Proud Infidel ranting about the ongoing war against democratic and secular values (Don't fool yourselves)! Maybe a voice of sanity in a wide ocean of madness.


Funding of fatah- I'm ashamed

So the Swedish government has descided to send 20 miljon kronor ($ 2.9 million) in "aid" to the "palestinian government". That would be fatal- oh, sorry fatah, the same fatah that claimed responsibility just a week ago of fiering rockets in to Israel from the West Bank.

They don't know it but we do! Where will the money end up eventually?

If the palis just would concentrate at building a state of their own, as much as they now is concentrating to eradicate Israel, THEY COULD VERY WELL BE LIVING IN PARADISE ON EARTH!

But nooooo- they do not want a two state solution, no siree!

They want it all! And it does'nt stop with ME. They really want it ALL!

But of course our flathead politicians is too busy trying to score points with the leftists and the ever growing muslim population to realize how close they are to get a 100 feet minaret rammed up their... donkeys.

Shoot me- or give me a green card. Europe is so deep in the crappers, it will take all the kings men to haul her up again. Only- all the kings men very soon will be paying poll tax to their islamic overlords.



But I guess we will find out soon enough. What you reap is what you sew.

Islamic inroads to Europe

If you thought Turkey was no threat to the West, think again. A new generation of politicians is aiming to Islamise the state by stealth.
The AKP - Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi, or Justice and Development Party - has a stranglehold on Turkey for the foreseeable future.
The AKP was founded to replace a previous Islamic party banned for extremism.
It benefited hugely from the corruption scandals that dragged down the previous government, taking two-thirds of parliament in the 2002 general election (on a third of the vote).
On Friday, its ex-foreign secretary Abdullah Gul narrowly failed to win a victory in the first round of presidential elections.
The result was close enough to prompt public demonstrations by secularists ahead of the second round voting on May 2, and a statement from the military - long the guardians of Turkey's secular traditions - warning against a pro-Islam political agenda.

Zippedidoodah look in the wells
take a deap breath
and find out what smells.

It´s not the muslims- it´s their ideology!
It´s not the Turks- it´s their ideology!
It´s not our politicians- it´s their ideology!

We're roaring along on the ideological train
It is chamberlain- hitler all over again!



This is kind of cool

I would like to see a youtube video!

Singing Ambassadors

I've got to share this with you

Bernie over at Plank's Constant on Abu Hamza- the islamic captain hook:

Years ago, Abu Hamza came to one of his favorite whore-houses in Finsbury Park in North London, near one of the mosques where he was an Imam. Irene, an infidel-whore, who hadn't seen Abu for years asked him where he had been. He told her he just returned from Afghanistan.
Irene noticed that he was missing both arms and had a hook for his right hand. "What happened to your arms?"
Abu Hamza: "They were both blown off by a land mine during the war against the Russian unbelievers, but I killed 14 of them that day, Hamdulillah (Praise be to Allah). The National Health Service gave me only one hook though, may their children be infested with camel lice!"
Then she noticed his left eye was made of glass, "What about your eye? Did you lose it during a battle against the Russians?"
Abu Hamza: "No, it was your blasted British pigeons. I was shooing them away from the Mosque when one of them flew over and shite right in my eye."
Irene, who had been expecting a more gory response, confusedly asked, "How could a little pigeon crap cause you to lose your eye?"
Abu Hamza snapped, "I'd only had this blasted hook for a few days!"

The rest of the post is here.


Freedom of speech in Europe is going down the privy

Secularist Europe Silences Pro-Lifers and Creationists

Here in Europe- atleast in some states- you can go to jail for mind crimes. Yes that's right, taken right out of an Orwellian nightmarish novel- Mind crimes!

I do not care what kind of kooks the creationists are. They should be able to believe what ever they want to believe! What kind of place is this to live in when you can do hard time for something you believe?

How long do we have until Europe is ruled by our very own version of sharia law?

Sharia Kindergarten

In Norrebro, Denmark a privately owned kindergarten were taken over by Hitzb ut-Tahrir; an extreme islamistic organisation.

The story is a couple of days old, but as my Danish is so-so, I did not want to make an attempt of translating it. Thanks to Turban Bomb and Western Resistance there now are good English translations of the original story.

Please read them!

In 1967 Israel did not wake up one morning and decide to go to war - she woke up one morning and found she had to defend herself.

For those of you interrested in history. Here is a lesson for you. Pay attention jihadis!

The six day war

If Salman has a Sir, Osama has a sword

A group of hardline Pakistani clerics said today they had bestowed a religious title on Osama bin Laden in response to a British knighthood for author Salman Rushdie.
The Pakistan Ulema Council gave bin Laden the title “Saifullah”, or sword of Allah, in response to the knighthood awarded to Rushdie last week for services to literature.

Does not these kind of things give you that warm fuzzy feeling of international brotherhood and... love?

And of course the key note is "the muslims hurt feelings". We're not buying it anymore! Grow up! Sweep in front of your own porch first! Get a life- stop taking them!

Read it all


Rocky in N.Y

Rocky is a comic strip series made by Martin Kellerman. It started out as a comic strip about Martins alter ego Rocky and his friends daily life in Stockholm. He is now being published in USA. Take a peek at his alster if you will.

Warning, very excplicit language and midly NSFW.


True or False: We Are Losing The War Against Radical Islam

This is an interresting article from neewsweek. Although the author clearly leans to the left, he has a standpoint visavi islamic terrorism that makes him stand apart from most of his collegues.

One thing though stands out in the article. It is being claimed that, "the efforts of finance ministries—most especially the U.S. Department of the Treasury—have made life far more difficult for terrorists. Global organizations cannot thrive without being able to move money around."

