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They comes in different flavours- or do they really?

Zimbawe is one of Africas hell- holes. It has not allways been so. Zimbawe was once called the "grain storage" of Africa.

Then came the idiot robert mugabe!

In a few decades he has got one of the richest countrys on the continent to become one of the poorest.

Zimbabwe's presidential elections, set for June 27, are speeding toward a horrific crash.

President Robert G. Mugabe, 84, lost the first round in March to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangerai. Mr. Mugabe didn't accept that the challenger had won, claiming improbably that he had not achieved the 50-percent-plus-one necessary for victory, even though Mr. Tsvangerai's party won the parliamentary elections. A candidate from Mr. Mugabe's own ZANU-PF party also ran to draw votes from Mr. Tsvangerai.

Now, as the runoff between the top two draws near, Mr. Mugabe has turned up the heat on his suffering people to obtain the results he wants, to prolong his 28-year rule of the former Rhodesia. He has instructed the country's army to work for his victory. His supporters and security forces are interfering with Mr. Tsvangerai's campaign, and Mr. Mugabe has said he won't let his opponent take power if he were to win.

In the meantime, the disaster that Mr. Mugabe's rule has wreaked on the economy has not only put an estimated one-fourth of the country at risk of starvation, but also propelled floods of citizens to flee into neighboring South Africa.

Their quest for food, shelter and jobs, in competition with poor South Africans and immigrants from other countries, has led to disorder, rioting and killing, which South Africa has found difficult to control.

Meanwhile, African leaders have stood by mute and impotent. Some have tried to put responsibility on the back of South African President Thabo Mbeki, who has declined to act. South Africa could start by closing its border with Zimbabwe, although it is questionable that Mr. Mugabe would take notice.

Other leaders such as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown want to send a U.N. human rights representative and election observers to Zimbabwe -- truly pointless gestures.

Have you ever wondered why asshole dictators (if they are not executed) allways seems to live for ever. Heck; Yousemite Mugabe is 84 for crissake... Castro are reported being dead for the last decade but still drags around his corpse. Kim Il WTF ruled North Korea for like... Ever. He supposidely "went away on a journey" at the ripe age of 214 according to North Korean news agensies. Had not AIDS got him, Arafat would probably still rattle the chains in the corridores. Whats their secret? "Their" people have a life expectancy half of what the megalomaniacs themselves have (in Zimbawes case 35 years!). Khadaffi has looked like he is in his late 50:ths for half a century now!

They don't starve.

They are not being sent out to war.

They have clean water.

They have expencive clothes.

They lives in palaces.

They live on the toils and burdens of the people.

They are "elected" for life (by who?).

Etc, etc.

(I wont even name Hugo Chavez with this lot. He is after all only 54- or is he?).

They are frikking vampires. That's what they are! Sharpen the wooden poles! Or atleast yank thos energizer batteries from their pacemakers. You might try holy water. But I suspect that people like mugabe only would... well expand like a spounge. That is probably why you never see open fire or cigarettes being smoked around dictators. Even a small ember would probably set them on fire...


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