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PJAK is the PKK's sister organization in Iran. The PKK is notoriously a Stalinist-nationalist organization that began its terror against the Turkish state 1984th The PKK is on the EU, the U.S. and Israel's list of terrorist organizations. Russia is a country that does not consider the organization as a terrorist organization.

The PKK has always been incredibly active in various Swedish parties. Party sympatisatörer found mainly in the Left, but sympatisatörer Also the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party's Fredrik Malm is a person who often meet senior PKK members in Stockholm. One of these is Mehdi Zana who is Leyla Zana's ex-husband.

Socialdemokraten Carina HAG recently had an article published on Newsmill titled "Picture silent when Turkey is Islamist." Among other things, the following can be read:

"But since last spring, I have followed with great concern developments in Turkey and my concern was reinforced when I was there last week and met with NGOs and politically active women., The women I met in Diyarbakir said that the Prime Minister is a very conservative man with a patriarchal family values. "

The NGOs and "politically active women" who Hägg write about is the PKK NGOs and politikst active women. Please read the article as it is an excellent example of how Swedish politicians PKKs spreading propaganda among Swedes in Sweden.

In Turkey, Erdogan recently went out and criticized in particular the Scandinavian countries to ignore the PKK's terrorist activities. He said that countries like Sweden and Denmark not only ignores open to raising funds for the PKK (the example of life PKK bus who went around the country and collected large sums of money to fund PKKs terror in Turkey), but also for the organization kriminelal activity that brings in large sums. PKK control basically arms trade across Euroa. Heroin and people smuggling are other sources of income.

The PKK also has a political party called BDP. The party has 20 members in the Turkish Parliament. The party manifesto states that the party's social democratic. That is not the case. Several of the members are so-called "revolutionaries". The interesting thing about the PKK and the BDP is that you have managed the feat to mix Stalinism and nationalism. Meanwhile, several of PKKs most senior military ethnic Turks. Several of BDPS members are also Turks.

I have a lot of "insiders" of Evin Cetin, but I choose not to share with them. I have received death threats by the PKK and their threat takes you seriously, when the movement has executed at least 4 people in just Sweden since the 80s. However, it is noteworthy that Expressen choose to "bust" Evin. In Expressen part are / have been several krypo-liberal Kurds Sakine Madon. Sakine Madon parents are so-called "Turkish revolutionaries" that supports PKKs struggle for a so-called Marxist-Leninist PKK. Sakine however, is liberal, but through the years she has been in a very elegant way to spread the anti-Turkish and propane Kurdish propaganda in the Swedish media. Dilsa Demirbag hypocritical not that she supports the PKK. This despite the fact that she is a liberal. It all can be likened to that Folkpartoet supports the FARC guerrillas in Colombia despite being a terror movement that is communist.

When it comes Kurdo Baksi and other "publicly league Kurds" so avoids any PKK issue. It is quickly arrived to criticize Turkey when something comes up that you can sell to the Swedish public, but German as mice when the PKK bombing ciivla Turks and Kurds, massakerar soldiers and openly declare that they do not want a democratic Kurdistan without a Stalinist such that under PKKs control. A member of Baksi family was executed also by the PKK in the middle of the 80th century in northern Iraq.

Gere: Evin Cetins mother and father is Syrian Kurds. PKK represents perhaps between 25-30% of Turkey's Kurds even if you want to appear to represent ALL Kurds. What is the reason for this? According to me it depends on:

- The Kurds are a conservative Muslim people. To foist on them communism is simply not possible.

- The PKK began its terror campaign to exterminate Kurds. The movement was founded by the Turkish contra-guerrillas of the PKK as a facade crush the "Kurdish Left" in the '80s. The PKK has also executed thousands of members for various reasons.

- The Kurds do not want a Kurdistan and especially not a Stalinist one. Over 90% of Turkey's Kurds, that even those who vote for PKKs party BDP, do not want a Kurdistan. However, it calls for equality and their rights are guaranteed.

- As I wrote above, it consists more of PKKs leaders of ethnic Turks. There were those who, together with Ocalan (who is half Turkish) formed the PKK to run the Turkish military matters. The Kurds are aware of the PKK was formed by the Kemalist regime and distrust it. The PKK is also home to many crypto-Armenians and Alevis have a very starkat influence in the movement. The majority of Kurds are Sunni Kurds who fought for centuries against them Kurdish Alevis (Sakine Madon include alevit but it hides her). The fact that the Alevi Kurds are strong in PKK has led many conservative Sunni Kurds has distanced itself from the PKK. PKK leaders who are ethnic Turks are also Alevis, Turks, Alevis. The group has a very close relationship with the Alevis in the Turkish state and military.

