Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


Internet is for PORN!!


Hur många muslimer har dödats i moderna konflikter?

Vilka är det som har dödat dessa människor? Här är svaret! Islamapologeter kommer inte att gilla det.

Dumma mig...

...som lyckats att missa den här godingen. "Our Dhimwit of the month for April- Sweden"

Tack TROP! (Och "tack så jävla mycket Sverige")

Sweden, however, has done their best to help Hamas stay in power.
They not only continued their support to the tune of nearly 70 million euros
annually, but actually increased it by five million. No other non-Islamic
country has done more to insulate the Palestinians from the consequences of
choosing violence and terror. Thanks in part to Sweden, the Middle East
should remain a powder keg for decades to come.
The Swedish government also
shut down the websites that published “offensive” cartoons of Muhammad, while
squelching an investigation into recorded hate material distributed by local
mosques that called for the killing of Jews. In other words, drawings of a
man who died 1400 years ago are censored, since they offend Muslims, but openly
advocating the murder of today’s Jewish innocents is good, clean fun

Eu vill kunna styra internet...

...eller konsten att bedriva överstatlig censur?


The Logistics of Bribery

Gates of Vienna

Right On: The straightforward arithmetic of jihad

On the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, a survey conducted by
Al-Jazeera asked respondents, "Do you support Osama Bin-Laden?" A whopping 49.9%
answered: yes.
Läs resten här.

Sandapan om Wacko Jacko

Hihihihihi- lysande post! Den är för bra för att bara länka till. Jag snor den direkt. Förlåt Sandmonkey!

Jermain wants Jackson to become muslim
NO! HELL NO. Please dear god NO! We don't need anymore freaks!
Hey, MJ, why
not scientology? Scientology is nice. It has space aliens and shit. You like
that, don't you Moonwalker? So stay away from Islam, which has no aliens and
promises you lots of women (Double "Ewwwww" for you I am sure), and move towards
Scientology, where I am sure Tom Cruise and John Travolta will take you into
their bosoms immedietly. Oh god, mental image. Why do I do that to myself?

Bomber's brother: We're happy Muhammad is the hero

According to Naim, his brother was a very religious person who always expressed
hope that Hamas and Fatah and all the Palestinians would unite, and would stop
fighting against one another, instead focusing their efforts to fight against
"the Zionist enemy."

Läs vidare.

Aaaaargh- Jag blir så jävla förbannad att jag tror jag kommer att explodera... OK, jag ringde till min polare och frågade och han sade att jag fortfarande inte är islamist, så jag får väl låta bli så länge.

Atheists in jail

Scott Adams resonerar runt omkring religiös moral- lysande!

The Fall of Islam, Phase I: Overreaching

WC has written an interesting essay at The Gathering Storm. Basically, his concern could be summed up as this: Islam is infiltrating, subverting and undermining the world, and might succeed if the Muslims don't get impatient or overly confident. In other words, we might sleep through our own downfall, unless they wake us up with their violence. He draws some interesting comparisons to World War II; an excellent essay, well worth the read.Similar essays could also be written, for example, making a comparison with the threat to the Free World from communism. In communism's heyday, just a couple of decades ago, I remember having the same feeling that America was just sleeping through her demise. We used to count the number of countries that had gone communist; none had ever returned. Within a decade of that, communism collapsed.WC ends his essay with the question, whether Islam will, out of impatience or overconfidence, "reach for the gun", thus getting our attention in time for us to save ourselves. My answer is that Islam 1) will, 2) already is, and 3) can't help but do so.Let me address first of all why I say that Islam already is overreaching.The conduct of Islamic immigrants in the People's Democratic Republic of Sweden (actually, the description of the situation makes Sweden sound more fascist than communist, as if that made a big difference) is quite appalling. The blogger Fjordman tells us of an "Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden", where Islamic immigrants brutally gangrape women that they identify as not fellow Muslims. The Islamic immigrants explain away their behavior in various ways, generally along the lines that the victims were asking for it, that the victims should conduct themselves in a manner that doesn't invite attacks, that raping Swedish girls isn't really a crime, and so on. The underlying connection is to Islam, which in my opinion is not one of the world's great religions, but is really the world's biggest political movement/cult; as Fjordman explains the logic of the perpetrators:Western women are not so much regarded by most Muslims as individuals, but as "their women," the women who "belong" to hostile Infidels. They are booty, to be taken, just as the land of the Infidels someday will drop, it is believed, into Muslim hand. This is not mere crime, but ideologically-justified crime or rather, in Muslim eyes, attacks on Infidels scarcely qualify as crime.It has gotten so bad that a kind of chastity belt is now making a comeback in Sweden; it allows a woman to prevent being actually raped, although the violence and other elements of the sexual assault may still be a threat. The situation in neighboring Norway is not too different, where authorities are reportedly covering up a tremendous increase in the numbers of sexual assaults there. In both cases, the politically correct political elite of the countries refuse to even acknowledge before what I can only characterize as "their subjects" that there is a problem. Consequently, women get victimized by assuming they can go out alone and will still be safe, just like they have for years; the governments, media and academia of the two countries seem to be in silent agreement not to permit mention of the problem, so a woman does not know there's a problem until she or someone she knows gets attacked. Similar crime waves tied to Islamic immigrants have been noted in recent years in other western European countries, most notably rioting in France.Of course, it is difficult to overlook the attacks on the United States (9/11), the United Kingdom (London, 7/7) and Spain (Madrid, M-11 or 3/11); western