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The Lisbon Treaty

"Were you not watching, gentlemen? First 55 per cent of Frenchmen voted No and you tossed it aside. Then 62 per cent of Dutchmen voted No, and you dismissed it. Now 54 per cent of Irishmen have done what every other country in Europe would have done and voted No, and you are trying to ignore that, too. What part of No don't you understand?"
-Daniel Hannan, MEP

Indeed. What part of NO! does the undemocratically elected EU- commisioneres not understand? While the high and mighty tries to build a new USSREURABIA, common people seems to have more common sense than all those professional bureocrates that in the absolute majority cases never have had a real job. Sadly, many of those who are against the treaty are against it for all the wrong reasons. THEY think it is a "capitalistic sceme", when it in all matters are a socialists wet dream.

Americans think that the libs and the democrates are "leftists". Well; come over to Europe and realize that even the "far right" (like SD in Sweden or Vlaams Belang in the Netherlands) really are more socialists than the self proclaimed socialists themselves! No wonder their new found voters base mostly are recruted from the social democrates and the communists...

To be fair, SD is against the EU. Wonder why? Their goal is protectionism, anti- capitalism and to leave the common citizen whithout as much power as it can possible be. (Think that I actually voted for Swedens entrance in to EU once upon a time! I need to go and spank myself...)


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