Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


The life and death of Hannah Senesh

Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.
Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart.
Blessed is the heart with strength to stop its beating for honor's sake.
Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.

Read the heartbreaking story of Hannah over at ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM

Islamic takeover of France imminent

A U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon advisor says that, even with the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as France's new president, it may already be too late to stop the eventual Islamic takeover of that country and much of Western Europe.

Lt. Col. Bob McGinnis (U.S. Army-Ret.) has spent a great deal of time in Europe and has been concerned with the growing Islamic influence on the continent. Although with the election of Sarkozy the French people have turned to someone who plans tougher measures on immigration, Maginnis fears it already may be too late.

"It probably is too late for Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands and Germany," the military advisor contends. "They have very sizeable minorities that refuse to integrate, that impose Sharia law on the ghettos, and as a result have created what I think is a series of smaller countries within a country," he says.

Read the rest over at Drake´s Drum

This is plain scary!

"A NEWSCHANNEL 5 investigation reveals what the feds don't want you to know. Suspected terrorists are hiding inside the U.S. and they got here by sneaking across the Mexican border. "

"According to the Pakistani reporter, Dawood said Brother Adnan "had smuggled some dangerous materials from the Mexican border to inside the United States of America."

"Smugglers have been caught 300 times in the past four years trying to sneak in radioactive material, which could be used to make a dirty bomb.""The government does know terror groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah are active in Latin America. In fact, members of Hezbolla are already inside the U.S., coming in through the Mexican border."

Read more over at Flanders Fields Terrorists posing as mexican immigrants


Sweden: 'Abolish EU farm subsidies'

Europe should abolish all farm subsidies, Sweden's government has said in a submission to the European Commission in Brussels.

Swedish Agriculture Minister Eskil Erlandsson announced on Tuesday that he had put forward Sweden's radical new position to officials drafting the new European agriculture policy, which is due to be launched in 2013.
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The idea of completely abolishing farm subsidies, leaving a fully market-oriented farming sector, is controversial.

"We are the first country in the EU to propose this," Erlandsson told journalists at the Swedish parliament on Tuesday.

Sweden wants export subsidies, intervention subsidies and production subsidies to be phased out completely, leaving only subsidies for environmental protection. The proposed system would closely resemble the system in place in Sweden before the country joined the European Union.

Erlandsson said that producers, consumers and politicians were "for the most part" united on the issue. But those EU countries that do well out of farm subsidies, such as France, Greece and Poland, are likely to oppose any watering down of the system.

"We are currently trying to attract allies, and right now they are found among our neighbours in northern Europe - Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK," the minister said.

Agriculture subsidies account for 40 percent of the EU budget. Erlandsson did not specify what his proposals would do to this figure.

The reforms would be made possible, Erlandsson said, by high market prices. This was due to increased demand for both energy and food. The price of grain has increased by 35 percent in the past year.

"We expect continued high market prices, and this means that the subsidies can be removed," he said.

Finally! But reforming EU- politics on the farming sector has as much chance a a snowball in hell. That is if Sarkosky does´nt make 180 degree turn from France´s earlier political stance. And that- as we well know is a big no, no for any French president wanting to have a consecutive election win.

I once thought that EU was a good idea. But instead of free markets (which was the whole idea of the organisation), we got protectionism, buerocracy and planned echonomy. EU is slowly turning in to a new soviet union!

TT/The Local/Gummihund

Sniper refreshment class

So, this coming weekend I´m doing a sniper refreshment class. Why you say? Is it the rain wet, muddy and tick- infested lovely sights? Is it the sleepdepravation? Is it pure madness? I would say- All of the abow!

Being a soldier- and a sniper at that, makes you something of a paria. Everybody loves you- as long as you are on their side. But if not- G_D help you if you ever get caught! Snipers is one of the more usefull resources on a platoon level a military platoon unit can have. But snipers is also the most hated adversaries.

So why do I do it? Simply because I can! And because I´m needed!

Because of the preparations for the coming excercise, I,m not shure of how much blogging I will do until Sunday or so. Please visit the blogs listed in my sidebar. And as always. I have the nuts in my crosshair. And my ammunition is common sense!


Hezbollah- NOT a terrist organisation?

But, but, but!... I feel ashamed. I was not really aware of this. Hezbollah is not concidered to be a terrorist organisation by EU! But why? Aaaah, yes. surprise, surprise; Jacques Chirac is involved. This man has to be one of the worst leaders of a western country ever!

Pppppplease Sarkozy, now is the chance for you to show that the french actually has any balls left, some sort of spine and a little bit of common sense.

Jaques Chirac (mumle, mumble), jaques chirac! Next thing someone is going to tell me he is french too! This is a guy who deserves to face a tribunal! And the french people actually woted for him in several consecutive elections! NnnngnnnngggaAAAArgh!

Better have a lay down now.

Read it (not safe for your bloodpreassure)

So- It´s the Jews fault?

This is a very intriguing comparianson that is of course making the joooooos stand out in bad colours! [Sarcasm mode off]...


When I was a boy- Part six- Revolution

Being a soldier in arctic landscape, means that you have to take certain care of yourself. Water is about as scarce as in a desert invironment (you never have the time to melt snow), the temperatures is... well freezing, the landscape is unforgiving and then there is that much dredded yellow snow!

The fluid depravation is a bitch! You constantly eats snow to still your thirst (just remember to scoop up those raindeer pellets first), but what you do not sweat away (even in -40 c), you almost instantly pee out because of the lack of minerals. You go about with a constant hangover because of the dehydration, and you soon learn to always have a can of salt in your pocket, making a tequila shot type of thingy out of every water sip.

One of my dear comrades was a guy, a head shorter than me- maby 20 kilos my junior, with the most beautifu set of hair I´ve ever seen on another male. It was golden blonde, shiny, wellgroomed and reached his hips. Naturally enough we all thought the kid was some kind of a pansy. Only afterwards we learned that he was one of the meanest (in a good way) son of a bitch i`d ever had the plasure to meet. He also made a point of not cutting his hair- for any reason.

One morning, after a particulary cold night (temperatures down to -49 C); we actually had to cut him loose from the canavas fabric of our tent. His hair had frozen tight to the fabric. Needless to say, his hairdo was ruined. He still thought that his hair could be saved to some extent.

The following night; I was sitting "fire post". The "hair guy" was up next. After a two hour shift I woke him up as easilly as I could. While he was getting ready for his post duty, I thought of a prank (yeah- I´m a genious- not!). So right before he took his seat infront of the stove I dropped in a handful of 5.56 training rounds. What I did not expect him to do, was to emideatly lift the lid on the stove and poke his nose in to it.


I have never seen anyone move so quickly in my whole life! It could not have taken him more than 5 seconds to run out in to the snow; put out the fire in his hair (by dipping his head in the snow), run back and fiercly start to maim me. I could not help it, but I laughed heartily the whole time (as did everybody else).

For the rest of the time we serviced together he sported a crew- cut just as everybody else. He is still the best sniper I ´have had the chance to service with.

Whats the answer?- Whats the question?

A Mullah gets on a plane and finds himself seated next to a cute blonde. He immediately turns to her and makes his move."You know," he says, "I've heard that flights will go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger. So let's talk."The blonde, who had just opened her book, closes it slowly and says to the Mullah, "What would you like to discuss?"
"Oh, I don't know," says the Mullah. "The Universe and Islam ?"
"OK," says the blonde. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff--grass. Yet the deer excretes little pellets, the cow turns out a flat patty, and the horse produces muffins of dried poop. Why do you suppose that is?"
The Mullah is dumbfounded. Finally he replies, "I haven't the slightest idea!"
"So tell me," says the blonde, "How is it that you feel qualified to discuss the universe and Islam when you don't know shit?