readers may not be familiar with the terrible ordeals faced by people on the other side of Europe, and may wish to read about the Beslan school hostage crisis for starters.The key point to all this is that Islam already is waking us up with its violence.Of course, this could hardly be described as a conspiracy or as some kind of centralized, coordinated assault. Rather, these are the decentralized acts of people who share the same worldview; the criminals and terrorists have all been reading the same "playbook". A detailed analysis of the Koran is beyond the scope of this essay; I will examine it in future essays. For now, suffice it to say that when these people murder, rape, pillage, plunder, and commit piracy and terrorist acts, they are doing exactly as their prophet Mohammed did, and exactly as their prophet Mohammed told others to do. Their religion is rooted in violence; while there are many decent people who are Muslims, while there are Muslims who disavow and condemn the violence and terror, while there are movements in the Islamic world to reform Islam, the Islamic deck is stacked against peace, since the Koran itself was written by violent, hateful people to justify, promote and evangelize hatred and violence.Although I haven't really proven my third assertion, that Islam can't help but to overextend itself, I think a rational examination of Islamic history will show that it has been one of continuous reaching for more and more until it gets forcefully stopped and driven back. This has been addressed elsewhere (see The Gates of Vienna, for example); the reader may do some research on the subject as well. Once the third assertion is accepted, that Islam can't help but to overextend itself, my first assertion logically follows that sooner or later (sooner in my opinion) it will.With that background in place, it seems to me that the United States in particular, and the Free World in general (i.e., that part of the world that is not in "submission" to the "will of Allah" as interpreted by Allah's self-proclaimed representatives here on Earth) is in a situation remarkably like the situation the West was in at the beginning of the 1800's dealing with the Barbary Coast pirates in the Mediterranean.In an article at entitled America's First War on Terror, author Andrew G. Bostom discusses the history of the struggle between the Islamic pirates from North Africa and the young United States.Briefly, U.S. shipping was the target of unprovoked attacks by Islamic Pirates. At first, America responded by paying protection money, or tribute, to the regimes that supported the pirates, and by ransoming back captives. Then, however, America decided to deal with the pirates militarily. America was winning militarily, but opted for a negotiated, diplomatic settlement that undercut the battlefield victories. America lost interest, especially as the War of 1812 came up between the United States and Great Britain. Immediately after the War of 1812 ended, however, a renewed American interest in dealing conclusively with the threat from the Barbary Coast pirates led to a military expedition that was successful. More importantly, this time the battlefield successes were punctuated, rather than undercut, by diplomacy where the United States essentially refused to budge as America, having demonstrated military superiority, dictated terms of peace.It is this theme that I now pursue.WC essentially raises the question of whether or not the Free World will sleep through its demise. As I explain above, Islam is unable to let us sleep through it; Islamic jihadist ideology is unable to contain itself; Islam will wake us up. True, certain enemy leaders are cunning and crafty; Osama Bin Laden is patient (this is mentioned in an article about the nuclear weapons that Bin Laden is alleged to have since 1996), and, if he alone were calling the shots, WC's concerns would concern me as well. However, not all of the Islamic "Holy Warriors" take orders from him; even those who do may not be able to control themselves (I will make another unsupported statement here that Islam is very much a cult of "immediate gratification"). Besides, Bin Laden is no "spring chicken"; if he survives America's wrath and other things, old age will still get him in the not-too-distant future. No matter how you cut it, you are left with Jihadis that can't wait and don't think they should have to -- after all, Allah has already given them the victory!So, not only do I not believe we will sleep through our demise, but, as I pursue the Barbary Coast theme, I will tell you exactly where we are.The attack on 9/11, and other events, are rousing America and others to the threat of Islam. Like America after the victories at Tripoli in 1805, America and the West is giving away the gains of our battlefield victories in Afghanistan in 2001. The situation in Iraq looks quite hopeless to many in the America, and accusations of American misconduct regarding detainees, coupled with ongoing agitation of the "dhimmis", are causing us to take our eyes off the ball, in much the same way that the War of 1812 gave the Barbary Coast pirates a brief respite. It will probably take a new attack to really clarify the picture for the West. America, as "the Great Satan" will likely be the target of that attack; the attack might very well be the nuclear weapons that Bin Laden is believed to have.When America gets hit again, worse than before on 9/11, America will go after the terrorists with renewed clarity of purpose, and will score some resounding victories. When that happens, America will once again become a beacon of liberty to the Free World, and many of the Western European countries will find their citizens emboldened and demanding action on the part of their dhimmified governments to follow up on America's successes. There could be tremendous civil unrest in some Western European nations as the peoples there retake their countries from an increasingly out-of-touch internationalist elite.The "Caliphate" is overreaching.I close here repeating some of Patrick Henry's words, which I quoted in the first post of this blog (exchange the word "Boston" for "Mecca and Medina"):Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God Who presides over the destinies of nations, and Who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable--and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.Matt 15:13 But He answered and said, "Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted."

