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A surprise how?

James Biga over at Gentile Warrior writes a low down on the "palestinian authority".

The Palestinian Authority has men trained and then sent to "police" "palestinian" locations. Instead of attacks on Israel slowing, they have increased. How is this a surprise to anyone?

"The PA forces in the city are not combating the terrorists," one source said. "They are taking action to enforce law and order but they are doing nothing about terror which has grown in the past month since they deployed in Jenin."

Otherwise, they are keeping their people in check when it comes to "palestinian on palestinian" crime but are allowing attacks on non-"palestinians".

A top officer in the Central Command also warned that weapons the US was providing to the PA forces were finding their way to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Jenin as well as in Nablus, where 3,000 PA policemen and soldiers have deployed over the past year. In addition, terrorists have infiltrated the PA police and military ranks, he said.

To act surprised about any of this is to display ignorance. Western politicians have continuously shown their inability to confront reality. The Nietzsche-esque approach to life is going to destroy us all. There is evil in the world. Ignorance and misplaced hope allow it to fester. This evil must be confronted head on with the might of good. The only way to defeat this evil is to eliminate it. It must be pulled out by the root. An unwillingness to do just this will allow it to continue to grow and flourish.

I remember a post I did a while ago (Can't seem to find it right now), where I showed that not only USA but also Israelians were handing out assault rifles and hundred of thousands of bullets to the "palestinian authorities". One spokesman for fatah said that "they of course vere going to use the weapons against "illegal forces" (at that time the hamas), but as soon as that problem was solved- they would use them against Israelis instead! We now know what happened. hamas took controll over the Gaza strip and are not hesitating the leastest to use the weapons against Israelians.'

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

THIS would be a more appropriate weapon of choise for the arab "freedom fighters" at the West Bank and the Gaza strip:



Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

The PA is a thugocracy. But, they're buddies of the Saudis, and the Saudis are buddies with Bush. So, the thugocracy gets to continue killing Israelis, and we get to continue funding the Palestian Authority.

Tell me we're not dhimmis by representation.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008 at 03:01:00 CEST


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