Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


Bianca Jagger- then it has to be right?

The alarmist meeting that a crowd of Jet-Set echologists, 600 people, are holding in Tällberg (SWE) has gathered such climatolog experts as the former arch bishop K-G Hammar, the actris Lena Endre and the once so photogenique Bianca Jagger, world famous for being an ex- wife to M. Jagger in The Rolling Stones. (How can you be world famous for being an ex- wife? I've never heard of any man that has become world famous by being ex- husband to any female star).

You still misses Bob Geldof and the bleeding heart rock star with the wierd yellow shades. They would have given the meeting a greater catastrophic pondus than climat light weighters as Jagger and Endre. K-G Hammar also weighs in like a fart in the wind in these situations.

A calculus over what this climate congress has costed in CO2 emissions- everybody is flying in from all over the world, nobody takes their bicykle or walks, would mean that it hit 8,7 on the international Richter scale over such emissions. It's atleast enough to kill six polar bears or 18 groundhogs. The chairman Bo Ekman alone are accounted for atleast one half polar bear.

Who is paying for this? I have not made any inquieries in the matter but I'm willing to bet $100 on that it is us taxpayers that are paying for it.

Link (Swedish only)


French court blocks annulling marriage over virginity

A French appeals court blocked the decision of a lower court to annul a marriage because the bride was not a virgin as she had claimed.

The ruling Friday in a case that has reflected the tension between Muslim social codes and French values effectively freezes the matter, leaving the marriage in force, until Sept. 22, when the same court will hear arguments on the substance of the case, an appeals court official said.

The case has brought together the governing party, the Union for a Popular Movement, and the opposition Socialist Party, both of which criticized the original court ruling, saying that it had given too much weight to the religious sensitivities of the couple.

The bride and groom both came from "moderate Muslim families," the groom's lawyer, Xavier Labbée, has said in newspaper interviews, although he said the ruling had not been based on any religious criteria.

A judge in the northern town of Lille annulled the marriage in April at the request of both parties after the bride disclosed after their wedding that she had had sexual relations with other men.

Are we talking about creeping sharia here or are we talking about creeping sharia? Even the French minister of Justice (!) has apelled the courts descision- while being muslim her self.

Read more here.


Union to picket petrol station over porn

A branch of the Syndicalist trade union has threatened strike action at a petrol station in northern Sweden if managers refuses to remove pornographic material from the shelves.

The union's Umeå branch plans to picket the OKQ8 petrol station in Degeränget, Piteå unless its demands are met by 6am on July 9th.

Union member and petrol station employee Niklas Svenlin said he had long pleaded with his bosses for the removal of pornographic products from the store.

"At most places of work it is perfectly natural not to have to handle porn, and that's the way it should be everywhere," he said in a statement.

The Local

What do you think? The case is about (mostly) soft porn magazines and in a few cases about hard core rental DVD:s. I have never in my life rented a porn movie (which does not mean that I have not seen a few). It is not that I have anything in particular about consenting adult material- it's just that I rather place the money on... dried reindeer jerky.

But! This is a serious case of a group of people wanting to infringe the freedom of speach! What is next?
Libertarian (no- not liberal for you Yanks) newspapers? How about certain books? (The syndikalists are leftards!). Right wing bloggers like me? Stores that sells Coca-Cola?

No the message is- Conform, uniform and let others (those who knows best- and that's never, ever you yourself) descide what is right for mankind- meaning everybody else but themselves. Because this is the same people who don't mind for a second to hand out pamflets in a street corner about the favours of communism (which so far has a... hmm, not so good a track record so to speak).

Just to make my point; I will now go to the nearest place where you can buy porn and buy me a magazine (for the articles of course).

Retards- sorry leftards. Never, ever, ever,ever,ever try to tell me what I can or can not do as long as it's legal!

Update: As I understand it the whole thing is over mens "life style magazines", think Playboy with no nipples. These magazines have very little nudity, they mostly contain articles and reortages about music, mens- fashion, games, sport and the sorts. The employee that started it all is a man who is a syndicalist (very, very, very leaning to the left). They are the equivalent of "nanny knows best", e.g - "We know what is better for you" kind of clientel. They are also very islamist- friendly, while at the same time, strangly enough, are proclaiming to be pro- feminist and pro- gay rights!

Strangly enough? The syndicalists does not seem to have anything against women life style magazines, that displays full front nudity of men- but mostly women at every other page.

Grrrr! I think I'm going to buy me another of those magazines (Moore, Café, Schlitz) just to... Well, annoy some idiot. (I can always put it in my neighbours mailbox- just kidding. They are actually featuring some of the most prominent journalists both from Sweden and from other countrys).


Tomorrow is...

...June 27.

My vacation does not start for another two weeks. But the kindergarten/preeschool closes after this weekend. I have no idea what to do. Maybe put my son in a basket outside a church? Put him out in the woods and hope for the best? Or just give him the keys to the apartement and a handful of 100 SEK notes... Hmmm?

My son is in the infamous PKU- register. All people in Sweden born after 1975 has their DNA registered. You can have your DNA terminated- yet! The blood works register was there for scientific reasons only from the beginning. But now the government want's to use it to track people down that are under suspicion for a crime. That's right- you don't even have to be charged with a crime, its enough that some one thinks that you could be involved. That's fine and dandy you think? We get to put away criminals that otherwise would not be convicted. Only thing is that every time you sneeze your DNA will come up on everything that has been contaminated by your mucus. Of course, DNA is not the sole means to convict someone. But what if you are a suspect in a hate crime or a rape charge? Your reputation will be tarnished for ever- no matter if you are found guilty or not.

The powers that be want's to RFID- tag all letters sent here in Sweden. They say it's because that they then can track any lost letters, The fact that they then can keep track of every ones correspondense is just sugar on the cake.

