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Happy new year

To all of you.
My new year´s promise is to...




Feed my cats?

Oh yeah- and feed my kid too...


Groucho Marx

Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

I intend to live forever, or die trying.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.

 One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.

A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.

I must confess, I was born at a very early age.


This is how it looked

NO- I'm not fat!
I'm swollen.

I ruptured the outgoing motor nerves coming out from my neck.
I also broke my collarbone in two places.
Five ribs.

And I cracked my sternum.

All for an idiot drunken driver who drove away after hitting me (he/she must have been drunk- I believe).
That´s my shoulder and left arm in the out of focus picture.

Three years of rehab!'


As I'm being on the road for much of the comming days- This is for you all!
This is what I feel like ;-)
This is what I long for!

Have a merry, merry chritsmas!
I dare you!

The last photo is over the Torneå river in July at 02:15 in Saivuomuotka.
Did not get a fucking fish though!

And yeah.
Even though it looks computer rendered. I is comletely genuine!
The pixelation is from the format. I'ts a 8 Mp picture scaled down (or compressed) to 76 800 pixels.
It's cool- it's genuine!



It did not happen!

How am I now going to explaine the credit card bill?

Vojne vojne...


I was'nt going to write about this at all.
It has all been covered by MSM- I thought.

In Gothenburgh at Wednedsday. Riots broke out over a girl- allededgebly- posting photographs of youngsters on instagram, calling them whores and such.

The poster is a (most probably muslim) Bosnian girl, who hang out hundreds of pictures on instagram of both Swedish and foreign boys and girls and accused them of being adulterers.

Some 500 "youths" gathered at central Gothenburgh. Smashed lampposts, cars and assaulted people standing by. 30 people were arrested.

And guess what?

Not one of them was blond and blue- eyed!

The funny thing is when you look at the videos of the crap.
All the "youths" are wearing Jeans, jackets, shoes and are filming with smartphones that I NEVER could afford! (Or rather- I could afford it- I'm just not that stupid!)

I just don't get this show of mentality of the MENA:s.
What's the point; if you are living in a seward?
How cool excactly is it to show off others taxpayers money?
I just can't get it!

They just have not got a bit of shame in their bodies!

It's like- My dearest pair of jeans is a pair of 501 Levi's bought in Dallas for $40. In Sweden they would cost $ 230.
That's luxury for me.

Theese kids weares designer jeans costing about $ 450 or more. Their down jackets cost's $770 or more and their shoes... I don't want to talk about it!

Thing is:
It's all payed by the taxpayers!

They look like kings but live like sewer rats...

I allmost forgot:

They also allways drive latest model year prmium grade BMW, Audis and Mercedes.
As a police detective called them, when speaking to me "Cocaine Sleads"!

A 17 year old boy has taken the blame for registering the Instagram account. Some sources say that he too are of a muslim persuation.


Saint Lucy's Day

Saint Lucia's Day (sometimes Lucy for short) is the Church feast day dedicated to Saint Lucy and is observed on the 13th of December. Its modern day celebration is generally associated with Sweden and Norway but is also observed in Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Hungary, Malta, Bosnia, Bavaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain and St. Lucia, West Indies. In the United States it is celebrated with cookies on the mantel in states for a large number of people of Scandinavian ancestry, often centered around church events. In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia. In some forms, a procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each.

Saint Lucy (283–304), also known as Saint Lucia or Santa Lucia, was a wealthy young Christian martyr who is venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Christians. Her feast day in the West is 13 December; with a name derived from Lux, Lucis meaning "Light", as she is the patron saint of those who are blind. Saint Lucy is one of the few saints celebrated by members of the Lutheran Church among the Scandinavian peoples, who take part in Saint Lucy's Day celebrations that retain many elements of Germanic paganism.
Saint Lucy is one of seven women, aside from the Blessed Virgin Mary, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Hagiography states that Lucy was a Christian martyr during the Diocletian persecution. She consecrated her virginity to God through pious works[3] refused to marry a pagan betrothed, and had her wedding dowry distributed to the poor. Her betrothed pagan groom denounced her as a Christian to the governor of Syracuse, Sicily. Miraculously unable to move her or burn her, the guards took out her eyes with a fork. In another version, Lucy's betrothed admired her eyes, so she tore them out and gave them to him, saying, "Now let me live to God".

