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$ 3 million worth of pot

I have taken biochemistry and farmachology classes at university level. As anybody who ever have read a farmaghology text book at that level, you understand the empiric evidence of that Cannabis is probably the least toxic recreational agent known to man. It's also most likely the least addictive recreational drug. Coffe and tobacco is much much worse!

As a matter of fact, I think it would be good to legalize it. I don't use the stuff myself, but having it be criminilaized is just about as stupid as having coffe be criminilaized.

Swede held in major US pot bust (The local)

A Swedish man was arrested in the United States over the weekend in connection with the seizure of marijuana plants valued at $3 million.

A Swedish man have been arrested? Well I got curious and thought I would have to make some digging in to this. But lo and behold! Under the headline, in the bread text emidiatly after comes the following:

Van Dat Nguyen, a naturalized Swedish citizen originally from Vietnam, is being held in the Cowlitz County Jail in Washington state on suspicions of manufacturing marijuana as well as possession with intent to distribute, reports the The Daily News newspaper.

Here is the problem. Would I be a Chinese if I moved to China? A Viatnamese if I moved to Vietnam? Why do Swedish news sources allways discribe perps as "Swedish" or "youths"? Well atleast The Local had the bollocks to actually say it (with much hand wringing) and even
let us know his name, something you will not see in the MSM I'm sure.

As I said. I don't think what what Van Dat Nguyen did was that much to bother about (if that was all he did- manufacture pot that is, the whole story is not out yet). The best way of coming away from having criminals deal in non leathal drugs is to legalize them! That has been done in a couple of countrys here in Europe allready (Netherlands, England) with good results.

It's like- it's my choise. Do I want to destroy my lungs or my liver? Because alcohole are by far a more toxic agent than cannabis! One is leagal, the other is not. Why?


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