I'm not shure that that is the whole truth. More money are being moved around in the islamic world (and in the west- by islamist), than ever before. Not only that. We in the west are financing- directly, or inderectly- many of those islamic terrorist organisations that later uses the funds to kill American soldiers, Israelis and other weterners, plus an obscene amount of other muslims. It is called "aid money", but who cashes in? Ceartanly not your average Ali!

When will we learn?
Read it all

So you think islam is a religion?- Of peace?- Really?

If Invented Today, Would Islam Have a Chance?

Would Islam, if invented today, have a chance of success, or even survival? Let's explore the possibilities. Yes, it’s certainly impressive that well over a billion inhabitants of the world profess Islam as their sacred religion, but would it fly today? That is the question!



Midsummer Eve

To morrow Friday is Midsummer eve. In Sweden it means a lot of eating raw fish, meatballs and strawberrys. Together with enormous amounts of snaps, beer and wine and doing "The Frog Dance" (do not ask!), around a fallic symbol stuck in to the ground (see picture). If a foreign nation ever wanted to invade Sweden- this is the day to do it.

It also means I will be busier than usual this Thursday. Shopping, washing clothes and so on. I do not know how much posting I will be doing until Sunday, so I leave you with some interresting links (also, do not forget to visit the links in my sidebar).

So to those of you who do celebrate this holiday - Happy Midsummer! And for those of you who does not - Happy Midsummer!
U.S. lawmakers pressuring EU on Hezbollah terrorism designation (Actually this one is outrageous. The EU have not classified hezbollah as terrorists??? What the ...???)
Call to ban arranged marriages- Whut? Is that even something to have a discussion about?
Belladonna- Oh!- this is sweet writing!
Can you believe this guy?

(More to follow- if I have the chance)


U.N. leader: Darfur slaughter triggered by global warming

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon blames the ethnic and religious violence in Darfur on global warming and insists more conflicts of this kind are coming because of climate change.

Where do they dig these guys up from? How many times do you have to run in to a wall head first to become a U.N Secretary General? 12? 25? 100076?

Ever heard of Occam's Razor? Apparently Ban Ki- moon have not! Of course it could be solar flares or gnomes or maby electrosensitivity... Or could it be ISLAM?

Read the rest

UN loosing it´s mind? Ahh, it was never there!

UN:s commision for human rights has descided to pick belarus and cuba off the list of countrys to be monitored for crimes against human rights. Ehh?

What will be next? North korea? Iran? Sudan?

The UN is nothing but a playground for totalitaristic states. It´s well overdue time for the junkyard.

Form a democratic nations counsil instead, and let the real demochracies descide who is to be a member of it!

Importing our destruction

Historically- every single nation that has accepted a great influx of muslims- has when the population of muslims has reached a ceartain level- call it a critical mass if you will- been riddeled with violence and sooner or later taken over and in most cases turned over to theocracys.

The most noted case in modern time is Lebanon. A nation famed for it´s beaches and night life in the 50:s and 60:s. "The midterreinian pearl". A nation predominatly of christians who until the civil war (1975-1990), enjoyed relative calm and prosperity, driven by the tourism, agriculture, and banking sectors of the economy. It was considered the banking capital of the Arab world and was widely known as the "Switzerland of the Middle East" due to its financial power. Lebanon also attracted large numbers of tourists, to the point that the capital Beirut became widely referred to as the "Paris of the Middle East."

After modern Israels foundation and the following Israelian- arabian wars, a lot of arabs relocated from "palestinian areas" [including Israel- allthough the arabs practically was begged to stay]). They first saught refugee in amongst other arab countrys, Jordan, but after an attempt to overthrow the Jordanian government, was once again was on the run.

No arabic country wanted to accept the "palestinian" refugees. But Lebanon did. Over the years tens of thousands of "palestinians" were taken in by Lebanon, something that eventually lead up to the civil war, mass exodus of the indegionus christian Lebanese people and left a state that by all means is islamistic today.

Ironically, the muslim takeover of Lebanon now means that the country now is one of the greatest exporters of muslims to among other nations- Australia- where it has led to civil unrest, a rize in violent crimes and an upsurge in attack and gang- rapes.

The same pattern can be seen in nation after nation that has had an insurge of muslims, either by immigration or more usually by muslim conquest. There is not a nation in the world that has not been dragged in to the gutters and been ruined by muslims.

So with all this historical knowledge in hand. Why do our politicians make the same misstake again?


72 virgins

This is actually a movie I would consider to pay seing...

Neighborhood Bully

Nice video


Murder cults

Maby not something you expected (Video). But not so surprising after all?! Hat tip to Shiva at ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM (link in the sidebar).

What is the matter with these people?
It... it... just wants me to cry. Whats the matter with these people?

I love Italian food

I really love Italian food (except for the Calimari). I love Italian people. I love Italian cars. I love Italy!
And I really love the Italian people. (Did I already say that?)

Fathers day

Although I am a father, I do not know when the actual fathers day is celebrated here in Sweden. It is not on the 17:th of June- that much I do know. But I give all you fathers in the anglo countrys a thought and a wee wishing, and this poem from Hard To Swallow

absurd thought-
God of the Universe says you may have many wives

they will be your property
divorce them just by speaking

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
fathers may kill their daughters

if they feel dishonored
like when she dates the wrong boy

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't beat your wives too hard

just enough so they behave
but first kick them out of bed

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
teach your sons evil ways

give them all your sickness
so they too may pass it on

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
children make good terrorists

just great suicide bombers
have them kill in my name

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
many Taliban planets

stonings and beheadings
billions killed daily

Happy fathers day. Did you get a tie?


Yuri Bezmenov

Flanders fields has collected a lot of video- links with the former KGB agent, speaking about the psychology of propaganda, which is undermining western societys. A lot of paralells can be drawn to modern jihadi propaganda, and to our own politicians! I strongly recomend you to see these videos.