The oldest record of her story comes from the fifth-century accounts of saints' lives.[3] By the 6th century, her story was widespread, so that she appears in the Sacramentary of Pope Gregory I.[4] At the opening of the 8th century Aldhelm included a brief account of her life among the virgins praised in De laude virginitatis, and in the following century the Venerable Bede included her in his Martyrology.[5] In medieval accounts, Saint Lucy's eyes are gouged out prior to her execution. In art, her eyes sometimes appear on a tray that she is holding.
Until 1861 relics of Saint Lucy were venerated in a church dedicated to her in Venice; after its demolition, they were transferred to the church of San Geremia.
The Roman Catholic calendar of saints formerly had a commemoration of Saints Lucy and Geminianus on 16 September. This was removed in 1969, as a duplication of the feast of her dies natalis on 13 December and because the Geminianus in question, mentioned in the Passio of Saint Lucy, seems to be a merely fictitious figure,[2] unrelated to the Geminianus whose feast is on 31 January.

The Swedish tradiotion- mostly amongst yougster is to have a parade lead by a simulacrum- mostly a girl- of the saint Lucia.
Traditionally Lucia has almost allways been a northern blond girl. Nothing wrong with that, even though St: Lucia was born i Sicily and probably had a more darker complexion.
Anyway- this is a semi- big HO-HO here in Sweden. The traditional Lucia parade aired on national TV has millions of viewers early in the morning of the 13:th.

The morning of the 13:th this year what follows is what the wievers was tormented with:

I don't mind that this years national lucia was a black young woman. Not at all! I don't even mind that she could'nt sing. What a heck. I can't hold a tune.
What ticks me off is the young arabian gentleman rapping in the sermony in broken swedish.
What the hell?

A common misconception is that we celebrate Lucia on December 13 becauseSaint Luciafrom Syracuse died that day. But our Swedish Lucia celebration is nothingcommon with the Saint Lucia (except the name).That 13 december been a day that we celebrate in Sweden has to do with aerror in the Julian calendar that we used in Sweden up to 1753.A solar yearis 365.2422 days, but a calendar year in the Julian calendar 365.25days. Not much may seem, but at 128 years, the error has grown to a full dayand from 100 century BC to the 1300s had grown to defect almost twoweeks.Particular importance was the year offset for the day that markstransition periods - ex. winter and summer solstice and spring andAutumn Equinox. Winter Solsticewas originally 25december (hence the Christmas celebrations on this day), but had in the Middle Ages ended aroundDecember 13. This night was thus in the Middle Ages the longest.In a diary from 1702 can be read on 13 December:[The] longest night when the cold and unpleasant Wintern take theirbeginningThe 13december marked thus clearly a transition period and on all othertransition times of the year, tied the popular beliefs about the evil forceswas in motion during the night. The name day on December 13 was Lucia came duesound similarity in popular consciousness understood that it was Luciferthat swept through the night with his entourage.Since Saint Lucia never played any significant role in Swedishcelebration, there are not any similarities between her and thefirst saffron old men and old women saffron. If saffron old men andsaffron chicks' appearance are few stories but from Sillbodal in Värmland'sfollows:About Saffron asked the youth to with a Saffron Dance. One was dressed asLucia Bride. She was dressed in a long straw and had a straw band around the waist, whichclung halmane. With Saffron bride could all dance to the straw fellof.Being saffron bride was no honor. Instead, saffron bride's reputation that she waspromiscuous and crazy guy. A Lucia is more like the lucia we know todaymentioned from Skövde first 1764th Then it's a white-clad woman with lighthair and wings on the shoulders. The wings will disappear and the custom spreadfrom the western provinces to student cities through the western SwedishStudent Nations. Since there were no women at the higher studies, it was againmen who went to St Lucia.Again it should be noted that the Swedish lucian not taken any inspirationfrom the Italian saint (except the name). The appearanceon Lucia is instead either (as Carl W. von Sydow and others mean) aTradition transfer from the German "Kinder Isaiah" which was a successorto St. Nicholas as gåvoutdelare around Christmas or later loansfrom stjärnogossetågens angels (such as Hilding Celander and MartinP: n Nilsson mean).