The PKK is a Stalinist-nationalist movement behind the Kurdish issue (which is a question of democracy) conducts organized crime. When is a nationalist movement, you have to not only foment nationalism among the Kurds who constitute one base, but also Turkish nationalism. In the other camp are the military, the drug barons and nationalists who need Kurdish nationalism in order to maintain their influence. In other words, "alive" PKK in symbiosis with power factors in the country that at first glance appear as their opposites. But no, they have a partnership in the hidden and have always enjoyed it. Precisely for this reason, the PKK had never killed or even physically harmed a Turk in Europe. The number of killed Kurdish dissidents and Kurdish opponents is as a figure of over 40. For 1.5-2 years ago had killed a PKK member of Malmo. He embezzled or "careless" removed over 18 million. PKK member was asked to set up a telecom and transport but the money disappeared.

Kurdish PKK linked to murders and financial crimes in Sweden Http :/ / ...

When the PKK needs to keep the nationalism among its two million adherents (Note that the number of Kurds in Turkey is between 15-20 million, so it does not really represent the majority of Turkish Kurds) as estimated racist Turks and nationalist Turks. Such is the preservation of the base and that more Kurds are nationalistic. However despise it and have killed mainly in Turkey, such as the Kurds against the PKK or active in other Kurdish or Turkish parties. They seen as a major threat.

Baksi family is from the Kurdish city of Batman in eastern Turkey. A clan with many educated members. But the family was in Sweden before the PKK began its war 1984th Mahmut Baksi was the uncle of Kurdo Baksi. Lamia Baksi was the sister of Mahum Baksi and her fate is worth telling. Lamia Baksi is the first female immigrant who took a medical degree at Uppsala University in the early 80's. After graduation, she received orders from PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, then resided in Damascus, to kill a defector in Sweden. Lamia Baksi planned murder defectors and shot to death in 1985, or 86 if I remember wrong. After the murder she gathered mass of medical and hospital equipment that she sent to the PKK guerrillas in northern Iraq. After the murder, she left also Sweden to join the PKK. She later accused of being MUST agent - sent by the Swedish government to infiltrate and find out who killed Olof Palme. After a time, "arrested" her by one of the PKK leader Cemil Bayik on the orders of Ocalan. She was tortured and "confessed" that she was Swedish agent. Then she was executed. She has no grave. She is one of several thousand Kurds who Stalinists in the PKK executed.

I took part of Lamia Baksis fate in 2007 through a hostile Kurdish PKK nättidining. A PKK guerrilla who fought for the organization for over 10 years had written about her fate. He had defected and sought asylum in Germany. I translated scripture from Turkish to Swedish and then published it on my popular blog. It ended with the death threats, more threats were so serious that I chose to remove the blog and stop "monitoring" the PKK. Before I translated the scripture I also took contact with several former "PKK family." These families were among the first immigrant Kurds from Turkey after the military coup of 80's. They were dedicated PKK members or sympatisatörer but had chosen to distance themselves from the movement after the PKK executed two defectors in Uppsala and Stockholm. Lamia Baksi planned murder of defector in Uppsala. The killer is still in prison.

Now I ask you / you Baksi family who very well knows Lamia Baksis fate may harbor sympathies for the PKK? No sensible answer should be, but it's not real. I am a Kurd but detest "public Kurds" who more than happy to direct criticism against Turkey (and sometimes rightly so) but is completely silent when it comes to PKKs Stalinism and terror affecting mainly the Kurds. Baksi is one of them this cowardly flat Kurds who NEVER dared to criticize the PKK. Dilsa Demirbag and Sakine Madon are liberals, but in the "hidden" and behind a "liberal facade" to propagate one of the PKK at every opportunity. Fredrik Malm (Fp) hit senior PKK members.

As I wrote above, is to crush the PKK in 1-2 years. The Turkish military devour billions of the country's GDP, and it is strong. It is thanks to the military as the PKK has been able to exist in 30 years. Behind the conflict, the military has been able to maintain his power, individual soldiers received millions of dollars deposited into their foreign accounts if one accepted the Israeli, German as well as Russian arms purchases, the PKK and the military has been able to engage in drug trafficking, etc. Between 1990-2001, the black economy behind the conflict in eastern Turkey between the military and the PKK worth $ 100 billion / year.

Baksi avoid any PKK issue. Like any other social democratic or "liberal" politicians. But in a very intelligent and insidious way it is PKKs political line that it sells in with the Swedish public.

Claes Normark is a Social Democrat who openly sympathize and meet senior PKK members.

But I suspect Owls that Expressen right now "sitting there" Evin Cetin of collaborating with the PKK / PJAK. Expressen has long harbored PKK friendly liberals Dilsa D Sakine Madon, Fredrik Malm and his Kurdish wife Gulan Avci, whose father was a "revolutionary" in Turkey during the 70s.

Albanians funded KCK with heroin money during the 90s. Europe eyes closed. Europe ignores PKKs activities in Europe. This makes Sweden too, but after the killings in Uppsala and Stockholm was actually a "deal" with the Swedish government not to kill defectors or attack political opponents. Therefore, the killing of PKK member in Malmo (see link above) very remarkable.