Swedish black market bigger than ever

Sweden's black and grey markets almost doubled in size between the years 1990 and 2004. A new report from two central bank economists has shown that the black and grey sectors increased their share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 3.8 to 6.5 percent, Dagens Industri reports.The two economists measured the amount of cash in circulation in Sweden and found that 67 percent of all cash transactions were unexplained for the period in question.
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The total value of coins and notes in circulation in Sweden amounts to 100 billion kronor ($14.3), almost half of which is made up off 1,000 kronor notes."We have assumed that the majority of economic activity that is not registered is carried out by people who don't want it registered," economist Gabriela Guibourg told Dagens Industri.The Swedish National Economic Crimes Bureau and the tax authorities both share the Riksbank's conclusion that the black market sector has grown in recent year. Thetrend is more or less the same in other Nordic countries.

Well- what is really to be expected in a country where the total tax- pressaure is 54%. Yes thats right, for every 100$ you earn, 54 goes back to the nanny- state. For many people it is actually more profitable to lift social security or unemployment grants than to actually work! But here is the kicker. You have to be an immigrant or a substance abuser to get these wellfare checks. If not- tough luck!

The Local/TT/Gummihund

Chavez is a moron

Hugo Chavez- loved by the leftists because of his anti USA statements- has (once again) shown that he really is nothing more than a totalitarian dictator with megalomania (and probably a small weener).

Chavez shuts Venezuelan TV station

By the way- love the surname of the reporter (snig). It´s almost as funny as the english television show teatcher we watched on "edjucation TV" in third grade- Dennis Gotobed!

This is the type of thing...

... that makes me ashamed of my own country. Is it plain ignorance? is it stupidity? Is it time for a real spanking?

Swedish tax money finances books and leaflets critical of USA in north korea.

Ok- If I didn´t have a cronically low blood presaure; my head would explode at this moment. Ay, right. I´m still not an islamist. I think I´ll go to bed instead.

Here ist the link

Sleep well you all and or good morning dependent of where you are at! Do not let the bed bugs bite you! And have a very, very nice day.


Irshad Manjis

... at the Neo conference in Stockholm "islamism in Europe"
Well worth your time; Video


I´m so jealous...

... of Fjordmans almost uncanny way of putting my thoughts in to print. Thank (put your favorite diety here) Fjordman is there, otherwise my head would explode...

Destroying Our Culture

Is Dhimmi Carter Getting Crazier by the Day? Or Has He Always Been Insane?

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
hate your country

respect insane moonbats
and ex-president traitors

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
be a weak president

don't threaten terrorists
who hold embassies hostage

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
ex-presidents should meddle

take money from dictators
while ignoring their evil

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
sell a book full of lies

disgrace yourself to the world
ending your life in shame

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
elect another dirtball

who will someday retire
and bad-mouth the country

Pure poetry (Tanka) by USpace over at Hard to swallow. Do not miss it!
Also take a look at this.

Dinesh D'Souza gets owned- again!

Hugh Fitzgerald has written a great deal here about the fact that the Sunni/Shi'ite conflict is 1,400 years old, and as it was not created (contrary to fashionable claims) by the American presence in Iraq, it cannot be ended by continuing that presence.

Now Dinesh D'Souza begs to differ:

Ask youself this question: can you name two previous wars that have been fought between the Shia and the Sunni? I didn't think so. Neither can I. Because there aren't any. The Shia and the Sunni have not been fighting for centuries. Historically speaking, they have not been fighting at all.

Oh, pick me, Mr. D'Souza! Over here! My hand is up. Let's see. Two previous wars between Sunnis and Shia? How about these, sir? Leaving aside the massacres at Karbala that mark the definitive split between Sunnis and Shia in 680, here are a few highlights:

754: Plans to enthrone the Shi'ite Jafar As-Siddiq as caliph, thus ending the schism, were disrupted when Jafar was murdered by the Sunni Al-Mansur, who himself became caliph.

972: Shi'ite Fatimids conquer Sunni Egypt, and continue fighting Sunnis until they rule much of North Africa and the Middle East.

1040s: Sunni Zirid revolt in North Africa against Shi'ite rule.

1169: The Sunnis Nuraddin and Saladin seize Egypt, ending Shi'ite Fatimid rule.
Early 1500's: Shi'ites take control of Persia, violently suppressing Sunni ulama.

1514: War between the Sunni Ottoman Turks and the Shi'ite Persian Safavids.

1623: More war between the Sunni Ottoman Turks and the Shi'ite Persian Safavids. This conflict was centered in Iraq. The Safavids captured Baghdad in 1624; the Ottomans recaptured it in 1638.

And here's one you're old enough to remember, Mr. D'Souza:
1980-1988: Saddam Hussein's Sunni-controlled Iraq fights a protracted war against the Iranian Shi'ite mullahocracy.

And right now, today, far from Iraq:
Yemen Declares Jihad on Yemeni Shiites

There are plenty more where those came from, Dinesh. No, don't thank me. I'm happy to help.


Operation Solomon

Operation Solomon was a 1991 covert Israeli military operation to take Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

In 1991, the sitting Ethiopian government, the Mengistu regime, was close to being toppled with the recent military successes of Eritrean and Tigrean rebels, threatening Ethiopia with dangerous political destabilization. Several Jewish organizations, including the state of Israel, were concerned about the well-being of the sizable population of Ethiopian Jews, properly referred to as Beta Israel, residing in Ethiopia.

Also, the Mengistu regime had made mass emigration difficult for Beta Israel residing in Ethiopia, and the regime's dwindling power presented a promising opportunity for those Beta Israel who had been wanting to emigrate to Israel. In the previous year, 1990, the Israeli government and Israeli Defense Forces, aware of Mengistu's worsening political situation, made covert plans to airlift the Beta Israel population in Ethiopia to Israel.This became the largest emigration of Beta Israel to date.

In 36 hours, non-stop flights of 34 IAF C-130s, filled to absolute capacity with seats transported 14,325 Beta Israel émigrés from Ethiopia to Israel, where they were given food and shelter.

The operation set a world record for single-flight passenger load on 24 May 1991 when an El Al 747 carried 1,122 passengers to Israel (1,087 passengers were registered, but dozens of children hid in their mothers' robes).

Lovingly taken from ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM (thank you).
No muslim country were willing to accept the "palestinian refugees" (although they were practically begged to stay in Israel). There is humanity, and then there is... islam!

Why not Live as you Learn?

Al Gore Appearance at the Marin Civic Center.- Hypocrasy on a grand scale!

With never ending thanks to Zombie

Blackmailing Europe

It isn't hard to spot the difference in the press's reaction to Israel's carefully targeted response to the hail of missiles raining down on Sderot from Gaza, and the Lebanese government's bombardment of a Palestinian "refugee camp" where terrorists belonging to Fatah al-Islam are holed up.

Lebanon's action is — rightly — seen as a legitimate act of self-defense against a Syrian-backed attempt to destabilize its government. Israel, by contrast, is condemned for its decision to retaliate against the Hamas leaders who are ordering indiscriminate attacks on its civilians.
Right now, far more Palestinians are dying in the civil war between Hamas and Fatah, or between the Lebanese army and Islamist terrorists, than those who are being killed by Israel.

There is nothing new about this disproportion. In fact, since 1945, the number of Muslims killed by other Muslims outnumbers those killed by Israelis by a factor that far exceeds 100-1.
The death toll from the civil wars, genocides, and insurgencies that have raged across the Islamic world from Algeria to Indonesia simply dwarfs the numbers killed in the Arab-Israeli wars or the Palestinian intifadas.