Via The murky waters

Go to the myrky waters. That is a seriously talanted writer. If you don't, it is your seriously loss of cohorent opinion, with a twist of intelligense normaly not seen....

480 uppmaningar till jihad i koranen

Allah on 480 occasions in
the Holy Koran extols Muslims to wage jihad. We only fulfil God's orders
Militant leader Baitullah Mehsud


kim kall song slår ett slag för yttrandefriheten

nordkoreas diktator och de styrande elementen där, är rasande över att Sydkorea spärrat vissa nordkoreanska sajter. De tycker att det är "odemokratiskt".

Det är nog första gången jag är böjd om att hålla med nordkoreanska myndigheter- om det inte vore för att ordet demokrati överhuvudtaget borde bränna som syra på nordkoreanernas tungor, då de knappast sett "demokrati" ens på ett vykort.

Sedan kan man ju undra hur många av nordkoreas mer än 23 miljoner medborgare som har tillgång till internet- överhuvudtaget? Och vilka är det som har det? Knappast "the average kim sixpack"!

Avdelning: "Kanske bäst att städa upp framför ens egen dörr först!"

Ahmad Rami knasar på

Head of "Radio Islam" in Sweden on Hezbollah's Al Manar TV: The Muslims' War is with the Jews
Following are excerpts from an interview with Ahmad Rami, head of Radio Islam in Sweden. The interview was aired on Al-Manar TV on September 30, 2005:
Ahmad Rami: "Today, the Westerners harbor great respect for Hizbullah in their souls."
Host: "In public opinion?"
Rami: "Yes, in public opinion. They respect Hizbullah because it is waging Jihad."
Host: "Do you mean in Sweden, or Europe in general?"
Rami: "Europe in general. Sweden's greatest author, Jan Myrdal, said to me: 'You Muslims may need our support, but we need your Jihad. Otherwise, whom will we support?' If there is no Jihad and resistance, who will the free people in the West support? There are free people in the West."
"The Zionist control of the media imposes a kind of media terrorism and hypocrisy, in such a way that many Swedes have a public opinion which they express on radio and TV. If [a Swede] wants to live a normal life and have work, he must claim to be Israel's friend and the enemy of Israel's enemies. But when you talk to regular Swedes, and even authors, privately, they are all against Israel and against the Zionist occupation. Nevertheless, if Israel finds itself in danger and if we become stronger than it, no Westerner will come to its defense.
"The Jews in the West – and this has become a tradition – have 100% complete control of the media, of the political parties, of the trade unions, and of the publishing houses. They politically control all the parties, from Right to Left.
"We can say today... I gave a lecture in Berlin recently, and a young man said to me: 'If we, the free people, get to rule [this country], we will help the Palestinian people.' I said to him: 'Brother, if you liberate Germany from Israeli control and occupation, we will talk about Palestine. The problem is that Israel and the Jews are using you, your strength, and your technology to fight us.'
"Ninety percent of the Israeli infrastructure was built with West German money. Therefore, Israel is a criminal beggar who receives money and aid and imposes his terms on those who support him. Generally, the one giving aid is the one who dictates the terms – whereas Israel receives aid, yet humiliates Germany, for example, and imposes its terms upon it.
"If the Jews were satisfied with the occupation of Palestine, the Westerners might not have had a problem. The problem is that they are occupying America, they are occupying France and the West in general. in terms of media, and culture and politics. This is real occupation.
"The difference between the occupation of Palestine and that of the West is that in Palestine, the occupation is mechanical and military, whereas the occupation of the West is an occupation of values, of mind, of ideology, and of culture. The Palestinian and South Lebanese bodies still have antibodies, whereas the Jewish occupation of the West resembles a cancer, a cancerous tumor, which the body cannot feel, and thus it can spread. They are trying to do the same thing in the Arab world. They use the normalization of relations to make this tumor spread throughout the Arab and Islamic world, and to paralyze us, to turn into cancer."
Host: "Don't you distinguish between Jews and Zionists?"
Rami: "The Jew is proud of being a Jew. He has called his country 'the Jewish State.' Why don't we call things by their real names? I have interviewed Jews who said that 99% of the Jews support Israel and act to help it."
Host: "True, but the basic question I'd like you to answer is whether, in your opinion, there is no difference between Zionism as an ideological political movement and Judaism as a religion."
Rami: "I believe that the Jew is more dangerous than the Zionist. Why? Because the so-called settlers..."
Host: "You attack the Jews as Jews. But we know that historically, Jews lived in Islamic countries. In fact, if we compare the history of the Jews in Arab countries and in Western countries, we will discover a great discrepancy. Whereas Judaism is thousands of years old, Zionism is only a few centuries old."
Rami: "Do you allow me to respond?"
Host: "Go ahead."
Rami: "I do not agree with you, because... Today, the so-called settlers, who are now fighting Sharon, oppose Zionism even though they are Jewish. They even refuse to serve in the Israeli army. All the Jewish rabbinical schools belong to this Jewish stream, which does not even recognize Israel, because it wants Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. They consider the Zionists to be infidels. The Orthodox Jews consider the Zionists to be infidels who violated the religion..."
Host: "Because they rebelled against the divine will."
Rami: "Precisely. But what do they want? These settlers, who oppose the withdrawal from Gaza, want [a state] from the Nile to the Euphrates..."
Host: "Who wants that?"
Rami: "The Jew, the Jews... the Orthodox Jews. These so-called extremist Jews do not recognize Zionism. There can be no Zionism without Judaism."
Host: "True, but there can be Judaism without Zionism. What you said in the beginning is only half the truth. Zionism is a political ideological movement among the Jews. Therefore, there is no Zionism without Judaism, but the opposite is true as well."
Rami: "I am a Muslim. I am not a Communist or a Marxist. I oppose both Marxism and Communism. This analysis of yours is a Marxist-Communist analysis, because the Koran says that our battle is with the Jews. Zionism is not mentioned in the Koran. Our war is against the Jews.
"We should not turn tactics into strategy. Yasser Arafat's problem was that he tried to use tactics, and he repeated these tactics and these lies so many times, until they turned into strategy. Just like the Jews say clearly that they want their state to be Jewish, not Zionist, we want an Islamic state on Palestinian land, because it is our land, and the land of the Christians as well...
"By the way, Radio Islam in Sweden... During the trial against Radio Islam, the Swedish church stood by my side and supported me and Radio Islam, arousing the wrath of the Jews in Sweden. We should...
"The definition of who is a Jew is their problem. The Jews will not be the ones to define Islam for us, and say who are Muslims and who are Islamists. At most, we can say that the difference between Zionism and Judaism is like the difference between a carpenter and his hammer, or between Islam and the Islamists. What is Islam without a movement for its realization? The Jews... Zionism seeks to realize Judaism.
"We are now resisting the Jewish invasion. In the West... You can't find a single Jew in Sweden..."
Host: "...who does not sympathize with Israel."
Rami: "...who is not both a Jew and a Zionist. It's the same thing."
"When I lived in Morocco, I could have criticized anything except the ruler, who is the king. When I reached Sweden, I found that I could criticize anything and anyone..."
Host: "Including the king."
Rami: "Including the king. But I have no right to criticize the true rulers, the Jews. Moreover, the Jews are trying to implement a policy of stages, like Kissinger's policy. First they fought to prohibit the criticizing of Jews and of Judaism. They succeeded in bringing about laws forbidding the criticism of Jews. The second stage, in which they have now succeeded, is the prohibition on criticizing Zionism.
"In the trial against me, which lasted six months, I was accused of lack of respect for the Jewish people. My lawyer told the general prosecutor that Ahmad Rami is criticizing only the Jews, not the Zionists... The general prosecutor responded: 'But when Ahmad Rami says...'"
Host: "You were jailed in Sweden."
Rami: "Yes, I was sentenced to six months in jail. The general prosecutor said: 'When Ahmad Rami says Zionist, he means Jew.' They read what's on my mind. [...]
"The Jewish organizations are very smart, and they control the situation in the West. They studied the political map and infiltrated all parties, from Right to Left. They have completely occupied the political parties."
Host: "And this is true for Sweden?"
Rami: "Yes. All the parties... In the Social Democratic Party, for example, all party members who control the ideology, the organization, and even the government are Jews. The police commissioner is a Jew... The head of the party... Even the party... From Right to Left, the Jews control all the parties.
"There is a battle between dead nations and living nations. The Jews are now active. They have occupied the entire world, and they are using their power worldwide to annihilate us and humiliate us, from inside and out. Their control stems entirely from the weakness of the Westerners. Even democracy is in decline in the West, because everything has its ups and downs."
Host: "Like a pyramid?"
Rami: "Yes. In the West today... For example, I, in Sweden, am fighting for freedom of speech for everybody in Sweden. In Germany I told them that now... I was asked: What is your Jihad? Why are you fighting? I told them: I am fighting so that the Swedes will have the same rights as the Jews in Sweden. I am fighting so that the Swedes will have the same rights as the Jews. The Jews in Sweden, Germany, France, and America have rights that even the citizens of those countries do not have."
"As far as I'm concerned, Judaism is not a religion. Judaism is a criminal and dangerous mafia."

Se videon.

Ska det vara så himla svårt att begripa?

Multikulturalism är i själva verket galopperande rasism. Multikulturalism förespråkar att göra skillnad på folk och folk.

Människor som inte integreras och assimileras till kulturen i ett främmande land; kommer alltid att känna ett utanförskap. Utanförskapet är då sedan den bästa och snabbaste vägen in till extremism- eller vad gäller muslimer visavi islam- normalism.

Muslimer är inte dåliga människor rent generellt. Det är västvärldens undanfallenhet gentemot islamistiska tankeströmmningar, ursäktandet av stamtänkandet och hederskulturen som skapar extremism.

Människor flyr sina hemländer för att undankomma denna despotism- men sedan gör vi här i väst allt vi kan för att tvinga in dem igen i ett tankesätt som utan tvekan är detruktivt. Inte bara för oss, utan också för de stackars människor som en gång sökte sin tillflykt undan mörkerkrafterna.