Another GOOGLE translated piece from SVD

Incomprehensible that the EU does not stand up for free speechA document that is supposed to be a call for "peace and tolerance" manages the trick of including recognizing speech while taking away from it. The problem is that even EU signs this document, which is most distasteful, writes Magnus Norell, a researcher at the Institute of International Affairs (UI) with a focus on terrorism and the Middle East.
The only right you do not have in a democracy, the right not to be offended. [By] Magnus Norell
No one has been able to escape the videos online about Muhammad as violent, sexfixerad, cruel and a bit stupid. However took quite some time before it became public knowledge. It took several months, and the movie clip is said to refer to does not exist in the real world.You can and should ask themselves how such fiction can possibly upset someone. The answer is that the first is that in Islam there is a reluctance to even criticize, mock or ridicule one's own religious tradition, including the Prophet Mohammad. Firstly, it is about certain forces, such as Islamists and / or politicians benefit from setting the agenda for how Islam should be defined. The former, larger group cares ultimately not about whether the film (or the article, drawing or whatever it may be), even if they dislike it done. This is a problem for countries where Islam plays a role in the political structure and constitute a real conflict with the secular democratic West, whose religious and other freedoms is a fundamental precondition for genuine freedom.The latter, smaller group has unfortunately become the one who sets the agenda and controls a large part of the debate. That we in the West so easily allow ourselves to be controlled by these perpetrators are regrettable and favors in the long run only those who are not interested in either democracy or real freedom.
So, in the aftermath of all the demonstrations, riots and killings in Islamic countries, which started after various maneuvers of Islamists and politicians (without whose initiative, no one would have to know anything about the movie clip), the EU also stepped into the arena. This is in the form of a petition signed by "the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy" (ie the EU relatively newly formed foreign service), General Secretaries of the "Organization of Islamic Conference" (OIC), the Arab League and the African Union " Commissioner for Peace and Security. "This document is a call for "peace and tolerance" and succeeds in that, among other things recognize freedom while taking away from it. Furthermore, we learn that the signatories have a "deep" respect for all religions and the importance of respecting all prophets no matter what religion they belong to. To the citizens of the countries covered by these organizations is neither surveyed about such documents or necessarily respect all religions or their prophets, should be beyond reasonable doubt. There are certainly many individuals who both respects several religious traditions and maybe even some prophets, but far from all.It is also reasonable to ask by what right the EU's diplomatic service tackles to share a bed with organizations such as the OIC and the Arab League, where those organizations for over a decade have done their best to curtail freedom of expression (and most other human rights as well) not only in their own Islamic countries but also in the rest of the world. Since 1999, for example, the OIC at the UN pushed for criminalizing criticism of all religion and demanding "respect" for all religions and prophets. The undemocratic and authoritarian countries gather in OIC and Arab League calls for restrictions on the fundamental rights of all is perhaps not surprising. And given the fundamental link between religion and politics that Islamic countries are so difficult to deal with, it is natural that the regimes in these countries pursue such a question.But the democratic EU folds down and makes a helpudel together with the countries of the OIC so long oppressed other religious traditions other than their own, is most distasteful. No serious observer can reasonably take statements like: "We share a profound respectfully for all religion. We are united in our belief in the fundamental importance of religious freedom and tolerance. We condemn any advocacy of religious hatred That constitutes incitement to hostility and violence ", at least seriously when they come from the countries of the OIC and the Arab League. On the contrary, these countries' regimes more on their conscience than many others in terms of abuse of religious art. That they endorse statements that they daily violate leaves a sour aftertaste. And the EU to become involved in such a hypocritical dancing does not bode well for the future role of the EU wants to play in foreign policy.That the EU (through Ashton parish) engage in such embarrassments of course explained by the recent weeks conflicts around the Islamic countries. There are two different explanations for the EU's top foreign policy authority committed this political harakiri (and eventually probably and hopefully for many years to come unlocked himself as a serious foreign policy actor).One explanatory model is that the timidity and appeasement for several years characterized Europe's response to Islamist violence directed against various writers, artists or just ordinary citizens, really because the leading politicians, journalists and scholars actually believe that "appeasment" works.From Rushdie affair onward, Europe has had its fair share of these apologists in the glow of burning embassies and murdered artists, appeal to the people of Europe not to humiliate and mock Muslims or their faith. If we only neglect to write some books, paint some pictures, do some drawings so stop the fight. In short, if we do restrictions on our freedoms (which are cornerstones of our communities) so it calms down. It seems futilt to remind that it is not working and that appeasement stubbornly continues to breed more violence and more threats of violence. The empirical data is clear here, but faith is as we know, often stronger! And since you do not want / dare / can speak directly with perpetrators of violence, we talk with those who want to talk, and the like to take advantage of to make it more difficult or even dangerous to criticize and / or mock their own countries.The second model is more cynical. This is not that you think that what you say actually has any real meaning or that a petition from the EU, OIC, Arab League and the AU would stop any violence. Here it's more about keeping up well with certain countries, and try to reassure them.At least it is a tactic that has some logic, but not the tactic works upon closer examination. Again, we talk with the "wrong" players. It is rare for perpetrators of violence who is the Secretary General of the OIC and the Arab League. But the leadership of the OIC countries and several Arab League countries are obviously happy that we in the West drew the screws on our stubborn self-indulgent citizens who continue to behave with great breadth in quality and quantity criticize, mock and satiriserar across religious traditions.The tragedy is that such statements as this joint appeal not only fail to limit violence. The earliest exacerbates the potential to strengthen free speech and promoting freedom and democracy, that must be the basis of all true religion discussion. It is the only right one has in a democracy, the right not to be offended.


