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A Google translated article from Avpixlat!

HEAVY ROBBERY On January 4, robbed goldsmith shop Mario Gold and Silver Watches and in the mall Södertelge house in Södertälje. Three masked and armed offenders drove up a car in front of the entrance and the two of them rushed in with crowbars and smashed display cases that were emptied of gold objects and jewelry, while the third was guarding outside. It was Hasan Güven, born in 1986. One of the rushing was Abbas Al Shimarti, born in 1991. The other man is unknown to the police and the prosecutor.

The two owners who were in the store was forced to lie down on the floor where one of them was pushed over. At some point during the robbery, a shot was fired in the store of the perpetrators. They also forced the owners to open a safe that was emptied of cash.

By this time the alarm had gone to the police station, which is nearby. Some police officers ran to the outside Södertelge house while a number of civilian police in the construction work has already reached the site. They had been checking in another case nearby. The two raw mates came out from the store shortly after Hasan Güven the car raised his weapon at officers with gunfire erupted. He was shot in the head while Abbas Al Shimarti and the stranger threw himself into the car and pulled over his Barrel buddy. Hasan Güven died a few days later in the hospital and it turned out that his weapon was a dummy.

The flight was shot down by the tires of the police and Abbas Al Shimarti and the unknown had to abandon the car on an adjacent street and forced at gunpoint to another vehicle they fled in.

Now prosecuted a total of five people for involvement in the robbery.

Aggravated Robbery and Theft of a vehicle, felony

- Abbas Al Shimarti, born in 1991

Complicity in aggravated robbery

- Makuena-Kiyika Mambu, born in 1993.
- Aleksandra Milutinovic, born in 1990
- Ntinu Mambu, born in 1991. Sister to Makuena-Kiyika.

Makuena-Kiyiko Mambu has furthered the crime by one or a few days before January 4, 2013 to lend his passenger WLF 809 to one of the perpetrators. The car has been used by the offenders to travel to and from the crime scene in connection with the robbery. Makuena-Kiyiko Mambu has further promoted the crime by his January 4, 2013 gave a mandate to Ntinu Mambu to buy the two crowbars used in the robbery and submitting to one of the perpetrators. Makuena-Kiyiko Mambu has continued to Ntinu Mambu handed over the money to be used for the purchase.

Ntinu Mambu and Aleksandra Milutinovic has promoted crime by working together and in concert January 4, 2013 at the auto parts store in Alby bought two crowbars and then transporting them to Norsborg where for a moment kept them in Milutinovics passenger before they surrendered kofötterna to one of the perpetrators. Kofötterna has been used by the perpetrators of the robbery. Makuena-Kiyiko Mambu, Ntinu Mambu and Milutinovic had knowledge of or were indifferent to their actions would promote the robbery. In any case, they have had insight into the goods would be used in acquisitive crime, which, through their actions would promote.

Weapons offenses

- Cem Cakmak Lindvall, born in 1990.

Cakmak Lindvall January 5, 2013 in an apartment on Krögarvägen 16 Norsborg Botkyrka held a semiautomatic pistol of brand Glock with ammunition, a semi-automatic pistol of branded Charter Arms with ammunition and silencers and a machine gun with ammunition and silencers without to be entitled to it. The offense should be considered as rough as the weapons of a particularly dangerous condition and then holding designed several weapons. Cakmak Lindvall committed the offense with intent.

Södertälje District, B-80-13

Criminal CV

- Abbas Al Shimarti been convicted of theft, pilferage and threats to officer or probation. Former suspect in the murder of football coach Rebar Sharif in Hässelby 2011, but police could not tie him to the crime. Is a gangster wannabe.

- Makuena-Kiyika Mambu been convicted of assault and weapons offenses for young offenders for 7 months in a case where even the killed Hasan Güven was accused of conspiracy to aggravated robbery, in another case in 2012 was Mambu four months in jail for driving without a license, driving while intoxicated, narcotics, doping violations and false accusation, preparation for robbery and theft as well as violence against official (attacked a security guard and struck a heavy iron rods in his face). Be together with Abbas Al Shimarti suspect in the murder of football coach Rebar Sharif in Hässelby 2011. At a criminal settlement in 2010 became Makuena-Kiyika Mambu shot five times in the legs.

- Cem Cakmak Lindvall is listed in the police criminal records in nine sections, including convicted of weapons offenses and earlier on suspicion of theft and assault.

Yep- these are the kind of people that the government belives are going to save the pensions for elderly Swedes.

Go figures...


Still scumsucking leftards (Teddybears STHLM). But Igggy Pop... Well you can´t go past it!

Well- I hate their political stance and discourse, but they shure know how to make good music. Teddybears Stockholm ladies and gentlemen.