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Oh- This is getting ridicoulus

To night when I was going home from work, a car slammed in to me.
I don't remember a thing about the incident, I only woke up in the emergency ward.
My left shoulder is jammed, aswell as the left knee. So Now I have two bad knees!

I have a dent in my skull that is... well- humungous!
I don't know what it is with me- maybe bad karma...
I must have done some really bad things lately.

I have no idea where my bike- or the remains of it- are.
And now they have shawed me again!

What have I done to deserve this?


I came out of it with two cracked ribs, a concussion, an AC- contution (oh boy does that hurt!) and a splinter fracture to my leg right below the knee joint. I'm having a very interresting colour on large parts of my body- my left leg, my upper torso (but for some reason not my face who took a pretty bad blow). I even have a very interresting logo shaped bruise on my shoulder. It's perfectly retangular with two "wiggleys" or lying down S:s.
Anybody knows what car make that is?

I have no idea! Can't remember a thing.

Well- atleast I'm walking around (kind of) and my son has a new thing to brag about at kindergarten. HEH!

It only hurts when I laugh! Well nearly, it also hurts when I try to sleep, coufghs, seneezes and so on.

Yesterday I was watching the Drew Carrey show and one scene was so funny that I laughed out loud. It sounded something like this:

"Heh, heh, heh- ow, ow, ow %&¤##"- ing #"!&." My son came in and asked me:
"Daddy. Why are you crying?"


In the slammer- not really...

Yesterday evening, I was on my way home from an office party. I had two beers but together with the Oxycotine that was just enough for me, so I made it an early evening.

On my way home, my crutch slipped on some ice, my bad leg gave in and I fell to the ground.

When I'm trying to get up, a police van drives up to me. Two polices came at me and asked me "How I was doing".

Then they frisked me, taking all the stuff I had. They asked me if I had anything sharp on me and I said "Yes I have a multitool in my right jacket pocket".

Both polices- a man and a woman- emidiatly put their hands on their pistols! Then after taking the multitool they cuffed me and put me in the van.

I was like; HUH? This is like a scene from "Cops".

So there I am, asking if I atleast could make a phonecall. But no!

After five minutes they released me, gave all my possesions back (save for the multitool for some reason) and let me go on home.

The day after, I read in the papers that there had been an unussually violent night in the city with many fights between different leftist groups (AFA and nazis). I was all dressed in black casual clothes and that might have been the reason that the cops took me, as that is the "uniform colour" for both fractions.

BUT! How dangerous did they really think I were? A man with a crutch?
And I want back my frigging multitool!



The big environmental scam

I woke up very early this morning- my leg was troubeling me as usual. I went to look out the window of my sons room as I usually do when I try to compose. (I know it's sad- but it helps me...).

When I was standing there, I looked over the street where there are a waste sorting facility.
They have some 8-10 waist bins for different kinds of trash. One for uncoloured glass, one for coloured glass, one for paper, one for plastic waste, etc, etc.

People spend hours of sorting waste in the right manners.

Commendable and very invironmentably friedly! You think?

What I saw (but was not surprised about) was a trash truck driving up to the facility, loaded all the waist in the truck, compressed it and drove away.

And that is how it works!

As a dear friend said to me: "Everything can be burned- it's just a matter of temperature!"
So here we are, having several different waist binges, sorting our lifes away, for what?
Well, atleast my apartement is kind of warm!

And the green muppets just don't get it!



When I lived up in arctic Lapland, I for some time managed a service station. It was a combined petrol station with a quite large store area with mostly car spare parts but also a quite large section with food.

The patrons of the store was mainly "normal" people, but once in a while you got in people that could not speak Swedish very well.

It could be Samis, tourists or the "LKAB Fnnish" speaking people. Now the LKAB- Finns are pecurilar. They consist of people that never really had learned any Swedish at all. It's not Finnish either- in it's own meaning, but a pecurliar mix of Finnish, Swedish, English and German.

(Note: LKAB is a very big mining company)

The people in the mine allmost exclusively speaks this "pigin" language and some never learn to speak proper Swedish (or Finnish- or any other language) at all.

By the way. The LKAB mine is quite cool. I believe they are down to 1200 meters at this point. The "Mammoth trucks are aewsome and there are four lane roads going everywhere. They have a cafeteria which goes under the name "Hard Rock Café" at the 550 meter level!

