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Sarah Palin

I don't know much about her. In fact, the first time I've ever heard of her was when she was nominated for VP candidate. Even though I'm not particullaily found of her religiousness, I must say- she is a total hotty!

She say's that she is pro-life, which makes me suspicious, but on the other hand, USA have the most liberal abortion laws in the western world, which I think is... Bad!

She is a "Hockey Mom and a pitbull- with lipstick"- Oh yeah.

She knows how to handle a gun, and even if I myself never have seen the point of going out hunting, there is something with a good looking woman with a rifle in her hand that is irresistable.

She is also a classic liberal/conservative. You guys in the states could do much, much worse.
And she looks good, did I mention that?

But here in Sweden the media are allmost unisonely negative against her (surprise, surprise). SVT Rapport (Swedish TV news) just had a report where the message was that; why doesn't Sarah Palin protect her children by saying no to the VP canditature?

Why haven't SVT pondered over that exact question regarding Obama? He also have small childrens.

The difference is that he is a far leftist and thereby can't do anything wrong according to Swedish journalists.

The feminists on the other hand are tying knots of themselves. They don't know what to say or do. A woman of five children with a strong conservative mindset! For VP! I can hear the nails clawing on the table in the gender "scientific" institution at the university all the way to my apartement.

We live in interresting times- Indeed- And funny...


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