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Work force immigration

Apparently, there will be a shortage of the Swedish traditional christmas ham this year. There is just not enough work force to get your hands on if you are a pig culturer. May I suggest that we import a couple of hundred forigners to solve this problem? Or a tleast let the poor muslim souls that have not got a job here make an earning? Instead of lifting social security?

I was playing with the thought of buing me a Viatnamese mini-pig. They are cute, intelligent and cuddly.

Guess what I would name him/her? Well it would start with a M and end with a D!

Even though I am an infidel and a pork lover, I would never have the heart to eat Mo...

Did you know that besides the apes, pigs are the one animal that most resembles humans? And yes, that goes for muslims too.

Anyway- I would welcome any work force to this country prepared to be svine herderers.

(Now- so that some of you won't take offence. This could be satire- or not...)


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