The FRA legislation will mean that from the year 2009 and on, all electronic communication- may that be E-mails, telephone conversation and so on will be monitored by FRA. They will scrutinise for certain key words like "Bomb, usama bin ladin, terrorist, islam, Jews, jihad, nazis"... and another 250 000 key- words (shit- I'm in trouble now!). Google (amongst other companies) has threatened to withdraw all their buissness in Sweden because of this. Very comendable, were it not for the fact that it does not matter were the actual servers is placed. They/the traffic are going to be monitored anyway. So the only way to stop that from happening is to cut of Sweden all to gether from their servicies and servers (China anyone?).

A former Stasi agent said that "We would never have dreamt of having this kind of control over peoples correspondence and communication. I never dreamed of seeing it in the west!"

The latest proposion is that all Swedish blogger should be registred, have to pay a fee to blog and forfit their right to blog anonumously! Essenitally having to be registered as a media corporation. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?

Be afraid- be very afraid!

Can someone please give me a green card?




The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a proposed plurilateral trade agreement that would impose strict enforcement of intellectual property rights related to Internet activity and trade in information-based goods. The agreement is being secretly negotiated by the governments of the United States, the European Commission, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, and Mexico.[1][2] If adopted at the 34th G8 summit in July 2008, the treaty would establish an international coalition against copyright infringement, imposing a strong, top-down enforcement regime of copyright laws in developed nations. The proposed agreement would allow border officials to search laptops, MP3 players, and cellular phones for copyright-infringing content. It would also impose new cooperation requirements upon internet service providers (ISPs), including perfunctory disclosure of customer information, and restrict the use of online privacy tools. The proposal specifies a plan to encourage developing nations to accept the legal regime.

The European Commission, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and other government agencies have acknowledged participating in ACTA negotiations, but they have refused to release drafts of the treaty or to discuss specific terms under discussion in the negotiations. Public interest advocates in Canada filed an access to information request but received only a document stating the title of the agreement, with everything else blacked out.[2] On May 22, 2008, a discussion paper about the proposed agreement was uploaded to Wikileaks, and newspaper reports about the secret negotiations quickly followed.[3][4][2][5]

ACTA is part of a broader "forum shifting" strategy employed by the trade representatives of the U.S., E.C., Japan, and other supporters of rigid intellectual property enforcement: similar terms and provisions currently appear in the World Customs Organization draft SECURE treaty.[6]


This sounds like a wet dream for the entertainment buissness lawyers. Very little has leaked out about it. If a citizen requests the paper work, all you get out is 30 pieces of paper where all the "good stuff" have been inked out. Not only does this break the Freedom of information legislation, but what little that has actually leaked out is enough to give every humanbeing beliving in the bill of rights (Fri- och rättigheter) nightmares. Among other things, border controls could be set up checking you for illeagal items such as MP3- players, lap tops, region free DVD/Blue Ray players and people can have their internet connection closed down on the suspision of using it for file charing.

All this is done over the heads of the citizens in said countrys. Democracy in motion, huh? It is time for you to write a letter to your congressman!

Leaked documents are one of the banes of modern western politics. They reveal exercises and actions being proposed that are generally objectionable to the public. Such a leak occurred with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which seeks to turn the internet into a virtual police state.

Again, it’s one of the few bastions of anti-corruption, Wikileaks, that has spilled the beans on this unsavory topic. Yesterday the site revealed a document proposing a treaty that will significantly limit the privacy and rights of Internet users, to the benefit of multimillion dollar companies.

“ACTA” is basically an attempt to criminalize the Internet, thus allowing a virtual police state to occur by the selective prosecuting of crimes. In short, it’s an international treaty, or hopes to be, that will greatly increase already draconian copyright measures, in a poor attempt to appease the copyright and patent industries.

The proposal is based on the assumption that ‘intellectual property rights’ (a term used nine times on the first page of the proposal, and 24 times over the entire 3 ½ page document) trump personal privacy, data protection, probable cause, and lots of other important principles in western democracies.

Read more here.

The measure which has received wider publicity is the so-called ‘Pirate Bay killer’. At the end of page two, there is a list of things that should be included in a signee’s legal framework, and in the section about criminal sanctions it states “significant willful infringements without motivation for financial gain to such an extent as to prejudicially affect the copyright holder (e.g., Internet piracy)”. Think non-profit, personal use file-sharing.

Of course, this could go two ways, as the MPAA, for instance, has been guilty of ‘Internet piracy’ in the past, with it’s university toolkit.

Worst of all though, are the following two points speaking of “establishment and imposition of deterrent-level penalties” and “ex-officio authority to take action against infringers”. It is argued that the current level of penalties aren’t harsh enough (“people are still doing it, so they’re no deterrent”), so there should be room for harsher punishments. Combine this with the ability to prosecute without a rights holder complaint, which means that people could be liable for millions, or imprisoned (they are talking about CRIMINAL enforcement) for sharing Steal this Film, or Paulo Coelho’s books. So, these people actively want you to share would have no say in any such prosecution.

There are some other pure gems proposed, such as “ex officio authority for customs authorities to suspend import, export and trans-shipment of suspected IPR infringing goods”. Given that copyright law is so complex and convoluted, and that judges make mistakes in the cases they hear, this is worrying.

Unsurprisingly, the US patent office is backed up beyond belief and dominated by patent trolls that wait until a successful business is established, before pouncing to clean up. This would mean the death for any new and innovative products, or art. If that wasn’t bad enough, there is a further provision for rights holders to prod customs officials into suspension. Thus, a company can make an allegation, forcing a competitors products to be held in limbo until sorted.