I would on the other hand say, that, one of the true rights you SHOULD have in in a democracy- is the right to be offended!


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Western countries get dumber by the day


Helmuth Nyborg

Leading elites are blind to the consequences of low-IQ immigration
Differential fertility and the recent massive low-IQ migration from South to North explain why Europe and the US get dumber by the day. Yet, leading political and academic elites neither understand why, nor see the devastating consequences of this demographic transition.
It is not difficult to illustrate how modern democracy and welfare states came about, and why welfare and migration may destroy them again by making the world dumber.
A couple of recent scientific reports have illustrated how freezing winters might have weeded out the weak, the dumb, and the infirm migrants from the gene pool as they headed north after leaving Africa in prehistoric times.
According to British researcher Richard Lynn, low-IQ migrants tend to forget to save food for the winter and secure warm clothing and protective shelter, so they disappeared over time, leaving only the bright to cope in the cold. This selection pressure produced the IQ gradient we see today, with an African average IQ of 70 at the low end, and a north-east Asian IQ of 105 at the high end.

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Proudly stolen from Avpixlat

This text will shed light on some things in Södertälje, which no outsider has any insight in. Criminals power structures that have emerged in Södertälje in recent years has basically taken over the city. Mayor, police and other authorities in Södertälje because this turned into harmless extras. Those who have problems or are in a dispute with someone looking not to the courts, the police or social services, but the clan chiefs, criminal gang leader and Syriac Church Bishop Benjamin Atas. It is a parallel society where a clan acts as a state apparatus and acts accordingly. The Syrian people in Södertälje has taken hostage by Melke Michel clan.
The clan Melke Michel with its medlöparfamiljer has used criminal performing "dirty work". With its terror machine was the Syrian community in Södertälje in horror. The clan and their criminal henchmen were to expand its sphere of influence and increase its territory outside Södertälje. Double-murder of brothers Moussa got the police to bring in huge resources to stop this development. Now sit many of the criminals who carried out the "dirty work" for clan chiefs locked up, but the police have a lot left to do. If the police fail to break the criminal clan structure in Södertälje clan chiefs to recruit new "street criminals". These are nothing more than interchangeable chess pieces, which we'll be experiencing.
Now we immerse ourselves in the clan Melke Michel and its power structure:
• Why are held all key positions in the Syrian Community of clan members and their accomplices?
• What is the ideology behind the clan's power structure?
• How does the mechanism clan system based on?
• Who controls the monetary enforcement activities?
• How to keep all possible opposition gone?
• What tools are used?
Facts about Syrians
The Syrians are a Christian people who are a minority from several countries in the Middle East. In Sweden, some Syrians have chosen to call themselves "Assyrians". Syrians have fled oppression and persecution by the Muslim majority and the regimes in their countries of origin, including in Sweden during the 1970s. Since then, the Syrians described in positive terms as an established group of people who have managed to integrate successfully into Swedish society. It has been self-sufficient thanks to the large proportion of industrious entrepreneurs among the community. In recent years, the new generation focused on education. Today there are thousands of Syrian youth who are studying at various universities. With their football teams in different divisions and cities have taken a social responsibility. The football has been trying to keep young people away from criminal circles.
As responsible citizens, the Syrians also started to get involved in politics. This is to give back to and continue to build the Swedish society that has given the Syrians a sanctuary. Today there are an estimated 100,000 Syrians in Sweden. They live in different cities around the country. There is a great appreciation of the Syrians against Sweden which opened its doors to the public group who has a very difficult and tragic history behind it, an ethnic group that has suffered a brutal genocide in the early 1900s, and which still oppressed in their home countries. Thanks to freedom in Sweden has been able to develop, we have formed associations, institutions, built churches, founded magazines and even their own TV channels has contributed to the development of the Syriac language and culture. The TV channels also contributed to the integration by addressing various social and community issues in Sweden.
Syrian The bad apples
Across all ethnic groups and communities, there are criminals and criminals. There is no vaccine for it, nor any social structure that can prevent the existence of criminal elements of all kinds. Like all other ethnic groups also Syrians their "bad apples". Petty criminals people have appeared from time to time and then either taken care of by the judiciary or fall victim to other criminals. The Syrians have not become more or less publicized than other groups in Sweden in terms of crime. It would be no exaggeration to say that the media overall picture of Syrians have been quite positive. It is in any case not claim that the Syrians have been associated with criminality in any particular extent. Not until now.