Keep on reading

The apologists are wrong, dead wrong about Turkey

Here is an interresting essay from the Turkish Daily News.

Ambassador (ret.) Ö. Faruk Loğoğlu, Ph.D* "The success of Turkish democracy lies, not in the fusion of democracy and Islam, but in the fusion of democracy and secularism on the one hand and the simultaneous separation of state and religion on the other. The effort to drive a wedge between secularism and democracy in Turkey is a dangerous trap."


"Monotheistic religions such as Islam and Christianity are all encompassing in their answers to human needs. No area of life, including the political, is outside their claimed domain. The commandments of faith, which in Islam are incredibly detailed, must be obeyed. Those who fail to obey are sinners and cannot be tolerated. And this is exactly what lies beneath the headscarf issue in Turkey. The women, who expose their hair and bodies, can never be truly accepted by those following the strict interpretation of Islamic standards. To the ‘uncovered' women, their headscarf-wearing sisters are equals. But to the women who wear the headscarf, aren‘t the ‘uncovered' women at best misguided sinners?"

Read it all


Carter´s Disasters

Here is a piece on former president Jimmy Carter- the man who has called the Bush administration "the worst in history".

Well, here is a newsflash for you peanuts. Your own presidential record is not really something to be proud of, not really, really! Not at all!

"Jimmy Carter, the man who makes Neville Chamberlain look like Dirty Harry!"- Indeed!

What is the point...

...of having a 100Mb internet connection when you can´t get down a single byte of information? For the second Thursday in a row my internet connection went down for several hours. I know, I know! Low traffic period- time for som maintenance.

But I get this terrible itch!

I actually had to watch TV.

Well, I have got my fix now. Time to start looking for material again.


Put the UN out of it´s misery- please

The UN is nothing more than a playground for villain states and dictatorships.

UN troops 'traded gold for guns'

Pakistani UN peacekeeping troops have traded in gold and sold weapons to Congolese militia groups they were meant to disarm, the BBC has learnt.
These militia groups were guilty of some of the worst human rights abuses during the Democratic Republic of Congo's long civil war.
The trading went on in 2005. A UN investigative team sent to gather evidence was obstructed and threatened.
The team's report was buried by the UN itself to "avoid political fallout".

Read it all

Slave to Fashion

Why cant Muslim kids be taught to arm themselves up with AK-47’s and strive for world domination under Islamic leadership?

I... just am out of words here... Read the... well, disillutional thoughts of ...Hmm, outright said F*****G crazy people HERE!

Please excuse my french. I think I´m going to have a lay down now...


Open letter

This is an open letter to a Swedish muslim convertite Sankala, 17. She is blogging at under the blogname of Livet ur mina muslimska ögon (Life seen through my muslim eyes). The rest of this letter will be in Swedish. So for all you non- Scandinavian readers- please take a look at the links in my sidebar.


Jag är glad att du funnit vägledning i livet. Jag är helt säker på att du dessutom tror att du funnit den rätta vägen. Det är mycket vanligt bland muslimska konvertiter. De är helt enkelt infösta och indoktrinerade in till en ideologi och ett kollektivt tänkande som tilltalar många- särskilt unga människor- då ideologin och livsstilen helt och hållet eradikerar individen till förmån för kollektivet.

Detta är ingen ny företeelse. I modern tid kan vi peka på andra kollektivistiska ideologier, som liksom islam tillåtit människor att sluta ta ansvar för sig själv och låta sig bli styrd av andra. Där hittar vi bland annat sådana finfina ideologier som nazism och kommunism. Skillnaden är att till skillnad från nazister och kommunister så har islam lyckats med att i en (av)guds namn ha bragt sisådär en miljard människor om livet under dess 1400- åriga historia.

Bara sedan 11/9 2001 har fler än 8100 terroristdåd ( Update: Mindre än tolv timmar senare är siffran 8375!) med dödlig utgång, utförda av muslimer gjorts (vad vi vet om, jag skulle gissa på den siffran i verkligheten skulle kunna fördubblas). De allra flesta av dessa dödade människor är andra muslimer- men det gör ju inte saken bättre på något vis. Eller hur?

Så denna (o)heliga ideologi du nu tytt dig till är värre än nazism, fascism och kommunism lagda tillsammans. Känns det bra? I så fall är det dags att börja knapra lithium! Dessutom är likheterna mellan nazism, kommunism och islam fler än vad det finns skillnader! Alla tre ideologierna är totalitära, imperialistiska, kollektivistiska och i allmänhet allomfattande. adolf hitler (tillsammans med många av hans närmaste män) var stora beundrare av den muslimska ideologin. adolf blev till exempel "förärad" med ett muslimskt namn av stormuftin i egypten under ett av hans besök där. Jag tror det var herman göring som sade något i stil med att "Det är synd att Tyskarna är kristna, eftersom den islamska ideologin hade passat den nazistiska mycket bättre. Det är därför heller inte förvånande att Mein Kampf än i dag är en storsäljare i muslimska länder (jag pratar om miljonupplagor år efter år efter år). Mein kampf blir ju i arabisk översättning- jihad!

Din profet- den som du anser vara den "mest perfekta mannen" idealet- som du eftersträvar var:

Har jag glömt något? Tja han var en fena på att ljuga också!

Efter som ko-ranen anses av muslimer vara universiell, så innebär det att vadhelst mo gjorde så är det inte bara tillåtet för en muslim att göra likadant- det är något EFTERSTRÄVANSVÄRT!

Islam är den enda världsreligionen som saknar "den gyllene regeln" d v s Gör så mot andra såsom du själv vill bli behandlad. Detta är ett välkänt faktum, och anledning till detta är att islam inte längre skulle vara islam om en sådan regel efterföljdes. Därför att då skulle mo:s handlingar inte längre kunna ursäktas. Därmed ger ideologin tillåtelse för muslimer att i princip göra vad som helst- så länge det sker i islams namn och gagnar denna monstruösa mördarsektoida "religion". Detta innefattar listan ovanför- inte bara mot oss Kuffrar (märk att jag stavade det med versal) utan även mot andra muslimer.
Våldta i religionens namn- Helt ok!
Mörda i religionens namn-Helt ok!
Ta slavar i religionens namn-Helt ok! o s v, o s v, o s v...

Så medans du sticker huvudet i sanden- ehh! i din hijab, så tänker i varje fall jag kämpa för varje individs rätt till yttrande, till religionsfrihet och till ägande. Rättigheter du inte finner under muslimskt styre- Någonstans!

Visst du är bara 17. Jag var det en gång i tiden också. Jag vet att man i den åldern kan få underliga ideer. Om ett par år har du kanske kommit till dina sinnens fulla bruk och insett sanningen med ideologin du nu tyr dig till. Detta såklart om du inte blivit stenad innan dess.

Med förhoppning om ett snart tillfrisknande

P:S Läs gärna igenom min blog och besök länkarna i min sidebar. Det finns fler bra länkar t ex denna, rekommenderas starkt åt dig
och denna D.S

Egypt: Fatwa allows breast-feeding among adults

Al-Azhar University, one of Sunni Islam's most prestigious institutions, ordered one of its clerics Monday to face a disciplinary panel after he issued a controversial decree allowing adults to breast-feed.

Ezzat Attiya had issued a fatwa, or religious edict, saying adult men could breast-feed from female work colleagues as a way to avoid breaking Islamic rules that forbid men and women from being alone together.