Anyway; this guy came in to the service station one day in January. He's in his sixties and are one of the typically persons that can't speak proper Swedish. (Or any other language).

He asks me: Vassarumättarikollapåliköli? Roughly translated to English it would be something like:"Wherrearrrthemettertolookaththhelikole?"

I went: Huh?

He then repeated his question twice more, me going "HUH?" every time.

I thought about it for a while and because I'm cunning (pointing to my biceps) and strong (pointing to my head), I got the idéa that "Why dont I just take him for a stroll down the aisles? Sooner or later he must find what he is looking for"

So, there we went off in to unknown territorys.

After a while the patron got tired and shouted to me: "Wherrarrrthemettertolookathhelikole?"

At this time I got somewhat desperate. But I started to think (finally), I remembered that Finnish speaking costumers for some reson pronouced glycole as "liköl", so I asked him if he wanted to use the glycole meter. His answer was "Ye´I tol´yo´so from the begin´".


My son was a grandmother...

...Or something like that.

The EU is spending 8 MKr ($ 1 milion) to promote for people buying more tulips!
Totally 14 MKr will be spent in the countries of Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

This is taxpayers money!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

If they can't sell the things, then let them DIE!

It's like the automotive industries here in Sweden. They just can't make any profit. SAAB and Volvo makes excellent cars- they just don't make the right models. The manufacturers were all too slow on hangin on the SUV train, and now neither of them have affordable models that are fuel efficient in times of crises.

Let them DIE!

Both makes are somewhat a national heritage and employs a lot of people. But they have been missmanaged for decades (not the least under GM and Ford management and ownership).

Let them DIE!

Start ower. If Skoda could do it, then we can!


Tagging- Again

I woke up early this morning, around 4:30 am. My knee was bothering me.
My son was at his grandmother so I was alone in the apartement.

I went in to his room and just looked out of the window. It's sad, I know it, but I do it when I try to compose.

Standing there I looked over at a beautiful 19:th century building that now is used as a "folkhögskola" (peoples college). It's patrons are nearly all immigrants- good for them!

The building has a very long spiral stairecase on one of it's sides, maybe 8 meters tall.
Under it a lot of bicykles are parked day and night. I think it is because people are commuting but uses the bicykles to get around in the city core. Some of them have toddlers seats mounted on them.

Anyway, when I was standing there looking out the window, I noticed two "youths" of the middle eastern persuation walking down the sidewalk right next to the building.
One of them climbed up the stairs and when on the top of it, he first started pissing on the bicykles below. After that he took out a paint spray can and tagged the building, all the while with his buddy photographing him with his cellphone.

I was like: HUH!? What the hell are they doing?

I started to put on my clothes- yes, I'm on crutches, but they make perfectly good weapons- but when I got out of the door, the idiots had allready dissapeared.

On the wall of the building was a tag "Nima", something I have seen all over the town.

What kind of deranged minds are we talking about here? Pissing in his territory litterally as well as practically!



I'm sorry

I am batteling the socialized health care system at the moment.
I'm up for another surgery next week, and I just don't have the stamina to blog right now.
Will be back asap.

In the meantime. Please visit the blogs in my blogroll.



The other islamic bomb


Blogquake over at HAX

HAX (you can find him in my blogroll) is normally a very intelligent and symphatic blogger/person who has done an enourmous job in trying to protect personal integrity (and in some cases- succeeded) about for instance IPRED, ACTA, TELECOM and FRA legislations.

He calls himself a liberal- which is the opposite of a liberal in USA- and are a starch supporter of free trade, movement of money and people, every much as I am.

But now...

Free movement of people for me, is the opportynity for people to move where ever they want, as long as they can support themselves and have no criminal track record or are associated with terrorism. That's a no brainer is it not?

HAX blog has been voted thrugh as "the most important political blog in Sweden" (even though he resides in Belgium). So, he has a lot of readers.
Strange enough, most of his quite short posts have very few comments on them. 5-10 usually.
But a couple of days ago he posted something that not only me but others thought were irony.

He demanded or suggested that Sweden should accept the 50 newly released prisoners from Gitmo. Now, that comments thread are closing in on 200 replies (and growing). Many of his readers (including me) could just not believe what he had written.

But HAX kept on insisting that the released prisoners should be let in to the country because "they had been freed from all charges". Naturally, this made a lot of people upset- among them me.