Det är ungefär samma sak som att välkomma flyktingar från nazismen för att sedan uppmuntra dessa att bli mer nazistiska.

Denna multikulturella statsrasism får mig snart att explodera.... Shit pomfritt- Jag är ju fortfarande inte islamist.

72 jungfrur...

... som väntar i paradiset på jihadisten. Wow! Det här med religion lockar mer och mer. Bara spänna på sig ett bombbälte, smyga sig in i en restaurang- och sedan få ett eget harem, med floder av alkoholfritt vin.

Mja, vid närmare eftertanke tror jag att jag satsar på pastafarism i stället. Inga problem med att ta sig till paradiset, och väl där väntar strippafabriker och ölvulkaner!

Religions of the world

Fast jag skulle vilja tillägga angående islam:

Och sen dödar vi alla!

Hazan Khan

Det här är för sorgligt.

Name:Hazan Khan
I am an apostate, which is a secret I’m keeping from those who know me since I don't want to get beheaded. I owe my freedom from Islam to Little Green Footballs, Faith Freedom, Answering-Islam, Bibleprobe and a multitude of other such excellent sites. They also showed me the truth about Christianity, so that now I have accepted Christ as my Savior. But I still have to learn a lot more about Christianity and Christ. My clearest goals in life right now are to get good grades in my A-levels (the British high-school system), get into a good conservative university in the USA, finally go to a Church for the first time in my life, and get baptized.

Det överstående var hans bio.
Det som kommer sedan är hans sista? meddelande.

Hello, everyone. This might be the last message I post, anywhere.My real name is Bilal Hasan Malik. I live in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Yes. The capital of the most backward, underdeveloped provinces of Pakistan.I think my parents are beginning to get the idea that I have left Islam.My dream of coming to the US, well, is more of a fantasy. I don't think my parents would let me. Not to an infidel nation like America. And even if they wanted to, they could never afford it. And I don't want to live here any longer.But this isn't about any of this. I have found God! Do you know how truly wonderful that is? And I can't wait to meet him. So, I've... decided to take my life.I know God does not like it. He would not approve. So pray for me! Pray for my soul.Do not blame my faith in God for my death. As I've said, there are worldly reasons... but it would not be right to give in to the world.I want to meet God, in Haven.This is not a joke. Only a sick mind would play a "joke" like this. This is real. So, please pray for me.I want to thank you all at Little Green Footballs. Thanks for everything. As LanceKates said, your company was enough.Please, keep fighting for America and freedom.And could someone e-mail and thank the good people at Answering-Islam on my behalf?

Tja, bloggen har inte blivit uppdarerad sedan i november. Fördjävligt!

The Big Pharaoh...

.... Är vanligtvis en av de absolut bästa muslimska mellanösternbloggarna. Personen bakom bloggen har oftast en vettig syn visavi islam och problemen i mellanöstern. I blogginlägget "what really happened resonerar denne rent allmänt över muslimer och en undersökning som visar att 56,6% av alla Egyptier faktiskt är för dödandet av icke- muslimer. Låt mig upprepa- 56,6% av alla egyptier tycker det är ok att döda oss kufr för att vi inte tror på månguden allah och pedofilen mohammed!

Tyvärr gör han/hon det vanligaste generalfelet och islamapologistiska ursäktandet (OK, jag vet. Tårta på tårta), när denne upprepar att islam inte skulle vara hotfull emot andra trouppfattnigar eller emot kaffirer i allmänhet.

Vi som vet bättre har för länge sedan kommit till insikt om att koranen upprepade gånger faktiskt explicivt uppmanar till våld emot kaffirer (otrogna- d v s de som inte är muslimer).

Bäst illustreras det genom sura 9:5 "svärdets vers", i vilken det uppmanas till slakt av alla som inte är muslimer.
Denna vers- som är en av de kronologiskt sista surorna abrorgerar alla tidigare "fredligare" verser.

Det är helt enkelt så att usama bin ladin, al quaida, hamas, fatah o s v är de som har rätt! Det är de som tolkat koranen rätt! De är de som är de rättfärdiga muslimerna!

Alla som inte är islamister är helt enkelt apostater- och dessa skall enligt sharia dödas! Alla som inte tycker som de islamistiska "radikalerna" är per definition antingen kufr eller apostat- och det innefattar majoriteten av västvärlden.

Låt oss inte lura oss själva- Det är islam i sig själv som är det större problemet- precis som tillexempel nazism eller kommunism (vilka alla tre är ideologiska trossystem som har mycket mer gemensamt med varandra än det finns skillnader).

Jag måste upprepa mig själv här:
Det finns säkerligen många som kallar sig för muslimer utan att vara islamister.
Men alla islamister är säkerligen muslimer!


Iraq body count

The Real 2006'Iraq Body Count'Iraqi civilians killed last year by ISLAMIC Terrorists16,791
Iraqi civilians killed collaterally in incidents involving Americans (and Islamic Terrorists) 214*

Iraqis aren't dying from war. They are being murdered by Islamic terrorists.

*Source: (includes civilians caught in crossfire who may have been killed by the terrorists, and terrorists who may have been counted as civilians)

Playing by Islamofascist rules

"Hur långt är vi från den dagen då akutläkare vägrar att behandla en person för att denne tagit sig ett glas vin eller ätit fläskkött?"

Amerikaner tror att det är ett framtida problem. Här i Sverige är det redan det!

Dick Erixon

... återger ett referat av Nick Cohens bok, What's Left.

polemiska bok What's left, som avhandlar vänsterns moraliska och politiska
kris, ”är redan en av de mest diskuterade debattböckerna på det nya året”
skriver Martin Kettle i Guardian, Socialism is dead. There now remain only socialists. I
recensionen återges en passage i boken där författaren låter
vänsterintellektuella från 1907 med tidsmaskin resa till 2007, för att upptäcka
att så gott som allt det man kämpade för har uppfyllts - lika politiska
rättigheter, materiellt välstånd, social välfärd. "Är det verkligen så?", frågar
tidsresenärerna. Och Cohen svarar, "Så är det", för att tillägga, "och därför
kommer ni att hata det". För varken England eller övriga Europa har infört
socialism, utan uppnår frihet och välstånd genom kapitalism, marknadsekonomi och
frihandel - allt det socialismen motsätter sig.
Så sant, så insiktsfullt.


...knasar på! Jag vet inte om jag skall skratta eller gråta.


Frank miller...

...mannen bakom "Batman:The Dark Knight Returns och "Sin City", har fattat. Synd att man inte kan säga det samma om resten av Hollywood- eller den svenska islamistkramande vänstern för den delen (Ja bulten- det inkluderar dig!).

Varför har du dödat din farmor?



Den mest "perfekte mannen"

muhammed var en pedofil.

Ska man skratta eller gråta?

Brittisk polis har beslutat att dela med sig av underrättelseinformation till muslimska grupperingar innan de gör antiterroristtillslag............uh?........WTF?........?

