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The Janus theory

Hugh Fitzgerald is a contributor over at Jihad Watch and as such he is intelligent and smart in his writings- most of the time. There are however som pitfalls that he uncleverly falls in to. In his essay: The price of oil, and how it got there, his thesis is that we should develop alternative energy resources. Excellent! If it were not for the fact that he is promoting solar power as an alternative. There is no chance- no chance what so ever to make solar panels affordable and echonimcally sane without other- cheaper- energy resources to build them and maintain them with! That goes for wind turbines too.

To be fair he promotes the usage of fusion power. But we are not nearly there to have useful fusion power- yet! Almost on a side note he also promotes fission energy. That is better. If it were not that in the west you are in some cases not even allowed to develop any new science around the concept (or even build new, safer and more efficient ones). Uranium is also a rare and unreplacable element. Still- it's the best way of producing energy that we have today. Building new reactors could mean that the islamic world oil- soiled iron grip of the west could be broken. islamic terrorism would be yesterdays news within a few months if we could wring ourselves out of the chokehold they now have on us.

He also promotes oil exploration elsewhere. - Fine, but will the green muppets allow anything like that?

Subside those alternative forms of energy that we have today? Well here Mr Fitzgerald makes the biggest intellectual Culbuter of them all. Subsides =Money. Money= Energy spent! And I can promise you that none of that energy/money are derived from "alternative energy resources".

He also says that the oil prices are where they should be at $140 a barrel. This is the classic green muppet stance where you tie a knot on your brain to get beside the fact that high oil prices only marginally affects the consumtion of it. That is because; if we want to hold our living standards on a reasonble level, energy prices- may that be nuclear, hydro, oil or whatnot- then the energy prices must be held on a reasonable level! It is that or go down in living standard. As simple as that! High oilprices also will allways hit the poorest people the most.

He is right though in that many of us could manage to get around in smaller, more energy efficient cars, or maybe walk those hundred yards or ride a bicykle a bus or a train. It works fine over shorter distances atleast.

Well, I think Hugh Fitzgerald otherwise makes brilliant analyzes and are a very good writer. So to balance it up, I present you with another essay of his:

Everyone agrees we must boost moderate Islam?


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You might like this re: Fusion.

WB-7 First Plasma

and here is some oil for you:

No Blood For Oil or No Drilling For Oil?

Wednesday, 18 June 2008 at 22:31:00 CEST


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