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The visit to Sweden

In 1981, Owe Thörnqwist, a Swedish singer songwriter and the father of Swedish rock n´roll wrote a piece "The visit to Sweden". He was on a tour (or something) in south America at the time. I will try to translate it. The rhymes are not there but you all get the message.

Remember- this is 1981!

The visit to Sweden

I got a phonecall from my brother
That my mother was in trouble
And he thought I should
hurry home

I took tha plane from Rio back home
the same morning at ten o´clock
And was home at the next day at quarter past five
in the old land
When I saw my old mother, I cried tears and I stuttered,
she tried to smile and hold my hand

The Doctor said it had happened at a busstop
when she had picked up her folk-pension
then she was struck down by two brave men.
They got a few days in the can
It won't heal the skull fracture and they are loose once again

Is it true that the narco trafficing
has posioned the politics
and that comissioners and the police has their fingers in the cookie jar? [can't be translated in a better way- the original is "har tvätt i dess byk"]

And the the thing is growing more
Mr X and Mr Y are not the only ones that should get scoured

Our immigration minister
Has had a tip from antichrist, and let in those gangsters, that other countries throwed out?
The fascism is growing in our parks
when the terror, crime and narcotics grows mark's
it's a sure sign that security for us is in the dark
No one takes responsibility for the bars
No one wants to take responibility for the blue collar man, so the plow rusts to dust
This was not the way Sweden was before

Dear Swedes, where did you go all?
There are good Jugoslaves aswell as Greeks and Turks here in our shopping mall
But in the hand out carouselle[n]
stands the giant lady Ellen, Mother Svea
and looks around stupid like a robbed commode
What lay's your hand in the potty
is all the world- bettering sappy
while your own kids are caught in the mafias net.
And they shit in our nest, using drugs and steal
Our old ones they kick to death
What the hell, mother Svea have you done? Nill!
The politicians that betrayed you
and the media- cynics that seeded chaos
makes you look wholy imbecille

Rum stupid dum e dum dill. Rum stupid dum e dum sill. They can fool you around as much as they will.


Translated by me. Everything wrong is my fault! Some of the lyrics had to be altered for me to be able to translate it and to atleast catch some rhymes.
The song is an original from Owe Thörnqwist

He is born in 1929. Here is another of his originals "Varm korv boogie- Hot dog boogie" Give it a chance.


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