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Mine mosque is bigger than yours

I have not heard about this before, but apparently the muslim brotherhood in France got the government to change the rules over how muslim organisations can be voted in to the muslim councel of France (Conceil Francais du Culte Musulman- CFCM).

The brotherhood was sure about winning the elections after the change of rules which ment that the number of votes would count as more or less prominent or "important" by taking the total floor area of the mosques in to the equation! (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?).

That ment that the big and supposidly "moderate" falanges would be in the red even before the elections compared to the numerous- and often extremist- basement mosques (where the brotherhood hides from the light).

This ment that the main protagonists in the election, The Maroccoan based RMF and UOIF started to rent new basement locals en masse to get more weighed votes!

Luckily enough(?) RMF finally won the elections 43.2% against 30.2%.

Shees! And you thought that western elections was a soup. But then again, this IS France after all...


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