In Islamic tradition, breast-feeding establishes a degree of maternal relation, even if a woman nurses a child who is not biologically hers. It means the child could not marry the nursing woman's biological children.

Attiya - the head of Al-Azhar's Department of Hadith, or teachings of the Prophet Muhammad - insisted the same would apply with adults. He argued that if a man nursed from a co-worker, it would establish a family bond between them and allow the two to work side-by-side without raising suspicion of an illicit sexual relation.


Imagine... in a place where crude missiels are falling on a daily basis. Imagine having to send out your children in to the streets of possible carnaige. Out to possible death- every day!

Imagine the minds of those who knowingly and by sinister way of thoughts, firering theese unguided missiles into a town of civilians. Imagine the terror!

Sderot (Video)

Slavery of Children and Women in Persian gulf Countries


The Islamic fundamentalists in Iran have for example expended tremendous amounts of time and efforts controlling, harassing, and punishing women and girls in the name of Islam. In Tehran, there are an estimated 84,000 women and girls in prostitution, many of them are on the Streets, others are in the 250 brothels that reportedly operate in the City. The trade is also international. Thousands of Iranian women and girls have been sold into sexual slavery abroad. The Sex Slave Trade is one of the most Profitable activities in Iran today. Iranian governments officials are involved in buying, selling and sexually abusing women and girls. One factor contributing to the increase in prostitution and the sex slave trade is the number of female teens who are running away from home. In Tehran alone there are an estimated 25,000 Street Children, most of them girls. Many of the girls come from impoverished Rural areas. Some addicted parents sell their Children to support their habits...A number of prostitution and slavery rings operating from Tehran that has sold girls and women to Britain, France, and Germany. In Iranian Province of Khorasan, local police report that girls are being sold to Pakistani men as [sexslaves]

They have passed and enforced humiliating and sadistic rules and punishments of women and girls, enslaving them in a system of segregation.Many Mullahs and officials are involved in the sexual exploitation and trade of women and girls. Women who are arrested for prostitution say they must have sex with the arresting officer. There are reports of police locating young women for sex for the wealthy and powerful mullahs. Some may think a thriving sex trade in a theocracy with clerics possibly acting as pimps is a contradiction in a country founded and ruled by Islamic fundamentalists.


Interesting Times: Which occupation?


This week, Hamas and Fatah were busy killing each other, despite the Mecca deal and the "unity government" that emerged from it. Nine members of Mahmoud Abbas's security forces were killed by Hamas on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Hamas accuses Fatah of "waging war on the new government."

Of course, Hamas also blames all this on the Mossad and the CIA. If only Israel were not stirring things up, there would be tranquility in the Palestinian realm.
The Arab world's penchant for blaming others for its predicament is well known and in striking contrast to the West, which often blames itself for "rage" aimed in its direction. The Arab Human Development Reports, written by Arab scholars for the UN and which frankly highlight Arab backwardness in most categories of development, governance and human rights, are the exception that proves the rule.


Self-esteem is one thing, delusion and megalomania another. We see in Gaza what this "development model" means in practice: returning to the Muslim golden era not through education, enlightenment and creativity, but by the sword, through jihad. And to justify jihad, above all, Israel and the West must be blamed for the Arab predicament.

Read it all


Liberalism v Islamism

Melanie Philips speach at the Neo conference in Stockholm, 11 May 2007.

"First of all, let me define my terms and say what I mean by Islamism and liberalism. Islamism is the politicised version of Islam which mandates jihad, or holy war against the infidel and conquest of the non-Islamic world for Islam. I’m well aware of the argument that there’s no difference between Islamism and Islam: that’s a theological argument for others to have."


The founding ideologue of modern Islamism, Syed Qutb, made clear in his writings that at the core of the salafi interpretation of Islam was opposition to the separation of religion and temporal power that resulted in liberalism and democracy. His governing impulse was the fear that the instinct for liberty was so powerful it would spread to and infiltrate the Muslim mind unless it was checked by the most repressive possible form of Islam.


This cultural takeover, or the aim to Islamise the west, was explicitly laid out in a programme of subversion for Europe by the Wahabbi Muslim Brotherhood almost 30 years ago. In 1978, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference sponsored a seminar in London which said Muslim communities in western countries must establish autonomous institutions with help from Muslim states, and lobby the host country to grant Muslims recognition as a separate religious community as a step towards eventual political domination.

Read everything!

Palestinian agriculture and entrepenourship

I have seen the photos and read the storys before. Maby you have too. But it´s worth a new reading- again and again and again!

Palestinian greenhouses- Israel: TakE GazA Back

Hamas: Israel will be wiped off the map


Voices from within Hamas called out loudly for Israel's destruction on Monday, following an IAF attack on a Hamas lawmaker's home Sunday night as part of ongoing IDF operations against Kassam rocket fire.

A senior Hamas leader in Gaza declared Monday morning that it was signed and sealed within his party that Israel would be wiped off the map and replaced by a Palestinian State, Israel Radio reported. He added that rockets and missiles were the means of removing Israel from the picture.


Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, called on the IDF to keep civilians out of the circle of violence. At the same time, he called on Palestinians to attack anything that could be considered Israeli, since, he claimed, it was Israel that declared war on the Palestinians. Barhoum made the comments in an interview with the "Voice of Palestine" radio station.

So it´s OK for the palis to seek out and attack Israeli civilians! Furthermore; hamas has been bombarding Israel wiyh rockets for almost an year now, but the ham-ass spokesman still believes that Israel has started a war! How disillutional can he be? That man should be munching lithium on a daily basis.

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Jesper Odelberg...

...-is a Swedish stand up comedian. The one thing that stands out about him is that he has Cerebral Paresis. He has a wonderful self- distance towards his handicap. It also makes him able to make jokes about non- PC stuff, without having the trouble of explaining himself. This is a video featuring him and his "Boys on Wheels"

Boys on Wheels - New wheels on the block


The Silencing


…”They fight us with Judaism, so we should fight them with Islam. They fight us with the Torah, so we should fight them with the Koran. If they say ‘the Temple,’ we should say ‘the Al-Aqsa Mosque.’ If they say: ‘We glorify the Sabbath,’ we should say: ‘We glorify the Friday.’ This is how it should be. Religion must lead the war. This is the only way we can win.”…
…”Everything will be on our side and against Jews on [Judgment Day]; at that time, even the stones and the trees will speak, with or without words, and say: ‘Oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim, there’s a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’ They will point to the Jews…

Read it all!

Important post over at Gates of Vienna

Read it. And do not forget to check out the commentaries...


Islamophobia the worst form of terrorism

This is nicked from LGF so you have probably already read it. But it is worth republishing it here just in case you have missed it.

/ISLAMABAD, 17 May 2007 — Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) yesterday expressed grave concern at the rising tide of discrimination and intolerance against Muslims, especially in Europe and North America. “It is something that has assumed xexenophobic proportions,” they said in unison.

Speaking at a special brainstorming session on the sidelines of the 34th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (ICFM), the foreign ministers termed Islamophobia the worst form of terrorism and called for practical steps to counter it./

Well it´is as Charles says- "Mental illness on a grand scale".

Read it over at LGF or go directly to the source


Here we go again...

... And of course it is all Israels fault (andUSA´s and Europes and pretty much everybody elses that are not arabs fault. Well some arabs are also to be blamed. OH Yes, I almost forgot the Inuit Eskimoes, and the dogs- the dogs are evil... Yeah and do not forget the apes and the pigs... Really everybody is to be blamed but the assmonkey islamistic fraction your terrorist ass is belonging to for the moment).