Oh how it hurts

I'm having a problem with a tooth. A filling has dropped out, so cold and warm beverages are to be drank with outmost care. Why don't I go to the dentist, you ask? Well; just to sit down in the dentist chair will cost me $167. Then, if something needs to be fixed- the bill could easily exceed $8300.

There are a whole charter buissness going on here with people taking the ferry over to the Baltics to get their teeths fixed for a total of maybe 1/4 of the price here in Sweden. Mostly by dentists edjucated here in Sweden with Swedish taxpayers money...
There are however some groups of people here that has free dental care. Among those are youths under 18, conscripts, convicts and (drumroll) asylum seekers.
The first two categories I can understand. The convicts does not have much money- but it feels like I have to be a criminal to get my teeths fixed somehow. But asylum seekers? Why? They "earn" more than most Swedish people (look at this post).


Well it's about time!

No more free education for non-Europeans

Sweden is to start charging tuition to non-European university students, according to comments by higher education minister Lars Leijonborg in the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Today, Sweden is one of the few countries in the world which does not charge tuition to students from other countries.

The Social Democratic government examined how a tuition system would look, but never put forward a legislative proposal on the matter.

Leijonborg has thus far avoided taking a stand on the controversial question, but now says that the government is in total agreement on charging fees to university students coming from countries other than the EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

“Our primary argument is that it is unwise of a country not to benefit from a payment system which obviously exists. Why should these students pay money to American or British universities, but not to Swedish [ones]?” Leijonborg explained to SvD.

Well, even though I think it's stupid to give away multi miljon edjucations to Britts an Yanks- that's not the problem. We are giving it away to everybody, the majority being middle easters and North Africans. If a Swede want's to go abroad for studying- it's the Swedish tax payers who are paying tha tuition for them. Fine! But why should it also be the other way around? I'm sick and tired of having to pay for others edjucation!

On the other hand, Lars Leijonborg- Minister of higher edjucation said that: "Poor foreign students should be granted scholarship financial aid so that they would be able to study in Sweden". Of course this means that poor students will seek their way to Sweden! How ever you turn your bum is on the backside... Gnaaargh!



Oh, so have the midsummer weekend arriwed. I was up at 06.30 am to wash clothes. Then we took the commuting train to my sister. All of my siblings were gathered there with their respective hang-ons. If there are one day at the year that a foreign military force should invade Sweden- The mid summer weekend is the time of the year!

Quaffing is the word...

I'm getting older it seems though. At 10 o´clock I went up the stairs to make a bed for my son. Then I thought that it was a brilliant idea to "strech out" for a moment. *BANG* and it was Saturday morning!

Well, it is one other day of partying left. HEH!

Midsummer here in Sweden is something all you people should experience. It's surrealistic...
You all have a nice weekend now.


Pablo Picasso

When I was young; I never understood the works of Picasso. He was too surreal for my taste. Only when I became a grown up man I finally realized the greatness of his artistery.

There is an anectodte about Picasso and his painting "Guernica". It was a painting picturing the Basque village of Guernica being bombed by nazis during the Spanish civil war.

During WW II Picasso lived in France and a Gestapo officer once asked him; "Are you the one who did Guernica?" And Picasso answered; "No, that was you!"

They comes in different flavours- or do they really?

Zimbawe is one of Africas hell- holes. It has not allways been so. Zimbawe was once called the "grain storage" of Africa.

Then came the idiot robert mugabe!

In a few decades he has got one of the richest countrys on the continent to become one of the poorest.

Zimbabwe's presidential elections, set for June 27, are speeding toward a horrific crash.

President Robert G. Mugabe, 84, lost the first round in March to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangerai. Mr. Mugabe didn't accept that the challenger had won, claiming improbably that he had not achieved the 50-percent-plus-one necessary for victory, even though Mr. Tsvangerai's party won the parliamentary elections. A candidate from Mr. Mugabe's own ZANU-PF party also ran to draw votes from Mr. Tsvangerai.

Now, as the runoff between the top two draws near, Mr. Mugabe has turned up the heat on his suffering people to obtain the results he wants, to prolong his 28-year rule of the former Rhodesia. He has instructed the country's army to work for his victory. His supporters and security forces are interfering with Mr. Tsvangerai's campaign, and Mr. Mugabe has said he won't let his opponent take power if he were to win.

In the meantime, the disaster that Mr. Mugabe's rule has wreaked on the economy has not only put an estimated one-fourth of the country at risk of starvation, but also propelled floods of citizens to flee into neighboring South Africa.

Their quest for food, shelter and jobs, in competition with poor South Africans and immigrants from other countries, has led to disorder, rioting and killing, which South Africa has found difficult to control.

Meanwhile, African leaders have stood by mute and impotent. Some have tried to put responsibility on the back of South African President Thabo Mbeki, who has declined to act. South Africa could start by closing its border with Zimbabwe, although it is questionable that Mr. Mugabe would take notice.

Other leaders such as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown want to send a U.N. human rights representative and election observers to Zimbabwe -- truly pointless gestures.

Have you ever wondered why asshole dictators (if they are not executed) allways seems to live for ever. Heck; Yousemite Mugabe is 84 for crissake... Castro are reported being dead for the last decade but still drags around his corpse. Kim Il WTF ruled North Korea for like... Ever. He supposidely "went away on a journey" at the ripe age of 214 according to North Korean news agensies. Had not AIDS got him, Arafat would probably still rattle the chains in the corridores. Whats their secret? "Their" people have a life expectancy half of what the megalomaniacs themselves have (in Zimbawes case 35 years!). Khadaffi has looked like he is in his late 50:ths for half a century now!

They don't starve.

They are not being sent out to war.

They have clean water.

They have expencive clothes.

They lives in palaces.

They live on the toils and burdens of the people.

They are "elected" for life (by who?).

Etc, etc.