Political Islam Correlated to Support for Terrorism

A new study by the US Institute for Peace (USIP) of polling data from fourteen different Muslim countries finds that support for a role for Islam in politics strongly correlates with more likely support for terrorism. This statistical analysis is certain to draw protests from the usual propagandists of radical Islam in the US, even though the USIP can hardly be considered a neo-conservative institution.

Read the rest

Judenrein area


The Palestinians spent decades professing their detestation of Israeli occupation and demanding self-rule . . . so Israel gave them their heart's desire.
Gaza is Judenrein - emptied of all Jews, just as Hitler dreamed Germany would be. No Jews live in Gaza. No Jews patrol Gaza. It's Jew-Free-by-the-Sea, with a charming Mediterranean coast worth billions of dollars in tourism and trade.
So what's the problem?
The problem is that the Jews weren't the problem.
The problem is that the Palestinians are the problem: They are drenched in an ideology of blood and murder and suicide.
A new nation must be brought into being, nurtured and built. But Palestinian political culture is a culture of destruction.
And a culture of destruction is, inevitably, a culture of self-destruction.
So: Bye-bye, Palestinian state. See you in a few decades, when Palestinians learn how to do something other than destroy others and themselves.

Read it all

"palestinian" love


Many of the elements for a civil war have existed for years. Yasser Arafat drew the battle lines when he was alive. In the spirit of corruption and cronyism, he made certain that anyone who got a government job was either a Fatah loyalist or a good friend of a Fatah loyalist. Therefore, all of the police and security forces are Fatah. Hamas grew as the group which opposed Fatah and Israel. Without knowing it, Arafat created a mechanism that guaranteed Hamas would have a better armed force. The security forces get their weapons through legitimate means. Israel, fearing the weapons will ultimately be aimed at them, makes certain the legitimate guns are low quality Kalashnikov rifles. They even shorten the barrels to inhibit the accuracy. Hamas smuggles in their weapons illegally. Israeli intelligence tells me that with the help of Iran, Hamas is getting the good stuff. Israeli intelligence also says Iran is even training commanders within the Hamas ranks.

This is... This is...
The "palestinian" people will prosper as soon as they love their children more than they hate ours!

Read it

The palestinian weapon of choice


When I was a boy part VI- In trouble

One of the very few nights that we spended over at the regiment (instead of crashing out in a tent), I asked for some extra leave. Maby because I had missed some r&r:s come to special training; my LT permissioned me and a comrade until the next morning.

We were both from the same home town, just an hour trainride from Kiruna. It was a Saturday, and of course we made the town. I drank beer untill I allmost fell over. But no worries! I had my alarm clock ready to bring me up in time!

At five o´clock the dredded alarm woke me up. I stumbled out of my bed. Put my uniform on and thankfully made it down the stairs from my studio apartment.

The railway station was just a five minute walk away, and I more or less did not walk in to the birch trees on my way over there.

Well there I saw my buddy (or should I say; my semi non vertebrae accuintance) laying in a heap by the tracks. After 15 minutes or so we realised that there was a serious shortcoming of trains.

Ahh! Sunday... There will not be any train going until 12!

Shit, shit, shit!!!

My buddy said that he would just call the CO and tell him that he would be late. I stole my girlfriends car and made a run for it. Doing some 200 km/h most of the way I made it there only 15 minutes late. (My buddy got there six hours later). But because I had not reported that I was going to be late; I was awarded with fifteen sacks of wood. NGhhh!

Every sack is a 200 liter burlap nightmare. Yes, there were an electric/hydralic wood cleaver at the premesis, but not to be used by us. Furthermore. I had to do the manual cleaving of the wood "on my spare time". Which meant somewhere between 01,00 and05,30am.

This was one of the rare times (the only I believe), that we spent more than two days in a row at the regiment. I had some three days to cleave 3000 liters of wood, only with an axe and only between 01.00 and 05,30. Now this was not something I... Hmmm, wanted to do.

The platoon storage facility concisted of corrugated aluminium profiles on a wooden frame, and every platoons storage was separated by chicken wire/net.

On the third day; when I was about to have to show my CO the results of my wood chopping, I got... Well a bit nervous- because I had'nt chopped a single bit of wood.

I was to be inspected at 10 PM. I made my way down to the storage, thinking of a way to talk myself out of this mess. When coming down to the storage, I find it empty, save for a set of bolt- cutters. I looked over at third platoons storage, filled with doussins of sacks with chopped wood, looked down on the cutter, and made a descision.

As smartly as I could, I cut through the chicken- wire, climbed over and tossed 15 sacks in to our platoon area. Then I tried to fasten up the wire- fence as good as I could. While I waited for the inspection, all nuber of thoughts raced through my mind "What if I get caught?", "Will he notice?".

15 minutes later, my PCO comes down to inspect my progress. He looks at every sack, takes a look in some of them. I'm sweating, standing to full attention. The PCO looks me right in the eye and says: "I would not have expected anything less from you." Bends over pick up the bolt cutter and in a low voice says: "This should'nt be here; I wonder who left it here. Wery well. Do not forget to place everything back. Goodnight"

That's the man I would follow in to.......?



Six sunni muslim mosques were burned down early on Thurshday morning as an answer to n attack against a shia mosque earlier. Two of the mosques were situated in Iskandariyya, south of Baghdad, another one in Mahawil. Another three mosques in Baghdad and al-Iskandariyya were bombed during Thursday morning.

Yes indeed. This is ceartainly a culture that we want to be intermixed into our societys! I´m horrified by the violence muslims are bringing up upon themselves in the name of their cherished ideology. Because it is an ideology, much like nazism and communism or why not the persona cult north- korea has. Why does people stand with it? If you are born and indoctrinated in a totalitarian country, I can see why. But why are people in the west so ready to defend the atrocities being done in the name of a mad- man? Why have our politicians flatter foreheads than the muslims from banging their heads to the floor in submission of multiculturalism? Why?