Hamas gunmen execute 6 Fatah guards

Kassam hits Sderot house; IAF fires at Gaza launch sites

Update: Hamas blames world, Israel and Arabs (He he. I think I´m going in to the oracle buisness...)

But it´s OK, you can always get away with it by blaming it on the Jooooos and the "atrocities" IDF do...

Holy bananas... I think I´m going to explode! Nah, just called dad and he told me he would give me a real spanking if I ever turned islamist.



... a soap opera I would actually follow.

National Banana´s; Sands of Passion- An al queda soap opera: Part one, Part two

Oh! And don´t you dare...

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iranian banner

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Thankfully nicked from T.R.O.P

Some interresting reading

Visit Conservative Beach Girl for some interresting thoughts and analyzes.

hamas Kindergarten

Thou Tulip

First a disclaimer. I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. In fact, some of my most beloved friends are gay. But I find it amusing that in a society where the religion and ideology absolutely forbids homosexual activities, the gay community flourishes.
I did a post about it here (really, I only linked to a forum post at The Kurdistani). And now K9 over at ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM has an other angle over the subject.

Read SEX AND THE SINGLE MOSLEM-OR HOW TO DEFEAT THE TALIBAN (probably not very safe for work!)

Cummings on Turkey

Fjordman takes a look on Sweden- and more

Very important post from Fjordman over at The Gates of Vienna


Between a rock and a hard place

'Jews have too much power in business'

Thirty-nine percent of Europeans believe Jews have too much power in the business world, while 44% think Jews have too much power in international financial markets, according to the results of a survey published by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Monday.

The survey of five European countries - France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Poland - showed that a large number of Europeans continued to harbor anti-Jewish attitudes, holding on to the classical anti-Semitic canards and conspiracy theories that have haunted Jews through the centuries.

Large portions of the European public continue to believe that Jews still dwell too much on the Holocaust. Overall, 47% of those surveyed thought the statement was "probably true."

In addition, 51% said they believed Jews were more loyal to Israel than to their country and 20% of those surveyed continue to blame Jews for the death of Jesus.

Meanwhile, 25% said that their opinion of Jews was influenced by Israel's actions and of those, 52% said their opinion of Jews was worse as a result of the actions taken by Israel.

The wierdest thing

I´m sorry. I havent been able to do much blogging lately because I´ve been hospitalized. Without going in to details, I discovered that I´m a mortal man the past weekend (sort of).

Anyway. One thing that islam lacks when comparing to the other world religions is "The Golden Rule". That is also what makes the ideology of islam so sinister (no offence all you left handed ones out there). Missing the golden rule in an ideology gives the followers a free ticket in to just about any action taken, absoluted by the very ideology they follow, as long as it in an utilitaristic way benifits the community (come to think of it- that also includes nazism and communism [surprise, surprise]).

Here is a take on "the golden rule" from Islam Watch "The golden rule of islam"



Not much blogging today. Off working at a student festival. Visit the links in the sidebar.
Picture taken from Jihad i Malmö (Swedish)


islamic radicanimals (piss be upon them)

This is a rather old video displaying demonstrations of the cartoons in front of the Danish embassy in London. It is chilling, the messages being vile and full of hatred. It is just as we have come to know it- islamic!

A must see (Thanks to Drake´s Drum)

Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dictatorship

Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union. In a speech he delivered in Brussels last week Mr Bukovsky called the EU a “monster” that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fullfledged totalitarian state.


"It is no accident that the European Parliament, for example, reminds me of the Supreme Soviet. It looks like the Supreme Soviet because it was designed like it. Similary, when you look at the European Commission it looks like the Politburo. I mean it does so exactly, except for the fact that the Commission now has 25 members and the Politburo usually had 13 or 15 members. Apart from that they are exactly the same, unaccountable to anyone, not directly elected by anyone at all."

"When you look into all this bizarre activity of the European Union with its 80,000 pages of regulations it looks like Gosplan. We used to have an organisation which was planning everything in the economy, to the last nut and bolt, five years in advance. Exactly the same thing is happening in the EU. When you look at the type of EU corruption, it is exactly the Soviet type of corruption, going from top to bottom rather than going from bottom to top."

If you go through all the structures and features of this emerging European monster you will notice that it more and more resembles the Soviet Union. Of course, it is a milder version of the Soviet Union. Please, do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that it has a Gulag. It has no KGB – not yet – but I am very carefully watching such structures as Europol for example. That really worries me a lot because this organisation will probably have powers bigger than those of the KGB. They will have diplomatic immunity. Can you imagine a KGB with diplomatic immunity? They will have to police us on 32 kinds of crimes – two of which are particularly worrying, one is called racism, another is called xenophobia. No criminal court on earth defines anything like this as a crime [this is not entirely true, as Belgium already does so – pb]. So it is a new crime, and we have already been warned. Someone from the British government told us that those who object to uncontrolled immigration from the Third World will be regarded as racist and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes. I think Patricia Hewitt said this publicly.

Read it all over at Brussels Journal

A better mousetrap

You hear it all the time: If only the Israelis and Palestinians would make peace, the rest of the world would follow. The next time you hear it, remember that the Palestinian version of Mickey Mouse preaches death to Jews and Americans.

There can be no peace with a culture like that.

The article about Farfur, the clone of Walt Disney's gentle Mickey, in the Daily News yesterday was a shock to many New Yorkers. He sings and dances on Hamas' children's TV show "Tomorrow's Pioneers" about the need to eat right, pray - and kill. That Hamas comprises most of the Palestinian government shows Farfur is no rogue character - it is sponsored by the very people Palestinians elected to represent them.

To those who monitor the sewage spewing from Arab media, the only shock about the report is that many Americans don't grasp the depth of depravity. Television, newspapers and the Internet daily urge violence in the name of Islam. Cartoons and music videos are used to brainwash children.
The goal, openly stated, is to enlist children in the "culture of martyrdom" - to die fighting and killing the enemies of Islam. Suicide bombers are glorified and promised everlasting paradise. Grade-school textbooks fill children with dreams of a glorious death.


Michael Goodwin in Daily News


I feel so much better now

BY: James Biga

Oh thank heaven. I thought that Syria was blatantly gearing up its army for an attack across the border into Israel. I really thought that there was a master plan at work to attack Israel from three fronts, Syria being one of them. Now that the United Nations has come out and declared that Syria was not gearing up its military I can relax.
Never mind the fact that the UNIFIL troops couldn't prevent money, manpower, and arms from reaching Hizbollah in Lebanon. Never mind that the United Nations couldn't agree about Saddam's arsenal. Never mind that the United Nations can't see who the bad guys are in the Sudan. Never mind the fact that Rwanda and Bosnia all happened under the nose of the United Nations. Never mind the fact that North Korea has developed, and Iran is in the process of developing nuclear capabilities. Never mind that the United Nations is full of corrupt "diplomats" from the very nations that are instigating an all out war.
I feel so much better knowing that this gaggle of self serving, self aggrandizing, know nothing, do nothing, pathetic excuses for human beings have declared that Syria is NOT preparing for war with Israel. I can go back to worrying about a chimpanzee being considered a human being.
If Syria isn't prepping for war then why won't Bashir Assad make a blatant outright attempt at peace with Israel. Quit hiding being vacuous words and take action. Tell Momo in Iran to take a hike and sit at the table with the wishy-washy Ehud Olmert. Start rounding up and killing the terrorists instead of funding and arming them.
What do I know. I only know what is printed or talked about. Maybe Bashir is a swell guy who's just misunderstood and just needs a big hug to feel appreciated. Then again maybe he is a conniving evil despot that needs to be shot. Whatever he is or whatever he intends to do, I can guarantee that the United Nations will be the last to know about it. This inept organization will still be arguing about it even after whatever it is happens. Pathetic losers they are.

