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Christians up for slaughter in turkey

A little story about what is going on in soon to be (?) Eu partner turkey (I just can't spell that with a capitol t anymore).

From Gates of Vienna
I’d like to bring your readers’ attention to something that hasn’t caught the foreign media outlets’ attention yet, but has been in the headlines of the Turkish media for the last couple of days. In Turkish you can refer to an article in Radikal, one of the main Turkish newspapers in the country, and some of the other Turkish media websites that are covering the story. including on TV.

In Şişli, which according to Wikipedia “is a crowded cosmopolitan district of Istanbul, Turkey, in the centre of the city,” 30 people have been arrested, including two doctors, a government official, and a property recorder (rough translation), who were caught murdering three non-Muslims. The word is gayrimüslim which translates as “other than Muslim”.

These people set up a system whereby an elderly person or one without extended family is threatened and finally killed for their property and worldly possessions. The articles highlight the fact that they were tied up domuz bağı; domuz means “pig” and bağı is “knot”; literally tied up like pigs and slaughtered.

Read it all!

45 000 000 (almost all ) muslims to enter the EU! Honor killings, persecution of Christians and Jews (and forget about even be a Hindu or a Buddhist), calls for sharia law, ETC, ETC. Spit!

And as allways. The Turks themselves might be nice and upstanding, generous and peaceful. It is their ideology that is not! iSLAM...


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

And there will be no real borders between the European countries and the people who do this; such people will be able to travel at will.

Coming soon to a town near you?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008 at 03:03:00 CEST


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