I asked some rethorical questions like:
Why have we any moral obligation to take in these people?
That they are freed from charges does not mean that they are innocent, what do you think of that?
OJ Simphson and Christer Pettersson (the suspect and most likely killer of Swedish PM Olof Palme) were also freed from charges- that does not mean that they were innocent. Would you have them living in your house?
Would it not be the sanest thing to do to repatriate these people to the country of origin or citizenship?
Do you know that as many as 40% of the earlier released prisoners later was taken in to custody or were killed on new terrorist charges?

Others were asking just about the same questions. What was his reply?

"I never knew that there were so many brown shirts and SD supporters reading my blog."

I replied: "I'm neither a brownshirt nor a SD supporter because I- like you- are not socialists!"

The otherwise very intelligent HAX had slipped in to the very wrong notion that a: All who broblematizes the immigration question ar nazis, and b: that those who does it are extreme right wingers and c: that we- the vast majority in the comments section were all crypto nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Furthermore, the question stands: Why should we accept 50 people who have been under terrorist suspection?


Mr. Sarkozy's Model

AS 2008 DREW to a close, French President Nicolas Sarkozy basked in a continental wave of praise for his service in the European Union's presidency during the past six months. The frequent rotation of the job (which now moves on to the Czech Republic) and the difficulty of coordinating common positions among 27 member countries have typically made the European president a feckless figure on the international stage. But Mr. Sarkozy was a bold blur of activity. Filling the vacuum left by the exhausted Bush administration and frequently overstepping his nominal authority, the French leader brokered the cease-fire between Georgia and Russia, [Hmmm?]

presided over Europe's unusually quick and coherent response to the financial crisis [Hmm? Again what on earth did he really do? I don't think Nic the trick knows himself]

and, at a final summit last month, pushed the union to adopt an aggressive plan for reducing carbon emissions. [By god! Not another CO2 lunatic- that is just what we need. NOT!]

Bold" and "brilliant" are among the adjectives being heaped on Mr. Sarkozy by European diplomats and pundits -- especially those of the French persuasion [Why am I not surprised?] -- who have long dreamed of a European Union president who could meet his U.S., Russian and Chinese counterparts on more or less equal terms. Not coincidentally Mr. Sarkozy has been leading the push for the ratification of a new E.U. treaty that would end the six-month rotation in favor of an elected president with a 2 1/2 -year term. He's demonstrated that a capable and strong-willed politician in that job could have a greater impact than national European leaders acting separately.

Or has he? The credit Mr. Sarkozy has received seems mainly due to his boldness in strong-arming his European counterparts; his handling of other powers was decidedly less impressive. China dismissed Mr. Sarkozy after he met with the Dalai Lama. George W. Bush deflected his overreaching demand for a Group of Eight meeting in New York to "refound capitalism" to a 20-nation summit in Washington, which referred reform proposals to committees.

Read it all

When Zarkozy was elected even I for a moment thought that France finally, finally had voted through a deascent non- socialistic president. Stupid, stupid me! It's just the same Gaullic socialism as ever. Thank god that he did not stay for more than six months as a president- even if I'm not entirely sure that the coming up alternative is much better... Atleast the Irish had some brain- oh, wait. The Irish was the ONLY ones to actually get a say about the Lisbon treaty. Every other member country just said yes over the heads of their citizens.

Then there is of course the FRA, IPRED, ACTA and the TELECOM legislations which will make George Orwell rotate in his grave with a speed enough to power a mid zised city.

Sometimes I think we deserve it. We have after all voted the politicians to their seats. Blargh!


Mysterious shoes

Whenever you are out driving, you see the unexpected shoe on the driveway. It's like "Whut? where are the rest of it?". People throwing away one perfectly good shoe or sneaker. Or is there an accident victim nearby?

Well the following have to top it all out!

MIAMI – State troopers are looking for a charity to take thousands of shoes that were dumped on a Miami expressway, tying up rush hour traffic. Lt. Pat Santangelo says the Florida Highway Patrol received a call about the shoes Friday morning.

Santangelo says he's not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash and no one stopped to claim them. He says he hopes someone will take them because he doesn't want to send them to the dump.

Workers using a front-end loader and a dump truck were able to quickly clear at least one lane by sweeping all the shoes to shoulder, but delays were expected until they could all be removed.

