort" (mining shaft) was...

They billed me $ 150 (after rebaites and inscurance).
If I would have been an asylum seeker- it would have been for free.


The Green Beret

At my schooling as a ranger in the swedish army; We did the rangercourse.
That means trekking over 120 Km:s over  a period of five days in no mans land.

Still got the scars!

I remember.
When we finally got back to the regiment-
We got that beret and the insignia. I felt so proud.
Never even tried it on.

Went to my bunk.
And just... doozed off.

And- that's life!


More Swedish Music

Some links, enlglish this time.
Please take your time to discover these gems.


In Flames

OH- Don't forget La Puma

When it comes to heavy metal- Sweden is probably the foremost producing country in the world.
I know- I'm a jazz and classical buff otherwise. But I can still recognize musicality when I heare it.

Just got to love it!

A last goodbye

It has taken me some time to write this.
Hard as it is to loose someone close to you- it's even harder to loose someone that you recently got to know.

I met her at my first semester as a med student. She was two terms over me.
We discovered that I and her kid brother had been skydiving togeteher in Lappland.

We met from time to time- mostly at the local MC- bar.
She was also a good mentor.

The last time I saw her was at the MC bar. We had a good time, having a few beers and chatting away.
When the hands of the clock pointed to midnight, I said to her that it was time for me to wrap it up and go home.

She looked at me and asked "Can't you stay a bit longer?"
I said "No, honey. I really must get to bed.
But I'll see you soon"

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, then looked down and in a low de sotto voive said;
"I don't think so."
I did'nt think of it much then and there. After all, she was'nt among my closest friends, even though we had become "friends" after all this time.

Five weeks later she died of the cancer she had fought for three years, only four weeks after she passed her final exam.


Afghanis at work!

största opiumproducenten. Afghanistan har sedan 1996 varit världens största opiumproducent och i dag finns det mer opium än vad som efterfrågas på världsmarknaden. Foto: AP Foto: Noor Khan

Call it what you like.
It is still a doze.

The afghanistans- mostly- errggh- absolutely 100% muslims, makes their money from culturing poppies that over the traid tarin via Turkey becomes highly illeagle narcotics not only in Europe- but also in the USA.

In some really, really twisted way. The IFOR units in Afghanistan is there to protect their way of living.

See- we don't want talibans ruling. But on the other hand we get poppy fields.

I'm starting to wonder. Excactly how many afghan Nobel laruates are there?

Obama- the hamster killer

This morning, my neighbour called me and asked if I could do her a favour.
Her son had a hamster that was getting old and was sick.

She asked me if I could get a look at the animal- and if needed "take care of buissness".

I went over to her house when everybody was at work or in school.
I found the hamster resting in it's tiny hamster house, laying still, panting, obviously sick.
I knew then that It's monent in life was over- the only thing left to do was to make as a painless walkover that I could manage.

I took it up in my hand- and then! In it's tiny hamster brain, something caught fire.
It was as if it understood that the grim reaper was coming.
It started to wriggle in my hand and sunk it's teehts as hard as it could in my thumb.
Luckily I wore gloves.

I swiftly knocked it on the head with the blunt edge of my knife.
Unconscious as it were, I put it in a plastic bag.

I pressed out all the air in the bag and watched as the hamster over some minutes tried fight for breath. Ever more slowly.

And then- It was gone...

Excactly what Obama is trying to do to USA!
And you voted him back to office for a second term!


Magnus Uggla
Try this. It's a almost 58- year old nobelmans song. Don't let the swedish scare you away.

Another one:

Magnus Uggla is probaly the smallest likably guy in the world!
He is a stiff upper lip- but don't recgonice it.
It's a man I could do a hanshake with...

A new prince

The crownregent princess Victoria married Daniel a while ago. (I've been amongst those fortunate few ones that has serviced as a royal guard to her) As I understand it- Daniel has no military training whatsoever. Not only is Daniel the spitting image of ComHem:s Robert-

But he is also amongst the very few that has scored 0,1 at högskoleprovet (the swedish SAT).
A monkey can score higher than 0,5!

Either he did it delibearlity (which is doubtful)- or we have a moron as a future regent!

Holy crap- I scored 2,0 (highest score) and I'm not anywhere near a genious!



To day my molar gave up.
I was chewing salty liqouriche and all of a sudden a slice of my no: 2 molar descided to give me hell.
All the way from the top to my gums!


That's another 10 000 Kr ($ 1560) on top of the 2700 ($ 407) I have to pay for repairing my car.

I also desperately need a new sofa 22 500- 30 000 Kr ($3391- 4521).

And my cat's want food...
Yeah- that is plural...