All the while, more muslims are being killed by other muslims in the name of their own religion. Hundred of thousands- if not miljons of muslim have fallen to the sword of another muslim just during the last 15 years! WHY?


Why is politics so hard?

I have called myself a humanist and a liberalist for some time now. For me that means pro- globalisation, non- protectionism, a global community, who interact and benifits from each others. That is why I get so dissapointed about otherwise very intellectual and smart people like Henrik Alexandersson (Swedish only) when they in the name of uber libertarianism, really belives that all open borders is the solution to all problems.

While being critic to the ideology of islam, he is still sporting the naive thinking that all open borders would be something positive for our community. While I´m not totally against this romantic idea; I'm also a realist. That means that I belive that there is some things that are not possible to intermix with our western beliefs of freedom and universal rights. That means that there are ceartain idological belief systems that simply can not co- exist with western (christian/judean) way of thoughts and moral thinkings.

The Golden Rule!

Free movement of capital- Yes!
Free movement of information- Yes!
Free movement of labour- Yes!
Free movement of people?- No!
Free movement of totalitarian, meagalomaniac, imerialistic and... well, lets face it- A totally ..... deluotional son of a ....., a certified mad man who was an assasin, pedophile, killer, robber, lier, etc, etc. No, no , no, nooooooooooo!

Why do I think so? Well, lets just say that the multi-culti idea of all culturals being equal comes down to this; Then cannibalism just would be a matter of taste, nazism would be a cultural quirke and communism would just be this seasons black.

What surprises me is that 1.5 biljon people actually has fallen for this scam. Soon to be in a theater near you. Be afraid, very afraid!


1957 Plymouth to Emerge from Tulsa Time Capsule

If you happen find yourself in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 15, bring a shovel. Buried beneath the dirt of the Tulsa County Courthouse lawn, about 100 feet north of the intersection of Sixth Street and Denver Avenue, a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe has been hidden underground for half a century. Swaddled in rust-resistant preservatives and gently placed inside a giant concrete sarcophagus, the tailfinned Plymouth was interred on June 15, 1957 as the centerpiece of a time capsule created for the 21st century citizens of Tulsa 2007.
They probably expected we would re-open the time capsule with hover-shovels -- unless, of course, we'd already perfected our atomic de-materializers. Regardless, in 1957 Tulsa's civic leaders hoped to dazzle their future descendants with the scope of their own technological prowess. So in addition to burying a brand-new Plymouth, they also packed the car with a variety of advanced products and wares -- including a case of Schlitz beer and the complete contents of a woman's purse. This explains why, when today's auto-archaeologists open the glove box of the buried Belvedere, inside they will find fourteen bobby pins, a ladies compact plastic rain cap, several combs, a tube of lipstick, a pack of gum, a wad of Kleenex, $2.73 in bills and coins, a pack of cigarettes with matches, an unpaid parking ticket, and a bottle of tranquilizers.

Only in my city!

Man's 'ice cream' was dildo.

A Secret Sect

Woman abuse, violence, turf wars, a political aswell as a religious movement. What could that be? I know what you are thinking, but it´s Mungiki!
Read through the whole text to be not- so- surprised!

It´s Da Bomb!

THE probability of a nuclear weapon one day going off in an American city cannot be calculated, but it is larger than it was five years ago. Potential sources of bombs or the fissile materials to make them have proliferated in North Korea and Iran. Russia’s arsenal remains incompletely secured 15 years after the end of the Soviet Union. And Pakistan’s nuclear technology, already put on the market once by Abdul Qadeer Khan, could go to terrorists if the president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, cannot control radicals in that country.

Hmm, does this come to a surprise to anyone but the leftist apologists?

In the same period, terrorism has surged into a mass global movement and seems to gather strength daily as extremism spills out of Iraq into the rest of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and even the Americas. More nuclear materials that can be lost or stolen plus more terrorists aspiring to mass destruction equals a greater chance of nuclear terrorism.

So what´s the problem?

Smugglers have been caught 300 times in the past four years trying to sneak in radioactive material, which could be used to make a dirty bomb.
That's what the International Atomic Energy Agency told the London Times last month.

Ahh! But surely it has got nothing to do with ROP (TM).

The government does know terror groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah are active in Latin America. In fact, members of Hezbolla are already inside the U.S., coming in through the Mexican border.

Oh, my bad!

Read it here and here


Immigrants are a resource - not a burden

The purchasing power of immigrants is rising, yet immigrants are still wrongly portrayed as a drain on resources. Hardly surprising therefore that the xenophobic socialists in the Sweden Democrats are winning votes, writes Billy McCormac of think-tank Timbro.

It is not surprising that the overall purchasing power of immigrants is rising. Their numbers are growing, but where does the money come from? I do not like the Sweden Democrates, but it is not for their "xenophobic" agenda. It´s simply because that they in all other matters are a far leftist political party. But, they are also the only political party with a chance to get parlimental seats, that problematizes the question of immigration politics, born out of a socialist multiculturalistic ideology. I will not wote for them, but it is not their immigration policys that stands in the way.

Southern Sweden has seen a sharp increase in immigration in recent years. More precisely, 28,000 people immigrated to the region between 2001 and 2005, accounting for roughly 85 percent of overall population growth. In fact, Statistics Sweden has forecast that immigrants will account for 90 percent of total population growth up to 2020. Racist thugs and political miscreants depict immigrants as a threat to and a strain on Swedish society. Don’t believe it.

Well, that really depends on who the immigrants are. There is nothing wrong with immigrants. I´m one myself. That does not mean that every group of people has something to provide that would enrich this country. On the contrary; the last ten years or so, attack- rapes has gone up by 400% and gang rapes which was virtually unknown of only 15 years ago, now numbers in the near hundreds anually. As a matter of coincidence, this almost exacly fits the raise of non Europeian immigrants (+ Europeian immigrants of you- know- what ideology). Is this what multiculturalists call culture enriching? Let´s not go in to the matter of how the demographics of our prisons look like!