Jag vet inte vad.... Vad skall man säga? Shit pomfritt, och jag som tyckte att den svenska polisen var naiva!

Närapå hälften av äktenskapena i irak är mellan kusiner...

... och denna trend är överväldigande i övriga mellanöstern.

Här kanske vi finner en del av förklaringen till stam-och familjedespotismen som genomsyrar mellanöstern.

Utan att vara elak på något vis, så kanske detta är förklaringen till de överväldigande problemen dar-al islam har att göra med.


”Judehat förenar nazister och islamister”

Det finns tydliga kopplingar mellan islamistiska grupper och nynazister och
det som förenar dem är antisemitismen. Det säger fil mag Martin Telinius,
som i
veckan lagt fram en magisteruppsats i ämnet

Avdelning: No shit Sherlock!

Läs resten på Världen i dag.

Sarah Silverman hos Conan

Ett par år gammalt klipp. Men jag tror jag är kär!

102 kristna sudaneser räddade från slaveri

Christians working with local authorities, churches and inter-ethnic peace
committees aided in the release of 102 black slaves in the Sudanese-state of
Aweil last week.
The rescue which was widely reported by UK-based charity
Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Tuesday, said that the captives were
mainly boys and young men captured by government-sponsored Arab-Muslim
militias.The slaves endured physical, psychological abuse and forced-conversion
according to the CSI report.


Ännu en religion som jag kan tänka mig...

Proofs for Allah
Proofs for Bugs Bunny
One billion people believe in Allah
All the children of the world believe in Bugs Bunny. They are more than one billion.
The believers in Allah don't have pure hearts. Many of them are terrorists.
The believers in Bugs Bunny have pure hearts.
The believers in Allah give more importance to faith than to reason.
The religion of Allah makes people angry, terrorists, causes death and makes many mourn..
The religion of Bugs Bunny makes people laugh and makes everyone happy.
Allah testified to his own truth in his revealed book sent to his messenger.
I have received a book of revelation from Bugs Bunny who testified to his own truth also and he said there is no doubt in it.
Nobody has seen Allah
Everybody has seen Bugs Bunny
Allah plots and plays tricks 3:54
If you don't believe in Allah he will send you to his hell where you will be burned. Allah is very cruel.
If you don't believe in Bugs Bunny, he will send you to another room where you can't watch his shows, no ice-cream and no popcorns. Bugs Bunny is not as cruel as Allah. Just a little.

Via Faith Freedom

Ali Sina

"I am much kinder to my cat than God is to me. I feed my cat, take care of him, take him to the vet if he gets sick, wash him and groom him and I never think of punishing him if he does not pay attention to me. As a matter of fact my cat thinks he owns the house and I am his servant.

He owes his entire existence to me. Without my care and protection he will not survive. Despite that he never thanks me and I still love him. Let us say God created me. But he does not take care of me. I am left in this world to fend for myself. I have faced calamities that could have been avoided if God was looking over my shoulders. I would die of hunger if I do not earn my own bread. Tens of thousands of children die every day of hunger.

Where is this loving god to come to their rescue? He is nowhere to be found when we are in need. Our prayers and supplications are never heard. I am by all means kinder to my cat than God is to me. And yet I can love my cat unconditionally without wanting him to worship me or thank me. God is incapable of loving his creation unconditionally. He put us in this world without consulting us. Here we have to face life with all its difficulties and pains on our own. He takes away our loved ones and fills our hearts with great sorrow. He shatters our hopes. He sends one calamity after another and kills innocent people by thousands and despite all that he wants us to worship him and serve him. Why should we thank such a god? What do we owe him? We owe him nothing! He does not deserve our respect. Such a needy, petulant and abusive god deserves our scorn.

The god of Muhammad is sick. He is a psychopath.
The truth is that Allah is Muhammad’s own alter ego. He is everything the narcissist Muhammad wanted to be. He does what he pleases and he responds to no authority above him. He wants to be worshipped, obeyed and feared. This is the wet dream of all narcissists. One must be naïve to believe that the maker of this universe is this insane god described by Muhammad. Why would one who owns this magnificent universe care if a bunch of evolved apes in this tiny plant worship him or not? Can we really hurt the feelings of the maker of this vast universe by simply disbelieving in him? There are many holes in the concept of god as defined by the illiterate self-proclaimed prophet of Arabia"

Turkisk barnuppfostran

Och så här väljer en Turkisk fader att valla sin dotter!
Vojne, vojne!

EU- kanditatur eller?


I Yemen har en stor del av den judiska befolkningen tvingats att överge sina hem efter dödshot av representaner av The Religion of Peace.

De har under en tid tvingats att betala jizya (beskyddarpengar/straffskatt för att de inte är muslimer), men i vanlig islamsk ordning så skiter muslimerna i det, bryter avtal och vill döda alla som inte är som dom.

När skall omvärlden/västvärlden lära sig?


Minst 70 döda efter attentat i Bagdad

ROP slår till igen.

Abu Gharib

TROP: Do Muslims
ever ask themselves why the moral expectations are so much lower for
Take Abu Ghraib, for example, which has been burned into the world's
consciousness as a symbol of American atrocity. Despite the premature and
incendiary accusations, sober investigations showed that not a single rape or
murder was determined to have taken place there by any of the seven U.S.
soldiers charged and convicted in the scandal. Though clearly beneath
American standards, the "torture" was largely characterized as psychological
abuse and humiliation.
By contrast, thousands of Muslims were murdered in
gruesome fashion at Abu Ghraib under Saddam Hussein, whose torturers brazenly
employed rape as a sanctioned form of punishment both there and at other
locations. Yet, the Muslim world managed more sympathy and concern for
Saddam's own execution than it ever did for any of the innocent souls that he
And, while the rape of Iraqi women by Americans over the last four
years has been limited to only a single well-publicized incident, Muslim
immigrants in Europe account for the majority of rapes in several countries in
which they are a small minority of the total population. Even though the
majority of Muslims probably believe in their hearts that this is wrong, there
is little to any concern expressed for the many non-Muslim victims of Muslim
aggression, while the exceptions to the rule of Western tolerance are
rhapsodized in the wildest language.
Islam is a harsh religion. But the
harshest thing about it may be the inflated sense of self-importance that it
instills within Muslims, who seem pathologically unable to extend the same
sympathy to others that they do to themselves. This is evidenced by a
tendency to exaggerate the sins of others, while completely ignoring the far
greater harm that is being done in the name of their own religion.
Muslims should be asking themselves why it is necessary to hold Islam to such
low standards.

Superstition is Truth

Angående "Under cover mosque"

We are peaceful...

...Belive it or else!