The media image of Syrians have mostly been positive, but in recent years it has been increasingly in newspapers and other media have reported that Syrians are involved in various criminal activities. Unfortunately, it is nowadays no longer småskurkar. On the contrary, it is a well organized 'mafia clan "as the media referred to with names like" Sodertalje Network "or" Syrian Brotherhood. " The Swedish police are faced with a very complex and difficult to access criminal structure. The new criminal structure is built on a "clan system" where there is sectarian loyalty to the clan. This is regardless of age or gender. This type of clan structures are very common in the Middle East where they still dominate politics, but the phenomenon has begun in earnest root in Södertälje.
Many Syrians in Sweden following developments with great concern. While not discussing this problem openly and publicly discussed issue within the community in different contexts. The clan Melke Michel and its medlöparfamiljer are getting a whole group of people being labeled as criminals.
Mafia Clan
What are these? What is the name of this clan? Part of the answer has been highlighted in Avpixlats article "Syrian Mafia in Södertälje - rise and fall." Today clan Melke Michel and its criminal branches of their own representatives in the Swedish parliament. Conservative Metin Ataseven (Melke Michel) and Christian Democrat Robert Halef, both from Södertälje. The family Halef is closely related to the clan Melke Michel, together, these families among themselves divided positions of power among the Syrians in Sweden.
A few years ago the police considerable resources to identify organized crime in Sweden. One of the concerns was that the criminal networks were able to get their own representatives elected in the political system. National Police investigated the rumors that this is happening in such Södertälje. This fear during the 2010 elections come true. Metin Ataseven and Robert Halef from Södertälje have been elected to parliament.
Robert Halef appears as a harmless dental technician but in reality he is a classic Middle corrupt politicians who put their own interests first. His political career began with the Social Democrats was a large party in Södertälje and that it was therefore difficult to take control of the party's local area. Next batch for Robert Halef became Christian Democrats. For Robert Halef was absolutely no ideological problem to jump from the political left block to the right edge of the right block. This shows one thing, that he has no ideology except that he wants political power. With dirty tricks grabbing Robert Halef to the leadership in Södertälje's Christian Democrats. After being totally dominated in KD Sodertalje he came even into KD's bureau.
Robert Halef has also made a meteoric career in the Syrian organizations in Sweden. He was handpicked by the clan and placed as President of the Syriac Associations in Sweden, and then as President of the Syriac Universal Alliance, an umbrella organization of Syrian organizations in the world. In recent years, tribal members raised the gaze of the Syrian organizations and beginning to focus on the Swedish political system. During the last two elections, several people linked to the clan Melke Michel and its accomplices stood as a candidate for Södertälje City Council and the Parliament. Following elections on 19 september 2010, it was clear that Metin Ataseven and Robert Halef are clan representatives in Sweden's highest decision-making body, the Riksdag.
A little further down in the text, you will learn more about Metin Ataseven. He is / was president of real estate Ginatas AB, which owns properties in the center of Ronna in Södertälje. Metin Ataseven have deliberately housed and created conditions for illegal gambling etc. Svartklubben oasis in Ronna Centre which has so far killed three people, including the double murder of brothers Moussa.
"Syrian Brotherhood" called Södertälje Network
Violence and crime in Södertälje looked on the surface appear to be classic gang-related violence. But when the police started to scratch the surface and examine what's underneath it was met by something that was unique to be in Sweden. It was not about småkriminalitet but it proved to be a complex and organized structure that is controlled by a clan. The clan Melke Michel, who within the group also called for Saido, use different surnames such Aslanoglu, Ataseven, Michel and Bisse. The families Halef and Adis / List, is also closely related to Melke Michel clan.
At the beginning of the great immigration to Sweden, for 70 - and 80's, it was the family Halef who ruled and stood among the Syrians in Sweden, but the last ten years, the clan Melke Michel took over more and more, and is now in a dominant position. The clan Melke Michel and its minions are careful to allocate positions of power.
Distribution of power within the community
Previously Avpixlat attention clan Melke Michel and its violence machinery in Södertälje, but the reality is worse than that. With its total control over the satellite live TV channel Suryoyo Sat keep the clan not only the Syrians in Södertälje, Sweden hostage, but also the rest of the Syrians in the world. The Syrians, who are scattered over a large part of the world, may only take part of the truths that are approved by the clan and its followers Halef family. Fuat Halef is Chairman of the Board Suryoyo kit that ensures that you do not send anything that may damage the clan and its interests.
Another key figure is Halef Halef, who has control over the economy in the Syriac Orthodox Church. Halef Halef is chairman of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate REPRESENTATION in Geneta in Södertälje. With Halef Halef at the helm, it has been repeatedly applied to begin charging a church tax, which is a percentage of members' taxable income through taxes. But the collection of church taxes will not mean that you turn down donations from the public. Many who are older and do not understand how the church tax works will continue to give their gift or collections when they visit the church. Generous unit to the church will continue at baptisms, weddings, etc. It is considered an embarrassment among the Syrians not to give grants to church and the priest. The church tax via their tax revenue will be even higher and thus becomes even more reason not to let anyone other than clan members come close to the records that controls money flows. Halef Halef is also treasurer of the Syriac compound Botkyrka in Stockholm who owns Norsborg center. Great rental income coming from Norsborg center is also under Halef Halefs total control. Against Syrian association members will have Halef Halef transferred large sums of money to the TV channel Suryoyo Sat on the pretext that it was in an economic crisis. Whether Suryoyo Sun was in an economic crisis or not, and where the money has gone, no one knows. Halef family hold key positions and allows no insight.