Link (with video)

I guess that you all have heard of the shoes that washes in in Canada and even at the east Atlantic shores. What is it about really? It's spooky! Aliens? Hmmm. Time to make a tin foil hat again!


Socialist "freedom"

“During his "five decades of resilience, progress, allegiance to peace and social equality", Castro has executed 16,000 people and imprisoned more than 100,000 in labour camps. The Western media are greatly exercised about Guantanamo; but few have heard of Kilo 5.5, Pinar del Rio, Kilo 7, the Capitiolo (for children up to age 10) and the other camps that compose Castro's gulag. Two million Cubans have by now rejected the resilience and progress of Castro's revolution and more than 30,000 have died trying to escape.”


Israel tries to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas tries to maximize them

Israel targets an apartment building where weapons are being stored. The Israelis warn people to leave. Hamas tries to get people to stay and act as human shields -- and if they had succeeded in this, of course, they would have trumpeted to the world the deaths of more innocents at the hands of the bloodthirsty Zionists.

As Muhammad said, "War is deceit."

Does the mainstream media not know it is being had, or does it just not care?

"Death toll rises as Israel continues Gaza assault," by Dion Nissenbaum and Ahmed Abu Hamda for the McClatchy Newspapers, December 29 (thanks to JCB):

[...] Over the weekend, Kannan's mother received a recorded call on her cell phone from the Israeli military. When she heard who was calling, she hung up. Minutes later, the same call came to the landline in her apartment warning her to leave if she was storing weapons.

In an apartment building across the street from Kannan and her family live four brothers who are Hamas militants. Israeli intelligence called the Hamas members to warn them that they were targets, Kannan said.

Leaders at the local mosque urged neighbors to converge on the apartment building and act as human shields, she added. No one heeded the call, however, so the Hamas militants fled. [...]

Hat tip (and words from) Robert Spencer at Jihad watch

Early morning bird

I went to bed early last night. I did not see the new year come in (my leg was trubeling me). But that also means that I woke up at an ungodly hour.
I started to read the news on the internet and MSM reported of "two Israelians that had been shot in an shoppingmall in Odense".

Hmm, I thought. What could have happened? So I started to do som checking around. It took me just one mouse click to get the real story.

According to Ekstra Bladet (my translation):

Videocamera may reveal gunman

Police are looking for a young man of Arabic appearance in connection with the shooting of two Israelis in Odense

Images from a surveillance camera may have captured the a young man who this afternoon at 3:20 drew a pistol and shot and wounded two Israeli men in the Rosengård shopping mall in Odense. One was hit in the arm, and the other in the leg, according to Odense police.

The offender is described as Arabic in appearance, about 25 years old, 170 cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall, with dark hair and a dark mustache. He was wearing a white jacket or sweater and blue jeans.

“We can’t say whether he is Palestinian, Iraqi, Bosnian, or where he comes from,” said police spokesman Lars Thede, and adds:

“It is too early to say anything about the suspect.”
- - - - - - - - -

The two Israelis have been in Denmark for a week selling hair-care products from a booth in the mall. The police have been stationed in the mall for about a month and a group of seven to nine young people have allegedly harassed sales staff.

Thought it was fireworks

An eyewitness, Alem Dervisevic, says that he initially thought the shots were fireworks.

“But then I noticed that people ran in panic. I saw blood and a man lying on the floor near Kvickly,” he says to TV2.

The news about the shooting, with its strong political undertones, immediately went around the world and has been reported, among other places, in American and Israeli media. For six days Israel has been carrying out a military action against Gaza. Nearly 400 Palestinians have died during the attacks.

Hat tip: Steen.

From Gates of Vienna

Not a word of the assailants possible ideology has been mentioned in Swedish media, just according to (of course) Lilla Saltsjöbadsavtalet where Swedish newspapers agreed to NOT to spell out loud what ever ideologic conviction a perp has! That is of corse only as long as they are of an islamic ideologic conviction that is...

It is sort of getting ridicilious. Everybody with half a brain now knows that when the MSM writes about "youths" or "Swedish citizens" it means something totally else, and it's those "youths" and "Swedish citizens" that almost exclusively make the headlines today!

I myself was called in as a defence witness not long ago where a "Swedish citizen" forcefully drowe in to another "Swedish citizen" on purpose.
Lets just say that I was not called in for the appeal.

I hate to say it. And I'm not accounted as a Swede myself, but; If all cultures are equal, then cannibalism would just be a matter of taste.