Fiendens fiende är min vän

Mellanöstern är en tragikomisk håla. Allianser upprättas och bryts i en aldrig sinande ström. Sunni- och shiamuslimer dödar varandra till höger och vänster och förenas endast genom sitt gemensamma hat mot västvärlden i allmänhet och mot Israel och USA i synnerhet.

Nu börjar alltfler arabstater att prata om att utveckla kärnvapen. Inte för att Israel eventuellt skulle besitta sådana- utan för att iran eventuellt skulle börja utveckla dessa. Fy fan. Man kan bara hoppas att oljan snart tar slut så att eländet blir av med sin finansiering.

"It is ironic that [the Sunni Arab states] have lived for two generations
with the assumption that the Jews have a nuclear weapon, but only when the
Shi'ites are developing one do we hear [that they are developing their own
options]," Lerman continued

Är jag en islamofob?

Jajemän! Och det med rätta.



A Current Affair - Sheik El-Hilaly's scathing attack

Här är en video där "sheik hillarious" knasar. Mycket nöje.


Undercover Mosque

YOUTUBE har tydligen tagit bort de tre orginalklippen av Undercover Mosque som jag lade upp i en tidigare post (surprise, surprise).
Nåväl- här är sex länkar till dokumentären- med mer material än i de ursprungliga.

Alien invasion

"We are the Muslims," said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen.
"We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam
and that is jihad."

Omar Brooks, under en debatt på Dublins trinity college i oktober

Avdelning; We are the Borgs. All your bases are belong to us.

Hat tip: Jihadwatch


Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict

These forces have been engaged in a terrorist campaign, both against Israel
and against their own people. Their tactics of intimidation give them
majority support within the community and enable them to control the peace issue
by keeping the moderates from speaking out. Whenever an agreement between
the Palestinian Authority and Israel seems imminent, a new terrorist campaign
will begin, with the hope that massive loss of civilian life will provoke a
military response from Israel. An Israeli military incursion will in turn
agitate ordinary Palestinians, pressuring their leadership to withdraw from the
bargaining table.

Oddly, this cycle of violence has worked mostly
to the detriment of the Palestinians themselves, particularly in economic
terms. Scholar Benny Morris has noted that the first four months of the
latest Intifada (uprising) cost the Palestinians more than $500 million in lost
revenue and mushroomed the unemployment rate from 12% to over 40%. five
more years of violence, in a community where half the people already lived on
less than $2 per day, has no doubt caused the sort of economic devastation that
may take more than a generation to resolve.

HAX undrar

OK, Mona Sahlin är nu även formellt föreslagen som ordförande för det socialdemokratiska partiet.Kan någon förklara för mig hur hon skall kunna aspirera till statsministerposten (eller någon annan ministerpost) när hon haft svart dagmamma och inte betalt tv-licensen?Borgerliga politiker som begått exakt samma synder manglas i media, slits i stycken av vänsterblocket och åker ut på arslet.Exakt vad är skillnaden?!?Liten minneslista om Mona Sahlin...1990 Svart dagmamma1993 Obetald tv-licens1993 Två felparkeringar registrade på obesiktad bil som har körförbud1995 Privata kontantuttag på statens kreditkort1995 Privata bilhyror på statens kreditkort1995 Privata klädinköp på statens kreditkort1995 Time-out på Mauritius på skattebetalarnas bekostnad1999 98 obetalda parkeringsböter, 32 fall gick till kronofogdemyndigheterna2000 Drygt 30.000 kronor i restskatt som inte betalas i tid2001 Två obetalda räkningar som gått till kronofogden.2001 Bilen belagd med körförbud, obesiktigad och fordonsskatten ej betald2006 Sahlins dotter fick toppjobb som borde ha annonserats utJag vill faktiskt inte moralisera. Men jag vill veta varför olika spelregler gäller för olika människor!



The religion of peace

So, you think the Ku Klux Klan and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
So do we, but...
Put the Numbers in Perspective

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. (source)

More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. (source)

Via The religon of peace


Bokstaven X är haram enligt saudiaraber.

I saudiarabien kan bokstaven X snart vara förbjuden, eftersom X "alltför mycket liknar det kristna korset".

Hihi, är det här sant... Så är det för bra för att vara sant. Eller hemskt kanske, skrattet fastnade just i min hals.

UK Mosques. Part 1 Of 3.

Här är en länk till hela den 48 minuter långa dokumentären. Se den!

UK Mosques. Part 2 Of 3

UK Mosques. Part 3 Of 3


hitler akhbar...

...eller kanske heil allah!


Michel J Totten' s Middle East Journal

Synnerligen läsvärt angående Libanon.

“Did anyone here try to stop Hezbollah?” I said.
“How?” Alan said. “We
have no weapons. Some people told Hezbollah to leave, but they pointed guns in
our faces. Shut up, go back in your house, we were told.”
At the southern
edge of town is an open field with a direct view to the south toward Israel.
“Hezbollah could have set up their rocket launchers here instead of in
town,” Noah said. “It’s a straight shot into Israel.”
“The houses and trees
gave them better cover,” Alan said. “The valley below, though, gave them even
better cover than the village. If that’s all they cared about they would have
stayed there.”

Pachelbel Rant



Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Egentligen är jag tveksam till religioner och anser mig själv vara en icke- religiös ateist/agnostiker. Men, pastafarianism låter onekligen lockande. Inga större trubbel med att ta sig till himmelriket och väl där väntar strippfabriker och ölvulkaner.

Så sant som det var sagt...

"The Christian culture is one of guilt, the Muslim one of shame. If we succeed to make the evil-doers feel shame for what they do, will they then stop terrorizing us?"

Canute 1/11/2007 1:19 PM

Multikulturalism och upplysning

Via Gates of Vienna

Ännu en alldeles lysande analys av Fjordman. Missa den inte!

In some ways, what is going on now surpasses the downfall of the Roman
Empire. It has never happened before in human history that an ethnic group
voluntarily finances other ethnic groups to advance their culture on their
territory to the detriment of their own people. Native Europeans are paying
people who openly declare to be our enemies to eradicate our civilization and
are told to celebrate this as tolerance. This happens against a backdrop of
broken families, social pathologies, widespread abuse of drugs and booming crime
rates, while we are shopping expensive Gucci purses and watching naked people do
strange things in reality TV shows.


Sköna killar... Not!

I Indonesien- i samband med en begravning- dödades en polis utav en arg muslimsk folkmassa. Den som skulle begravas var Rian även känd som Santos alias Abdul Hakim, en veteran från Afghanistan- som dessutom var eftersökt för halshuggningen av tre kristna skolflickor i Poso 2005.

Tja, vad skall man säga? ROP in action.

Om konsten att skjuta sig själv i foten

USA har med hjälp av Israel under de senaste veckorna levererat 7000 "assault rifles" tillsammans med mer än 1 000 000 patroner till militanta grupper associerade med President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah parti.

Tanken var tydligen att de skall användas mot hamas, men Abu Yousuf en fatahmilitant har andra användningsområden i tankarna.