Syriac help fund
The clan is active in all areas where there is money to be gained. To take care of the generous contributions syrians have organized a relief fund called Suryoyo assistance fund. Responsibility for this clan could not let anyone take, without placing "their man" in there too. For years, Fuad Adis, who is related to Melke Michel clan, taken care of using the fund's income.
Adis family is accustomed to handling money in cash. Exchange Finance Europe owned by Umit Adis. In 2007 the company was fined by the FSA with 500 000 SEK because Exchange Finance involved in illegal transfer of value and suspicions of money laundering. Exchange Finans is Syrianska FC's sponsor.
Unholy alliance with churchmen
Bishop Benjamin Atas to set an example, several convicted rapists in their family. A few years ago revealed a blog how Bishop Benjamin Atas got black salary of Syrian Church for 12 years. When the Swedish Radio did a story on black salary scandal denied both Bishop Benjamin and Syriac church's central board of this information. However, all members of the Church know that Bishop Benjamin Atas receive a salary. According to the Syriac Church of association may Bishop Benjamin, a portion of the church's income. The share is "measly" 1 per month for each member who is in his diocese. But when you start counting the krona coins will eventually big money. According to the Syriac Church Central Board there are 48,602 (according to SST's statistics 2009) members, which means that Bishop Benjamin is guaranteed at least 48 602 per month in salary that is not declared. This information was also confirmed in a television program that aired on Suryoyo Sat, where Halef Halef is treasurer of the Syriac Church's central board appeared and informed viewers.
Why is Bishop Benjamin black salary interesting in this context?
For clan Melke Michel and its accomplices family Halef it is important to have allies at all levels. A bishop is considered by parishioners to be God and the Holy Spirit's representative on earth. The bishop's words are undeniable. With its alliance with the bishop ensures that no opinion formed against clan Melke Michel. The unholy alliance of clan Melke Michel and Bishop Benjamin Atas has led to clan control and have total control even over the Syriac Church, and above all its assets.
Church as headquarters
In the preliminary investigation, it appears that Bernard Khouri used Mother Afrem church headquarters. Police have captured the event in its reconnaissance film. LT acclaimed event. The police call recording says Södertälje network leader "Berno" Bernard Khouri "Come to our church in this case," a renegade Bandidos member who acted as a negotiator for the motorcycle gang Bandidos.
It is no wonder that Bernard Khouri feel at home in church. Because it all started there. Dressed Clan chiefs with shiny polished shoes sitting in the church rooms upstairs and do their dirty talks and shops. Who would believe that such a place in a holy church premises?
In LT's article tries Fuad Adis, former parish president of Mother Afrem dismiss the action. It is no wonder that Fuad Adis not want to admit something that the police have been well documented. He is part of the clan structure.
Bishop Benjamin Alderman
The Syrian group tries to always resolve conflicts of various kinds by seeking advice / help from church and usually from the bishops who are respected highly. As a rule, tried to always seek out the church for marriage problems and other types of family-related problems. In recent years, individuals and business owners who have been blackmailed by the mafia clan in Södertälje tried to solve his problem by going to Bishop Benjamin Atas. Several of them tried to get help from the church and the bishop. But instead of advising them to seek help from the police and report the crime, the people who were exposed to blackmail received the following reply from Bishop Benjamin Atas: "Pay these thugs some money and get rid of them."
Vulnerable people give up in the end and pay large sums to the Mafia clan violence appliance that performs hands-on "dirty work". Some of them are forced to give up their businesses and flee the country. An example of this is the family Durmaz fleeing Syrian Brotherhood to Spain. More on family Durmaz you can read in the article "TV current family Sodertalje Network last victim."
Melke Michel clan owns the Syriac Church
A few years ago drew attention to a blog Melke Michel clan's illegal and immoral business with Syriac church properties. Johan Melke Michel served more than six million dollars on an affair with the church's property, where he sat on two chairs. Johan Melke Michel sat in two boards as both sellers and buyers. Read more about it in the blog article "'Skandia scandal' in Mother Afrem Syriac Orthodox Church in Geneta".
Yilmaz Bisse, who was treasurer of Mother Aframs Township Board tried to defend John Melkemichels purchase of the properties. But it is not so surprising given that Yilmaz Bisse belong to tribal families. When the scandal was uncovered responded Yilmaz Bisse on LT's questions about the deal and said the following:
"We have not negotiated the deal with Johan Melke Michel, but with others in the company. It is important to point out. We sold for about the same price we bought for ourselves and thought the price was reasonable. No other showed no interest when the property was announced. "
