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Union to picket petrol station over porn

A branch of the Syndicalist trade union has threatened strike action at a petrol station in northern Sweden if managers refuses to remove pornographic material from the shelves.

The union's Umeå branch plans to picket the OKQ8 petrol station in Degeränget, Piteå unless its demands are met by 6am on July 9th.

Union member and petrol station employee Niklas Svenlin said he had long pleaded with his bosses for the removal of pornographic products from the store.

"At most places of work it is perfectly natural not to have to handle porn, and that's the way it should be everywhere," he said in a statement.

The Local

What do you think? The case is about (mostly) soft porn magazines and in a few cases about hard core rental DVD:s. I have never in my life rented a porn movie (which does not mean that I have not seen a few). It is not that I have anything in particular about consenting adult material- it's just that I rather place the money on... dried reindeer jerky.

But! This is a serious case of a group of people wanting to infringe the freedom of speach! What is next?
Libertarian (no- not liberal for you Yanks) newspapers? How about certain books? (The syndikalists are leftards!). Right wing bloggers like me? Stores that sells Coca-Cola?

No the message is- Conform, uniform and let others (those who knows best- and that's never, ever you yourself) descide what is right for mankind- meaning everybody else but themselves. Because this is the same people who don't mind for a second to hand out pamflets in a street corner about the favours of communism (which so far has a... hmm, not so good a track record so to speak).

Just to make my point; I will now go to the nearest place where you can buy porn and buy me a magazine (for the articles of course).

Retards- sorry leftards. Never, ever, ever,ever,ever try to tell me what I can or can not do as long as it's legal!

Update: As I understand it the whole thing is over mens "life style magazines", think Playboy with no nipples. These magazines have very little nudity, they mostly contain articles and reortages about music, mens- fashion, games, sport and the sorts. The employee that started it all is a man who is a syndicalist (very, very, very leaning to the left). They are the equivalent of "nanny knows best", e.g - "We know what is better for you" kind of clientel. They are also very islamist- friendly, while at the same time, strangly enough, are proclaiming to be pro- feminist and pro- gay rights!

Strangly enough? The syndicalists does not seem to have anything against women life style magazines, that displays full front nudity of men- but mostly women at every other page.

Grrrr! I think I'm going to buy me another of those magazines (Moore, Café, Schlitz) just to... Well, annoy some idiot. (I can always put it in my neighbours mailbox- just kidding. They are actually featuring some of the most prominent journalists both from Sweden and from other countrys).


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

If it is an employee/employer dispute, then it is contract law. Nobody is telling you what you can or cannot view, employees are merely pointing out that they don't want to be the ones to have to sell it.

If it is the government prohibiting this, then you have Freedom of Speech and of the Press issues, although that is not to say I am on the side of pornography.

Are these people required to work at these locations that have pornography? If they are free to go and work somewhere else, then let them picket, and if they win, the stuff comes off the shelves, and if they lose, they can get a job elsewhere. If they are required to work there, then it again becomes a Freedom issue.

Monday, 30 June 2008 at 02:47:00 CEST


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