Abu Yousuf, a Fatah militant from Abba's Force 17 security forces,
told WND while some of the weapons may be used in confrontations against Hamas,
the bulk of the American arms would be utilized to "hit the

När skall västvärlden lära sig? De här människorna resonerar inte rationellt i västerländsk mening. Alla bidrag till islamister- vare sig det handlar om vapen eller pengar stärker bara deras uppfattning om oss som nyttiga idioter. Som dhimmis, dragna i skägget, slagna på huvudet samtidigt som vi betalar jazyia- straffskatten (beskyddarpengarna) för rätten att få existera.

I sann islamisk tradition skiter de sedan i våran dhimmistatus, bryter avtal och använder medlena emot oss.

Fy fan, jag blir så... (ni kan resten)

Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali

Kommer ni ihåg den australiensiske muftin- Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali- som hävdade "...att våldtagna kvinnor hade sig själv att skylla om de inte täckte sin kropp på ett anständigt sätt, då det vore det samma som att lämna oövertäckt kött i trädgården (och en katt kom och åt upp det)"?

Guess what? He is back!

Nu påstår stollen att muslimer har större rätt till Australien än australiensarna själva- eftersom "muslimerna kom dit som fria män, tillskillnad från de ursprungliga (europeiska) immigranterna."

Håhåjaja, läs vidare här.

Eller här.

Their values [Australia's] are upside down. They have no democracy, no freedom.
They are the worst liars and unjust people," the sheik said in the
Arabic-language interview.
Alhilali also defended the Muslim men convicted of
Sydney's gang rapes, a position that has caused controversy in the past.
"They arranged to meet in a public park at 2 or 3 am in the morning, and it
(the sex) was agreed on," he said.
Alhilali also poured scorn on Australia's
convict history and seemed to suggest Muslims were in Australia long before the
British settled here in 1788.
"Australia is no longer Anglo-Saxon. We've been
in Australia longer than them. Islam is deep rooted in the Australian soil.
Islam was here before the English fleet."

Självklart var muslimer de första att sätta sina fötter på den australiensiska kontinenten (efter urinnevånarna- fast de var ju så klart muslimer de med). Precis som abu ali iznogood var den första att sätta de första fotspåren på månen. abu knasboll var ju dessutom den som uppfann atombomben. Sedan har vi så klart al- manacka som kom på principen med färdigskivat bröd.

Det finns helt enkelt ingen hejd på entrepenörsandan och uppfinningsrikedomen hos folket i dar al islam. Det måste helt enkelt vara på grund av välsignelsen från deras (av)- gud som de islamska länderna är bland de minst konfliktdrabbade områdena på jorden; De mest jämlika och prosperösa. Där folket hela tiden dansar (shit- det är ju förbjudet), sjunger (shit- det är också förbjudet)... ÖH......Hmmmm....AH! Tuggar kat till lovpris av den enda och sanna guden.

KA-BOOOOM! Nä jag skojar bara med er. Jag är fortfarande inte en islamist.

Is islam Compatible with Democracy

The Fjordman report.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Obligatorisk läsning för multikulturalister, islamapologeter och för alla er andra som vill lära er lite mer om islam/islamism och hotet det utgör mot den västerländska, sekulära och pluralistiska demokratin.

According to another ex-Muslim, Ibn
, "Islam is a totalitarian ideology that aims to control the
religious, social and political life of mankind in all its aspects -- the life
of its followers without qualification, and the life of those who follow the
so-called tolerated religions to a degree that prevents their activities from
getting in the way of Islam in any manner. And I mean Islam. I do not accept
some spurious distinction between Islam and 'Islamic fundamentalism' or 'Islamic
terrorism.' Given the totalitarian nature of Islamic law, Islam does not value
the individual, who has to be sacrificed for the sake of the Islamic community.
Collectivism has a special sanctity under Islam."


"Förbered er för jihad"...

..."Slå kvinnor som ej bär hijab. Kämpa för en stat inom staten".

här kan det låta under fredagsbönen i en brittisk moske. Vad predikar de om i Sverige?

Another speaker says Muslims cannot accept the rule of non-Muslims. 'You cannot
accept the rule of the kaffir [non-Muslim],' a preacher, Dr Ijaz Mian, tells a
meeting held within the mosque. 'We have to rule ourselves and we have to rule
the others.'

Det är viktigt i sammanhanget att Kaffir, Kufr och andra varianter inte endast har betydelsen "icke- muslim". Det har en mycket vidare betydelse än så. Det kan lika gärna översättas i betydelsen "otrogen, otrogen hund o s v". Det är helt enkelt ett av muslimer ofta använt skällsord, en förolämpning av grövsta graden gentemot alla som inte är muslimer (lägg märke till att jag stavar Kaffir med versal i början- jag är tamigfan stolt över att betraktas som sådan).

Fy fan. Sådant här gör mig så förbannad att jag tror jag expl.... Nähäpp. Jag är visst fortfarande inte islamist!


Oriana Fallaci: The Rage and the Pride

"To make you cry I’ll tell you about the twelve young impure men I saw executed at Dacca at the end of the Bangladesh war. They executed them on the field of Dacca stadium, with bayonet blows to the torso or abdomen, in the presence of twenty thousand faithful who applauded in the name of God from the bleachers. They thundered "Allah akbar, Allah akbar." Yes, I know: the ancient Romans, those ancient Romans of whom my culture is so proud, entertained themselves in the Coliseum by watching the deaths of Christians fed to the lions. I know, I know: in every country of Europe the Christians, those Christians whose contribution to the History of Thought I recognize despite my atheism, entertained themselves by watching the burning of heretics. But a lot of time has passed since then, we have become a little more civilized, and even the sons of Allah ought to have figured out by now that certain things are just not done. After the twelve impure young men they killed a little boy who had thrown himself at the executioners to save his brother who had been condemned to death. They smashed his head with their combat boots. And if you don’t believe it, well, reread my report or the reports of the French and German journalists who, horrified as I was, were there with me. Or better: look at the photographs that one of them took. Anyway this isn’t even what I want to underline. It’s that, at the conclusion of the slaughter, the twenty thousand faithful (many of whom were women) left the bleachers and went down on the field. Not as a disorganized mob, no. In an orderly manner, with solemnity. They slowly formed a line and, again in the name of God, walked over the cadavers. All the while thundering Allah–akbar, Allah–akbar. They destroyed them like the Twin Towers of New York. They reduced them to a bleeding carpet of smashed bones."

De islamistiska tentaklerna

Via Cox&Forkum.

Ordinary wahabbism

Av Alexander Ignatenko, Doctor of Philosophy

Part 1
Part 2

Alla muslimer är inte islamister. Men alla islamister är muslimer.