Go and read more excellent posts over at Gentile Warrior

Young Swedes lack knowledge about communism

Less than fifteen years after the last Soviet troops pulled out of the Baltic States, a new survey has shown that young Swedes are still in the dark about the fate of its neighbours behind the Iron Curtain. A poll carried out by Demoskop on behalf of the Organization for Information on Communism (Föreningen för upplysning om kommunismen - UOK) found that 90 percent of Swedes between the ages of 15 and 20 had never heard of the Gulag. This can be contrasted with the 95 percent who knew of Auschwitz.

"Unfortunately we were not at all surprised by the findings," Ander Hjemdahl, the founder of UOK, told The Local."We had a strong hunch that this would be the case having spent a few years travelling around to various schools," he added. Of the 1004 young Swedes involved in the nationwide poll, 43 percent believed that communism had claimed less than one million lives. A fifth of those surveyed put the death toll at under ten thousand. The actual figure is estimated at around 100 million. The poll also found that 40 percent of young Swedes believed that communism contributed to increased prosperity in the world; 22 percent considered communism a democratic form of government; 82 percent did not regard Belarus as a dictatorship.

This information gap has roots that date back many years, according to Anders Hjemdahl. "There were strategic reasons. For example, I think the Social Democrats only won one absolute majority in the post-war years. Therefore they had to rely on the support of smaller parties, one of which was the communist party."Another reason is that a large majority of Swedish journalists are left-wingers, many of them quite far left," he said.

(I would like to add that Swedish youngsters also lack fundamental knowledge about islam and islamism)

This of course can be explained- besides from the very left- orientaded MSM- also with the very leftist leaning edjucation system here in Sweden. And that a majority of the teachers are socialists, mainly communists witha great share of left leaning enviormentalists too. As the pali children; kids here in Sweden are indoctrinated from a very early age of the benifits of socialism, multiculture and tolerance towards the intolerant! This poll just do not surprise me at all. It takes a certain kind of maturity to actually make up a mind of your own. Some people never reach that stage...
Read it all

Some pictures

Both pictures taken from ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM


Farewell, Jacques Chirac

It´s about time. One of the most sinister leaders of a western Europeian countrys ever is putting his shoes on the shelf. Thank you for that! The man has done more ill to France and to the Europeian Union than any other person in the history- save for Adolf Hitler maby. He has been a notorious brownnoser for dictators- especially islamic ones through all of his reign as a president of France. He is the closest to a dictator western Europe has come to for over 60 years.

And when the new president of France (hmm, how long will I spell that countrys name with a capitol "F"?), was democraticly elected. "Youths" reacted emidiatly by burning more than 500 cars, smashing store windows and attacking law enforcment officers. How mature is that, huh? Oh, my bad it is called islam- no maturity (or humanity [or intelligence]) connected to that!

Chirac on the other hand has a stunning record of...


Ponder closely, for example, what Chirac has had to say on Africa, where his country has enormous influence, in many places far outweighing ours: During a visit to the Ivory Coast, Chirac once called "multi-partyism" a "kind of luxury," which his host, president-for-life F?lix Houphouet-Boigny, clearly could not afford. During a visit to Tunisia, he proclaimed that since "the most important human rights are the rights to be fed, to have health, to be educated and to be housed," Tunisia's human rights record is "very advanced" -- never mind the police who beat up dissidents. "Africa is not ready for democracy," he told a group of African leaders in the early 1990s. On Britain: "The only thing they have ever done for European agriculture is mad cow disease . . . You can't trust people who cook as badly as that."

On Russia: "For his contribution to friendship between France and Russia," Chirac decorated Vladimir Putin last year with the highest order of the Legion d'Honneur, a medal reserved for the closest foreign friends of France (Churchill, Eisenhower) despite the deterioration of the Russian president's human rights record. A few weeks later, Chirac decided to hold his 74th birthday party in Riga, Latvia, after a NATO summit. He invited President Putin, disinvited President Bush and snubbed the Latvian president in the process. As the diplomatic scandal grew, the guests all begged off, and the birthday dinner never took place.

On Saddam Hussein: "You are my personal friend. Let me assure you of my esteem, consideration and bond." On Eastern Europe supporting the United States in the United Nations: "It is not really responsible behavior. It is not well brought-up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to shut up." On Iran's nuclear program: "Having one or perhaps a second bomb a little later, well, that's not very dangerous." Theoretically, Chirac was supposed to be negotiating with Iran to give up its nuclear program at the time.

On hearing a French business executive address a European summit in English: "deeply shocked," he stormed out of the room.


Yeah- just being an asshole really and truly!

Read all of it here.

Our World: Hirsi Ali's challenge to humanity

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is arguably the bravest and most remarkable woman of our times.
To understand why this 37-year-old woman is extraordinary, she must be assessed in the context of the forces pitted against her in her twin struggles to force the Western world to take note of Islam's divinely ordained enslavement of women, and to force the Islamic world to account for it.

A series of incidents this week placed the forces she battles in stark relief. Sunday Muslims shot up the Omariyah elementary school in Gaza. One man was killed and six were wounded in the onslaught. The murderers attacked because the UN-run school in Rafah had organized a sports day for the children, in which little boys would be playing with little girls.
The idea that that boys and girls might play sports together was too much for the righteous believers. It was an insult to Islam, they said. And so they decided to kill the little boys and girls.
On May 3, in Gujrat, Pakistan, Muslims detonated a bomb at the gate of a girls' school. Their righteous wrath was raised by the notion that girls would learn to read and write. That too, they felt, is an insult to Islam.

On April 28, US soldiers in Iraq discovered detonation wires across the street from the newly built Huda Girls' school in Tarmiya, north of Baghdad. They followed the wire to its source and discovered the school had been built as a deathtrap. The pious Muslims who constructed the school had filled propane tanks with explosives and buried them beneath the floor. They built artillery shells into the ceiling and the floor. To save the world for Allah, they decided to butcher little girls. (My emphasis)


Read it all


Why does it always rain on funerals?

Watching movies, it´s allmost certain that when there is a funeral, the mourners are standing black-clad- holding a black umbrella over their heads as the cermony is taking place.

When my mother was buried, it was a rainy day. When my grandmother were buried, it poured down. And recently when one of my best friends died the skies were crying.

The difference between my losses and many of those in the middle east (for instance), is that all of those deaths were quite natural. We mourne the losses, but we do not welter our selfes in the tradegy; and most importantly- we do not se our losses as martyres.

When was the last time you heard of a Christian,a Jew, a Hindu or really any other religious or ideologic group of people (besides islamists), running in to a cafe, blowing up theselves together with a bunch of other people. Who is it that fires quassam rockets blindly in to another country. Who is it that hates all other children more than they love their own?

Let me tell you this. It´s not Budhists!

And then ofcourse you got the idiots like Karen Armstrong

Protests against visit of Iranian foreign minister

Between 100 and 200 Iranian dissidents protested in Stockholm on Monday against a visit to Sweden by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.Protesters threw eggs at the door of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs where Mottaki was due to deliver a speech, and shouted slogans denouncing the Iranian regime.
Related Articles

The group also called for the release of political prisoners.

A large police force was on hand to prevent the demonstrators from entering the building.In his address, Mottaki stressed that Iran's nuclear programme was "peaceful" and posed "no threat to international peace and security."

Yeah, rihght!