The last segment is google translated from swedish- I'm just to lazy to do otherwise).


The art of politics


HDI sounds like some exotic sexually transferred disease, but  it stands for Human Development Index.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices to rank countries into four tiers of human development. It was created by economist Mahbub ul Haq, followed by economist Amartya Sen in 1990,[1] and published by the United Nations Development Programme.

There are also this:
List of countries by future Human Development Index projections of the United Nations.
And here is were it gets really depressing.

Atleast if you are a Swede...


Well what can you say?

A kid whom got hold of his mothers cellphone. Cute.

Without snuff for days- we languish on this island.

This proverb- or citate comes from one of my favourite authors. Astrid Lindgren. I belive it is taken from the book "Pippi goes to the south sea".

Swedish "snuff"- which is NOT snuff at all (in the sense of being snuffed up your nose). Instead it is fermented (snus) and seasoned tobacco that you put between your lip and gums as an much healthier alternative to smoking.

The EU don't like it. -Go figures. EU want's people to smoke in stead. Why? Nobody knows! Ask the french?
So Swedish companies- or any others- are forbidden to export this product within the EU, which in it self is a violation of the free treaty laws in the EU.

From "The Local":
The European Commission wants all tobacco products to contain at least 85 percent tobacco, according to documents obtained by the tabloid Aftonbladet.

However, Swedish snus only contains about 50 percent.

"It shows that they do not object to any potential health risks of snus, just to snus," Swedish MEP Christoffer Fjellner told the TT news agency.

The Commission also outlines that snus cannot have added aromas such as herbs or fruits, which it believes makes the product more attractive to young people.

Many Swedish snus manufacturers have added aromas in recent years. General brand snus has bergamot orange flavouring while Göteborgs Rapé has a taste of juniper berries.

Other new types of snus have been introduced recently which feature different types of mint, liquorice and eucalyptus flavours

While snus manufacturers face stricter guidelines on the European market, cigarette makers are going to have an easier time than they previously thought.

The requirement that they sell cigarettes in uniform packaging without company branding has been removed, after the tobacco lobby reacted furiously to the suggestion, reports daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

Instead, the commission wants to add more written warnings alongside off-putting pictures illustrating the risk of smoking on up to two thirds of all packets.

The Swedish government were quick to point out this is not the final version of a directive.

"These are rumours. The Commission hasn't taken a decision about a new directive and the Swedish government has not seen one," said Swedish Minister for Children and the Elderly Maria Larsson in a statement.

She is on her way to Brussels to meet Tonio Borg, the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.

"I will, however, be bringing up the Swedish view on this during my meeting with Tonia Borg," Larsson said.

TT/The Local/at

So the thingy here is that the EU want's to ban snus because it contains water!
It's not the flavouring- it's the water!


The ten most atractive girls in the world

1: My girlfriend, cohab and the mother of my son. No photo- sorry. You have to take my word for what she is. A read head, with hair flowing to her ass. Big tits and a fiery temperament.
The love of my life!

2: My mother.
No no. Don't think any crazy stuff here.
She has been dead for 11 years now. But I just looked at some old pictures of her.
She was just beautiful!

3: Pamela Anderson:
Before she went under the knife.

4: The girl on the tram beside me yesterday wearing a bear- pussy (fur hat). She looked like a doll! Cutest thing you´ll ever see.
Probably a prostitute from the former eastern states...

5: Milla Jovovich
How ca a bad actor be so- attractive?

6: Greta Garbo
Nuff´said! She is an icon...

7: The girl who used to live in the next- next house, and used to sunbathe topless.
Imagine the exercise I got during hot summer days.

8: My neighbour.
She is not young. She has not got the body of a xxx. She is just... Her!
Love her.
If a zombie holocaust would happened; she's the first one I would drag out to safety after my family.

9: Jessica.

10: Some of the girls at my workplace. They are... WOOOF!


Anamorhic illusion

This is really really cool.