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The blogs and bloggers within EU are going to be regulated! The EU commisionare Marianne Mikko has pushed through for a legislation that demands that bloggers within the EU has to be registered (no more anonymous blogging), you have to let people answer to your writings (no more closed off commentary section) and there will also be a taxation of bloggers!

The bloggers are of course a pain in the ass for the EU. Certain information are to unconveniant to get out it seems...

The hell I will pay anything to the state to blog! It seems that I will have to register my own domain outside of the EU, pronto.

Now I'm going to beat the shit out of myself for actually voting for an EU membership...

Read the whole shebang- if you can stand the boredom- here

Update September 5:

The Europeian parlimants biggest party group EPP-ED (right conservative), have now voted no to this legislation. The battle is won- for now, but the war isn't over until the leftists also says no to it...


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