(I wont even name Hugo Chavez with this lot. He is after all only 54- or is he?).

They are frikking vampires. That's what they are! Sharpen the wooden poles! Or atleast yank thos energizer batteries from their pacemakers. You might try holy water. But I suspect that people like mugabe only would... well expand like a spounge. That is probably why you never see open fire or cigarettes being smoked around dictators. Even a small ember would probably set them on fire...


My brothers and sisters- The Orangutans

If any of you- my beloved readers- want to to do a good thing, I propose for you to give a small token for the preservation of the Orangutans at Borneo. For 75 Kr ($12.50) a month or 900 Kr ($150) a year you can "adopt" an orangutan. Follow this link (in Swedish only; but it should not be so hard to figure out). Otherwise there ceartainly are other English and American charities that does the same good deed.

The orangutans are on the brink of extinction. One of the reasons is that their natural habitat is being chopped down, mainly for palm oil plantages. All in the name of the green muppets environmental scam. When will they learn?

The Janus theory

Hugh Fitzgerald is a contributor over at Jihad Watch and as such he is intelligent and smart in his writings- most of the time. There are however som pitfalls that he uncleverly falls in to. In his essay: The price of oil, and how it got there, his thesis is that we should develop alternative energy resources. Excellent! If it were not for the fact that he is promoting solar power as an alternative. There is no chance- no chance what so ever to make solar panels affordable and echonimcally sane without other- cheaper- energy resources to build them and maintain them with! That goes for wind turbines too.

To be fair he promotes the usage of fusion power. But we are not nearly there to have useful fusion power- yet! Almost on a side note he also promotes fission energy. That is better. If it were not that in the west you are in some cases not even allowed to develop any new science around the concept (or even build new, safer and more efficient ones). Uranium is also a rare and unreplacable element. Still- it's the best way of producing energy that we have today. Building new reactors could mean that the islamic world oil- soiled iron grip of the west could be broken. islamic terrorism would be yesterdays news within a few months if we could wring ourselves out of the chokehold they now have on us.

He also promotes oil exploration elsewhere. - Fine, but will the green muppets allow anything like that?

Subside those alternative forms of energy that we have today? Well here Mr Fitzgerald makes the biggest intellectual Culbuter of them all. Subsides =Money. Money= Energy spent! And I can promise you that none of that energy/money are derived from "alternative energy resources".

He also says that the oil prices are where they should be at $140 a barrel. This is the classic green muppet stance where you tie a knot on your brain to get beside the fact that high oil prices only marginally affects the consumtion of it. That is because; if we want to hold our living standards on a reasonble level, energy prices- may that be nuclear, hydro, oil or whatnot- then the energy prices must be held on a reasonable level! It is that or go down in living standard. As simple as that! High oilprices also will allways hit the poorest people the most.

He is right though in that many of us could manage to get around in smaller, more energy efficient cars, or maybe walk those hundred yards or ride a bicykle a bus or a train. It works fine over shorter distances atleast.

Well, I think Hugh Fitzgerald otherwise makes brilliant analyzes and are a very good writer. So to balance it up, I present you with another essay of his:

Everyone agrees we must boost moderate Islam?


Al Gore a no show

Al Gore wont fly to the climate conference in Växjö (Sweden) in October. Besides his fee of 2.2 miljon Kr ( $370 000) he had other demands. Amongst them was that no journalists were to be allowed during his speach and no press conference were about to be held. (Wonder why?).

His demands could of course not be met, so they are cancelling the whole shebang. There is a proverb in Swedish that goes something like this. There are allways something good coming out of evil. Meaning that if you just look hard enough- you can find a gold nugget. I think that's the case right here. Oh! And do not forget that money is energy in another form...

Also read: Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month
Gore’s personal electricity consumption up 10%, despite “energy-efficient” home renovations

OMG! There is just no end to the hypochrasy here is it?

Mine mosque is bigger than yours

I have not heard about this before, but apparently the muslim brotherhood in France got the government to change the rules over how muslim organisations can be voted in to the muslim councel of France (Conceil Francais du Culte Musulman- CFCM).

The brotherhood was sure about winning the elections after the change of rules which ment that the number of votes would count as more or less prominent or "important" by taking the total floor area of the mosques in to the equation! (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?).

That ment that the big and supposidly "moderate" falanges would be in the red even before the elections compared to the numerous- and often extremist- basement mosques (where the brotherhood hides from the light).

This ment that the main protagonists in the election, The Maroccoan based RMF and UOIF started to rent new basement locals en masse to get more weighed votes!

Luckily enough(?) RMF finally won the elections 43.2% against 30.2%.

Shees! And you thought that western elections was a soup. But then again, this IS France after all...


A surprise how?

James Biga over at Gentile Warrior writes a low down on the "palestinian authority".

The Palestinian Authority has men trained and then sent to "police" "palestinian" locations. Instead of attacks on Israel slowing, they have increased. How is this a surprise to anyone?

"The PA forces in the city are not combating the terrorists," one source said. "They are taking action to enforce law and order but they are doing nothing about terror which has grown in the past month since they deployed in Jenin."

Otherwise, they are keeping their people in check when it comes to "palestinian on palestinian" crime but are allowing attacks on non-"palestinians".

A top officer in the Central Command also warned that weapons the US was providing to the PA forces were finding their way to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Jenin as well as in Nablus, where 3,000 PA policemen and soldiers have deployed over the past year. In addition, terrorists have infiltrated the PA police and military ranks, he said.

To act surprised about any of this is to display ignorance. Western politicians have continuously shown their inability to confront reality. The Nietzsche-esque approach to life is going to destroy us all. There is evil in the world. Ignorance and misplaced hope allow it to fester. This evil must be confronted head on with the might of good. The only way to defeat this evil is to eliminate it. It must be pulled out by the root. An unwillingness to do just this will allow it to continue to grow and flourish.

