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Oh, so have the midsummer weekend arriwed. I was up at 06.30 am to wash clothes. Then we took the commuting train to my sister. All of my siblings were gathered there with their respective hang-ons. If there are one day at the year that a foreign military force should invade Sweden- The mid summer weekend is the time of the year!

Quaffing is the word...

I'm getting older it seems though. At 10 o┬┤clock I went up the stairs to make a bed for my son. Then I thought that it was a brilliant idea to "strech out" for a moment. *BANG* and it was Saturday morning!

Well, it is one other day of partying left. HEH!

Midsummer here in Sweden is something all you people should experience. It's surrealistic...
You all have a nice weekend now.


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