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Firefighters demands police protection

As of Friday June 14:th, firefighters in Malmö refuses to go in to the neighburhood of Rosengård in Malmö (heavy, heavy infested with muslims), without police protection.

The descision was made after the fire fighters had been assaulted with rock throwing and threats to their lifes after being called out to a fire in Rosengård at Thursday, according to SVT:s Sydnytt.

Before the firefighters and rescue personel goes in to the area in the future, they will wait for police patrols to escort them before entering the area.

Hmmmm; Multiculturalism in motion. It's like... Hire a couple of super jumbos and ship the assholes to the assholes they were spawned out of! I can give a couple of Euros to finance it. Gnnnaaarrrgghhh!


Blogger JMK said...

The entire idea of "multiculturalism" is anti-Western.

According to this demented viewpoint, "all cultures are equal."


Look around!

No, they're NOT!

Superior or "advanced" cultures built the world's advanced civilizations....primitive or inferior cultures still wallow in scavaenging and agricultural based cultures - Third Worldism.

While individuals can be taken out of some debased, Third World cultures and assimilated, it's proven impossible for the West to Westernize entre Third World cultures....and inanely claiming that "all cultures are equal" makes the assimilation of those who COULD assimilate far less likely.

Saturday, 14 June 2008 at 22:21:00 CEST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not the first time I've heard of such events in Western Europe. I know we are somewhat different culturally, but I do wonder how long Europeans will continue to put up with these Moslem shinanigans. Your solution is a good one . . . now all that's needed is politicians with balls to marshal support among your countrymen, and order it done.

Semper Fi

Sunday, 15 June 2008 at 02:34:00 CEST


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