I remember a post I did a while ago (Can't seem to find it right now), where I showed that not only USA but also Israelians were handing out assault rifles and hundred of thousands of bullets to the "palestinian authorities". One spokesman for fatah said that "they of course vere going to use the weapons against "illegal forces" (at that time the hamas), but as soon as that problem was solved- they would use them against Israelis instead! We now know what happened. hamas took controll over the Gaza strip and are not hesitating the leastest to use the weapons against Israelians.'

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

THIS would be a more appropriate weapon of choise for the arab "freedom fighters" at the West Bank and the Gaza strip:


Christians up for slaughter in turkey

A little story about what is going on in soon to be (?) Eu partner turkey (I just can't spell that with a capitol t anymore).

From Gates of Vienna
I’d like to bring your readers’ attention to something that hasn’t caught the foreign media outlets’ attention yet, but has been in the headlines of the Turkish media for the last couple of days. In Turkish you can refer to an article in Radikal, one of the main Turkish newspapers in the country, and some of the other Turkish media websites that are covering the story. including on TV.

In Şişli, which according to Wikipedia “is a crowded cosmopolitan district of Istanbul, Turkey, in the centre of the city,” 30 people have been arrested, including two doctors, a government official, and a property recorder (rough translation), who were caught murdering three non-Muslims. The word is gayrimüslim which translates as “other than Muslim”.

These people set up a system whereby an elderly person or one without extended family is threatened and finally killed for their property and worldly possessions. The articles highlight the fact that they were tied up domuz bağı; domuz means “pig” and bağı is “knot”; literally tied up like pigs and slaughtered.

Read it all!

45 000 000 (almost all ) muslims to enter the EU! Honor killings, persecution of Christians and Jews (and forget about even be a Hindu or a Buddhist), calls for sharia law, ETC, ETC. Spit!

And as allways. The Turks themselves might be nice and upstanding, generous and peaceful. It is their ideology that is not! iSLAM...


Firefighters demands police protection

As of Friday June 14:th, firefighters in Malmö refuses to go in to the neighburhood of Rosengård in Malmö (heavy, heavy infested with muslims), without police protection.

The descision was made after the fire fighters had been assaulted with rock throwing and threats to their lifes after being called out to a fire in Rosengård at Thursday, according to SVT:s Sydnytt.

Before the firefighters and rescue personel goes in to the area in the future, they will wait for police patrols to escort them before entering the area.

Hmmmm; Multiculturalism in motion. It's like... Hire a couple of super jumbos and ship the assholes to the assholes they were spawned out of! I can give a couple of Euros to finance it. Gnnnaaarrrgghhh!

The Lisbon Treaty

"Were you not watching, gentlemen? First 55 per cent of Frenchmen voted No and you tossed it aside. Then 62 per cent of Dutchmen voted No, and you dismissed it. Now 54 per cent of Irishmen have done what every other country in Europe would have done and voted No, and you are trying to ignore that, too. What part of No don't you understand?"
-Daniel Hannan, MEP

Indeed. What part of NO! does the undemocratically elected EU- commisioneres not understand? While the high and mighty tries to build a new USSREURABIA, common people seems to have more common sense than all those professional bureocrates that in the absolute majority cases never have had a real job. Sadly, many of those who are against the treaty are against it for all the wrong reasons. THEY think it is a "capitalistic sceme", when it in all matters are a socialists wet dream.

Americans think that the libs and the democrates are "leftists". Well; come over to Europe and realize that even the "far right" (like SD in Sweden or Vlaams Belang in the Netherlands) really are more socialists than the self proclaimed socialists themselves! No wonder their new found voters base mostly are recruted from the social democrates and the communists...

To be fair, SD is against the EU. Wonder why? Their goal is protectionism, anti- capitalism and to leave the common citizen whithout as much power as it can possible be. (Think that I actually voted for Swedens entrance in to EU once upon a time! I need to go and spank myself...)



I don't know who is behind the following video. I might not like his or hers stances politically in most or in any way. I still find the message and the statistics unnerving- To say the least.

Just turn down the volume so that you don't have to listen to the cheezy music any more than you want to.

Sweden under massive crimewaves, 900 % more violent crime.

As far as I can see the statistics are true.


Why should I work?

Thanks to Every Kinda people.

Work ethics does not seem to be the highest moral code amongst Somalis in Sweden (not to mention all the diseases like TB, AIDS and other stuff they also bring with them. Uh, Oh- I almost forgot the gangrapes).

For some reason they are getting refugee status here. They are all muslims. Why should they want to flee an islamic country? They are ceartinly not persecuted by the christians. That goes without saying...

I suppose many of the Somalis are just looking for a better way of life- which is fine by me. It would be great for Sweden as a nation to get lots of skilled workers coming in to Sweden. But wait a second, is that what we get?

According to the reporter for GP (Göteborgs Posten), Christer Lövkvist; several somali translators confirmed that "Somali familys choose to [unrightfully] live on wellfare (and in Sweden- that can be big bucks coming your way- if you are not an indegnious Swede that is).

50% of the Somali women in Gothenburg with home staying children- most likely four or more, lifts "underhållsstöd" support wellfare. The buisness idea is to divorce "on the paper" e.g by Swedish law (the divorce are of course anulled by islamic sharia law).

The father supposedly does not live with his family (he is written on another adress- I have heard of single room apartements with as many as 20 males written on the adress). Instead the mother and the kids lives on community wellfare and support- in other words the Swedish taxpayers money. "Somali men lives an ambulating life, which means that at periods they live with their family, and at other periods somwhere else. [...] Sometimes he "dissapears" because he has got another family elswhere."