As author Philippe Legrain argues in his latest book, Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them, immigration generally coincides with economic expansion rather than contraction. The United States, for instance, witnessed stunning economic growth between 1870 and 1920 following the arrival of tens of millions Europeans. More, a recent study of fifteen European countries found that a one percent increase in population by way of immigration resulted in economic growth of up to 1.5 percent.

Once again. Who were the people immigrating to The United States between 1870 and 1920? As Mc Cormac states, they were Europeans. Among others, a miljon Swedes. Who are the immigrants on the beaches of Europe today? Ceartinly not Europeans or Northern Americans. And yes, an increase in immigration will result in economic growth- by state spending. But where is the money coming from? Why are Sweden the most tax burdened country in the world- and still has one of the largest per capita debts in the western hemisphere? It´s the net value of the economic growth that is important. How big might that be?


But let’s leave the ravings of the fever swamp socialist xenophobes to one side. A recent report on Sweden’s multicultural marketplace – authored by Anja Alemdar of Veritas Communication and commissioned by my employer, Timbro – found that total 2005 immigrant purchasing power in southern Sweden had surged to 20 billion kronor. In fact, the inflation-adjusted purchasing power of foreign-born individuals has climbed 33.4 percent between 2001 and 2005, compared to just 12.8 percent for homegrown Swedes.

Ok, so the immigrant purchasing power has increased by 20 biljon kronor. Once again- not very suprising really when you think of it huh? How coud it not be an increase in spending power with an influx of 28000 immigrants annualy? But still there is the question. Where is the money coming from? If you start with a percentage quota of zero, it´s not very hard to raise the purchasing power with humpty percent. Those numbers really tells us nothing at all. And again, whos money is being spent?


The news magazine Fokus recently ranked the Swedish city of Värnamo number one in integration. One in five inhabitants is foreign born and 71 percent are employed. This stands in stark contrast to the city of Malmö, where only 44 percent of the immigrant population has a job. Immigrants relocating to Värnamo are immediately put in touch with the department of employment services and similar networks. Finding work for new arrivals is a top priority, which is as it should be.

I suggest someone takes a look at the demographics in Värnamo visavi Malmö. Who are the immigrants in Värnamo? Who are the immigrants in Malmö? Let´s just say that Malmö is the first major Scandinavian city that is projected to become a city with a majority of .... you-know-who immigrants in the near future.

Read it all over at The Local

Swift plant refuses to give in to Muslim employee demands for prayer breaks


A company spokesman says breaks are governed by a labor contract and all employees are told about them during orientation for new employees. The head of the union local also said the contract makes no provisions for prayer.
Jan Markell is founder of Olive Tree Ministries. "Since when did a population in America of one to two percent start changing the way 98 percent of the rest of Americans have to live?" she asks.
"We don't see the Swedish immigrants doing this. We don't see even Jewish cultural things being thrown in the face of the rest of America's non-Jewish population or -- you name it -- the Irish. When they come to America, they become American. They blend in, they assimilate. Not so with the Muslims."



Putin not ruling out 2012 run

MOSCOW - President
Vladimir Putin who is constitutionally barred from seeking a third term next year, left the door open for a return to the Kremlin in 2012, a Russian newspaper reported Saturday.

"There is still a lot of time," the daily Kommersant quoted Putin as telling reporters Friday, during a Group of Eight summit in Germany, when asked whether he would run in 2012. "Theoretically it's possible. The constitution does not forbid it. But it's very far away, I haven't even thought about this."

On one level, the remark could be taken as a straight statement of fact: while the 1993 Russian Constitution bars presidents from serving more than two consecutive four-year terms, it allows them to seek re-election after a hiatus.

And in the meantime Russia gets to be ruled by one of Putins hench- men... Somebody up for at dollar bet? Russia has become a leaner, meaner clone of old Soviet Union. The Russian people have not just realized it. The Europeian politicians chooses to look the other way. Soon we will find us in a two front war. The jihadists on one side, and an ever more totalitarian Russia on the other. Both partys historically connected to each other. Samma andas barn- Born out of the same womb.

Read the rest


Why hamas is impotent

The vice president of hamas-Moussa Abu Marzouq - said during a visit toEgypt in answer to the question of why the terror attacks in Israel had diminished and why the governmental support for the "resistance" had lessened, that "For the first time since the Oslo- negotiations, there is a palestinian government that supports the "resistance", does not arrest "activists" and does not hinder their activities".

Furthermore the Hamas spokesman on the question of why there are fewer attacks against Israel nowdays, claimed that the security barrier and other security measures surrounding the West Bank has made it harder to go through with these kind of activities.

No shit Sherlock! That is why it´s there. To keep you murdering a- holes out of Israel. And this is a government that gets active support from the Swedish social democratic party!

Source: The egyptian muslim brotherhoods web page. Go here (for those of you who knows how to read squiggly lines in backward.


I´m feeling hot, hot, hot!

It seems to be a slow day news vise; so I´ll just write about my own day. I awoke about half past five this morning. Put my gear to gether and rode my bike out to the regiment, where we loaded our selves in cars for further transportation out to the shooting range some 25 kilometers westwards.

At seven thirty the temperature was well over 23 degrees C and rising fast. At the shooting range we started to make use of the wide range of weapons we had brought with us. But at noon the temperature had risen to some 35 C in the shadows. Wearing uniform with a combat west and what not soon proved to be unbearable.

I can´t recollect a single time in my whole life where I have lost more fluid through sweating than at this day. Between the hours of eight am and two pm, I sucked dry atleast three fillings of the hydration system, each consisting of 2 1/2 liters of water.

When writing this at 11 pm, it´s still 25 degrres outside. Hell- I´m a Laplander, I´m not used to this!

But I shure could live with it- as long as I do not have to weare a Swedish army regulation uniform.