What to say? Should we laugh or cry? Who would dare to bid on the property when all is done in advance? To advertise properties was only a game for the gallery. Johan Melke Michel who often appeared in the local media and TV channel Suryoyo Sat disappeared from the spotlight after revelations. To smooth over the scandal and pick some equality points positioned clan a female deputy as chairman of the Syriac Church government. But the clan could not place anyone on this important item, because they chose Silva Gündüz (Metin Atasevens sister). What is interesting here is that Silva Gündüz was a prolific Left Party in Södertälje, but when the clan called was absolutely no ideological problem to chair the clan controlled Syrian Orthodox Church based in Mother Afram, Södertälje.
Internal "name dispute" as a tool
Like all other dictatorial structures also utilizes Melke Michel clan every opportunity to divide a larger unit to be able to more easily control and manage the various parts. A classic "divide and rule" tactics. A conflict arose between those who called themselves Assyrians and those who called themselves Syrians in the 1970s, about which concepts ethnic group would use in Sweden, has now turned into a powerful tool in the hands of the clan.
Melke Michel clan with his minions and puppets deliberately and systematically opposed all attempts at reconciliation between the Assyrian and Syrian factions. Although the vast majority of the community in general have grown tired of this destructive and often infantile conflict Melke Michel clan with Halef family fueled to deepen divisions between factions. Last means to stoke the "name dispute" between the Assyrians and Syrians have been TV channel Suryoyo Sat. On several talk shows have been invited extremists is to simply point out the Assyrians as evil. The content of many of these programs would most likely be folded for hate speech if they had ended up with the review board.
Before and after the derby matches between Syrianska and Assyriska few years ago incited one of the various programs that aired in Suryoyo Sat against the Assyrians and the Assyrian FF's supporters. Following these safety programs have arisen about the games big fights in schools between children who call themselves Assyrians and Syriacs.
Melke Michel clan with Halef family, who controlled the Syrian Church from the very beginning, from kyrkoaltaren by fanatical priests pushed their propaganda and fueled the "name dispute".
Whether it is right on the merits on which concept is right, is irrelevant in this context. In fact, there is a group who call themselves Assyrians among Syrians. This was an excellent opportunity for Melke Michel clan to exploit. Through their behavior has Melke Michel clan for 30 years planted a hatred of an entire generation that grew up with hating the Assyrian part of the group without really knowing why. The tiresome and meaningless "name dispute" has been a dilemma for the Swedish authorities, who eventually decided to use the term Assyrians / Syriacs of the community.
Melke Michel clan and its minions have no honest interest in defending syrian semitism. On the contrary, it has been deliberately fired on the "name dispute" and to share the community and also to point out the "enemy" and then make themselves protectors and consolidate his power.
Disgruntled save / silent Syrians
The overwhelming majority of Syrians are dissatisfied with being a pawn in the clan Melkemichels and its medlöparfamiljers hands, but unfortunately no organized power to stop us. When it is time for change in some organizations' boards enabled large clan member machinery and you can make a "democratically correct way" to bring new people to key positions in various boards.
The organizations in question are:
• Syriac Orthodox Church Central Board
• Syriac National Association
• Syrianska
• Suryoyo Kit Board
• Syriac Orthodox Church Youth
• Syriac Youth
According to the Youth Board has various Syrian youth organizations received nearly three million in grants in 2012. Members of these organizations are the same people, but presented in different lists to qualify for more grants from the Youth Board. Even in these organizations main items are persons who are elected by Melke Michel clan. A character named Bedros Yevno, who with his adult age can no longer be considered "young", sitting still on those items.
To have total control of all youth organizations, religious organizations, and all other types of organizations, has Melke Michel clan made sure that everything is established in buildings owned by Melke Michel clan. Klockarvägen 104, 151 61 Södertälje is exclusively address of all Syrian organizations. Melke Michel clan has effectively ensured that all organizations with monetary flows are within reach of the clan.
The illegal gambling empire - Melke Michel Ataseven, Aslanoglu
Families with these surnames are members of the same clan: Melke Michel clan. In order not to attract too much attention has been chosen to go under different names. The clan turnover with its structured illegal gambling many million in dirty money.
Structured illegal gambling
To create conditions for illegal gambling needed facilities, loan sharks and collectors. Metin Ataseven was president of real estate Ginatas AB Org: 556594-3866, owned by his two brothers. Ginatas owns the mall Ronna center and has arranged facilities to associations, which is just a front for illegal gambling. Everyone living in the area are well aware of what is happening in these rooms. To give the appearance of doing the right thing form an imaginary one compound that stands for lease. The paper takes a meaningless rent from the association, but the major revenue comes from taking their share of the current game in the space. The larger sums it is played on the higher income draws Metin Ataseven & Co. in the "rake" (a term in poker for the portion of the pot taken by the casino profits) from "tables".