Letter to allah

...hittar ni här. Glöm inte resten av wikin här.

aryan nations

Egentligen tvekar jag över att länka till sådana här knasbollar, men ironin i budskapet är för skön för att missas. Detta är islam/nazism!


Swedish and international current affairs as seen through a drunken haze.

Gudmundson är en i det närmaste outsinlig källa till information som du inte får tag på någon annan stans. Besök bloggen här!

Mer intressant läsning

Att vi i västvärlden förs bakom ljuset av arabisk propaganda torde väl inte komma som någon överraskning för de flesta av oss?
Men islamisternas främsta propagandacentral är västerländsk media.
Tack och lov för internet. Numera kan vi få reda på sanningen i stället för de redigerade halvsanningar och rena lögner som de europeiska nyhetsbyråerna serverar oss. Tyvärr är gemene man alltför okunnig om detta och blir därför ovetande om vad som egentligen händer i mellanöstern.


TT-Kritik är en underbar källa till sanningar som annars undanhålls det svenska folket. Läs!


Och så här går det till i det islamistiska egypten

Fy fan!

Demonstration i pakistan

En bild säger mer än tusen ord...


... har rotat runt och funnit de egentliga omständigheterna runt de sex imamerna som blev avkastade från US Airways Flight 300 i Minneapolis.
Mer information som ni aldrig kommer att få läsa i svensk press.

JLPicards blogspot.


Ni som hellre vill läsa orginalartikeln på engelska kan göra det här.

Är Frankrike förlorat?

Jag vet inte hur länge till jag kommer att skriva Frankrike med versal i början. Saker händer där som är helt jävla hemska, skandalösa....
Tänk er kärnvapennationen Frankrike under muslimskt styre. Deras robotar kan lätt nå Sverige. Ett upptagande av Frankrike i den muslimska umman ligger kanske mycket närmare till hands än vad vi tror.

På nyårsafton sattes ca 400 bilar i brand under nyårsfirandet av vad som brukar beskrivas som "ungdomar". Barn ända ned i åttaårsåldern blev omhändertagna efter ha anlagt bränder och ertappats bärande på behållare med bensin. Ni kan ju försöka gissa vilken totalitär extrem religion/ideologi dessa tillerkände sig.

Läs mer på för ni lär inte få läsa det i svensk press.


Jösses, jösses

Och det är ett land- en regim- som vi upprätthåller diplomatiska förbindelser med. Som vi tillåter ha en ambassad på svensk mark.
Jag blir så jävla arg att jag tror jag... Shit pomfritt- jag är ju fortfarande inte islamist.


och MERA!

(ett, två, tre fyra......)


Dick Erixon...

... säger några sanningens ord igen!
Länkandet fungerande inte så därför tar jag mig frihet att publicera inlägget i sin helhet.

TILLBAKABLICK 2006: DIKTATURER PÅ OFFENSIVEN. Det mest slående med 2006 är
att diktaturerna första gången på 30 år är på offensiven medan demokratin möter
motstånd och pressas tillbaka. Allt med kraftigt understöd av västvärldens
opinionsbildande aktörer i medierna. Vem hade före 11 september 2001 kunnat tro
att Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, SVT, SR, TV4 och alla de andra ledande
medierna skulle komma att systematiskt agera på ett sådant sätt att de hårt och
skoningslöst kritiserade demokratierna, medan ”hälsan tiger still” i svenska
medier för sådana typer som Sudans president Omar al-Bashir. Han är totalt okänd
för svensk allmänhet därför att svenska medier inte belastar honom för att
omkring 300.000 afrikanska män, kvinnor och barn dödats av islamistmiliser och
genom etnisk rensning. Nej, då är det mycket viktigare att smutskasta Bush och
Blair (som typfall kan vi ta en ledarartikel i DN från juli i år som
dissekerades här i bloggen). Och så här agerar medier i hela Europa och i
Nordamerika. En ständig flod av oförsonlig, gränslös kritik av demokratiska
ledare - och tystnad om diktaturnas brott. Mediernas agerande är så förutsägbart
att terrorledare som Bin Ladin och Zarqawi tillsammans med skrupellösa
auktoritära regimer som Ahmadinajads Iran kan använda dem i sin psykologiska
krigföring. Ja, det är ett nytt fenomen att demokratiernas fiender så
framgångsrikt kan använda demokratiernas medier för att stärka sin egen
ställning globalt - och krossa demokratiernas egen självtillit. När västvärldens
tidningar slår upp en opinionsmätning som visar att många i väst anser att
amerikanske presidenten är världens värsta skurk, då har diktaturerna nått en
historisk seger. År 2006 kan vi konstatera: Demokratierna har förlorat det
psykologiska kriget mot fundamentalisterna. Denna utveckling undergräver
demokratiernas möjlighet att försvara sina värderingar. Första offret är det
irakiska folket, som trots att man under 2005 riskerat livet för att rösta fram
en konstitution och ett folkvalt parlament, nu under 2006 kan konstatera att man
inte möter minsta solidaritet från demokratiska folk i väst. Europas folk lyfter
inte ett finger för att stödja det irakiska folkets demokratisträvan. Tvärtom.
Det är som om européer och amerikanska vänstern inte vill att demokrati ska
etableras utanför västvärlden. Som om alla människor inte behöver eller inte är
värda frihet. Därmed har mycket hänt sedan 1978 då utrikesminister Karin Söder i
utrikesdeklarationen kunde konstatera att "det i dag för första gången i
historien är fria val som bestämmer folkens framtid i samtliga Västeuropeiska
länder". Varje år därefter har demokratin nått nya framgångar: i Sydamerika, i
Asien och i östra Europa. År 2006 har trenden vänt. Ryssland halkar allt längre
ner i auktoritärt styre. Kina etablerar sig i Afrika - och inte för att införa
sådant som frihet och mänskliga rättigheter. Iran tar den dominerande rollen i
Mellanöstern när USA - på grund av opinionsstämningarna i väst - förlorar
inflytande och ställning. Om vänstermedierna tror att diktaturer kommer att låta
sig nöjas med att pressa tillbaka USA, står man inför ett svårt uppvaknande. När
det förhatliga USA blir isolationistiskt väntar inte bättre tider - då kommer
diktaturerna att utmana demokratierna i Europa. Och när Iran har kärnvapen,
medan Europa har avrustat, kommer vi bara ha en möjlighet: sträcka armarna i
luften och ge upp. Alltså: 2006 kommer att gå till historien som ett mörkt år
för demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter. Det värsta av allt är att västvärlden
själv utgör frihetens största förrädare. Europa - såväl medieaktörer som
politiska ledare - kommer djupt att få ångra sin eftergiftspolitik, sin
undfallenhet och sin lättja i samröret med fundamentalistiska krafter.

Den tolfte vikingen

Via Gates of Vienna

Svensk rasism

Så här kan den se ut. Jag skäms- och jag är inte ens en "riktig svensk".