Even Magnusson, coordinator for the "Youth Police" in Gothenburg concurrs to that, "The male often has several wifes, he does not work. Instead he is sitting at a café or at some Somali club chewing Kat, comes home in the morning and makes more babies. If the missus don't want to she get's a beating."

If a Somalian mother has six kids at home, she gets 23 560Kr (around $4000) a month plus free health care, dental care, financial help to buy furniture and kitchen ware, free electricity and "other needful things". If she only has four kids (the median value) she still gets 19393 Kr ($3232) plus the freebees. That is more than a nurse, police man or firefighter earns!

The translator Abdulahi Mohammed gives a low down on the subject:
"When it's raining and it's green and the camels gives milk, the nomads does not have to make an effort. They discuss and chat away all night long annd play games. But when there is a drought the nomads work harder than any Swedish farmer to make the camels and the goats stay alive. When the same people comes to Sweden it pours all the time. Wellfare, children support, housing support and all other tax financed supports. So it is like living the nomad life when everything is green all the time. People just sits and takes it easy. And here in Sweden you can take it easy all year around, sitting on cafés and chat away. When life is so good, why should you work?"

Indeed! Why should you?

TV comercials

Oh, deary, deary me!

I just saw a TV comercial about sanitary napkins for babies and one of the "mothers" kissed the naked butt cheaks of one baby! After that there was a comercial for Italian Mozarella cheeze, which had a very suspicious cylindrical shape. Then there was a comercial for an alco-pop.

What on earth should I do?

Hmm, maybe this!




The time traveler

I have posted this short story (or rather just a link to it) before. Dan Simmons is an- hmmm- interresting author. Me being a Science Fiction Junkie, thinks his storys are... Well, thought worthy. I think that the Hyperion/Endymion series are well worth reading. He also have a website at were you can read about him aswell as some short novellas.

The time traveller is one such story well worth reading. Here comes a short excerpt:

The Time Traveler appeared suddenly in my study on New Year’s Eve, 2004. He was a stolid, grizzled man in a gray tunic and looked to be in his late-sixties or older. He also appeared to be the veteran of wars or of some terrible accident since he had livid scars on his face and neck and hands, some even visible in his scalp beneath a fuzz of gray hair cropped short in a military cut. One eye was covered by a black eyepatch. Before I could finish dialing 911 he announced in a husky voice that he was a Time Traveler come back to talk to me about the future.

Being a sometimes science-fiction writer but not a fool, I said, “Prove it.”

“Do you remember Replay?” he said.

My finger hovered over the final “1” in my dialing. “The 1987 novel?” I said. “By Ken Grimwood?”

The stranger – Time Traveler, psychotic, home invader, whatever he was – nodded.

I hesitated. The novel by Grimwood had won the World Fantasy Award a year or two after my first-novel, Song of Kali, had. Grimwood’s book was about a guy who woke up one morning to find himself snapped back decades in his life, from the late 1980’s to himself as a college student in 1963, and thus getting the chance to relive – to replay – that life again, only this time acting upon what he’d already learned the hard way. In the book, the character, who was to experience – suffer – several Replays, learned that there were other people from his time who were also Replaying their lives in the past, their bodies younger but their memories intact. I’d greatly enjoyed the book, thought it deserved the award, and had been sad to hear that Grimwood had died . . . when? . . . in 2003.

So, I thought, I might have a grizzled nut case in my study this New Year’s Eve, but if he was a reader and a fan of Replay, he was probably just a sci-fi fan grizzled nut case, and therefore probably harmless. Possibly. Maybe.

I kept my finger poised over the final “1” in “911.”

“What does that book have to do with you illegally entering my home and study?” I asked.

The stranger smiled … almost sadly I thought. “You asked me to prove that I’m a Time Traveler,” he said softly. “Do you remember how Grimwood’s character in Replay went hunting for others in the 1960’s who had traveled back in time from the late 1980’s?”

I did remember now. I’d thought it clever at the time. The guy in Replay, once he suspected others were also replaying into the past, had taken out personal ads in major city newspapers around the country. The ads were concise. “Do you remember Three Mile Island, Challenger, Watergate, Reaganomics? If so, contact me at . . .”

Before I could say anything else on this New Year’s Eve of 2004, a few hours before 2005 began, the stranger said, “Terri Schiavo, Katrina, New Orleans under water, Ninth Ward, Ray Nagin, Superdome, Judge John Roberts, White Sox sweep the Astros in four to win the World Series, Pope Benedict XVI, Scooter Libby.”

“Wait, wait!” I said, scrambling for a pen and then scrambling even faster to write. “Ray who? Pope who? Scooter who?”

“You’ll recognize it all when you hear it all again,” said the stranger. “I’ll see you in a year and we’ll have our conversation.”

“Wait!” I repeated. “What was that middle apart . . . Ray Nugin? Judge who? John Roberts? Who is . . .” But when I looked up he was gone.

“White Sox win the Series?” I muttered into the silence. “Fat chance.”


"I came back for my own purposes,” said the Time Traveler, looking around my booklined study. “I chose you to talk to because it was . . . convenient. And I don’t want you to do a goddamned thing. There’s nothing you can do. But relax . . . we’re not going to be talking about personal things. Such as, say, the year, day, and hour of your death. I don’t even know that sort of trivial information, although I could look it up quickly enough. You can release that white-knuckled grip you have on the edge of your desk.”

I tried to relax. “What do you want to talk about?” I said.

“The Century War,” said the Time Traveler.

I blinked and tried to remember some history. “You mean the Hundred Year War? Fifteenth Century? Fourteenth? Sometime around there. Between . . . France and England? Henry V? Kenneth Branagh? Or was it . . .”