On Monday, several newspapers published a joint article penned by representatives of Swedish publishing and writers' organizations in which Carl Bildt and Maud Olofsson are urged to issue a strong protest against the Iranian regime's mistreatment of women pushing for equal rights in the country. Two weeks ago, two leading figures in the Iranian women's movement were each sentenced to three years in prison for "conspiracy with the intention of damaging national security". The two women, Parvin Ardalan and Nooshin Ahmadi Khorosani, were among the instigators of a campaign for equal rights which managed to gather one million supportive signatures.

So here is the thing. Swedish leftists are fighting for the souverignity of the republic of iran- While Iranian citizens and refugees living in Sweden are fighting for the Iranians, and wants to topple the regim. Man, world politics gets ever more bizarre as we speak...

Read everything at The Local


The last of the Vikings

Södertälje: Swedish initifadaBuses and police cars attacked, police going in after stone throwing youth - according to this article this is the latest in flare-ups in what is a continuous situation.
A large police presence presence was called to the Hovsjö estate in Södertälje on Thursday evening as a period marked by fighting and stone-throwing reached its peak.One bus had a window smashed by a stone while an unidentified object was thrown at a passing police car.
Shortly before 11pm police received reports that youths were tipping over cars in the area.When they arrived in the area police did not find the youths in question. Instead elected to wait for reinforcements when their car was attacked.
Soon eighteen police cars from around the county arrived at the estate in the eastern town. Police sealed off the area in the hunt for stone throwers. By the time the search came to an end just before 1am there had been no arrests."We blocked of the whole area and checked everybody, both motorists and pedestrians, but we didn't find anything."There has been trouble there for quite some time. Buses have been attacked on a number of occasions and drivers don't want to go in there any more .
Also, on Wednesday another police car was attacked," said police spokeswoman Ritha Johanson.The Hovsjö estate was built in the seventies as part of the Million Homes Programme. Around 80 percent of its inhabitants come from an immigrant background.
Source: The Local (English)
"Youths," huh?These days, "youths" and "Muslim men" seem to have become synomymous in the European press...What's next?
Sorry, but if someone has to go down to save the world it might as well be a foolish nation that has consitently hastened its own downfall.
The Swedes need to continue their appeasement strategy so their eventual destruction can serve as a much needed wake up call for the rest of the world.
/../ Text and picture nicked from Illustrated P.I.G to islam
Now! Södertälje is one of those suburbs that consists of 80-90 % muslims. That in it self is not something I think is something to be concerned about.
Many (maby the greater part) of the muslim community are law abiding and perfectly stand-up citicenz. But! How come that when there are unrest in western Europe areas; muslims are always mixed in somehow? And why are they always described as "youths"?
Is it their fault, or is it a sign of a ever more detoriating community, all in the name of socialistic multiculture political agenda? The socialists really, really want more immigrants- especially of muslim heritage- to come in to the country; well knowing that almost all of them will wote at a socilalistic government. At the same time, this people does not give something back to the society, mainly because that the same socialistic agenda does not let them to do it!
Multiculturalism as an ideology has to be one of the most racistic agendas ever!

Taking a nap

Swedish Music

The Swedish music industry has become a multi million dollar enterprise over the last 20 years or so. Swedish music producers and song- writers has reaped sucess after sucess with national, aswell as international stars over the years.

Somehow, I still long for the "virgin years" of the the Swedish music sceen. And so. I´m presenting you with two videos of Swedish pre- dominance music. Perfected before the mainstream "prefab" music we are all bout drenched in today.

Here is Jakob Hellström. The record this song was featured on has been recognized as the most important Swedish poprecord ever made. "Vara Vänner- Just be friends" (Swedish lyrics).

Here is another great song by Perssons pack- featuring Jakob Hellman "Tusen Dagar härifrån- A thousand days away from here". (Also Swedish lyrics)

Do not the Swedish frighten you away! Just listen to the harmonies and enjoy...


Is Europe (and especially Sweden) lost?


In Fjordman’s opinion, Sweden is more of a basket case than any other European country. Caught in a self-destructive spiral of immigration, high taxation, welfare spending, and denial, it faces a looming catastrophe.

Paul Weston wrote on your blog that Europe will face a civil war by the year 2025,” he said, “but I think he underestimates how soon it will be. Within five to ten years at the most Swedish society will collapse. It can’t be avoided; the Swedish welfare state is simply unsustainable.

“But the civil war won’t start in Sweden. Sweden is too far gone. I think the civil war will appear first in Britain, which has the second-worst conditions. But the British still have a spirit of resistance.”Gaia agreed vehemently.

“People in Britain will eventually reach the breaking point,” she said. “Just beneath the surface people are really, really angry, and it will take just a little spark to set it off. The hostage situation in Iran only made it worse.”


That’s an osmotic pressure causing a flow of people in one direction. But another flow works in the opposite direction — Swedes (or, rather, “persons of Swedish background”) are leaving Sweden for Denmark. Swedes who actually want to work for a living will find wages in Denmark that are on average 30% higher than those at home. Not only that, there is more to buy in Denmark, and at a lower price.The Friday afternoon I was in Copenhagen, as we passed through the downtown area, Steen pointed out the crowds of people and said,

“Those are all Swedes.” They come to Denmark to work, shop, and relax, and not all of them return to Sweden.

So the population dynamic in Sweden is a complex one, with the productive, law-abiding, and hard-working Swedes tending to move across the bridge, leaving behind the elderly and the layabouts — and the immigrants.

It’s a vicious circle that is depleting Sweden of both its fiscal and human capital.With productivity in severe decline, Sweden relies on increasing debt to maintain the system in its current form.

According to Fjordman, Norway — which is flush with North Sea oil money — holds a lot of Swedish paper, but the load on Sweden will soon become unsustainable. The crunch will come; the bubble will burst, and the dream that was Folkhemssverige will be gone.“When the Swedish welfare state collapses,” said Fjordman, “the immigrants who lose their payments will have to go somewhere. Denmark will probably be fairly successful at keeping them out. A lot of them will migrate to Norway, some will move to Germany and the Netherlands, and some will probably end up in Eastern Europe.”


“Sweden as we know it now will cease to exist. It’s hard to say what will take its place. It’s not a pleasant thing to contemplate.”

Read all of this most important post over at Gates of Vienna


Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there

This (rather long) article is interresting. It shows the double standards that muslim people lives under, in a society known for it´s "islamic purity". Read it all.


Christianah Oluwatoyin Oluwasesin, a teacher at Government Secondary School of Gandu in this northern Nigerian town, was in high spirits last Wednesday (March 21) as she made her way to school where she teaches government.
Soon her happiness would be cut short. Muslim students at the school, along with outside Islamic extremists, murdered Oluwasesin on March 21 over claims that she desecrated the Quran. They beat, stoned, and clubbed her to death, then burned her corpse.
As a supervisor of a class writing a final examination on Islamic Religious knowledge on that day, Oluwasesin was responsible for ensuring that students strictly kept rules and to prevent mischief in the hall, which had become common among cheating students, said Aluke Musa Yila, a fellow teacher at the school.
Musa told Compass that Oluwasesin had collected papers, books and bags before the exam in the all-girls class, in accordance with school procedures to prevent cheating, and dropped the materials in front of the class.
While noting that Oluwasesin was not aware the belongings included a Quran, a local newspaper reported she tossed the belongings outside the classroom. But Musa, who rushed into the classroom soon after students began yelling, told Compass that Oluwasesin had dropped the belongings in front of the class.
“Usually such items are returned to every student as each returns her answer script,” Musa said. “Soon after the bags collected by Oluwasesin were dropped in front of the class, one of the girls in the class began to cry. She told her colleagues that she had a copy of the Quran in her bag, that Oluwasesin touched the bag, and that by doing so she had desecrated the Quran, since she was a Christian.”
Soon after the student raised this alarm, other students in class began to shout “Allahu Akbar [God is great].”
“While we were thinking of ways to take Oluwasesin out of the school, the Muslims broke into the principal’s office and dragged her out,” he said. “The principal rushed there to save her as they clubbed her with an iron on the head and blood was gushing out from the wounded side of the head. He was pleading that they should not kill her, but they were insisting that she must be killed.”
The school has been closed down since the incident. Principal Mallam Mohammed Saddique, who was injured in the melee, could not be reached for comment, but Vice-Principal Hajiya Hadiza Ali Gombe told Compass that the situation had been brought under control.
“There is no more problem,” she said, declining to speak further on the issue.
Read it all over at Compass Direct News

Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council

"'You will be victorious' on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] 'you will be victorious,' but only 'if you are believers.' Allah willing, 'you will be victorious,' while America and Israel will be annihilated. I guarantee you that the power of belief and faith is greater than the power of America and Israel. They are cowards who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why America's nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere."

America will be annihilated, while Islam will remain. The Muslims "'will be victorious, if you are believers.' Oh Muslims, I guarantee you that the power of Allah is greater than America, by whom many are blinded today. Some people are blinded by the power of America. We say to them that with the might of Allah, with the might of His Messenger, and with the power of Allah, we are stronger than America and Israel."

"Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one. Oh Allah, show them a day of darkness. Oh Allah, who sent down His Book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet, defeat the Jews and the Americans, and bring us victory over them."

Does this sound like a peace mongerer? Did not think so!

But, then his preaching "were taken out of context" and he - of course- raly, really ment it to be a message of peace, love and understanding...



Democracy and tolerance

One of the downsides with costitutional democracy, is that democracy can be out- voted in democratic elections. That is also the cornerstone of democracy- because if not, it would not be a democracy. With democracy comes ceartain human rights like freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of speech and so on. These freedoms and rights can be missused in a more or less sinister way.

Tolerance- the flagstone of modern day democratic values in a PC world- is pherhaps the most missused word of value today. The word itself has a very humane-sounding tone and contextual semantic body. But what few understand is, that fully accepting the concept of tolerance also means to accept intolerance.

So we here in the western world are slowly killing ourself by democratic means giving tolerance to intolerance.
Islamists are convinced of their and their ideologys supremacy compaired to any other way of thinking. And why should´nt they be? The quran and the ideology they are following are after all universial and perfect. (HEH!) On the other hand they are shitting their pants full out of frustration when they look around them and discovers that they are living in cesspoles, and that every tidbit of possible relief from... well having to snort sand for a living, is by them relaying on western ideas, money and entrapaneurmanship.

And now- fuelled by wahabbi petro-dollars- the third stage of a very old war has begun. And we are inviting the intolerant by our tolerance.

Open Season
Music: Ward
Lyrics: Aborn, Nelson
String Arrangement: Eric Frampton

I speak peace when peace is spoken, But I speak war when your hate is provoking, The season is open 24-7-365, Man up yo time to ride, No need to hide behind slogans of deceit, Claiming that you're a religion of peace, We just don't believe you, We can clearly see through, The madness that you're feeding your people, Jihad the cry of your unholy war, Using the willing, the weak and poor, From birth drowning in propaganda, rhetoric and slander, All we can say is damn ya

My forefathers fought and died for this here
I'm stronger than your war of fear
Are we clear?
If you step in my hood
It's understood
It's open season

I don't need a faith that's blind, Where death and hate bring me peace of mind, With views that are stuck deep in the seventh century, So much sand in your eyes to blind to see, The venom that you leaders preach, Is the path to your own destruction, Your own demise, You might say that I don't understand but your disgust for me is what I realize, Surprise!Your homicidal ways has got the whole world watching, Whole world scoping, So if you bring it to my home base, Best believe it, The season's open

I see you, Hell yeah I see you, Motherfucker naw, I don't wanna be you, If you come to my place, I'll drop more than just some bass, Yo you'll get a taste of a, Sick motherfucker from the Dirty, I ain't worrying not a fucking bit, I'm telescoping like Hubble, Yo you in trouble, Yo on the double, I'm wild with mine, Bring that style with mine, Fuck with my family I'll end your life, Just the way it is, Just the way it be, Do you understand? No matter if you're woman or man, or child, My profile is crazy, That shit you do doesn't amaze me, I'm ready to blaze thee

I don't give a damn what god you claim, I've seen the innocent that you've slain, On my streets you're just fair game, Like a pig walk to your slaughter, The heat here is so much hotter, And my views won't teeter totter or fluctuate, Step to me you just met your fate, And I'll annihilate, With the skill of a Shogun assassin, Slicing and dicing precise with a passion, In any shape form or fashion, Bring it to my home, Welcome to the danger zone, Cause your attitude's the reason, The triggers keep squeezing, The hunt is on and it's open season

It's Open Season


Will Turkey become an Islamist state?

"Turkey, the world's prime example of a mainly Muslim country as a secular democratic state, may be losing that status. For the first time, a member of an Islamic party stands poised to win the presidency. And the upcoming parliamentary elections are likely to result in yet another victory for the Islamic-oriented government.

The ruling Justice and Development Party, led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has selected the party's No. 2 leader, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, as its candidate for the presidency. Secularists fear this may be the beginning of the end for the secular nature of the republic, as established by president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk more than 80 years ago.
While Turkey has twice had a prime minister from an Islamic party, the president is looked on as a bulwark of the secular system. The president plays an important role in Turkey. He appoints the prime minister, the military's chief of staff, university rectors, and members of the country's highest court.

The other institution safeguarding the status quo is the Turkish army, which has brought down governments on several occasions."


The real problem here (as I have pointed out here) is not whether or wheter not a majority of the turks actually syphatizes with the islamists. A minority of the turks has woted in APK in to parliment- but they consists of atleast 34% of the people in Turkey. 34%! That is 14,5 million people- in Turkey alone, that wants to implement sharia law in the long run. And this is a country that is applying for membership in the EU!

The only thing hindering them from actually getting a membership, is if the military gives up their political role in Turkey. The very military that is the only thing that stands between a secular state and an islamistic theocratic governmented state. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place...

Turkey is only secular on the paper. And the paper their constitution is written on are thinner than muhammads conscience.

[Mumble, mumble- grrrrr!]

Read it all

Addendum: To make it even worse. Polls in England shows that an even bigger precentage of the muslim community there (37% of the 16-24 year old) wants to live in Britain under Sharia rather than English law. By tolerance and the PC ideology of multiculturalism (which must be the most racistic state agenda ever)- we are actually inviting and nursing intolerance- all in the name of socialistic state policy!

How low can they go?

Criminals in Baghdad are stealing corpses from the scenes of car bombings and murders in order to extract "ransoms" from grieving relatives.

In a macabre off-shoot of the capital's kidnapping epidemic, the gangs pose as medics collecting bodies to be taken back to the city's overflowing morgues.

Instead, though, they take the corpses to secret hiding places and then demand payments of up to £2,500 a time to release them to relatives for burial. Because Muslim custom dictates that a body must be buried as soon as possible after death, many families simply pay up, rather than involve the police.

This is so vile... so inhumane... so freaking discusting I´m just in lost of words!
Read all of it here. Now I think I´m going to explode (Oh, just called a friend. And he assured me that I´m still not an islamist, so I will try not to- for the moment).