I´m sorry, but I´m kind of beaten up right now. Will be back to morrow with more stuff.

Good Night!


All work and no play...

... makes Jack a dull boy!

Been working late today. To morrow I´ll be going off trying to spend what´s left of the half- annual budget for our platoon. That means a virtual shoot- fest. We´ll be doing our best unloading what ammo we can carry for the G3:s, FN FNC:s, the Accuracy International Artcic Warfare sniper rifels, M240 machine guns, Glock 17:s and "The Swedish K" submachingun. Ahhh! I do not know what it is with things that goes "BANG"! But probably it´s a guy thing...

See ya all to morrow night!

Be good now.


It´s a 110 in the shadows

The past weekend I was out on a sniper refreshment class. The past few weeks had been mostly overcast and quite chilly. I was expecting to do the excercise in somewhat wet and muddy terrain- perfect for a sniper.

But lo and behold! Saturday morning (ver, very early) proved to be clear blue skies, with a temperature rising ever faster. Now- crawling around in the woods in the normal uniform (underware, shirt, fatigues, gloves, Aramide helmet, combat west and what not) ; is quite warm enough. But if you ad to that a makeshift camoflage gear meade out of burlap, strands of fabric from old army fatigues amd what ever you can find in the range of weeds, twigs with leafs, small under growth thingys and last season straws; you get seariously insulated.

The camouflage face- paint cloggs up the sweat pores in yor face, but when (not if) you start to sweat, it pours! After a while we all looked like racoons who had been trapped in a combined fabric, saw and paint factory that had exploded.

The uniform is supposed to be water or moisture protected. But what difference does it make when you get more wet from the inside out than the opposite?!

Late at night after crawlig through the woods, making about 75 meters in 8 hours. Laying on an ant mound, trying to get some sleep in my 100% sweat saturated clothes, I thought; "What the hell am I doing this for?"

It took me nearly two days to realize that; I´m doing this not only for me, but also for my family, my people and for you!

As allways. I´m aiming with a very steady hand. And my rifle is loaded with common sense...

The sixth of June- Symphaty for the devil

Today is the Swedish national day. The day was made into a national day by the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) in 1983, before which it was just revered as the Swedish flag day or Day of the Swedish flag.
The tradition of celebrating this date began in the 1920s, in honour of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden.
Some question the validity of this as a national holiday, as it was not observed as a holiday until decades later. However this event does signify the end of the Danish-ruled Kalmar Union, so in a sense it is a marking of Swedish independence, though the event occurred so long ago that it does not have as strong of a presence in the social consciousness as does, for example, Norway's Syttende Mai.
In 2005 it became an official Swedish public holiday, taking that honour from Whit Monday. This change led to fewer days off from work (more working-days) as the 6th of June will periodically fall on the weekend, unlike Whit Monday, which was always celebrated on a Monday. This has in turn led to complaints from some Swedish unions.
(Source Wikipedia)
So how do Swedes celebrate this holiday- The answer is. They do not. Instead it has become a day when the police is on high alert, anticipating clashes between leftist radicals and nazi/nationalists.
In Sweden, actually waving our flag is concidered to be something bad, only done by hard core nationalists. The only exception is during sports events like international soccer or hockey games. Then Swedes almost tie themselves in a knot trying to express their allegiance. The irony is that marching with a red flag or even a soviet flag on the first of May is concidered by most Swedes to be A- OK!
Another ironic thing is that the leftist radicals and the nationalists has much more in common than there are differences. Both parties are protectionistic, anti- capitalistic, anti- jewish, pro- islamistic and want´s restrictions of the freedom of speach (for everybody else besides themselves of course). In Sweden we have a saying: Samma andas barn- Born out of the same womb, the funny thing is that neither of the fractions seems to understand that they are fighting (litteraly) for the same goal- A socialist state with a planned echonomy!
The sad thing is that there are so many of them. In a survey almost 35% of Swedish youths 15-25, expressed symphaty for either fractions cause.
Discussing with members of either fraction will instantly make you realize that they are using exactly the same rethorics. The only difference is that the nationalists takes their off- stamp in racism while the leftists does it in class and gender questions. But on the other hand the leftists are as racistic as the nationalists and the nationalists also uses the class and gender questions in their rethorics.
It´s really a flip of the coin with tails on both sides...


Islamic jihad/mein kampf

As most of you allready probably are aware of "mein kampf" could be translated to arabic as "jihad". I was going through my cache and found this link wich I had all but forgotten about. It is worth posting again.

islamic mein kampf

Have you seen this man?

Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah
This man is suspected to be al-quaidas number one "nuclear expert and delivery man". Following the success of 9-11, Shukrijumah became singled out by bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to spearhead the next great attack on America -- a nuclear attack that would take place simultaneously in seven U.S. cities (New York, Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.), leaving millions dead and the richest and most powerful nation on earth in ashes.
Adnan el Shukrijumah possesses the uncanny abilities to blend into a crowd, to alter his looks, and to assume a multitude of identities. He is the proverbial Mr. Cellophane. Few things about Shukrijumah indicate his radical Islamic orientation. He is often clean-shaven and never wears a long shirt or chews a toothpick. He has been known to have a beer on occasion (like an average American Joe), to smoke an occasional Camel, and to carry rosary beads in his pocket. He has posed as an Italian-American, a Mexican-American, a Canadian, a Saudi, a Jamaican, and a Latino from Trinidad. He stands somewhere between 5'4" and 5'6" and weighs 140 pounds. He has black hair, black eyes, an olive complexion, and a pronounced nose.
Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah is to be concidered armed and very, very dangerous.
Wanted dead or alive!
Read more here and here (Hat tip Flander Fields)


I suppose most- or all - of you already have catched up with this story over at LGF. But just in case you have not. Do not miss it for all in the world!