“I mean the Century War with Islam,” interrupted the Time Traveler. “Your future. Everyone’s.” He was no longer smiling. Without asking, or offering to pour me any, he stood, refilled his Scotch glass, and sat again. He said, “It was important to me to come back to this time early on in the struggle. Even if only to remind myself of how unspeakably blind you all were.”

“You mean the War on Terrorism,” I said.

“I mean the Long War with Islam,” he said. “The Century War. And it’s not over yet where I come from. Not close to being over.”

“You can’t have a war with Islam,” I said. “You can’t go to war against a religion. Radical Islam, maybe. Jihadism. Some extremists. But not a . . . the . . . religion itself. The vast majority of Muslims in the world are peaceloving people who wish us no harm. I mean . . . I mean . . . the very word ‘Islam’ means ‘Peace.’”

“So you kept telling yourselves,” said the Time Traveler. His voice was very low but there was a strange and almost frightening edge to it. “But the ‘peace’ in ‘Islam’ means ‘Submission.’ You’ll find that out soon enough”

Great, I was thinking. Of all the time travelers in all the gin joints in all the world, I get this racist, xenophobic, right-wing asshole.

“After Nine-eleven, we’re fighting terrorism,” I began, “not . . .”

He waved me into silence.

“You were a philosophy major or minor at that podunk little college you went to long ago,” said the Time Traveler. “Do you remember what Category Error is?”

It rang a bell. But I was too irritated at hearing my alma mater being called a “podunk little college” to be able to concentrate fully.

“I’ll tell you what it is,” said the Time Traveler. “In philosophy and formal logic, and it has its equivalents in science and business management, Category Error is the term for having stated or defined a problem so poorly that it becomes impossible to solve that problem, through dialectic or any other means.”

I waited. Finally I said firmly, “You can’t go to war with a religion. Or, I mean . . . sure, you could . . . the Crusades and all that . . . but it would be wrong.”

The Time Traveler sipped his Scotch and looked at me. He said, “Let me give you an analogy . . .”

God, I hated and distrusted analogies.

(Thanks Flanders Fields for pointing this out.)

Please read the rest here.


Work force immigration

Apparently, there will be a shortage of the Swedish traditional christmas ham this year. There is just not enough work force to get your hands on if you are a pig culturer. May I suggest that we import a couple of hundred forigners to solve this problem? Or a tleast let the poor muslim souls that have not got a job here make an earning? Instead of lifting social security?

I was playing with the thought of buing me a Viatnamese mini-pig. They are cute, intelligent and cuddly.

Guess what I would name him/her? Well it would start with a M and end with a D!

Even though I am an infidel and a pork lover, I would never have the heart to eat Mo...

Did you know that besides the apes, pigs are the one animal that most resembles humans? And yes, that goes for muslims too.

Anyway- I would welcome any work force to this country prepared to be svine herderers.

(Now- so that some of you won't take offence. This could be satire- or not...)

$ 3 million worth of pot

I have taken biochemistry and farmachology classes at university level. As anybody who ever have read a farmaghology text book at that level, you understand the empiric evidence of that Cannabis is probably the least toxic recreational agent known to man. It's also most likely the least addictive recreational drug. Coffe and tobacco is much much worse!

As a matter of fact, I think it would be good to legalize it. I don't use the stuff myself, but having it be criminilaized is just about as stupid as having coffe be criminilaized.

Swede held in major US pot bust (The local)

A Swedish man was arrested in the United States over the weekend in connection with the seizure of marijuana plants valued at $3 million.

A Swedish man have been arrested? Well I got curious and thought I would have to make some digging in to this. But lo and behold! Under the headline, in the bread text emidiatly after comes the following:

Van Dat Nguyen, a naturalized Swedish citizen originally from Vietnam, is being held in the Cowlitz County Jail in Washington state on suspicions of manufacturing marijuana as well as possession with intent to distribute, reports the The Daily News newspaper.

Here is the problem. Would I be a Chinese if I moved to China? A Viatnamese if I moved to Vietnam? Why do Swedish news sources allways discribe perps as "Swedish" or "youths"? Well atleast The Local had the bollocks to actually say it (with much hand wringing) and even
let us know his name, something you will not see in the MSM I'm sure.

As I said. I don't think what what Van Dat Nguyen did was that much to bother about (if that was all he did- manufacture pot that is, the whole story is not out yet). The best way of coming away from having criminals deal in non leathal drugs is to legalize them! That has been done in a couple of countrys here in Europe allready (Netherlands, England) with good results.

It's like- it's my choise. Do I want to destroy my lungs or my liver? Because alcohole are by far a more toxic agent than cannabis! One is leagal, the other is not. Why?

Trailerpark Mansion

HEH! (Could it be Heffners?)


15 child brides used to settle Pakistan feud

It started with a dead dog, escalated into a tit-for-tat tribal war, and has now reached a grotesque climax with the exchange of 15 child brides.

Pakistani human rights activists are outraged at reports that a long-running blood feud in a remote corner of western Baluchistan province has been resolved by the handing over of 15 girls, aged between three and 10, for marriage.

"There has to be action," said Asma Jahangir, a leading rights campaigner. "These people who force others to sell their daughters must be sent to prison."

The new government in Islamabad, led by the party of the late Benazir Bhutto, has promised to act. "We will not allow young girls to be traded like this," said the information minister, Sherry Rehman. "The culprits who tried to do this will be arrested. The orders have been given."

But Jahangir said those orders had not been acted upon. "There is a dysfunction in the whole system. They are not listening to the government," she said. "We need to see them being more effective than just rhetoric."

Vanni, an ancient tribal practice in which feuding clans settle their differences by exchanging women for marriage, is illegal in Pakistan. In 2004 the Sindh high court outlawed all such "parallel justice" systems. But the writ of government is weak in rural areas, and local police often turn a blind eye.