The police are powerless. Attributed to several raids, police have not been able to find anything that suggests illegal gambling. Why? The answer is simple. There is never any money on the tables. It uses the game markers. A person sitting at each table games record gains and losses for each player. At the end of the game are reported who have lost how much and who has won.
Those who do not have money can also play
In the game room, there is always one person who has large sums of cash on him. In many cases, these are million. This "loan shark" has direct links to the landlord and clan Melke Michel. He is there to lend money to people who have lost or to others who do not have enough money to play. Borrowers just need to have a guarantor with them and sign a promissory note, then he may "loan".
In some cases, the borrower can not pay back his gambling debts on time. Then step into collectors. It is known that there are plenty of people of the nature of Melke Michel family. In Södertälje criminal circles are the names Yüksel Aslanoglu and Bülent Aslanoglu known profiles. As a hitter, and collectors used Bernard "Berno" Khouri. A phone call or bid via a "mediator" to the person with the gambling debt usually solve the problem. In addition to debt collectors put on their "fee" in the amount, depending on the size of the debt. It is a very lucrative acquisition, as collectors for the most part do not have to put much work. Their names and the violence capital that is associated with their brand, and it goes a long way when it comes to "persuade" the borrowers to pay the debt, including usury rates and all imposed "fees".
First murder of Oasis and the landlord Metin Atasevens actions
On the night of 23 December 2009 killed Mohamed Ali, who also had a criminal record. Despite the murder Metin Ataseven chose to let "society" who rented the room to continue their "business". Why choose to continue when a person has been executed in cold blood before many witnesses? The answer is simple: money. You pull in big money by harboring this illegal gambling. It involves millions of dollars each month. Money that Metin Ataseven and his brothers put straight into the pockets. It was only after the double murder of Jacob and Eddie Moussa and the media attention that followed the Metin Ataseven ousted their "tenants", which was nothing more than window dressing. Illegal game is a big source of income for the clan Melke Michel. The illegal gambling activities in their house continues today in Södertälje, however, in new premises.
Football Team Syrianska as money laundering machine
Melke Michel clan has also laid claim to all the important positions in football team Syrianska and manned all the key positions with loyal people to take control over the assets and money flows in the club, including the Özcan Melke Michel was trainer for years without anyone daring to question or criticize him on the slightest. T for President of Syrianskas supporters' club is a clan member. The clan is interested in having control over Syrianska when a football club very easy and can be safely used as an excellent money-laundering machine. The portion of all money earned by the clan's illegal activities (illegal gambling, drug trafficking, extortion, etc.) that you want to wash to be used in the legal sections, can be washed, including greatly exaggerated audience at home games. Syrianska that a few years ago played in norrettan made spectacular star players. This continued for the next two years in the Premier League. During these years was exaggerated attendance figures to wash all the dirty money flowing into Melke Michel clan's hands. After classifying the League has Syrianska series worst audience cut. This is because the rulers of Syrianska dare not exaggerate attendance figures because the coverage of the Champions League is bigger and thus it is harder to fiddling the figures.
Besides the inflated crowd revenue from home games organized also occasionally football festivals to raise money for the football team. In connection with these football feasts sent Suryoyo Sat live television where coach Özcan Melke Michel and Chairman Andreas Temiz begging money from people who looked outside Sweden. These celebrations are an opportunity to pump large amounts of cash from the illegal activity and report those who raised funds for a sponsoring party.
In this way, the clan Melke Michel pulled down football club with him in the dirt and danger throughout the club's reputation and future. Sodertalje network or Syrian Brotherhood is Melke Michel clan product to control money flows within the Syrian community. The criminal network is created and controlled by the clan Melke Michel. The leaders of the network is Yüksel Aslanoglu and Bülent Aslanoglu, both are brothers of Syriac FC's coach Özcan Melke Michel. In the top of the hierarchy pyramid sits the media completely unknown people. The dirty work is Bernard "Berno" Khouri, Syrian Brotherhood's premier hitter. "Berno" also has the task of recruiting new members to the Syrian Brotherhood. More recently, Bernard "Berno" Khouri launched as Sodertalje network new leader. Right now Bernard "Berno" Khouri with a life sentence for inciting the murder of brothers Moussa. The Yüksel Aslanoglu and Bülent Aslanoglus let Bernard "Berno" Khouri take on the leadership role was a deliberate action by Yüksel Aslanoglu and Bülent Aslanoglu to direct attention away from themselves. In reality, the clan Melke Michel in charge.
Bernard "Berno" Khouri was behind the severe beating of Robil Oduncu a few years ago. In order to clarify the situation got Melke Michel clan set. They threatened and scared away all who were witnesses to the event and then offered Yüksel Aslanoglu, who represented the clan Melkemichels criminal faction, Robil Oduncus family a "punitive damages" of 700 000 SEK to exonerate Bernard "Berno" Khouri from all liability. The agreement put the blame on a 16-year-old, Abraham Aho, who then released for lack of evidence.

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