History's Worst Losers Whining Again

Egyptian columnist Wael Abdel Fattah wrote in the independent weekly Al-Fagr newspaper that Arabs blame the defeat for “everything” — from “price hikes, dictatorship, religious extremism, sectarian strife, even sexual impotence.”

" Sorru hun. It never happened to me before 1967..."


Swede killed by insurgents in Iraq

The Iraqui- born Swede, Ragheed Ganni, was killed together with three collueges in Mosul, northern Iraq. They were travelling together in a car, when they were stopped, forced out of the car and all four of them ended up killed.

Whats so unusual about this story, you might ask. "Swedes", "Brits", "Americans" and so on, we read about every day, going off to hot- spots in the muslim world, getting killed in the process. Most of these people has come to Europe, got asylum on a refugee basis and citizenship, only to leave for their country of origin again, lifting social security and in some cases taking up jihad against... Well whatever that moves in the wrong direction.

What is different about this story is that Father Ragheed Ganni was a catholic priest, and his collegues were deacons.

Father Ganni together with the three deacons were leaving The Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul after Sunday mass. Suddenly their car was stopped by a "al-quaida inspired" group of men. The four of them were dragged out in to the street, were tortured, (amongst other things Father Ganni had his arm shot off [that takes a lot of bullets]) and were consecvently shot to death.

Iraqui sources says that; "It is al- quaida inspired groups of insurgents that is behind the escalating violence against christians in Mosul".
Father Gannis parents were forced to leave Mosul a year a go after recieving several death- threats, on the ground of their son being a catholic priest.

There is no compulsion in religion. But if you dont convert to islam we will kill you!

Where the dragons went

This is where the dragons went.
They lie...
Not dead, not a sleep. Not waiting, because waiting implies expectation. Possibly the word we´re looking for here is...

And although the space they occupy isn´t like normal space, nevertheless they are packed in tightly. Not a cubic inch there but is filled by a a claw, a talon, a scale, the tip of a tail, so the effect is like one of those trick drawings and your eyeballs eventually realize that the space between each dragon is, in fact, another dragon.


The Fatiha (Opening) is the first sura (chapter) of the Qur’an and most common prayer of Islam. If you’re a pious Muslim who prays the five requisite daily prayers of Islam, you will recite the Fatiha seventeen times in the course of those prayers.

According to an Islamic tradition, the Muslim prophet Muhammad said that the Fatiha surpassed anything revealed by Allah (“the God” in Arabic, and the word for God used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews, as well as Muslims) in the Torah, the Gospel, or the rest of the Qur’an. And indeed, it efficiently and eloquently encapsulates many of the principal themes of the Qur’an and Islam in general: Allah as the “Lord of the Worlds,” who alone is to be worshiped and asked for help, the merciful judge of every soul on the Last Day.
In Islamic theology, Allah is the speaker of every word of the Qur’an. Some have found it strange that Allah would say something like “praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds,” but the traditional Islamic understanding is that Allah revealed this prayer to Muhammad early in his career as a prophet (which began in the year 610 AD, when he received his first revelation from Allah through the angel Gabriel – a revelation that is now contained in the Qur’an’s 96th chapter) so that the Muslims would know how to pray.

It is for its last two verses that the Fatiha is of most concern to non-Muslims, and for which it has been in the news lately. A Shi’ite imam, Husham Al-Husainy, ignited controversy by paraphrasing this passage during a prayer at a Democratic National Committee winter meeting, giving the impression that he was praying that the assembled pols convert to Islam. Then Imam Yusuf Kavakci of the Dallas Central Mosque prayed the Fatiha at the Texas State Senate, giving rise to the same concerns.

The final two verses of the Fatiha asks Allah: “Show us the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast favoured; not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam — cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians.

Go ahead and read the rest here.

Muslims in denial- as usual

59% of Brittish muslims thinks that the Brittish government hav not told the truth about the 7/7 bombings. A staggering 24% of the Brittish muslims does not believe that the four identified men was actually responsible for the attacks (Survey done by Brittish channel 4).

See the hair raising and very disturbing video here.

If these people want to live under islamic supremacy- Leave! Why not move to Saudi Arabia? Oh, yes! My bad, most of them are not welcome there either. Well there are plenty of other islamic countrys out there. The 41/76% that are human are wellcome to stay (yeah, yeah- I know it´s bad math. Just wanted to make a point).


Putin threatens to target Europe

He also lashes out at NATO and insists he's world's only true democrat.

In a threat not uttered since the Cold War, Vladimir Putin said that Russia intends to aim its missile systems - potentially nuclear weapons - at targets in Europe in retaliation for the U.S. decision to establish antimissile bases there.


Mr. Putin repeatedly described U.S. antimissile bases, which will be built in the Czech Republic and Poland, both former Warsaw Pact countries, as "an element of the nuclear potential of the United States," and that the alleged threat from Iranian missiles is a myth. Washington says that the bases are purely defensive and designed to shoot down missiles launched at the United States from Iran or other rogue states.

Ahh, it begins to feel like the good old days. A megalomaniac and athoritarian russian president rattling with weapons. In the mean time Sweden has all but destroyed it´s own armed forces. And USA are busy in other parts of the world. That leaves us pretty much with the Germans and the French (The French!) to defend the europeian subcontinent. At the same time both Germany and France are having their own problems fighting islamic supremacist tendencies on their own grounds. May god help us!

Read it all

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony in Gaza on Hamas TV

This is what we get for the billions upon billions we spend in the pali territories. My money, aswell as yours- is paying for this!

pali childabuse- Video

Let's Privatize I Always Say

A song by the Milton Friedman Choir

Eurabia Amerabia and dhimmithude

Yupp, I´m back. And I tell you. Every single fiber in my body hurts... (Maby more about that in a later post)

I find it rather ironic that one of the first things I read and post after Indigenous Swedes must embrace rape by Muslim gangs , is this story over at LGF. I knew it was bad here in Europe. But how far has it really gone in the USA? (Not as bad I expect- but look out! Slowly dhimmitude is creeping up on the Land of the Free- And the Home of the Bave.)