The current controversy started with a row over a dog, said Muhammad Paryal Marri, a researcher in northern Sindh for the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

A dog owned by one tribe, the Chakranis, was shot dead because it strayed too close to a well controlled by their rivals, the Qalandaris. In revenge the Chakranis shot a donkey belonging to the other side. A ferocious bout of tit-for-tat killings ensued in which 19 people, including five women, were killed.

The fighting ended in 2002 when Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti - a rebellious tribal chieftain who was later killed by the Pakistan army - brought the two sides together. Bugti ordered the Chakranis to hand over 15 child brides in compensation; at a jirga, or tribal council. Last Friday they finally agreed to make good on that promise, said Marri.

"They agreed to pay some money and exchange the ladies," he said.

Such brutal traditions have only come to light for a broader public in the past decade, thanks to activism by human rights groups and publicity from local media.

"Barbarity in the name of tradition," declared the English-langauge newspaper Dawn earlier this week in a scathing editorial against the "medieval mindset that dominates many sections of our society".

But, despite previous shows of similar anger, official action has lagged far behind. "The government is unwilling to use its authority to protect women. It will find any excuse," said Jahangir.

Taken shamelessly from The Guardian. Hat tip to Flanders fields.

Well, what can you say. This tribal behaviour is what the bleeding leftist hearts thinks is "cultural enriching". "If all culturs are equal, then cannibalism would only be a matter of taste".

Pedophilia, Zoophilia, polygamy, honor killings, persecution of kuffars, totalitarianism and mutilation of both males and females sexual organes are just a few of the flavours that certain ideologies (really rather one certain ideology) want's to impose on us. Oh ! besides world ruling of course. If this is your cup of tea- then get the hell out of western countrys! Sorry but this get's me so angry. Get back to the hellholes you came from!

Never trust statistics?

As a part- time statistical analyst, I have learned to close in and believe in statistics with care. However there are some questions in surveys that hardly can be missunderstood. In bangladesh for example with a pop of only 34 out of a population of 147 million (23%) of its inhabitants thought that it was never justified to use violence in order to defend islam. Well, read it for your self.

Q:55 T 39 (PDF)


It would not surprise me at all

The text reads:
"Should'nt we propose a beach tax too- They look like they are having fun those bastards!"

20 000 000- soon to be 65 000 000?

A survey done by the German scientists W. Heitmeyer and J.Muller in 1997 aswell as a survey done by BBC in 1989 showed some concerning results about muslims living in Europe.

Amongst other, the surveys showed that 65% of Europes muslims thinks that sharia law was superimposing the host countrys laws. 37.5% of the muslims said that they would use violence to defend islam. 30% said that the author Salman Rushdie should be killed and another whooping 23.2% said that all those who oppose islam should be killed.

As I understand it, no surveys of this kind has been done since then. All those of you that think these figures would be more benign today; stand up and run in to the nearest wall!

islam is a political and idelogical belief system. Not a race!

We are all committing incest (well some of us anyway)

Bishop says climate-change deniers are as bad as sex dungeon father Josef Fritzl.

A Church of England bishop has been criticised after he compared climate change sceptics to the Austrian child abuser Josef Fritzl.

The Bishop of Stafford, the Right Reverend Gordon Mursell, said it was hard to imagine a more disgusting crime than Fritzl's, who sealed his daughter in a cellar for 24 years.

But Dr Mursell added: 'You could argue that, by our refusal to face the truth about climate change, we are as guilty as he is. Link

Uh, so he is comparing "climate change deniers" with child molesters? Nobody is denying that the climate changes over time. The earth has gone through ice- ages aswell as warmer (much, much warmer than today) periodes since like- FOREWER. What some of us are though is being sceptic to the alarmists explenations over the cause. There are no evidence what so ever that man has anything but maybe a miniscule effect on global climate change. In fact, record cold climate has been recorded on a global scale during the last year (half a Celsius degree drop in global temperatures), the ice caps has grown to cover areas bigger than since the shift of the 18:th century. Is that proof of a coming ice age?

Do not think so!



I'm living in an area named Östergötland (East Gothia). There are also a West Gothia. And then there is Gotland.

Some historians belives that the infamous Goths had their origin here (eat your heart out you kids with black dyed hair and mascara!). What we do know is that Gothia was the birth place of the Viking culture.

Sweden has one of the most advanced conventional class submarines in the world; The Gotland class. Here are a story with an additional video about it (it's so cool). Apparently the Swedish submarine ran circles around the US naval Battle group including the carrier USS Reagan.
Gotland is a very nice island apparently (I've never been there). It's concidered to be the place to stay at during the summer for the high and mighty. It's a place of Sweden that many forigners compares to the Southern Europeian Riviera.
It also is one of the few places in Sweden where you can grow Almond Potatoes. Now Almond Potatoes is concidered to be a delicasy and a "must have " to certain Swedish traditional courses, among those "Sour (really fermented) Herring".
The Almond potato needs sandy dirt (provided in Gotland), but it also have to have a low PH (not on Gotland). It also gets the best taste when growing in a relativly cold climate with many hours of sun (think Midnight Sun/24 h a day). It should be yellow and firm- which is not the case with the more mealy Gotland variant. The place to find the right kind of Almond potatoes are up in Lapland where all those conditions are met.
Boil them with the peel on until they are done. You have to watch over them like an Italian pasta chef though. Or better yet. Just boil them untill they are slightly under cooked, wait for them to cool off and then fry them. Heavenly! You can then eat them as snacks with the right seasoning. If you also have a piece of jerky of reindeer filet that you can carve thin, thin slices off- you are in heaven!
Sadly, neither the right sort of Almond Potatoes or reindeer jerky are to be found where I live now.
That's culture!