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Why should I work?

Thanks to Every Kinda people.

Work ethics does not seem to be the highest moral code amongst Somalis in Sweden (not to mention all the diseases like TB, AIDS and other stuff they also bring with them. Uh, Oh- I almost forgot the gangrapes).

For some reason they are getting refugee status here. They are all muslims. Why should they want to flee an islamic country? They are ceartinly not persecuted by the christians. That goes without saying...

I suppose many of the Somalis are just looking for a better way of life- which is fine by me. It would be great for Sweden as a nation to get lots of skilled workers coming in to Sweden. But wait a second, is that what we get?

According to the reporter for GP (Göteborgs Posten), Christer Lövkvist; several somali translators confirmed that "Somali familys choose to [unrightfully] live on wellfare (and in Sweden- that can be big bucks coming your way- if you are not an indegnious Swede that is).

50% of the Somali women in Gothenburg with home staying children- most likely four or more, lifts "underhållsstöd" support wellfare. The buisness idea is to divorce "on the paper" e.g by Swedish law (the divorce are of course anulled by islamic sharia law).

The father supposedly does not live with his family (he is written on another adress- I have heard of single room apartements with as many as 20 males written on the adress). Instead the mother and the kids lives on community wellfare and support- in other words the Swedish taxpayers money. "Somali men lives an ambulating life, which means that at periods they live with their family, and at other periods somwhere else. [...] Sometimes he "dissapears" because he has got another family elswhere."

Even Magnusson, coordinator for the "Youth Police" in Gothenburg concurrs to that, "The male often has several wifes, he does not work. Instead he is sitting at a café or at some Somali club chewing Kat, comes home in the morning and makes more babies. If the missus don't want to she get's a beating."

If a Somalian mother has six kids at home, she gets 23 560Kr (around $4000) a month plus free health care, dental care, financial help to buy furniture and kitchen ware, free electricity and "other needful things". If she only has four kids (the median value) she still gets 19393 Kr ($3232) plus the freebees. That is more than a nurse, police man or firefighter earns!

The translator Abdulahi Mohammed gives a low down on the subject:
"When it's raining and it's green and the camels gives milk, the nomads does not have to make an effort. They discuss and chat away all night long annd play games. But when there is a drought the nomads work harder than any Swedish farmer to make the camels and the goats stay alive. When the same people comes to Sweden it pours all the time. Wellfare, children support, housing support and all other tax financed supports. So it is like living the nomad life when everything is green all the time. People just sits and takes it easy. And here in Sweden you can take it easy all year around, sitting on cafés and chat away. When life is so good, why should you work?"

Indeed! Why should you?


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