New Hampshire Dhimmitude Watch

"In Amherst, New Hampshire, parents are getting the jump on the impending caliphate and teaching their children to welcome their new Islamic overlords:"

"Oh, for Chrissake. We have Eurabia. What is the American equivalent? Amerabia? The United States of Allah?"- Fjordman

To balance it up a little I present you this quote:
“We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”- Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the previous Social Democratic Swedish government.

When we become a minority! Hmm- When we become a minority! There aint gonna be no debate. It is not a matter of if we we will become a minority- it is a matter of when! According to Social Democrates (That as it happens, now is bigger in the polls than all three center- right alliance parties together). Sometimes, when in a bad mood, I even start to believe that the Swedes really are not worth saving. But were will I go then?


Indigenous Swedes must embrace rape by Muslim gangs

The Law Of Sweden: Indigenous Swedes must embrace rape by Muslim gangs

Needless to say, Swedish laws prohibiting "hate speech" against racial minorities have been vigorously enforced. There have, for example, been a number of gang-rapes of Swedish women by Muslim immigrants.

But Swedes must be careful what they say about them. On May 25, Bjorn Bjorkqvist was convicted and sentenced to two months hard labour in prison for writing,

"I don't think I am alone in feeling sick when reading about how Swedish girls are raped by immigrant gangs." ["Jag tror inte jag är ensam om att må dåligt när jag läser om hur svenska tjejer har våldtagits av invandrarhorder"]

In another recent case, a man living in the Bunkeflo neighborhood of Malmo sent an e-mail message to public officials saying he believed most Arabs were criminals, and that he opposed subsidies for them to move into his neighborhood.

"Bunkeflo," he wrote, "was one of the last few refuges in Malmo where you could go out and not see Arabs loitering all around you."

This man managed to avoid prison by paying a fine of 10 percent of his pre-tax income. Given Sweden's high taxation rate, this represented a figure of close to 20 percent of his actual yearly income.

But the most spectacular case so far -and one completely ignored by American media- is that of Swedish feminist Joanna Rytel. Earlier this year, she wrote an article called "I Will Never Give Birth to a White Man," for a major Swedish daily, Aftonbladet. [Jag tänker aldrig föda en vit man, April 11, 2004]

Rytel explained why she hates white men -they are selfish, exploitative, vain, and sex-crazed- and just to make things clear, she added, "no white men, please -- I just puke on them, thank you very much." ["Dom spyr jag bara på, tack."]

She wrote that other than the women's restroom, she can find peace only in the segregated women's ISLAMIC prayer room in the mosque in central Stockholm:

"At least Muslim men don't mind that women have their own community in peace and quiet."

She added that she might let a white man follow her home, but only because "I can have someone to talk with all night long about my hatred towards white men."

Members of the Swedish National Socialist Front -an admittedly pro-Nordic group- called the article to the attention of the Stockholm authorities. But they refused to indict Miss Rytel. In a letter dated April 19, public prosecutor Göran Lambertz explained why:

"The purpose behind the law against incitement of ethnic hatred was to ensure legal protection for non-Swedish "guest-groups" of different compositions and followers of alien religions. Cases where people express themselves in a critical or derogatory way about men of ethnic Swedish background were not intended to be included in this law.

Because of that, the content in this article cannot be considered incitement of ethnic hatred." One Law for indigenous Swedes, another for the many "guests" of Sweden...

You people in Sweden are now official Dhimmi's... Sweden is really the worst when it comes to this Why don't you fight ? here in the Netherlands we have Wilders who openly says that islam is fascism You people must go outside and do something_________________WAKE UP VIKINGS! AND FIGHT!

Posted by Morghodius at FOMI

Allthough I´m not shure who "M" is or what his intentions are. There is ceartinly thoughts here worthy of some thinking through! Also Rytel is ceartainly a complete moron!

Bad mouthing islam or arabs gets you a "go to jail card", while bad mouthing indigenous Swedes gets you a spot in one of the biggest tabloid papers- with a salary! AND a get out of jail card!

Well that´s dhimmitude multiculturalistic relavitism for you!


The Nomination Database for the Nobel Prize

Well Mr A.H has some good company. Like for instance yasir arafat. Same, same but different (one had a beard, the other one had hmmm- half a rat under his nose, both had the extermination of jews in mind...)

Look it up

No, no. It was not us!

'We haven't fired a Kassam in 48 hours'
Yeah- and that makes it all better somehow? I beg to differ!

Hamas's military wing, which has been responsible for most of the recent Kassam fire, said Thursday that it had not launched a rocket in 48 hours.
Four rockets were fired Thursday into the western Negev, two of which landed in open fields near the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, but Channel 10 quoted Hamas officials as saying that those rockets were launched by other groups such as the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC).
The claim came despite an earlier warning by Damascus-based Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal that the rocket fire would continue until Israel stopped its attacks in Gaza.

Why am I not surprised? When was the last time the palis actually kept their word? There will never be any peace between the arabs occupying the West Bank and Gaza and the Israelis. Not as long as there is a West Bank and a Gaza strip in existance. There is only one thing- hudna- a lay down of arms, taken up as soon as possible. It´s not the arabs fault really. They are just following the commands of their not-so-holy book.
So whos fault is it (besides yosemite mo´s)? Well it is our own fault; or should I say our overly apologetic governments fault, for fuelling wahhabist extremists with aid! I mean, first we buy oil from the middle east, which we then tax to sillyness. Tax money we then send back to ME so islamist organisations can buy even more American weapons to kill American troops with!

It´s, it´s.....NnnngraaaAAARGH!

I´m actually funding terrorists via my taxes. If that´s not blood money, then I do not know what is!

Read it all.